170624 SWCV at BKK

The standing area cleared about the first 100 queue numbers when the rain started. I don’t understand Thai but the shawol in front of me told her friend “… … SHINee” in a matter of fact tone and I laughed. She looked at me and said “You know what I mean, right?” and I agreed.

It’s an international language now: SHINee brings the rain where ever they go.

• rain maker •

i love the rain sometimes. i feel like my personality is rainy itself, and today, in my 19th birthday, it didnt rain. it was a beautiful sunny day. rain isn’t bad though. it helps to renovate. sharing this rainy painting on my birthday resonates with that renovation spirit, that i hope that starts today for this new journey around the sun.

i hope you enjoy this artwork. my art commissions are opened! if you wish to get something, email me to arumiillustration@gmail.com



Request for this scenario:

Can you please do a Taehyung x reader where he told you that you two would meet up in the park, but you couldn’t make it because you promised to go shopping with your best friend. You did text him, but it didnt send. It starts to rain, and Taehyung is still waiting

Group: BTS

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Sad-time

“I’ll talk to you later” you smiled.

You closed your car door and started it up. With a final wave, you backed out of your parking spot and pulled off. You sighed and thought of the speech that you would have to give Tae when you got home.

Today you were supposed to meet him at “your park” but you’d forgotten all about the plans you made weeks ago. You’d made plans to go shopping with your best friend.

You just knew there would be a fight coming. After all, he hadn’t even bothered respond to your ‘Sorry, I can’t make it’ text.

The traffic light turned red and you slowed down to stop. As soon as you hit the brakes, the sky erupted and the rain started pouring. You groaned loudly and turned on your windshield wipers. Silently praying that the sudden thunderstorm wasn’t a sign of how your conversation was going to go, you started driving again.

As soon as you began moving, you had to stop again. Another red light.

You groaned even louder and let your head fall back against the headrest. You turned your head to the right and smiled when you saw the park. It was a habit. Every time you saw that park, you had to break out into a grin. That was where you met Taehyung. That was where you guys had your first kiss. That was where he asked you to be his girlfriend and where he asked you to move in with him. At the park. On…that bench.

You squinted your eyes, seeing a man sitting on the bench. Who would sit outside in this weather?

You leaned over a little more and swore to yourself. Was that Taehyung?

The car behind you honked loudly and you jumped out of your skin. You put your hand up to apologize and turned the corner. Parking the car, you grabbed your keys before getting out of the car. You cursed yourself for not having an umbrella and trudged over toward the trees to your bench.

“Tae!?” you shouted over the heavy raindrops.

You put your hand to your brows, trying to shield your eyes from the rain.

“Tae!?” you yelled again.

He looked over toward your voice, blinking the rain away.

“Why are you out here!?” you all but yelled at him.

You looked at his face, really looked at his face, and stopped.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, looking into his red, puffy eyes.

“So you remembered that we had plans, huh?” he said. You were stunned. You’d texted him. You’d told him that you wouldn’t be able to make it.

“I forgot that I made plans with-”

“-a friend. Of course. Or was it a coworker? Your boss?” he asked. You froze, not knowing what to say. It was that look on his face that did it.

It was the look in his eyes that made you choke up. He looked so hurt and so angry. It was heartbreaking. When you pictured him yelling at you, you definitely hadn’t pictured this. You just thought you’d have a lot of kissing up to do. This look…you’d never seen this look before.

“Tae, I tried to tex-” you croaked out.

“It’s always the same thing ___. It’s always your friends…or your job…or something else” he said, barely loud enough to be heard. He stood up and handed you a small black box.

“Get out of the rain. You’ll get sick” he said, staring into your eyes.

He walked away, leaving you to stare after him.

Taehyung tried wiping the water from his face as he walked away.

“Tae?” you called out to him.

He didn’t bother to turn around, just continuing the walk home. You looked down at his gift.

Already knowing what was in the box, you could feel your eyes stinging. It wasn’t until you actually opened the box, however, that you started crying. You closed the lid and turned back around, hoping that Taehyung didn’t actually leave.


Umbrellas Can Do A Lot.

He didn’t remember why he was running.  Or why he was crying.  Or when the rain had begun.  He didn’t feel anything.  He didn’t feel cold.  He felt numb.  All he could feel was the sob biting at the back of his throat.  Sound was a distant memory and his sight was merely a blurry picture of a sidewalk, dim street lights his only guide.  Then there was a stop. He didn’t know why he was stopping or where he was but his lungs were screaming and then he was sitting.  He didn’t remember sitting.  He didn’t know anything.  

She was laughing.  She held a black umbrella and a woven basket full of warm cookies.  A warmth filled her despite the cold rain dripping down her face.  She was still so happy.  The day had gone extremely well.  Once again the universe on her side.  Nothing could rid the smile on her face.  Thats when she saw him.  The boy who always had the big smile.  The boy who did everything to make others happy.  The one that gave her this umbrella so she wouldn’t have to walk home soaking wet.  And here he was.  Huddled up next to a tree, shivering, drenched in rain water.  His arms were wrapped around his knees and his face hidden.  Wretched sobs were breaking through the barrier of his limbs.   

She stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide.  She stared in fear and worry but didn’t speak, didn’t move.  He didn’t notice her.  His sobs only progressed and worsened.  Then she finally moved, gaining her courage.  She quickly walked over to the shaking boy and held the umbrella over him while squatting down to sit next to him.  

“Adrien?”  her voice broke a barrier and his head snapped up to look at her.   His eyes were so flooded with tears and rain water, but he was able to make her face out.

“Marinette?”  he choked out the name between sobs.   

They stared for a moment before Marinette broke from her daze and quickly maneuvered the obersized jakckter ofnher father’s from her body to wrap around his shoulders.  He seemed surprised but was crying too much to protest.  

They sat there under the tree with the umbrella barely keeping the rain off of them staring out into the empty streets of Paris for a few moments. She wanted to let Adrien gather his senses before she asked anything.  

When the sobs had come to a noticeable slowing she finally ventured to speak.

“What happened?”

Adrien’s whole body stiffened but Marinatte placed a hand softly on his shoulder.  He looked into her eyes and went from scared to comforted.  He let out a breath and shook his head.

“I- I don’t know- all I remember is- my dad.  My dad, he- he was yelling.  And-and-” he cut off at the feeling of Marinette squeezing his shoulder.  She gave him a comforting smile that he took as a sign to trust her.  That she was there for him.  

He did his best to continue

“He was angry,  because I was late- I was late for the fifth time in a day to my appointments- and- and he blamed it on school.  He said he was going to have me homeschooled again.  After three years of school and now he wanted to take me out!  And then- and- and an-”  his eyes we’re filling up with tears again and he felt his throat tighten.  

“hey hey hey”  Marinette had both hands on his shoulders to face him.  “It’s okay.  It’s gonna  be okay.  I’m here for you.  I’m always here.”  she blinked in worry and tried to catch his eye.  

He opened his mouth to speak again, “And he called me- he he called me worthless.  He said i- I would never- I would never be- never be good enough.  That school had pulled me back- and my friends were- were keeping me from being great.  He wanted to ban me from seeing any of you ever again.”  a great weight  set on both of them as he looked in her eyes.

Marinette took a deep breath.

“listen here, Adrien.  You-” she poked a finger at his chest- “are perfect.  Absolutely amazing and great.  We all make our mistakes but coming to school was not one of them.  Meeting you- it has been one of the best things to happen to me.  Your father clearly has problems of his own.  We all do.  But your father doesn’t think you’re worthless.  He even said to me once just how perfect you were.  What he said was out of fear and anger and possibly hurt.  I promise you I will talk to him.  I will not let you be taken out of school okay?”   

He stared at her in surprise, “You really don’t need to talk to him, he can be really rough and I dont want him to get angry-”

She cut him off,  “I want to help you Adrien.  I can handle being yelled at okay?”

Adrien looked hesitant but nodded, “Do- do you really think I’m perfect?” his voice cracked.

Marionette blushed but nodded and smiled, “Absolutely.”  

And then he laughed, surprising both of them.

“What?” marinette asked.

He pointed at the umbrella, “I almost forgot about that.”

Marinette smiled and looked up at it fondly.  

“Yeah… ha,” she smiled light-heartedly.  

“You really hated me that day.  What changed?”

She blushed,  “Well,  I saw someone who was truly kind.  Who’s fame hadn’t corrupted them, even though it easily could have.  I saw someone who cared about the people around him and wanted to help him.  You did everything in your power to make others happy.”

Adrien smiled, “All I did was give you an umbrella.”

“At the risk of yourself,  and you did so many other things for so many other people.  Adrien you really are amazing.”

“Thank you…” he whispered, “so much.  Im so Lucky to have a friend like you.  I-”

She nodded.  “of course, Adrien.  Anytime you need me, I’ll be here for you.”  

And then before he knew what he was doing, he had his arms around her in an embrace.  She jumped in surprise and the umbrella slipped from her hand.  she slowly let her arns slip around his torso.  His head fell into the crook of her shoulder.  She stroked his back gently and listened to his breathing.

He didnt remember crying.  Or running.  He didnt realize when the rain fell to a trickle or when the moon appeared and shone down upon them.  He felt everything.  her hands carressing his back.  her steady breathing and the rain dripping down his neck.  He felt his chest thumping and a warmth.  He felt a strong warmth.  It radiated from his stomach and shook throughout his body.  And her arms around him felt like a blanket.  She hummed lightly into his ear a song of light and comfort and love.  Then there was a beginning.  He didnt know what was beginning but his heart was beating faster than it ever had and he was happy and he felt- he felt love

That is the first ml fanfiction. It was kind of short but I was in the mood to write and had to take advantage of it. I hope you enjoyed it ^_^


Poth (Sweet and Sour Love) Part 1

//lord im happy I finally came up with something! Ps my oc is going to be in this as well and this os going to be before goth and palette met//

Goth, enjoying spending the night with his dad Reaper, was also equipped sith a weapon of soul reaping. He didnt think anything of it at all when his turn came to take a life away from one who lived to long.

“Goth, you know the rules, I cant help you so you have to do this on your own”

Reaper said as he gave Goth a smile, he turned his back on goth and proceeded to leave the area.

“I know dad..”

Goth said, Reaper gave an approving nod and teleported to his spot where he would usually go to relax. Goth sighed, this was going to be boring as usual, reap a soul and leave, that’s all it was suposed to be right? Goth never expected it to be any different, but he was proven wrong when he arrived to his destination.

“Rain! Rain!? Where did you go!?”

Pallet yelled. Goth hid behind a tree, was this the person he was supposed to get? No, he was to peppy and …. colourful. He looked normal. The person he must bave been looking for was probably the one called Rain. He was from another Au and wasn’t suposed to be alive any longer.

“Oh! There you are!”

Pallet yelled again as he peaked behind a bush. Why did he seem so peppy…? He looked like everything was always amazing, like life was always cheery.

“Hey…Rain? Did you fall asleep? Raiiin!”

Pallet said, goth decided to teleport in for a closer look. This was perfect, this Rain person really was the one he was after. A skele-werewolf from another Au called ‘Jammy Hood’. Goth poked his head around the tree he was behind to see if he could get hos job done from there, but that was a failure, he had been spotted.

“Hey! Who are you? Im Pallet! Nice to meet you!”

Pallet said, goth gave a sigh as he slowly looked up at Pallet. He froze for a second, Pallet was smiling widely and holding his hand out to shake, he was utterly gorgeous! A sudden light purple dusted Goth cheeks as he nodded to pallets words.

“I-im goth…uh, n-nice to meet you to p-palette…”

Goth said as he hesitantly took pallets hand and shook it. Pallet quickly dragged goth over to rain and sat down.

“This is rain! Hes my friend and he fell asleep!”

Pallet said. Goth looked down at rain, this wasn’t the case, rain didnt just fall asleep….something was wrong.

To be continued….

Fanfic by cally-alley-cat


ok wait so theres that joke post about us not 100%ing the game and thats why we got the neutral ending but like ok so… thats actually pretty legit?? like we didnt beat the game. there were character arcs that couldve been resolved but they just…didnt. rose didnt play the rain because she didnt want to play by the games rules! terezi was so afraid to let her own self down she didnt talk to anyone. vriska never developed because she still thinks she was the most important character. gamzee….well…who knows whats up with that guy. he probably got out of the fridge lets be real. but really who knows.

listen like… i dont know how much merit this has but like… honestly it adds up and it makes sense in the sense of homestuck and the way it kind of forces you to be responsible for your own failures. theres always consequences, we just cant see them.