Yay! I passed JLPT N2 test. I failed it last time but thanks god it went well this time xD Considering that my Japanese actually sucks and I didnt go to any kind of class, this result is too good already xD

Anything I should do to celebrate? :D Is there any Piko songs/videos/images that you want to see/listen? I will happily post them if it is something I’m allowed to haha. Drop me a message!

already downing the fifth cup of whatever liquor she mixed in, she had 5 cups of mixed alcohols and probably like 5 tequila shots, it was safe to say that misty was already drunk, she was gone, she didn’t know what she was doing. “hey bitch!” she exclaims, throwing her arms around their neck and smiling wide. “you look really good….did i say that you look really good? because you look really good.”

From Caitlin Evanson’s FB/IG:

TBT: there were so many “firsts” on our journey together. I just remember at one of our rehearsals, we got word that the most recent single released had already hit #1 and I remember how blown away I was. There were so many “firsts”, and this was the first time I felt like those amazing songs couldn’t be shared with the world fast enough. And of course, ya gotta celebrate @taylorswift ’s #1’s with donuts. Duh.

In light of all the very big leaks, I decided to make a post. I dont know if people do this already, but if not they should tag leaks as “su leaks” because i, for example, like to view stuff about the recent episodes, so i cant tag “su spoilers” because then i wont see anything about the new episodes. I just got spoiled big time, and am slightly upset.

No more questions. Don’t ever question this. You already are the answer.

Welll, due to the Trash that happened last night, I figured I should finally post this.

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ummm so what else did u miss??? yoongi's dropping his mixtape in august, someone already mentioned the b.a.p comeback, vixx is having a comeback also in august (the 15th); the released teaser images and their concept is hades this time around, monsta x posted a teaser for stuck which comes out august 7th??? infinite is releasing a japanese album on i think the 31st? also damnra was a thing that happened if u missed that ummm that's all i can think of for now i'll hit u up if i find more shit ~🌿

i didnt see mx or vixxs teasers and What The Fuck………….. shownu looks so good

yo this skate video is gonna be so cool when i finish it. we kinda started getting clips already. im so fucking hyped on this shit.

also, i busted my ass yesterday. i smacked my head on the pavement. 

i was bombing a hill which led into a major intersection and was going super fast but i committed to bombing it so i didn’t try to slow down

so i was going so fast that i didnt see that there was a huge crack at the bottom. and i just flew off of it and smacked my fucking head on the ground. it was terrible. i was bleeding all over the place. it was pretty nasty. im debating posting a picture. 10 likes if u all wanna see my bloody face

but yeah skating has been fun, which is cool. i didn’t enjoy it for very long. so it’s nice to be able to enjoy being with my friends, and just not caring. i think you need that.

also, i did my first photoshoot! got paid 80 bucks. that’s some pretty fucking easy money. i’m hella hyped on that.

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what are you talking about this is the first time nagito was really in an episode and now he is suspended so I doubt he will be in others, so the other characters will get plenty of time. whereas chiaki has been one of the mains in most of the episodes so far, didnt see you complain about that.

I suppose you are right, but it just hurts me to see an episode dedicated to a character that had so much screen time already in the games. Look at it that way: Nagito is the only character from SDR2 see in Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls. Why? I mean I did like his role as The Servant, but why only him? (not counting Izuru here, whom we saw for only like 10 seconds)

I’m just mad that they didn’t use that one episode to do… something else. Maybe develop the Twilight Syndrome post-events better? I would love to see more of how Mahiru is coping with her friend’s death. I would love to see how Peko and Kuzuryuu are coping. I would’ve loved just a small scene where we actually see Fuyuhiko killing Sato. Did he tell Peko? Did he tell anyone? We will never know.

Meanwhile, that entire episode was just nonsense and things about Nagito’s character which we already know.  We already know that he doesn’t always do things right. We already know that his luck cycle is insane and affects everything around him. We already know that he’s obsessed with hope. We already know a lot about Nagito because he had a lot of screentime in two games.

Perhaps I’m just salty because I expected the accident between Seiko, Ruruka and Izayoi to be something different, something less over-the-top. Or perhaps I’m right and Danganronpa needs to focus more on other characters.

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I knew that submitting a character was a bad idea... I doubt that you're even gonna use them, since you haven't already even drawn them. Sorry for bothering you with that.

nonsense. I dont post every drawing i make but i’m sure i’ve drawn them before. If it’s not on my page then i likely didnt see the entry. But i am working on drawing the characters even if it’s not on stream, or uploaded. I’ve likely drawn them just not uploaded. Dont be sorry, i should be sorry for not posting EVERY doodle i have of the characters. 


my foster cat has started scratching the  lounge. she also scratches the cracks if the floorboards….which isnt such a big deal but id rather she didnt. and like, there are lots of baskets around the house that shes allowed to scratch, and the other cat uses them. and i know ur supposed to pick them up and put them at the place where theyre allowed to scratch but she wont let me pick her up. if she sees me coming shes already runnign away. and i cant exactly “just put scratching posts at the places she scratches at” cos that would have to be … the entire floor, and on the lounge where we sit. when shes scratching where she shouldnt i just push her off gently or walk over to her and she stops. but ye

any help?

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ooh i love journals! except im terrible at writing in them :( id love to see some pages of yours! (not the personal bits obv but the totally cute ones with the ribbons and what not)

I thought I would be bad at continuing to write in my journals. Especially, since I am a boring person and nothing really happens to me. Somehow I still finished four already?

Ways I keep going on journaling is like trying things you find on pinterest, or find wreck this journal things and take inspirations from that.
also taking questions from tumblr tags.

also, i thought about posting some journal stuff i didnt think anyone would be interested to see it.
except the tfc collages, which im still trying to work on the raven!neil. (i start school tomorrow so im going to be busier)

hey i guess im off hiatus. hopefully you guys understand this but have you ever had a hobby or just something you enjoy but things pile up and youre just stressed out and doing that hobby, which usually calms you down, stresses you out even more. this year was really shitty as well as last year everything has just been a lot of ass. i made this blog to calm me down and stuff but what i described about hobbies is basically what happened. i already wasnt posting so i decided to say i was on hiatus because i didnt think id post much i guess but i feel like im ready to get this blog up and running again.

i also really wanted to thank everyone sending butterflies to me its really freaking nice and i know my gram is gonna be so happy when she sees all of the drawings im excited just talking about it!


so just thank you a lot everyone oh gosh!!!! i’ll try and answer the asks in my inbox soon!!

easyupdate replied to your post “easyupdate replied to your post “easyupdate replied to your post…”

god bless u lmao. RIGHT… like i already knew he loved it and was like “oh god here we go” but like every time i hear it my heart hurts like kyle….baby…who hurt you…….why….and when he was streaming pokepark and said he didnt like froslass BRO the kill bill sirens went the fuck #OFF i was like binch ur fave pokemon is this shit BIRD and you are shit talking FROSLASS? one of the most graceful pokemon in EXISTENCE?? GET OUT OF MY FACE….and omggg yes lmaoo

what is there even to like about farfetch’d??? the goddamn leek in its hand?? maybe? ok like i could get behind thinking glalie was weird but like im not even that attached to froslass and i was like d u d e waht are you dOING REEVALUATE YOUR CHOICES. but honestly kyle playing pokepark is everything to me bc its just kyle having a jolly ol time for like 70% and the other 30% is him high key talking about pokemon and i LOVE it