didnt turn out very well but

honestly lately i’ve been wondering if i really liked season 1 as much as i did–season 2 has just been so bad overall, with a few shining moments but overrall: tedious

and then we had that scene, with cat and kara.

(and yes i’m still dying at “it just feels like this pain isn’t going to go away” “well, that’s what i said about childbirth” i’ve found a quip that beats should i call your mother a car? no, she can take her broom)

talking about emotions, talking about how kara has been feeling, how one of the reasons she started dating mon-el was because everyone in her life was in a relationship and she wanted that, for the first time all fucking season we got to hear kara, the protagonist’s view, on her relationship and why she was ever in one when she never seemed to like her boyfriend in the first place

and making a very profound moment, about emotion, about vulnerability, going into depth why this can be a strength, with something that isn’t just a cheesy line–this was something that i had to think about after hearing. and the entire time it was about kara, about dealing with pain and loss and for once this season something that i would want young girls to consider, to think about, great advice for anyone getting out of a relationship, especially with someone they maybe dont even really like, but just don’t want to be single, and all delivered so very well by the brilliant calista flockhart

this scene was all about kara. and so very little this season has been about the titular character. sure, cat talked about her own life–but that was to give kara context for what she was experiencing, to know that she wasn’t alone–the exact opposite of the isolation they’ve had kara go through the majority this season, with only monel to turn to even if she didnt really want to.

this scene reminded me of why i would stay awake until 3 am last semester abroad in ireland to watch this show, why i loved it in the first place–all with only a day and a half of filming from calista.

tl;dr calista your husband is a pilot please have him fly to you to filming every other week for a day trip or two we love you and miss you and melissa probably misses you more she got to be a protagonist again for the first time in ages

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Gabe with an S/O that has a daddy kink? Like they're doing something and they casually call him daddy? (he/him if you can)

((A/N - My weakness. I need to work on actually putting it into words though.))

“You’ve been pushing him too hard.”
“He pushes himself.”
“And you stand around and do nothing.”
“What am I supposed to do, Gabe?”
“Cut him some slack, Jack. He’s underneath you in your department.”
“And for good reason. Otherwise you’d be too soft on him.”
“I would not. I’m the Commander of Blackwatch. I can’t be soft.”
“And yet here you are. Favouritism.”

A growl escaped from Gabriel, knowing his old time friend was right.

“Make him relax. I’m sure you’ll know how.”


You shifted around, realising you had fallen asleep on the lumpy couch again. Rubbing your eyes, you sneaked a peak at your watch on your wrist and realised you’d overslept. Throwing the itchy grey blanket off of you, you rushed towards the bathroom to take a quick shower. You tried opening the door to find it was locked. You rapped on the door.

“Gabe? Are you in there? I need to have a shower!”
“Cariño, it’s Saturday.” He replied, voice muffled through the door.

The door clicked open and there stood your boyfriend with just his black tracksuit bottoms on, still drying his face with a white towel but the rest of his body was glistening. You scanned his toned torso, looking up to meet his eyes when he pulled the towel away.

“Go back to bed.” He commanded.
“I was on the couch.” You replied.
“Why?” He demanded.
“Was tired.”
Gabe sighed. “Well go to bed then. It’s stupid o'clock in the morning.”
“Only if you come with me?” You smiled.

You turned around and made your way to the bedroom, glancing over your shoulder to see if he was following you. You pouted and fluttered your eyelashes at him when you saw he was still standing in the doorway to the bathroom, arms crossed and looking at you with one eyebrow raised.

“Go to bed. I’ll join you in a minute.”
You frowned.
“That’s an order.”
“Yes, daddy.” You mumbled under your breath.

You turned around but before you could take even one step, Gabe had called out.

“What did you just say?”

Your eyes widened. You really hoped he hadn’t heard you. It just slipped out. You weren’t supposed to say it. It was just a fantasy you had and well, you’d accidentally said it. You heard footsteps and then felt a grip on your arm and a breath by your ear.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” He snarled.

Your breath hitched. How you were going to get out of this you honestly had no idea.

“Nothing. I didnt say anything.” You whispered.

His grip around your arm tightened, now pulling it behind your back. The movement made you bend forwards slightly to put you in a very compromising position.

“I’m trained to get information out of my prey.”

Your eyes fluttered closed. You loved when he turned like this, but hated how much it turned you on. You felt a tightening in the trousers you had fell asleep in, wiggling to try and ease the pressure.

“Tell me.”

“Daddy. I called you daddy.” You managed to sputter out. You felt your cheeks become red hot, bowing your head down trying to hide your face from him.

He suddenly let go so you were able to stand up. He held your shoulders and span you around. You quickly moved your hands to cover your face. Gabe pried your hands away and held your wrists with his left hand. His right hand came under your chin, forcing you to look at him.

“Was that so hard?”

You shook your head as much as he would allow. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, his face totally void of emotion. He pulled you into an embrace.

“That’s papi to you.” Gabe rumbled.


You melted. If it wasn’t for your super soldier of a boyfriend holding you up, you would have crumpled. You felt him chuckle, vibrations echoing throughout his chest.

“Jack did tell me to find a way to make you relax. I think I just found it.”

You gulped. You were in for the long run now.

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Something that popped up in my head: a character doesnt feel so well, so they go to bed early. During the night, it turns out their house is getting robbed, and they get (injured or not) tied to a chair. Someone else checks up on them the next morning (maybe because they didnt go to college/work/breakfast date) and they find the sickie still tied, and very sick by the lack of medicine. They quickly tend to the sickie, including waking them ip from the traumatic fevered nightmares that follow.

hOLY HELL this is so creative!!! Pile on the whump!!

hisoka will kill leorio

Up until now, Hisoka’s role in Hunter has been pretty ambiguous - Being some kind of mentor to Gon more often than not. Knowing about the limitations Gon imposed on himself in order to defeat Neferpitou , how could it not be tempting for Hisoka to push Gon over the edge - giving Gon the highest possible level of resolve, making him into the perfect opponent? I mean in the scene with illumis conversation with killua

he was thinking about who to kill to get a bonus out of it first he said if alluka doesnt die but illumi does and he’s not hated by killua thene even if gon comes back he wont get any bonus so he thought that killing alluka and making killua hate him and killing killua to get illumi to hate him might be the best choice of action so he would have no problem killing someone to get 

a person to hate him and getting himself a bonus in their fight  and inspring someone to get stronger so why wouldnt he do that to gon kill someone gon cares about in order to get gon to hate him especially since he knows about what happened Neferpitou  and killing leorio would givve gon a reason to get stronger

and leorio and gon have a close relationship which has been shown to the hunters and hisoka would know about that and have seen that 

plus  its well known that leorio punched ging in the face because he didnt want to go visit gon

 . heck there is a theory that part of the reason why hisoka is killing members of the phantom troupe in order to give chrollo a reason  to get stronger 

he is killing to get excitement and inticipation “. He is ecstatic that Chrollo could turn out to be better than he could ever imagine. This is actually very important and more complex than it first appears, for as a chronic manipulator Hisoka prides himself as a master in reading people, and as one can deduce from past events, rated the spider organization as a whole as beneath The Zodiacs (think: why didn’t he pursue anyone else in the spider after Chrollo has been disabled and instead turned his attention to the Zodiacs in the election arc?) excluding Chrollo (and maybe Machi).This view could stem from two reasons: first, as an egotist himself, he feels that the family/friendly dynamics of the Spider makes for weak individuals. Some members of the Spider are relatively weak if working solo, reliance on backup and complementary powers makes them inflexible when someone gets the drop on them (this is proven with Machi’s quick defeat along with Shalnark and Kortopi’s quick demise), and thus uninteresting as opponents for duels; second, the Spider as a whole lacks something that almost all strong people in this world have in common “want”, and the will to achieve them in “life”, although seemingly hedonistic, their core belief was still derivative of their Meteor City origin, while they expanded their ideology from being “pariahs” who only retaliate to “bandits” who take what they can from others. Their will is still reactive rather than a primary urge to “want” (they want what was taken from them, rather than what they don’t have), evidence being that they usually steal things on a whim and then get bored with them soon later, and that everyone, including the leadership, place no value on their very lives and were ready to die anytime without regret.They as a group have gotten so far on resentments of those outsider their group and massive talents of their leadership and members, but they will always be at a disadvantage when fighting someone with pure intent like a true Hunter like Ging (the first rule of being a pro Hunter is that a Hunter must “Hunt” something) or Hisoka himself (anyone who read Steel Ball Run will know this as the concept of “dark will”). Chrollo, by all intents and purposes, should fit in to the mold of this lesser tier, so it makes sense for Hisoka’s early interest in fighting him as he believed back then Chrollo is already the strongest he can be due to him having seemingly no drive to get stronger. However, after fighting and losing to Chrollo’s new and improved abilities first hand, something clicked in Hisoka’s mind. He would simply have to force a reason out of Chrollo to make him give the fight of a lifetime, by pressing his berserk button through killing his true companions. Being the father to his men he is, Chrollo will advance his abilities beyond Hisoka’s wildest dreams, with the bonus that every time one is dead the next one will advance accordingly in power due to hatred stacking.”

and learning about what got gon to make te  condiiton the death of someone he admired he would want to get gon to hate him  by killing someone gon loves and it wouldnt be killua because he sees potential in killua to give him a good fight so he would want to save killua for later to give him a good fight.

so the best option is leorio given that hisoka would know about leorio and gons relationship from the scenes in the pic above and that ging doesnt realy care about gon ( so  Idoubt he would go after ging like how he wouldnt go after illumi to get killua angry ) so leorio would be the best option to hisoka 

and leorio is currently in the lower decks and if he is attacked word will not be able to get out to the upper depths and hisoka said that he will not let his target know 


The other way around... part 5.... (kind of?)

Sorry for my late update…. so many things to catch up lately. Well hope you like this!

This is not going to get dark, sorry bout that one, and sorry for short update.(Maybe a hint for my next work, after I finish this story) annnnndd my english sucks. Sorry for the messy set up. My writer’s block hasnt passed yet

Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy
Fell! Palette belongs to @angexci (it’s not letting it tag :,( Sorry!!)

3rd Person POV

The boy was standing at someone’s house Hey _____! What’s taking you so long? Said the boy. Well I have a hard time on getting permission. His friend said to him, his face formed a sad smile. No worries! Since you’re here now we can go on an adventure. Hehe. The boy grab his friend hand and started running. They’re having fun playing around, running and catching butterflies. But everything turn black there’s only one figure that can be seen, You traitor!

He suddenly woke up, Ughhh… that dream again. Since when can I sleep peacefully. He thought

Fell! Palette POV

After what (Fell!) Cray said, I didnt give it a secong thought and storm out of the Muffets. Just who does he think he is? He’s not fucking helping. Does he think, I don’t know what he’s talking about? I know, I know it very well than anyone. But I can’t, I can’t go back. My phone was ringing , who the hell will call me up this late? I answered the phone without looking it. “Hello? Who the fuck are you and why th-” he cut what I’m about to say “H-hey i-its G-Goth” he said. I was suprised, I looked into the phone and it was him “Ohh Hey Goth sorry for abouting at you” I said “Ah n-no I sh-should be the o-one to apolog-gise. Sorry for disturbing you” he said sincerely. Hehe, why do I feel relaxed when I’m with him? I smiled on what he said “By the way, why are you calling me?” I asked “Ahhh w-well I th-thought…. we-well I-I’m…. I-I just w-wanna h-hear i-if y-you know umm… if you’re doing fine.” He said stuttering. I know that’s not what he wanted to say but I just go with it. “Hmm of course honey. I’m okay, but its still lonely without you here” I said seductively. “Wa-wah! Umm…. H-hey lo-lo-look a-a-at th-the ti-ti-time, w-well i-i-its t-time t-to g-g-go to bed. Goodnight!” He said and hung up. Hehe, he’s so cute when he stutter. I foun a couch and I immediately lay down “Maybe, mavbe I can learn, maybe I can learn again.” I said to myself and I closed my eyes

Fell! Goth POV

“Ughhh” I have a fever now because of the fight last night. Sometimes when I get angry, like really angry, the next day will be hell for me because of this, weird right? This is why I hate to get angry. My phone was vibrating, and when I looked at it. It’s Palette. “Ohh hey Palette, sorry I can’t go today” I said to him. “Hmmm? Why? Are you alright?” Palette said, I can’t help but to smile, why can’t I control this feelings?! “Goth? Are you there?” I came back to reality when he speak again. “Ahh! Yeah! I’m here” I said to him, “Why can’t you go today is it about last night?” He said with a worried voice. I was shocked when he said that, “Huh? No! No, I just have a fever” I said to him to ease up his worry. “Oh! Okay. Well, go have some rest. Bye!” He said with a cheerful voice. Wait…. That’s it?!

dating nct doyoung!1!!2!1!

• he sometimes just loses himself and just stares at you and admires your beauty
• but when you look at him and you’re like “hm? something wrong?”
• he’s like “hA. nO. u KLUTZ. A PIECE OF UR HAIR ISN’T TIED UP IN UR PONYTAIL. here let me help u. ha. haa.”
• you guys take really awkward selfies it’s just, so cute. it’s the cutest. everyone loves them.
• “IF YOU GUYS DON’T FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW- i wont babysit your child when y'all get married and have kids, so, keep being cute. ill be the best goddamn uncle ever. your kids are gonna be super cute with huge ass eyes” - taeyong…and probably yuta.
• kissing doyoung is always so quick and rushed bc doyoung gets flustered easily
• but when it isn’t rushed and when he’s got the whole “what do i have to lose?” or the “i love this girl so much” attitude, he’s super passionate and tender and sweet and gentle and ugh it makes you melt
• he once made you cry, like, a lot, once.
• not gonna go into extreme details but it involved him being stubborn and being too stubborn to apologize to you.
• that is until he found you in the practice room crying your poor little heart out.
• he gave you a super sweet hug and hugged you really tight and when you calmed down, he cupped your cheeks and kissed you super softly and said small “sorry"s in between kisses and you forgave him bc, how can you not.
• “let’s never fight again”
• “yeah. agreed.”
• but the next week y'all fought over green m&m’s so it’s like ???? but y'all still cute.
• “are u cold?”
• “no, well, maybe, im kinda numb”
• it was snowing and y'all started dating a few months ago but training and everything got in the way so y'all just got some time alone and decided to sit out on a bench, in the snow, in below freezing temperature, very smart.
• doyoung wanted to be cool and give you his coat or something but HE WAS COLD TOO. LIKE. SO COLD.
• so he just, used the next best thing
• he kissed you really awkwardly, like, he didnt even, move his body he just turned his head, but his lips were super soft but FREEZING COLD and you went all red and started burning up and freaking out, so in the moment, you forgot that in order to kiss someone, you gotta kiss them back.
• so doyoung really quickly disconnected from your lips and was like “IM- SO SORRY”
• and you were like “OH MY GOD NO I LIKED IT”
• and he was like “wait you did?”
• and you nodded
• and doyoung started smiling and laughing a lot and was like “then, uh, can i try again?”
• and you were like “OF COURSE”
• “are u gonna kiss back this time or-”
• he talks too much, so you just kissed him first and cut him off and his hands naturally wrapped around your waist and it was a really ejdjfjfk experience.
• his lock screen was a picture of himself. bc he didn’t want anyone to tease him for having you as his lock screen.
• SOOOO, you were his home screen :“)
• but johnny was like "dude you can’t do that you gotta embrace your bae”
• so his lock screen changed to a really awkward pic you two took together, but you looked good in it so he didn’t care or notice how awkward he looked.
• ohhhh but the other members did and they wouldn’t let the boy live his life in peace after that.
• but he was happy that you were now on both his lock screen and home screen.
• “who’s ur favorite nct member”
• “isn’t it obvious- it’s jaehyun”
• you tease doyoung a lot like
• he’d do something stupid like, put popsicles in the microwave instead of the fridge bc he was zoning out and you’d be like
• “this is why 부릉부릉 (booroong booroong?? idk the american name lol) was a failure.”
• you ask him to sing for you a lot and he’s always singing so he’s like “k.”
• his voice is so soothing that it helps you go to sleep.
• anOther. cuTE. stoRY.
• one time you woke up from this really scary nightmare and you were sweating and panting and you were about to cry
• doyoung woke up like “hoLY- WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OK”
• and you just hugged him super tight and asked him to sing for you
• and that’s exactly what he did, he hugged you back, layed back in bed, and sang for you.
• walks in the park
• it took him literally the longest time for him to get comfortable holding your hand
• it took donghyuck/haechan dressing up as a girl and pretending to be you
• donghyuck dressing up as a girl, pretending to be you, pressuring him to hold his hand, and all the members pressuring him, has traumatized him greatly.
• but now he loves holding your hand but, he doesn’t do it often, bc he’s still kind of shy
• kissing in public? lol who dis
• doyoung may not kiss you in the general public, but he does kiss you in front of the members, but they’re not, hardcore make out sessions, just cute, soft ones that are longer than 3 seconds.
• the members find it disgusting bc no one is a fan of pda that’s not coming from themselves and their s/o so they’re always like “GET A ROOM PLEASE Y'ALL GROSS”
• doyoung gets jealous but he doesn’t get too possessive or protective. he doesn’t become a mom, or make you feel uncomfortable.
• he very often feels insecure about you finding someone better and someone who’ll love you more than him, and when he feels like that, he becomes a little more affectionate.
• he’d all of the sudden start kissing your neck and you’d be like “why are you suddenly so affectionate?”
• “because i love you, um, duh?”
• doyoung tells you everything
• like, everything like
• “i’m so sorry but i drank your sprite.”
• he gives you all the details about everything when you ask him
• he loves talking and you love listening to him
• you guys have the funniest/deepest convos after 12 am
• sometimes you guys are so tired that you’re talking about why mice are attracted to the scent cheese
• and sometimes you guys get so deep that you feel like you guys figured out the secrets of the illuminati.
• you video chat doyoung a lot and he doesn’t want to be disturbed so he always goes into a quiet room, and if there isn’t a quiet room, he goes into the closet, or the bathroom
• doyoung sends the longest text messages, or the most confusing text messages, there’s no in between.
• it’s either “yes, i know but what if it’s not like that and it’s like this, like i said a thousand times before? ok look-” and continuing, or “mhm, yup.”
• you send him pictures of him that you find online, with heart emojis and he gets super flustered and gets into a good mood for the whole day
• one time you said, as a joke, that you liked rappers more than vocals.
• he stayed up all night learning how to rap.
• he got a kiss from you when he told you what he did and you were like “aw sweet baby u really care about me ily”
• it’s kind of like, when you’re both super happy, when one of you are super happy, when you’re both super in love, when one of you are super in love w the other, or the morning when y'all get up after sexy time ;“)))
• sexy time w doyoung is super loud
• and he wraps his hands around your wrist or, anywhere and everywhere.
• he loves it when you take over and you’re dominant. you guys take turns but he likes it more when you’re in control.
• you hang out w jaemin, jisung, and jeno bc THEY CUTE.
• doyoungs like "no don’t do that they’re all rude children, except jisung and jeno.”
• yuta is very supportive of you two, but he’s always like “SAFE SEX. DON’T GET PREGGOS. HAHAHAHA”
• “yuta stop” -hansol
• you wear doyoungs sweaters a lot and they’re all soft and big
• doyoung likes to hug you/cuddle when you’re wearing his sweaters bc you look so cute
• “doyoung ur skin is so ni c e”
• you touch his skin a lot like, his hands, his cheeks, they’re so soft and nice and smooth and, how.
• you guys laugh a lot at really stupid things that only the two of you would find entertaining
• “YOU REALLY DO LOOK LIKE A BUNNY” is the first actual thing you said to doyoung besides simple “hello"s and "how are you?"s before the two of you started dating.
• he fell in love with your laugh and your sarcasm and your kind little heart, and your confidence to yell at him saying that he really looks like a bunny before you two became close.
• oh yeah you’re both really sarcastic towards other people but really genuine towards each other.

Heroes and Demons

It is a legend as old as time, and it goes something like this: as the world grows old, four demons knights will arise. They announce the coming of the great tide of chaos, the coming of the Great Demon King. In the north, south, east and west they can be found, and only through the holy blade of blessed heroes they can be defeated.

And once they are the gateway will open, spilling the most wicked beasts to ever exist. The earth will split and shake as the heroes take battle with the Great Demon King to restore the order of the world once more.

Or so it was supposed to be. Instead, well…

~~ ~~

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DJWifi, 27. "I'm Pregnant."

shoutout to @zoenightstars​ for the ending idea because it made this 10x better

Alya isn’t paying attention to him.

She’s been busy all day, frantically typing articles and talking to Marinette on the phone. She disappeared for an hour, but she came back with cookies from Dupain-Cheng bakery, so that had been worth it.

Usually, Nino wouldn’t mind. But he also usually has things to do.

Alya’s sitting at the table texting as she chews on a pen. She’s been working on this particular article for about a week and he knows she’s reaching The Point. The point where she screams. Once she gets that out, it’ll be fine and she’ll pump out the rest of the article in about an hour. But if the look of concentration on her face says anything, it’ll be hours before she reaches that level of frustration.

Nino leans his head back to stare at the ceiling. Yup. He’s bored. He rolls his his head to the side, eyes landing on the throw pillow next to him.

He is a married man with a solid job and actually pays his rent on time. He also has the maturity of a twelve year old.

Well, Alya didn’t marry him because he was mature.

Nino smirks and grabs the pillow. “Hey, babe,” he says.

Alya looks up in surprise, dropping the pen. “Huh?”

“I have to tell you something.” He’s overplaying it as much as he can, trying to keep a straight face.

She gives him a confused look. “What is it?”

Nino stands up, turning to fully face her. “I’m pregnant.”

Alya’s gaze drops to the pillow stuffed up his shirt. She blinks twice before bursting out laughing, grabbing her phone to snap a picture.

Nino strikes his best ‘we’re having a baby!’ pose. Adrien would be proud.

Alya puts her phone down with a snort. She picks up her pen and twirls it. “Same.”

Nino laughs. “Pff, yeah I— waIT WHAT?!

This is a fan comic I made for @homebeccer ‘s Yuri!!! on Ice AU called Hana!!! on Ice; I strongly recommend you check it out, it’s really cute!

Hana is winning her first gold medal here, and Yuri is reminding Victor of a bet that they made. They made a deal that if Hana won gold Victor would shave off his mustache (which is very distinguished).

I apologize for any inconsistencies in drawing or character, this is my first comic!

I forgive you (Part 2)

You sat on the couch reading a novel not interested in telling jack why you havent had a single moment with your mother after you moved away. Its not like you werent planning on not telling jack. 

Things were different and very well without her around and you wanted it to stay that way. 

Pushing your glasses back onto your face, jack comes in with a sad smile on his face. You look at him but soon you turned your attention back your novel. He walks over and gently takes the book out of your hand and you sat there with your hands in your lap very quiet.

“ I dont understand (Y/N) why didnt you tell whats been going on before? Did you think i wouldnt have took it so seriously?”

“ No! I dont want to bring up my past anymore!” You get off the couch stomping your feet as if you couldnt control your actions.

“ But why-” You cut jack off with a hand movement of a wine glass thrown and shattered into the wall.

Jack is stunned at your actions, jaw dropped slightly, and stood in his spot. Your heavy breathing out of control. All the rage and hate came out, and you put your hands on the table calming yourself before speaking.

“ Grandma was always there. It sucks that you cant have that one person in your life that took care of you your whole life growing up.” “ MY MOTHER FUCKING LEFT ME!! I WOULD ASK GRANDMA WHY DIDNT SHE STOP MOM FROM LEAVING ME!! WHY DIDNT SHE TRY HARDER! MOM WOULDNT LET ANYONE HELP HER BECAUSE SHE WAS SICK!….” 

You sat down in a chair shaking from the stress that enveloped you.

Your fiance walks towards you and takes your hands off of the brown wood before bringing them to his lips kissing both of them. 

“ Just lay down okay? Your exhausted, ill check on you later.” He gives you a reassured smile, and you nod slightly. He kisses you on the lips softly.

“ I love you okay?”

“ I love you too (Y/N).”

You walk down the hallway, and enter the bedroom taking a deep breath feeling your nerves calm down. Getting under the covers you relaxed and let your eyes close.



I grab the phone and look for a number. I knew it wasnt the right thing to do but it could help (Y/N) benefit from this.

But i hope that im doing the right thing. Its all for my baby girl.

I hear ringing and a voice comes through.

“ Hello?”

“ Hi im Jack Maynard….. (Y/N)’s fiance.”

“ Oh! Is she okay???”

“ Shes fine but i need to speak with you….”


Mistakes I Made During First Year of University!

• Simply focusing on my chosen subject 

This is one of the reasons people do not do so well in university. Use your resources! If they offer chances for practice interviews, events concerning jobs, anything that could be useful to you, go to it! Remember that university is an experience and a chance to grow, it is not solely about your chosen subject. You need experience and skills relating to work life as well as educational qualifications.

• Not attending all of my lectures/seminars 

Sometimes you may think, I don’t need to go to this lecture, I can just do the reading instead. No. Lectures are hints into what will be on the exams and what they want to see in your essays. Without going to the lecture, you may not pick up on what the focus points and facts are that need to be in your work.

Group talks are also very important. You may be shy, not like talking out loud, not know the answer, but you need to turn up to seminars if you want to do well. If you get the answer wrong, good. You can be corrected and you won’t mess it up again. But it is important to listen to other students thoughts and opinions on your subject. You may find out something you didnt know before.

• Trying to read as many books as I could

Quality not quantity. It is better to know a few books thoroughly, than lots superficially. Have one book that tells you the fundamentals of your subject, learn it. Then once you have the root of your subject, read books to build on it. Don’t try and read lots of books, get lots of facts and information, and try and place it all together in the end. It won’t work. Learn the root, then add the branches. A bigger biography does not impress your tutor, the content of your essay does. 

• Not going to see my tutors 

I think a lot of people make this mistake, sometimes you feel you don’t need to see them. But trust me, they know what they are looking for, they are going to mark your work after all. So ask them how they think you’re doing, how you can improve, what you need to do to progress etc. But remember, do not ask them to show you how to do something it is important to work through your problems on your own, you will not gain strength by constantly asking someone to show you how to do it. 

I hope this is helpful to someone! If you’d like any more advice let me know! 

lil-calzone  asked:

I just noticed but i wanna ask why the anti jyn? your opinion is fine n all its just a movie but im curious (and kinda agree she didnt click with me as much as i wanted)

mm yeah so basically my major issue from a writing/acting/production viewpoint was that she was just so… 2d? flat? boring? idk the correct descriptor but she had like…no major emotions, no moments where i truly connected to her character, no moments where ‘’jyn erso’’ really came to life for me. and i dont know enough about felicity jones to determine whether jyn turned out like that bc jones couldn’t play her very well, or if the scriptwriters were literally so lazy with jyns character that jones had nothing to go off of. like, ive seen the movie twice now, and if you plugged jyn into a heartrate monitor i swear she’d be flatlining for the whole movie. she had zero reaction to anything that happened to her beyond maybe frowning or scrunching up her face a little bit and that just didnt do it for me esp because donnie yen was standing right next to her just absolutely crushing it for the whole movie

and in-universe, my problems with jyn as a person only grow. i didnt like her. like if she was real and i had a conversation with her, i would walk away from that conversation annoyed and dissatisfied. the movie came out in america, at least, during a time of great political unrest, and jyn’s stance in regards to the war against the empire really doesnt sit well for me in the real life context that i am living right now.

white women like jyn erso, who decided they “never had the luxury of political opinions”, who dont care what flag is waving “as long as you dont look up”, are one of the demographics that decided this election. and in a more generalized point, people like jyn erso who dont distinguish between violent actions administered by a fascist state and violent actions in rebellion against a fascist state (”you might as well be a stormtrooper”) really drive me crazy. 

plus she plagiarized cassian’s rebel slogan word for word and did not cite her sources and if she tries to put it into turnitin.com shes gonna get written up for cheating

which is why me and @shinebeams​ invented the rogue 2.0 au where jyn is actually cool and interesting lmao

Request - Can you Do an imagine Story about Alec. Y/n is a New shadowhunter in the Institute and the Tutore of Max. Max likes her and wants that alec falls for her and planed a date night for them or something like that. Sry my english isn’t the Best.

Ps Reposting due to blog switch :)

The journey from Idris had been long, but you had finally arrived at the New York institue. The option had been there to portal ofcourse, but that was something you avoided at all costs. The quesy feeling it left you with wasn’t worth the time saved. You’d arrived at the request of Maryse Lightwood, she ran the institue, and asked for you personally to tutor her youngest son, Max. He needed some tuition when it came to his runes. After a mix up while staying at the Mumbai institue, the young shadowhunter had gotten confused between a heat rune and a nourishment rune. Landing himself in some hot water indeed. But you were confident that with a little help and a few nudges in the right direction, you’d have him on top form in no time. He’d be able to indentify and draw them all by the time you were ready to pack your bag and head back home to Idris.

You were unpacking your bag, placing the items of clothing you’d brought with you into the empty chest of drawers provided in the guest room when the door to your bedroom was thrown open, a young child running quickly into the quiet room, his face full of excitement. “Are you Y/n?” he asked breathlessly, climbing up onto the tall bed, making himself comfortable.

“I am. You must be Max?” you nodded in approval as he removed his shoes, catching you glancing at his feet.

“When are we starting lessons?” he queried, full of enthusiasm. Which was a rare quality in any of your students.

“Max.” Maryse Lightwood walked into the room, casting a stern glance at her youngest son that had him quickly picking up his disgarded shoes and exiting from the room as swiftly as he had entered it. “You must excuse my son.” she smiled at you tightly “I’m glad you could join us, y/n, please make yourself comfortable, i’m sure the journey was a long one.”

“Thank you.” you smiled back at her, she left then, closing the door quietly behind her.

oOo Two Weeks Later oOo

Max had proven to be quite the little brain box, he picked up information easily. That was when he was concentrating on what he was doing. His attention span was short, but then again so was most 9 year olds. It came with the territory. You couldnt stay mad at him too long, he could get away with murder that one all he’d have to do is flash a cheeky grin and like most you just melted.

Maryse and Robert Lightwood had gone back to Idris, leaving their children at the institue, usually Max would have gone with them but since you were here, Maryse thought it would be more productive for him to stay behind and study. Max was the youngest of three, Alec was the oldest with Izzy following shortly behind. In many ways Izzy and Max were polar opposites to their older brother, you hadn’t spent that much time with anyone but Max but you could tell in the ways that those two were laidback, Alec was much more serious. But then, he was set to take over the institute from his parents one day, he had responsibilty and expectations on his shoulders that the other two didnt.

When max had offered you a tour of the institue after studying on your second day here, you had accepted gratefully. He had shown you the important stuff, the kitchen, the library and his room. You didnt really need to know how to find anything else, but he still brought you down to the training room. Alec was there, hammering his hands against a punching back, wearing nothing more than sweatpants. You were embarrassed to admit the minute or two it took you to pay attention, Max releasing your hand and running upto his older brother with a childlike squel was enough to reign your wandering thoughts back to the task at hand. Concealing a growing pink tinge that you could feel rising up your cheeks. He either didnt notice, or he was nice enough not to mention it. Max told his brother about what he had learned so far and Alec asked a few questions about your life back in Idris. That was the only real conversation you’d had with Alec, he was polite in passing, nodding at you if you passed him in the hallway but that was the extent of your interaction.

Thats why the current situation was so odd.

Max had asked you if instead of eating in your room tonight, as you had been doing, that you’d come and eat with him and his siblings. You’d agreed of course, it would have been rude not too, and you couldnt refuse that cute face when he smiled up at you so sweetly. But Max and Izzy werent in the room for very long, you could tell from the glances Max was casting to his sister that they were upto something, from the look Alec was giving them both, he too was suspicious. After barely even looking at their plates for more than a minute they both excused themselves. Leaving you there alone, with Alec. The silence was suffocating, but thankfully it didnt take him long to break it.

“Has Max been behaving?” he asked without looking up from his plate, piercing another shell of pasta onto his fork.

“You could say that.” you answered back, not looking to get your young student into any trouble with his older brother. The smile that crossed Alec’s usually blank features was one that was infectious, it only seemed to appear when Max was around or mentioned. The conversation continued on, Alec asking questions about Max and how you were finding New York so far. His line of questioning was soon cut short when he sighed and turned to face the door.

“Max, i know you’re there.” he said loudly, your attention was pulled towards the door as it slowly opened and Max stood there looking caught out. “Was Izzy in on this with you?” he asked as max walked upto the table and stood beside Alec. You watched the exchange with a frown, not following the conversation anymore.

“Maybe.” Max answered with a small shrug.

“It wasn’t very well planned.” Alec stood up from the table and took his now empty plate over to one of the countertops, placing it down genlty before turning the tap on to fill the sink.

“It was!” Max argued “It worked didnt it, you were talking!”

“What?” you asked, you could feel the confused look set in.

“This..” Alec moved his hand between the both of you “was a set up.”

“It was?” you turned to look at Max, trying your best to keep your expression firm, with one eyebrow raised.

“Well” Max sighed and walked around to you, almost looking apologetic. “Alec wouldnt ask you out on a proper date, he’s shy.”

“Your brother doesnt want to ask me out on a date Max.” the blsuh was back again, and the only thing you wanted to do was retreat back to the comfort of your room.

“He does.” Max nodded “he said you were pretty.”

“Oh god Max, stop talking!” Alec shook his head at the younger Lightwood before telling him to go to his room and get ready for bed. You sat at the table for a few minutes, watching Alec quickly wash up the few dishes that were used. It had gone all quiet again, and you decided to leave before it got anymore awkward. You’d just reached the door when Alec suddenly wrapped his hand tightly around your wrist, holding you back for a moment before letting go. “About that date…” he trailed off, running a hand through his dark hair, obviously uncomfortable.

“Sure” you smiled up at him before continuing to head back towards your bedroom, that smile didnt move the rest of the night.