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Hey everyone hope you all had a great xmas and hopefully a fun new years :) just letting everyone know I haven’t forgot your requests I have them all on my ‘to-do’ list just with my ankle/work/and the holidays I haven’t been on the computer much but now that there almost over I will be

Thanks so much for the patients and the mail asking if I’m ok,

Happy holidays everyone.

Twilight Challenge;;

Day 5: Favourite Character;;

I’ve been waiting for this one: Jacob Black of course. He is so fricking awesome it’s unbelievable. I started loving Jacob(in a total manly way) before new moon the movie and stuff came out just after I finished reading all the books and he is SO the best character he keeps the book alive if it wasn’t for Jake Bella would of rotted away after Edward left and she never would of jumped he never would of came back and there would be no story, Jacob is the story! He’s cocky, funny, not afraid to show his feelings or be angry, his blonde jokes are hilarious and he isn’t afraid to let Bella go so she could be happy he didn’t want to tear her apart pulling her between himself and Edward. He loved Bella and if it wasn’t for imprinting he always would have vampire or not. He wasn’t afraid to hurt her feelings or get angry unlike a certain vampire who is a total pussy and I could go on forever but I wont because no matter how much I say it all basically is JACOB BLACK IS AWESOME!