when yuuri says the line that’s translated as “Just stand by me!” he’s saying

「離れずにそばにいてよ!」(hanarezu ni soba ni ite yo)

sound/look familiar? it should, since “Hanarezu ni soba ni ite” is literally the name of the song that we saw viktor skate to in his introduction back in EP1

i remember seeing a meta post a day or 2 ago where someone said they were interested to see how/if they would tie things back to that intro scene, so… shoutout to them because. here it is


THE last thing I want to see in this manga/anime is Chuuya dying because of corruption and Dazai commiting suicide afterwards. I already have read some posts regarding this matter. Anyway Im not sure if BSD is into tragedies but let me just drop this so I can let it all out of my mind. (warning:maybe too shippy but I didnt meant to,believe me) LOL

Dazai clearly states out that Chuuya will die if he uses corruption so Chu needs him around to nullify the ability. We also know how Dazai is so fond of trying to kill himself so at least its safe to assume that he knows THAT CHUUYA NEEDS HIM SO HE CANT DIE. He’s a man who longs for death and yet he always failed..or does something is trying to stop him? *hint* He knows he cannot die …YET. So if Chuuya died…

After four years of not seeing each other,Dazai told him he wants to die with a beauty (COUGHCHUUYAISABEAUTY) and Chuuya said he will allow him to die one day. Not to mention Chuuya always say he will kill Dazai but never did it even if he can,that could be translated as “one day I’ll be the reason of your death” *hint*

We are all fangirling about camellias on soukoku fanarts we also know its meaning:love,passion,admiration,longing etc…ignoring the fact that it also means death/funeral..what if Chuuya dies and Dazai commits suicide afterwards? is this why there’s shin soukoku so that they can succeed them?

“We need a new soukoku (shin soukoku) ” - Dazai

Double Black-Double Suicide??



finally posting a haul after lurking liftblr for so long lol. went out over the weekend for some christmas presents but didnt picture them all seeing as id already put them away ☺️

earrings x10 £88 (smh)

earrings £12

nails x6 £36
earrings x2 £20
necklaces x3 £36
grow your own tree £10
mug £10
huggable cloud £10

makeup £12
nails £8

cds £75

nyx matte finish spray £7
nux liquid lipsticks x5 £32.50
blenders £3
yankee candle x2 £30

bathbombs x3 £18
shower jelly £8

lip pencil £15

crop top £6
skirt £8
jacket £14

john lewis
boxer toy £15
christmas crackers x4 £10

eye shadow palette £10
fake nails x2 £12
bracelet £6

tsum tsum x3 £15

total: £526.50💸


hi so 💕 @fuckinlester 💕  and 💕 @dantlers 💕  tagged me to post 6 selfies i took in 2016 and these are the best i could found smh

i tag @fcknghowell @palesivan @stopdan2k16 @ukulelephil and @fluffhowell and all of my mutuals rlly i love yall :(


i see a lot of hate around @markiplier and felix, and i would like to point two things out.
First, i think we forget something:

they are human, they make mistakes. everybody does, and everybody learns from that.
People change, if you want that or not.
Felix already apologized. And it was a joke, a dumb one yeah, but a joke.
He didnt hurted anyone, he didnt said you should go out and start hatecrimes or any of that sort.
If you are so upset about his actions you should stop whining and help other people
Cause i am absolutely sure they have done more for charity and society this year, than you your entire life.
And whining wont help anybody.

now, second:

@markiplier didnt said it is okay what felix did, and it seems lot of people think thats what he did say.
But thats not the case.
He said to sum it up: that you should behave like a decent human being and treat people with respect. Including Felix.
And i think people took the meaning the wrong way.

Please think about that for a second.

thank you for reading

So I know how people are making up head canons for the Trials of Apollo and one thing I haven’t seen mentioned is Dionysus. Like what would happen with Dionysus at CHB. Wouldn’t it be like a constant reminder of how he is not a god?

baubun replied to your post: genuinely surprised at the lack of…

Before the last episode of diu came out i didnt think much on how Kira got ran over, but after seeing his neck and head go 360 made me realize how he actually died (also how brutal it looked)

Honestly, I was already pretty unsettled by his death in the manga (just the way they described it–”His face was caught between the tire and the asphalt, all the skin was torn off”–that gave me some mental images I’d rather not dwell on eugh)

BUT THEN THE ANIME CAME ALONG. That little shudder of resistance right before his neck snaps and his head starts rolling is really what gets me. That, and the crunching sound effect as the ambulance backs up.

Welcome to Hell secret santa gift for @frostios !!
Some dorks in sweaters; hope you like!! ^u^

Your hair shines like the sun
Your eyes are gorgeous green
I look at you and wonder
Your innermost thoughts and dreams
Yes, your valentine I will be,
Our love will be so true
Together for eternity
My heart belongs to you
—  Marinette’s Poem to Adrien (English Dub), Episode 10: Dark Cupid

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I see you've played the latest chapter of The Freshman :D have you tried the break up option? I'm curious but I don't have the heart to do so hahah also it'd be interesting to see how the rest of the story goes if you did decide to break up with your love interests in this chapter especially for the Kaitlyn and Chris' lovers.. I mean they live together so...

Oooh! I didnt think of that (mostly because I was overjoyed. Correction, Im still overjoyed! This may take some time to sink in!)

But yea!! That would be so interesting! I shall start playing on a second device to see how it turns out? Then I’ll post them up (Just gotta wait for a couple of days).

Oh, I also wonder, if MC is already single, who does she bring for the babysitting gig? Zig?
Oh that rhymes!

Thanks again anon! 😁 wonder how many times did you die from happiness today?

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Hey I know requests are closed but this is the lance fluff anon and I already read everything on your blog lol but it's ok

ahhh heh okay okay i see. i didnt really expect anyone to be so dedicated or interested consider there are like at least a hundred and fifty ish posts that involve lance up already . kudos to you then ahh. well then if you make a specific request ill get to it when i get to it ^^ 

wgm with v

i just realized i completely forgot about taehyung i feel like a fake fan. I LOVE YOU TAE BABY. I SWEAR I MADE ONE FOR HIM LIKE I KNOW IT. BUT I DIDNT SO THIS IS A LITTLE EXTRA LONGER. </3

  • you already know that he has the biggest smile on his face while he’s waiting for you.
  • you guys meet later in the year so he’s freezing his ass off outside while he awaits your arrival.
  • he bought hot chocolate in a thermos for the both of you just in case you were cold too.
  • when he finally sees you walking towards him, he tries to hide behind a post but you already caught him.
  • he still hides anyway pretending to be shy.
  • then he properly introduces himself as v from bts. and that was it. he didn’t know what to say afterwards.
  • he awkwardly offers you hot chocolate from the thermos and you gladly accepted.
  • but then he gets super shy about it because he just realized he drank out of the same cap you’re about to drink out of.
  • like he was super hesitant to give you the cup but he does anyway, making sure to look away while you drank bc he was sooo embarassed TT0TT
  • at first he was extremely shy with you. super cautious about his actions and how he presented himself in front of you
  • after a while being on the show together though, he started to show who he really was and it was chaotic.
  • he gives you the stupidest and ugliest selfies and made you pose for an ugly picture with him to set as your backgrounds.
  • he buys you matching shirts but the really stylish ones because the lame “she is mine” “he is mine” stuff made him cringe.
  • he said that “if we’re going to match, we have to do it in style.”
  • when you guys were trying on matching clothes, he did this whole catwalk thing out of the dressing room.
  • he did that for about five outfits.
  • one time he tried to decorate a cake but he ended up squeezing the pipe bag to hard and the frosting just shot out all over the cake.
  • he still decorated around it but it only made the cake worse.
  • he was like “if you love me, you wouldn’t care about the care. as long as you know i made it with my heart.”
  • he tells you cheesy pick up lines all the time.
  • his jokes are like the equivalent of dad jokes but boyfriend/pick up line style.
  • on your wedding photo shoot, he requested to do a pirate theme for one of the frames and he drew on his own beard. (he later realized there were real beard props around)
  • but when the real photo shoot happened, he kept teasing you about how you thought he looked hot in a tux.
  • “just admit you like it when i wear a tux” “should i wear a tux every day just so you can look at me like that all the time?” “why can’t you keep your eyes off of me? am i really that good looking?”
  • but he didn’t forget to mention how beautiful you looked at the end of the day and properly proposed to you whilst in your wedding attire.
  • at the wedding ceremony, he kissed your nose first and then pecked your lips. TT-TT he yelled “MANSAE!!” after the kiss and hugged you.
  • he constantly begs for you guys to go to the park when the sun is out and runs around like a kid when you finally say yes.
  • tae aegyos you to death if he wants something.
  • likes to rest his head on your lap when you’re on the couch watching tv.
  • he actually ends up falling asleep sometimes.
  • on your anniversary, he gave you a huge stuffed pig because he remembered you liked hugging pillows and with that “you can hug it and cuddle with it. but you have to think of me when you do that.”
  • eventually you two do have to leave the show so he plans a trip to daegu where he can introduce you to his family.
  • they get mad at him because he was introducing you on your last day together. but nevertheless, the one day you spent with his family felt like a whole lifetime by how you got extremely close with them.
  • he made you promise in front of his whole family that you would stay healthy and strong. he gave you one last give, it was a photo album that he made of your time together and a letter in the very end that wishes you good health and prosperity and asks you to not ever forget him because he won’t even forget you. TT______TT

more wgm scenarios

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I read your tags about alex being the more important one in tlsp & id like to share that one time a guy told me he liked my tlsp shirt & asked if i got to see them live & i said yeah & then he said how he didnt get to go but its ok cause hes already seen am and i was like ????????? what

….i mean…???????????? …………  soo basically he just said ‘‘oh it’s okay i already saw alex live soo whatever who cares about miles!! tlsp is just alex amerite !!’‘ i mean it’s ok if you don’t like miles or his music ,everybody has their preferences, but to just not give him any value to tlsp is just UGHHH x 100000000!! i bet alex wouldn’t even want you to listen to tlsp if you don’t give any recognition that miles is a part AND i mean A BIG PART OF IT just like alex, it’s an equal collaboration !!! i find it weird to like a band and not care or not like the other members anyways i hope you slowly backed away from that guy hahaha