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1.      Is there anything you loved in your childhood that you’re now ashamed about?: Not really. I mean, I liked Barney then, and I think it’s dumb now, but all kids liked it when they were little, so I’m not ashamed of it!

2.      Has a profound piece of work (paint, picture, movie, music, book, etc.) ever moved you and stayed with you for hours or even days after?: Yes, the book To Kill a Mockingbird. It continues to strike me with such thought and such heart. It’s a beautiful piece of art.

3.      Do like the name you were given?: Yes, it’s okay!

4.      Do you feel truly comfortable with yourself at this time!?: Wow Will, this is deep.  Yes, I do!

5.      Your Favorite vegetable?: …Corn?…..Potatoes?

6.      Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Or does it vary depending on the situation?: It varies. I go through waves of intense pessimism and intense optimism.

7.      What’s the wisest and endearing piece of advice you’ve ever gotten from anyone?: Good question! I can’t think of anything, though!!!

8.      Is there one law that you find unjust and restricts freedom that you’d get rid off?: I don’t like the fact that passports are necessary to pass from country to country, but I guess they’re necessary for population control and whatnot. But yeah, I’m not fond of them.

9.      Is there anything you can say with confidence you’re sufficient or even proficient at?: Playing piano, singing, and looking adorable as hell.

10.   What animals have you had as pets over the years?: In my whole life, I’ve had 6 dogs (in chronological order: Maxie, Jessie, Nippy, Jewel, Heidi, Thor), about 3 hermit crabs (in chornological order: Chewie (don’t judge me), Hermes, and Roxie), a fish named Coral, and I think that’s it!!!

11.  Do you have a favorite childhood book or story?: I love Little Red Riding Hood.

So…11 new questions, I guess!

1: Do you ever feel guilty about spending money on frivolous things?

2: Are you into math/science or the arts?

3: Do you ever still watch kid’s movies or read kid’s books by your own free will?

4: Has a Disney movie ever made you cry?

5: Do you prefer dramatic films or comedic films?

6: What are you’re top 5 favorite books?

7: If you could meet one currently deceased celebrity, who would you choose?

8: Is there one actors who’s death you’re dreading?

9: The classic question: Gregory Peck or Cary Grant?

10: The other classic question: Joan Crawford or Bette Davis?

11: Do you have a guilty pleasure musical genre?

I won’t tag 11 people, because I don’t know 11 people who would do this, but I’ll do a few! Alright!