The official covers for the illustrated version of Philosopher’s Stone, slightly different between American edition (on the left) and British edition (on the right)!

This cover will be used for both the United States and United Kingdom editions of the book, marking the first time that both countries will use the same cover for any edition in the Harry Potter series. Despite using the same cover, the name change for the U.S. still stands.
The Illustrated Editions — created by Jim Kay — will be published in 21 languages with a “ribbon marker, head and tail bands, illustrated endpapers and colour artwork on every spread,” according to a statement from Bloomsbury. The book includes over 100 illustrations.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s / Sorcerer’s Stone will be published October 5. You can pre-order now on Amazon for $28.06.
One Illustrated Edition will be published every year, meaning Deathly Hallows should be released in 2021 (Which is a very long time from now. Like, after Fantastic Beasts Movie #3).


i dont know if theres been posts about this yet but korean artists i follow on twitter are tweeting the hashtag “#fucking_korea” along with the message “대한민국 대통령이 대한민국 국민을 탄압하고 있습니다 South Korean president is now suppressing South Korean people 韓国の大統領が今韓国の国民を弾圧しています”… i hope someone can post more about this than i can but i sincerely hope everyone will be okay, i just wanted to bring at least some attention to it in case people haven’t heard..

So I know how people are making up head canons for the Trials of Apollo and one thing I haven’t seen mentioned is Dionysus. Like what would happen with Dionysus at CHB. Wouldn’t it be like a constant reminder of how he is not a god?

Your hair shines like the sun
Your eyes are gorgeous green
I look at you and wonder
Your innermost thoughts and dreams
Yes, your valentine I will be,
Our love will be so true
Together for eternity
My heart belongs to you
—  Marinette’s Poem to Adrien (English Dub), Episode 10: Dark Cupid
Oh my god how did I miss this

Okay so, remember how there was this strange page? 

At first, I thought only Spectrals could see the Activity Club door, and that it was hidden behind the storage door so that normal kids wouldn’t go in there. But I was wrong. Max actually moved on after the Activity club door. 

Look at the atmosphere, and the way Max’s eyes get a hypnotized look. Remember what Isaac said, later on? 

The tool lures a suitable spectral to it. And look at the room Max was lead to.

The Gym Storage. Remember where Max got his tool?

The tool’s spirit was leading Max straight to it.

How did we miss this.

hi guys!!!!!! so recently i reached like my big big ass goal cause most of you know what happened to my blog last year and yada yada so like i said i was gonna do a big follow forever and post my psd (which i already did) and again this is more like a THANK YOU FOREVER because when my blog got deleted a lot of you helped and even though i keep changing fandoms and etc and i thought a lot of my old mutuals weren’t gonna follow back and shit but you all did like it literally was your opportunity to get rid of my annoying ass and yet a lot of you followed me again so i am grateful as fuck. another thing is that i have been following a lot of you like for three-four years since my first url and everything i could never unfollow you guys even if u dont post things i like anymore/ or if i dont post things u like anymore and vice versa. i am glad i can call a lot of you guys my friends and i love you all so much. i added ALL my mutuals in this like even if we started following each other yesterday or today. y’all gonna see all the phases i have gone through when you click the read more thing because i literally follow people from ALL fandoms bye this took years but it was worth it :):) I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL AND I WILL PROBABLY NEVER DO A FOLLOW FOREVER LIKE THIS ANYMORE BUT YA YOU ARE AWESOME GUYSS!!!! (btw you dont have to reblog this its too long its ok) (btw btw i had to take away some of  the mentions/links cause tumblr wasnt letting me post it because it was way too many people so i hope y’all see it anyway)

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From Caitlin Evanson’s FB/IG:

TBT: there were so many “firsts” on our journey together. I just remember at one of our rehearsals, we got word that the most recent single released had already hit #1 and I remember how blown away I was. There were so many “firsts”, and this was the first time I felt like those amazing songs couldn’t be shared with the world fast enough. And of course, ya gotta celebrate @taylorswift ’s #1’s with donuts. Duh.

Pokemon GO psa

I see a lot of Pokemon GO posts that are really helpful, wear sunscreen, bring water, etc. but I havent seen one about ticks yet!

If you didn’t know this already, if you go exploring in woods/forests, check for ticks after! Nobody wants to get Lyme disease

wearing bugspray with DEET helps keep them off, as does taking a shower after a hike. I like to cover up more if I go in a forest, like capris instead of shorts, etc.

Even if you don’t shower after going out, it’s good to check for ticks on your whole body anyways! Have someone check your scalp and behind your ears. And a lot of dogs and cats will carry ticks too, I know my cat gets them a lot, so just be wary of that as well.

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