Haikyuu!! Shiratorizawa’s #5 Tendou Satori!

Sketchbook cut

Just finished watching the stream for sketchbook and they got edited so bad like the edit parts didn’t even flow properly. At one point hip hop line was introducing and then it suddenly cut to vocal doing accapella. And I’ll be honest i can see why they cut so much the fans that were taking pictures were right in the front row next to the stage, you could see them while svt were performing and it makes me so mad that they didnt even try to be discreet about it. You could clearly see all the cameras. I hope that this doesn’t happen again and that everyone learns from this. 


rather blurry images of thumbs ups just because

and a bonus gif of hoshi ???


in honor of some…… happenings tonight in the bones fandom im releasing the previously well kept secrets of my ‘bonesy journals’ that i kept as a nine through twelve year old, where i- get this- wrote about bones and only bones

  • a procon list of why angela and hodgins should/shouldnt name their kid after zack
  • “top fifteen reasons zack MUST come back”
  • SEVENTEEN PAGES written over the course of TWO MONTHS about my theory that zack would be killed by the sniper (includes a “diagram of zack’s death”)
  • a few mentions of my bones oc erin who is one of the worst ocs of all time and i love her even to this day
  • FOUR entries about my otp zaisy (zack/daisy) including TWO lists (i also made zaisy edits with coldplay lyrics but those are fucking buried okay)
  • my other rarepairs were hodgins/brennan, hodgins/cam, and cam/arastoo (two notes: camastoo is canon and i can predict the future, also i didnt know gay ppl existed when i was ten so my options were limited okay)
  • “top fifteen reasons zack MUST come back: the elaborated version” (bc the first one wasnt bad enough????)
  • an entry entitled “oh, eric millegan” which is probably the worst thing in the entire journal

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do you think its true that chanyeol is taking steriods and thats why hes going bald?

um no offense but who the hell came up with that stupid theory, its insulting tbh that anyone would think that with all the effort it probably took for PCY to get that kind of body, he’s clearly been working towards it, it didnt come out nowhere you know. He’s obviously very happy with his body right now and that makes me happy and just knowing that ppl are trying to find stupid ways to discredit that is just gross and make me mad ugh

His hair loss isn’t as bad as those edits make it out to be, and even if it was i would be due to stress and constant dyeing of hair not steroids wtf

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thank you for all the gifs from the concert dvd^^ i know for some people it just makes them more excited to receive their albums but for many others who didnt get the album it lets them get to actually see the footage! so im not sure if you realise how much youre helping but im really thankful you and some other bloggers are putting time and effort into uploading all these gifs! thank you so much!

this is so sweet it makes me want to gif even more haha :”) I’m glad you can enjoy them and I understand not everyone bought the special edition so I really hope they get to see bits of it from wherever they can!! I also know some people don’t want it to be spoiled for them so I tag them as “concert dvd: disc 1″ or “concert dvd: disc 2″ so you can blacklist them if you like!!

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I hate how some non fans are still considering nct u a flop compared to nct 127. Like they didn't even come out with a mini album so they worked against the odds and despite that nct u still managed to get good recognition with only 2 singles. That's hard these day ok.

are people seriously comparing nct u to nct 127 lmao whyyyy… its the same group!! just slight variation in members ide know. im so confused why would people do this lol

*edit: wait i didnt realize you said ‘non fans’ idk man i just ignore all of them lmao give it a while theyll be stanning nct soon~

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Not sure whether you edited out the image that the person had posted in that reblog, or they added it later, but it adds a whole new level of stupid to their post. "Grim, grim reality," goddamn.

i did, it didnt even load all the way but i saw it was some meme thing and deleted it

theyre a troll blog btw yall 

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hey pal! i saw ur singing vid and i loved it :) you are beautiful and have a special mesmerizing voice! i was wondering if you have some kind of faq? i want to start a video tumblr too and i wanted to know things like what camera do you use (4 pics n vids), or what program to edit... also do you ever use filters (like the one in the dreamy beach video)? i hope this is not a problem or a bother, thank you so much! have a great day :3

hi !! thank you bunches ahh

i don’t have an faq (tbh i dont consider myself a “video tumblr” yet! but it makes me so happy that you said that omg), but i can answer those questions, not a problem at all!

i use the same camera for pictures and videos, it’s a fujifilm finepix s8630 - i had to look it up i didnt even rlly know the name - i got it for a couple hundred bucks a few years back, it’s a pretty nice camera but its not a DSLR or anything. for videos i either use the default video program on my computer (not sure what its called) or the youtube video editor, which where i got the filter for the beach video, but normally i dont use any. hope this helped :)

martinsparrish replied to your post “i wanna make a ya/na book rec w poc main characters but i only know of…”

Hmmm there’s the daughter of smoke and bone series and the wrath and the wrath and the dawn books

i bought daughter of smoke and bone a few years back and i was so excited about it… but i didnt like it at all lmao i couldnt even finish it i was so annoyed i read like 75% and i was waiting for it to get better but it just didnt and i still dont understand bc all its reviews on goodreads are so good like???? i couldnt even get through one book

and omg!!! the wrath and the dawn is SO good im crying i recently read it bc i saw a cool edit post of it on tumblr lmao shoutout to the person who put that post on my dash i love the wrath and the dawn its so good :)