No One Goes Beyond the Reef

My husband and I have watched Moana about a million times with our kids and he has his own theory about the plot that I’m about to share with you all because it blew my mind…

Shortly after her grandmother dies, Moana takes a boat out beyond the reef and sails for a few days before being capsized by a storm. It is here that she and Hei Hei die. Their spirits awake in purgatory where Maui has been trapped for a thousand years.

Consider that…

- The Ocean chose her, but never promised to keep her safe (“the ocean is straight up cooky dooks”).
When she asks for help, the ocean, knowing where she must go, disposes of her mortal body.

- She and Maui never speak to anyone outside of mythological beings or spirits.

- Mortals don’t usually enter the Realm of Monsters, her survival and presence baffling even Tamatoa. However, being an ethereal being, this qualifies her as non-mortal.

- She is visited by multiple fellow ethereal beings, such as her ancestors, and most notably her grandmother. These are the only “humans” she sees outside of Motunui.

- “You will deliver Maui across The Great Sea”
The Great Sea in many cultures is the divide between the mortal life and the after life. This may also be why Taka cannot cross the ocean, and why Maui can’t swim. The barriers they wish to cross are the barriers between life and death.

- Maui arrives to the island after losing a battle to a greater God; thus he is also possibly “dead” at the time of their meeting.

- Te Fiti has the ability to create life itself once her heart is restored.
She uses this power to restore life back to Moana, and creates a boat that Moana may use to cross The Great Sea back to mortality and her family.

- Maui is never seen interacting with any “mortal” humans. The only time he shares a screen with them is the end as a hawk that Moana recognizes as an old friend.

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 2

“Lance, you won’t be needed for this mission in particular. You should train today while the others fulfill their duties.”

That’s what the princess said three hours ago when I woke up to the others being gone. I promised I would, but I don’t have the energy, really. I don’t have the energy for a lot of things. I just want to go take naps in Blue’s cockpit all the time. I’ve just been stretching the entire time, pretending to get warmed up for something cool every time Allura or Coran passes by.

But, I can’t do anything cool. I’ve never been too physically gifted besides being bendy and stretchy as hell, other than that I have nothing. I’ve been getting my ass kicked in friendly sibling wrestling for years and getting my ass kicked by people at school even more often. I’m not going to lie and say I was completely a victim, I’ve got a mouth on me, everyone knows it. Hunk’s usually the only one who can stop me from saying stupid crap because he’s not as grossed out when I lick his hand.

Really, I wish I could trade my flexibility for some muscle because I’m kind of sick and tired of being a wimp. I’ve always been a skinny guy and I’ve accepted that it doesn’t really matter how much I train, it’s just the way my body is. Skinny applies even more now that I’m growing like a weary dog that’s too depressed to eat. Don’t get me wrong, food is great. I’m just losing the will to get it from the plate to my mouth everyday. I wish my armor would just slink off of me and clank loudly to the pristine white floor so that maybe someone would look over and realize I’m decaying.

Maybe I’m being dramatic, I think as I slide into full split and lean forward apathetically. When I sigh it feels like I’m breathing out my life. As soon as Allura and Coran stop walking past the training deck to make sure I’m not goofing off, I grab a pillow and my jacket and book it to Blue. I may not be able to fight off a hunkering monster or a bulky soldier, but damn I can run. I’ve been running all my life, really. That sounds dark. It is.

It takes a little longer to fall asleep because I’m so restlessly exhausted, but I’m determined. I get there, eventually. I haven’t had dreams in a while, I’m kind of thankful. I don’t have to dream of how my family’s getting on, thinking I’m dead, or if they think I just stopped responding to their emails and letters. It’s just like the Garrison to cover up their mistakes, namely in letting three cadets and a dropout steal their Shiro, by saying some shit like we ran away out of rebellion or not saying anything at all. Telling the teachers and students we all were expelled and leaving the parents a wreck.

So, yeah, I’m eager not to dream. But, I do dream. And it’s a painful one. I’m under the water, blinking up at the surface, unable to reach there. I’m trying to keep stale oxygen as it expires in my lungs, but the pressure is beginning to wretch my mouth open. A big bubble escapes and floats to the surface, so now I’m choking but when my gaze follows it, I spot everyone up there, floating ; Hunk, Allura, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Matt, even Slav.

I’m being yanked to the depths, there’s chains on my wrists, ankles. They’re so heavy. I’m sinking, sinking, sinking. Everyone’s up there laughing, I just can’t reach them. Eventually, I can’t help it and I let out my air in one motion. I’m struggling so hard to scream with everything I have, but I can’t breathe. They’re… they’re so happy without me. They’re smiling. They’re happy. Maybe… this is how it’s meant to be. I… I give up. I let myself sink like the dead weight I am. I take a lungful of water. I prepare to die.

I jolt awake with a small electric current pulsing through my body and the sound of Blue’s panicked voice echoing, explaining that I started choking in my sleep and that she freaked and woke me up.

“I’m fine,” I gasp, clutching my chest over my thundering heart, “fine, just… I had a bad dream, but I’m okay.”

As if on cue, Lotor appears on the holo screen, looking significantly casual as apposed to his royal finery from before. His white hair is in a messy top bun, there’s glasses perched on his nose and he’s wearing a thick white turtleneck. He looks softer this way. I… can’t help but think he’s rather cute in this light.

“Greetings and Salutations, my Lance! It is I, Prince Lotor, heir to the Galra empire!” He announces in his overzealous way.

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and smile at him. “Are you always going to say that when we speak, Princey?”

“Indefinitely, my Lance!” His brows furrow and he gets a rather serious look about him. “Though, I come with important questions. My source of information has informed me that you were not with your team on the latest mission. Might you explain why? Have you fallen ill? Are you injured?”

My smile falters. Of course he would innocently ask about the missed mission ordeal, though it only seems to matter to me. “Yeah, I’m… a little sick in the head. But, they just left while I was asleep because they didn’t want me there. I… get in the way. Pretty useless, haha.”

I pull my knees up to my chest and when I look back up, the Galra’s expression is positively murderous, rivaling even Keith’s default expression. A hard feat to surpass, my man.

“Anyone who should think you are useless is unwise, my Lance. You are precious and your body should only be lavished with the finest of silks, only touched with the most delicate of hands and the softest of lips, you should be protected like a jewel. Kept happy and loved with me for the rest of eternity. Never exposed to the inadequacies of a universe that would take for advantage and abuse you. Happy forever, with me. Owned by me, my Lance. I should be the only one you need until we both reach our end.”

“That’s… that sounds so nice.“ In the back of my mind, I know that he is delusional with something he thinks is love. I know that I should remind him love is not obsession, that I can’t be owned, that I will do whatever I want with whoever I want, but my heart aches so bad. I know somewhere he’s reached me at my lowest possible point, when I am weak and powerless emotionally and mentally. He has the upper hand because I am not strong and I reach for him. “I want to be happy.” There’s a flood of tears behind my eyes. In an uncaring world, he’s spouting nonsense, but it’s a beautiful nonsense that I want so much more of. “I’m so sad all the time.” I’m crying now, shaking. “Please, I just - anything, anything to not be here, they hate me, I’m so worthless here, I - ”

There’s a rippling growl that comes from the screen. When he snarls, his teeth are all sharp and flat. Not like most Galra. I should be so afraid, but the apathy from everyone ignoring me is seeping in. He doesn’t scare me when he should. Maybe it’s the space between us that’s made me fearless. “Soon, you will be mine, gorgeous Blue Prince. We will rule together. We will be unstoppable. I’ll never let anyone make you feel so unhappy again. I’ll never let them get close enough. I will own you, Blue Prince.”

The dark possessiveness is so hypnotizing. I’m addicted to the relaxed happiness he gives me, the feeling of security, the feeling of reaching the surface of the ocean I’m drowning in. Fat tears are dripping off my chin. I’m tired of holding everything inside, of being second best, a seventh wheel, a mistake. I want to be someone’s Blue Prince, I like the sound of it. I’m tired of crying alone in the shower late at night when I can’t hold it all in anymore. I’m tired of dragging my nails down my face when my depression is violent, I’m tired of this sadness sucking me so dry.

The connection times out. I fall asleep again and Blue shocks me awake again, telling me that the others are back from their mission. So, I drag my feet to the central controls and find everyone at their stations, working, except for Hunk. He’s playing a video game on some platform Pidge must’ve fixed up. Maybe… he’ll want to hang later?

“How’d the mission go?” I ask, collapsing into my own station and drawing my hood down.

“It went surprisingly well, Lance.” Shiro responds airily. “Thanks for asking.”

I smile faintly. Hey, at least they were doing good without me. I’m glad that… I’m glad to see the team is fine if I ever happen to… go.

“Did you do anything useful today?” Keith asks from where he’s cleaning his knife.

He wants me to get mad. He’s provoking me. He thinks I’m stupid. Is he that far off? I’m too empty to even take the bait like I’m supposed to. “I trained for a few, then chilled with my girl, Blue. Almost got electrocuted, super dangerous stuff.”

“Yeah, well, I asked if you did something useful.” He mutters in response. What the hell is his damage?

I throw my head back, grin cockily. “I get that you’re jealous that I’m much better than you at piloting and combat, but you don’t have to be a dick about it, Keithy boy. One day, you might be as great as me.”

“Please, I’ll remind you that you were a cargo pilot and you look like you weigh ten pounds. I wound crush you in hand to hand combat. In fact, you would fall into my fist before I could ever throw a punch.”

“Dang, you Galra just never wanna play fair. Reminder, I punched Sendak and saved - ”

“Lance, stop starting a fight.”

Of course. That’s Shiro’s Reprimanding Voice™. Most commonly directed at me. I’m just a burden to them. Lotor might think I’m worthy of his obsession, but they don’t even think I’m worthy to stand beside them as equals. Everything is my fault all the time. I’m not even worthy enough to point out our leader’s bias towards his precious, gifted cowboy.

“Sorry, Shiro. I just…” Why can’t I fight beside you guys? Why do I mess up all the time? Why is some delusional Galra Prince the only one who seems to care about me? Why… why can’t I just go with him since I’m so unwanted here?

“Yeah, well that’s no reason to come in here and provoke. Just…” He sighs. I’m sorry. I feel like crying. God, I’m such a pussy. “Try and be a little less - ”

“Less Lanceish. Got it, my dude.” I send him double finger guns and a wink before getting up and making some excuse like I have to go clean Blue (which I do, but that’s not what I’m doing) so I can flee to my room. I fall face first into my bed.

Shiro, believe me, if I could be less Lance, I would.

Chapter 3: https://langst-mccpain.tumblr.com/post/163260781795/a-blue-prince-to-own-chapter-3

Carver watching Hawke throw themselves headlong into danger and every single time he gets that tightness in his chest, the brief flash of watching Bethany be thrown like a ragdoll and the life leaving her eyes, the brief panic he will have to watch his other sibling die.

Carver laying awake at night recalling all the close shaves with enemies and templars and imagining all the scenarios where Hawke could be taken away for good.

Carver putting himself into danger so that Hawke can hang back and cast spells well out of range because at least that way they’re safer.

Carver who cares deeply for his older sibling and can’t deal with the thought of them being taken away.


If you find anything wrong, please let me know. Updated 11/08/2017

The Whole Gang:

NSFW: (threesomes are found in Random)

  1. They Finger You(Visuals)
  2. Eating You Out(Visuals)
  3. Do They Have a Daddy Kink?
  4. Their Favorite Position
  5. They Make You Scream
  6. They’re in the Mood


  1. Halloween
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Pony’s Track Meets
  4. A Haunted House
  5. Thunderstorms
  6. As Disney Princesses
  7. Their Favorite Season
  8. And a Kitten
  9. Throwing a Birthday Party
  10. @ the Beach
  11. Pony & Johnny’s Friendship
  12. Seeing a Clown
  13. Favorite Band & Song
  14. The Curtis Brothers & A Hot Neighbor
  15. The Gang & A Campfire
  16. @ the Pool
  17. The Curtis Brothers Vs. Shopping
  18. They’re Supernatural Creatures
  19. Vs. Dinner
  20. The Gang As Friends
  21. They Date a Girl With Scars
  22. Random & Cute
  23. They Hold Their Baby
  24. You Like the Ocean
  25. The Gang Goes to Darry’s Football Games
  26. They Learn to Drive
  27. Vs. Snowball Fights
  28. You’re a Musician
  29. Being Their Girl/Crush


  1. Wearing Their Sweater
  2. Watching A Movie
  3. Your Car Breaks Down
  4. Their Biggest Fear
  5. You Tickle Them
  6. His Nickname For You
  7. You’re Their Date For A Wedding
  8. They Cook You Breakfast
  9. 2AM Convos
  10. They Kill A Bug For You
  11. You’re Pregnant!
  12. You Got Jumped
  13. Your First Date
  14. He’s A Dad!
  15. They Date A Girl With Anxiety
  16. Their Superpowers
  17. They Get Jealous
  18. There’s A Girl In The House
  19. Their Handwriting
  20. Their Physical Preferences
  21. So You’re a Tough One?


  1. Mother Nature Hits

Gang’s Sister:


  1. Dally’s Teenage Sister
  2. How The Gang Acts With Their Sister
  3. Little Curtis


  1. It’s Just a Bad Day (Curtis Sister)

The Shepards:


  1. Curly’s Hair
  2. Personality Analysis

Darry Curtis:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)
  2. Dominant!Darry
  3. Destressing Darry


  1. Modern!Darry
  2. True Love
  3. Random & Cute
  4. ”Damn Darry!”
  5. Cute Couple Moments
  6. Carnival Date
  7. Cuddling W/ Darry
  8. Smol S/O


  1. High School Heaven Pt. 1
  2. High School Heaven Pt. 2
  3. ”If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re trying to seduce me.”
  4. ”You can’t die. Please don’t die.”
  5. ”Are you still awake?”
  6. ”I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”, “I’m flirting with you.”, & “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
  7. ”I could kiss you right now!”
  8. ”You deserve so much better.” & “Here, let me.”
  9. ”You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”
  10. ”I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!”
  11. He Proposes
  12. She’s a Fighter
  13. Darry’s Wedding
  14. The Fight to End All Fights
  15. Only the Good Die Young
  16. I Don’t Want You to Worry
  17. Darry’s Forgetful
  18. Date Night
  19. Darry Gets Drafted
  20. But… You’re Sick!
  21. Football Love
  22. We Have Options

Tim Shepard:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)
  2. Destressing Tim
  3. Tim’s Out of Prison


  1. Cute Couple Moments
  2. Cute & Random
  3. In the Gang & Dating Tim
  4. Tim’s In…Love?


  1. Keep Your Enemies Closer

Bob Sheldon:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)

Two-Bit Matthews:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)
  2. He’s in the Mood


  1. Songs
  2. Aquarium Date
  3. w/ a Mute S/O


  1. ”Say it!”
  2. ”That’s almost the exact opposite of what I meant.”

Randy Adderson


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)

Dallas Winston:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)


  1. Breaking Up W/ Dallas
  2. Being Dal’s Little Sister
  3. Dallas Gets You Pregnant
  4. Telling Dallas You’re Dating Pony
  5. Dates A Girl With Asperger’s
  6. Cute Couple Moments
  7. Flirting w/ Dallas
  8. Dating a Shy Girl
  9. Cute Couple Moments Pt. 2
  10. He Comforts You
  11. Tiny You, Big Dallas
  12. w/ a POC S/O


  1. ”Do you want me to leave?” & “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  2. ”You can’t keep doing this.”
  3. ”You’re safe now, I’ve got you.” & “I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.”
  4. ”If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”, “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”, & “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
  5. ”I am not losing you again.”, “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”, & “You’re safe now, I’ve got you.”
  6. He’s My Son, He Makes Me Shine

Angela Shepard:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)


  1. Feisty

Steve Randle:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)


  1. Dating Pt. 1
  2. Dating Pt. 2
  3. You’re a Soc?!
  4. Aquarium/Museum Date


  1. ”You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
  2. ”Do you want me to leave?”, “Can I sit here? The other tables are full.”, & “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” Pt. 1
  3. ”Do you want me to leave?”, “Can I sit here? The other tables are full.”, & “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” Pt. 2
  4. “You can’t keep doing this.”
  5. Swinging For Both Teams
  6. Jealous Steve, Hot Steve

Sodapop Curtis:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)


  1. Soda Gets A Tutor
  2. Soda Has A Crush On Pony’s Tutor
  3. Soda Dates A Celebrity
  4. Shopping With Soda
  5. Soda is Evil


  1. ”I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me attention.”
  2. ”Just pretend to be my date.”, “I’m flirting with you.”, & “I fell in love with my best friend.”
  3. ”How long have you been standing there?”, “I fell in love with my best friend.”, & “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
  4. An Old Flame
  5. He’s Just A Coworker
  6. Songfic, “Gentleman” by Will Jay
  7. You Should Be Mine
  8. I Go to Extremes

Johnny Cade:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)
  2. Dominant!Johnny


  1. Random & Cute
  2. Random & Cute Pt.2
  3. Smoke Rings
  4. Cute Couple Moments
  5. Fighting w/ You in Front of the Gang
  6. Drag Racing w/ Johnny
  7. Baking w/ Johnny


  1. ”Can I hold your hand(s)?”
  2. ”It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”
  3. ”I’m going to take care of you, okay?” & “It’s okay to cry.”
  4. ”Oh my God! You’re in love with him!”, “You are the single best thing that has happened to me.”, & “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
  5. First Fight
  6. Making Up
  7. Ice Skating w/ Johnny

Curly Shepard:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)
  2. Curly’s a FREAK


  1. Modern!Curly
  2. Girls
  3. Cute Couple Moments
  4. Dating Someone W/ Anxiety


  1. The Outcasted Outcast
  2. Not So Tough, Tough Guy

Ponyboy Curtis:


  1. Headcannons(A-Z)
  2. Pony’s First Time
  3. Dominant!Pony
  4. Put Your Mouth to Good Use
  5. Put Your Mouth to Good Use Pt. 2
  6. Isn’t it Just a Number?


  1. Cute Couple Moments


  1. ”That’s irrational.”
  2. ”I’m going to take care of you, okay?” & “Well, this is where I live.”
  3. ”You did what?!”
  4. Make Out Sesh



  1. Soda x Steve x Reader
  2. Dallas x Johnny x Reader
  3. Pony x Cherry x Reader
  4. Darry x Dallas x Reader

Random Random:

  1. The Outsider’s Interpretation by yours truly
  2. Shitpost #1
  3. Star Wars Drawing
  4. Why I Love Top Gun
  5. Shitpost #2


  1. Soda & Darry’s Broship
  2. Soda & Darry Giving Pony “the talk”


  1. Darry & Pony: “You did what?!” & “I might have had a few shots.”

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three word horror story: "bioware grey morality"

I will check beneath my bed tonight for their grey morality

Its a shame because Origins handled ethically nuanced (?) choices a little better. It was still a lil shaky, but I felt they took a firmer stance on what crossed the line.

Like if the Orzammar arc happened within Inquisition I’m positive all casteless wouldve been framed as violent & dangerous leeches to justify their treatment, making it seem as though the caste system was necessary.

Or better yet: they would have had heaped more blame on the alienage elves during Tabris’ arc (& especially Shianni) for fighting back against the humans in yet another installment of The Elves Deserve This And They Had It Coming.

DA4 prayer: let this die

harry support group

has harry styles ever made you want to cry?
has harry styles ever made you want to die?
do you lie awake at night wondering what it would be like to be with him? do you have that same feeling during the day? bc same.

back by popular demand! if you’re interested in joining me and @sohoharry94 in this group chat reblog and please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible x


Sherlock/Reader | Coma White [1]

A/N: a new miniseries, woo!! takes place pre & during the final problem read the bottom for more details 🕷️💋
Coma White
Chapter: 1/5?
Pairing: [Read bottom]
Words: 1,351
Tags: @221b-johnlocked-x

A pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make you anybody else. But all the drugs in this world won’t save her from herself.

Originally posted by thedreamyworldd

“I know! Did you see him today? He looked so adorable in those jeans. I know! Is he coming out for a drink tonight with us? …Do you think he’ll notice me? …Of course I’m gonna get dressed up! I know it’s out to a pub. I know, but - Wait hold on, I’m getting another call. Yeah, one sec,” you glanced at the number calling you: Blocked.

You ignored the call and continued the conversation with your friend, “Anyways, I figure if I’m the best looking gal there he’s gotta notice me, yeah? …Well obviously you’re not gonna dress fancy, you’ll make me look bad! Yeah, I know. Listen if he doesn’t notice me this time - I’m getting another call,augh! Hold on,” you looked again, and just as before, a blocked number was calling. You hesitantly answered.

“Yeah, hello? Who is this?”

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Imagine Thomas and James having a joke where they catch each other saying “duty.” Like “ha, you said doody.” But then one day Alex says “duty” during a cabinet meeting and James just. Instinctively says “ha, you said doody” and then instantly wants to fucking die.

I think it burns my sense of truth // To hear me shouting at my youth // I need a way to sort it out
After I die, I’ll re-awake // Redefine what was at stake // From the hindsight of a god

Global concepts uncommon the world round // But we share a mortal frame
That if you can hear reacts to every sound // But no two people move the same

Global Concepts - Robert DeLong

Occasion to Live

My Grandma is always waiting for a special occasion to come and lit up her life. She would never wear a new pretty dress just for a regular day or an ‘average’ holiday, she would never use the exquisite old porcelain set just like that, would never use new things and presents but keep them locked in the closet. My Gran never allowed my Grandpa to wear a brand new stylish leather jacket because he might damage it. She never gave him our last Christmas present because why would he use new things without any special occasion if the old ones are still okay? And then he died. Died not even seeing or knowing that we remembered him, that we bought him a present, which became a pile of useless trash just one month after Christmas. The month, when he died.

Me and my mom, we are a bit of shopaholics when we spend time together. She loves buying me dresses saying that I look in them like a princess, her princess. I already have a collection of all those beautiful dresses labeled ‘for a special occasion.’ Occasion that never comes.

I often listen to my friends’ stories, and quite often I can hear those cursed words, ‘waiting for a special occasion.’ They wait for a special day or some time in the future when they can finally do what they want to do: start a diet, go to a theatre, get a post-graduate, go for a cup of coffee together.

When I look out in the window, I see a sea of people, sea of drawn ‘special occasions’ that never come. I can see my Grandpa and the jacket he never had a chance to wear; I see my new dresses with labels, covered in dust; I see a friend, who’s been waiting already for five years for a good occasion to tell a girl that he loves her and wants to date her, while she has already changed three boyfriends during that time; I see lots of people, who are not alive and not dead – dormant, waiting for That Special Monday or any other special occasion to start living. And I’m frightened.

I’m scared that what if I never wear those dresses? What if I never awake and die dormant? What if on my tombstone, and on many other millions of tombstones, someone’s going to write the same phrase ‘Never had an occasion to live?’

© illirein 2017 

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This may be triggering so it's okay if you guys say no but: 'Abused!/Animal Hybrid! With Yoongi,Kookie Tae or Jin' along the lines of meeting their mate for the first time after a horrible past with their last so called mate? (She liked him and lied about being their mate since they didn't know anything about mates so just went with it) they feel all warm and fuzzy yet scared at the same time? Thanks in advance !! There really isn't enough Animal Hybrid Aus out there :< ♡♡♡

tw: abuse mentions

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shelter /// jungkook

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wildcards1407  asked:

Hi! One more question: the media has stories about soldiers coming home 'hopped up' that have always seemed like hyperbole, but I have heard that there have been many situations in war time when the choice was between stay awake and die, and soldiers looked for chemical solutions. Could you tell me a little about the history of stimulants in the armed forces? What was used when?

I can’t tell you much about historical use, at least prior to 2000. It’s common knowledge that Vietnam vets used various drugs while enlisted, but I’m by no means an expert. Though I am under the impression last I checked that the whole “smoking out of the barrel of your gun” has actually been done.

Drug use in the military was really cracked down upon after the War on Drugs. We have frequent Urine Analyses, which can span from mandatory samples from the whole company or samples from a few (supposedly randomized) individuals. The number of UAs is randomized as well; sometimes they were once a month, sometimes you had one after the other, back to back. But that was from 2011 on; dunno how things fared during the early years of the WoT.  Failing a UA is not an automatic discharge, but it can lead to a bad conduct discharge, which is only slightly better than a dishonorable one. 

That’s not to say soldiers don’t still abuse drugs. NCOs can tamper with the “random” element of the UA and samples can be “lost” or mislabeled or mishandled. Supposedly the drug tests performed on the urine are randomized as well, (like a test might be fitted to search for coke, meth, heroin, and weed, but it could completely miss ecstasy) so it’s possible a urine test might not catch a certain drug. I wouldn’t take the chance, but I have heard of soldiers getting away with drug use for several months, and in one case a little over a year. For reference, soldiers on narcotics or other drugs that might trip the UA are safe as long as their medicine is annotated in their medical files.

Caffeine pills and energy drinks might be your most common go-tos nowadays. Cigarettes too. Those three are like the holy trinity of staying awake. Sometimes when we were deployed we’d apparently get donated cases of Red Bull, and i mean by the case, and it’d just be available for consumption at liberty. Our commander limited us to one a day though, officially speaking. People had more than one tho.

If you asked an NCO, they might say there were FOUR ways of staying awake: the three aforementioned, and push ups. 

 In my personal experience the soldiers using drugs are a minority, especially because the whole army culture really likes twisting our arms about doing stuff like that and they love to threaten severe and unyielding punishment for drug use. Those I know who were caught were caught for spice, weed, (mostly weed tbh) and one for meth. If anyone was using speed I was unaware of it, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to not notice something like that. Still, I was often on 24 hour to 48 hour shifts; I feel like if speed or coke were common in my unit, I’d at least have some clue about it. 

We weren’t supposed to have caffeine pills in AIT, but I totally used them. Just put them in an ibuprofen bottle. Those things are sold at pretty much every PX.

 I hear common rumors that infantrymen are given stimulants to use in combat, but I don’t know whether or not this is factual. 

It IS myth that the army puts saltpeter in soldiers’ food to prevent them from getting erections, for reference.


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has harry styles ever made you want to cry?
has harry styles ever made you want to die?
do you lie awake at night wondering what it would be like to be with him? do you have that same feeling during the day? bc same.

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Sleep Shifts - A CS Oneshot

Rating: M for mild sexy times. 

Word Count: Approx 2k 

Summary: What if Killian and Emma shared a sleeping curse? A canon divergent/ what if fic. 

Notes:Just a quick little piece I wrote on a whim on my phone yesterday. I really quite like it and I’m really pleased with how it came out so I wanted to post it anyway. Hopefully this takes your mind off things. Kinda angsty. Unbetad.

For @the-jolly-tad-cooper and @jollysailorswan for encouraging me to post it anyway. Despite certain events making it seem like I copied it.



True love now is a post-it note stuck to a bathroom mirror, elaborate curling script declaring that she is beautiful one day, a vision the next.

It’s breakfast waiting for her warm in the oven, always with freshly cut fruit on the counter, sometimes a bouquet of flowers, no doubt pilfered from Maurice’s shop in the dead of night, on the table.

She misses when it was warm lips pressed to her temple. A firm hand grasping her own, fingers responding to her touch, curling into the spaces between. She misses moans of satisfaction vibrating into the skin of her neck, and teeth tugging on the lobe of her ear.

She curls into him, sleeping and lost, a warm body with no warmth, and pretends the arm she tucks around herself draws her closer. Pretends his grip tightens on her hip as she shifts further into his space, breathing him in. Pretends he has just fallen asleep before her, that he’ll be there, smiling sleepily at her when she wakes.

He won’t.

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Stay With Me

Anon request: Ooh! Can I request a Bucky x Reader where we (reader, lol) go out on a Shield mission, and almost don’t come back? (I cant get enough of the angst/worry.)


It’s like the world stops for a second. You didn’t hear the click of the gun that since bullets ripping through your flesh, but Bucky’s scream of your name rings loud and clear through the din of harsh shouts in foreign tongues; the smell of blood and gunpowder mingling in the cold air.

You clutch your side instinctively, dazed by the sight of dark red pooling through the dark fabric of your jacket. You hold your hand in front of your face, vision starting to blur as you realize that the red is spreading all throughout the front of your chest as well.

And for that split second, you don’t feel anything.

But that split second ends and then the pain takes hold, dropping you to your knees as you let out an unearthly scream that you can’t even recognize as your own; you can’t possibly be in that much pain, you can’t be shot, you can’t be dying here on this frozen forest ground …

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