A remarkable way for the visually impaired to sample the masterpieces

The No. 1 unspoken rule in an art museum: Don’t touch. Museum guards are strategically placed throughout museums to ensure harmful oils on visitors’ hands won’t corrode artwork.

But at the current exhibition at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, touching is encouraged.

Works from masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Francisco Goya, and El Greco can be felt at the exhibition for the museum’s visually impaired guests. It features six three-dimensional works from different genres created using a technique called “Didu” that adds volume and texture. The works are accompanied by text in written in Braille. The museum’s sighted guests can experience the exhibit with darkened glasses and an accompanying audio guide.

“Developed in collaboration with professionals in the sector of visual impairment,” reads the exhibition’s text, “this project allows for the reality of the painting to be perceived in order to mentally recreate it as a whole and thus provide an emotional perception of the work. Non-sighted visitors will be able to obtain a heightened degree of artistic-aesthetic-creative enjoyment in order to explain, discuss and analyze these works in the Prado.”

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peter and the starcatcher sentence meme
  • "When I was a boy, I wished I could fly."
  • "What? Girls dream."
  • "Nothing is forever. That's the rule. Everything ends."
  • "And so our story begins."
  • "Orphans! Most useless creatures on earth."
  • "I hate, I hate, I hate grown-ups!"
  • "Can you keep a secret?"
  • "Dodo:a fat, clumsy bird, hence the Latin name, Didus ineptus."
  • "Your eyes're green as the sea... and your hair's wavy, too."
  • "Left me widowed at fort--er, thirty."
  • "He fed me worms!"
  • "I'm the leader!"
  • "If you're so smart, how come you're stuck on this dirt-bucket?"
  • "We have important things to do."
  • "Do you write poems about pie?"
  • "Ever notice, ______, the more you claim leadership the more it eludes you?"
  • "Oh snap!"
  • "Oh, for the wings, for the wings of a dove..."
  • "Life is meant to be horrible!"
  • "The thing we did...against impossible odds."
  • "Parrots have taken over your ship? Well, what genius brought parrots--?"
  • "PIRATES! We've been taken over by pirates!"
  • "When you say sand, do you mean the utterly worthless granular material one associates with the water's edge?"
  • "So, bedtime stories? Not a big priority, okay?"
  • "D'ya want some tea?"
  • "How do you eat this?"
  • "LASAGNA!"
  • "Sticky pudding. It's so good...."
  • "We're foreigners--that's what we're for!"
  • "You abused the concept of the theatre collective--it was too much for me."
  • "'What kiss', she says."
  • "My bloomers have stood up to stronger wind than this!"