didnt turn out very well but


— In “Rise and Shine”, Mei wakes up years after being cryogenically frozen to find that Overwatch has been disbanded, the world is very different than the one she knows, and that she is the last surviving scientist at Ecopoint: Antarctica. With limited resources and time, Mei must use science to figure out a way to get help.

honestly lately i’ve been wondering if i really liked season 1 as much as i did–season 2 has just been so bad overall, with a few shining moments but overrall: tedious

and then we had that scene, with cat and kara.

(and yes i’m still dying at “it just feels like this pain isn’t going to go away” “well, that’s what i said about childbirth” i’ve found a quip that beats should i call your mother a car? no, she can take her broom)

talking about emotions, talking about how kara has been feeling, how one of the reasons she started dating mon-el was because everyone in her life was in a relationship and she wanted that, for the first time all fucking season we got to hear kara, the protagonist’s view, on her relationship and why she was ever in one when she never seemed to like her boyfriend in the first place

and making a very profound moment, about emotion, about vulnerability, going into depth why this can be a strength, with something that isn’t just a cheesy line–this was something that i had to think about after hearing. and the entire time it was about kara, about dealing with pain and loss and for once this season something that i would want young girls to consider, to think about, great advice for anyone getting out of a relationship, especially with someone they maybe dont even really like, but just don’t want to be single, and all delivered so very well by the brilliant calista flockhart

this scene was all about kara. and so very little this season has been about the titular character. sure, cat talked about her own life–but that was to give kara context for what she was experiencing, to know that she wasn’t alone–the exact opposite of the isolation they’ve had kara go through the majority this season, with only monel to turn to even if she didnt really want to.

this scene reminded me of why i would stay awake until 3 am last semester abroad in ireland to watch this show, why i loved it in the first place–all with only a day and a half of filming from calista.

tl;dr calista your husband is a pilot please have him fly to you to filming every other week for a day trip or two we love you and miss you and melissa probably misses you more she got to be a protagonist again for the first time in ages

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Gabe with an S/O that has a daddy kink? Like they're doing something and they casually call him daddy? (he/him if you can)

((A/N - My weakness. I need to work on actually putting it into words though.))

“You’ve been pushing him too hard.”
“He pushes himself.”
“And you stand around and do nothing.”
“What am I supposed to do, Gabe?”
“Cut him some slack, Jack. He’s underneath you in your department.”
“And for good reason. Otherwise you’d be too soft on him.”
“I would not. I’m the Commander of Blackwatch. I can’t be soft.”
“And yet here you are. Favouritism.”

A growl escaped from Gabriel, knowing his old time friend was right.

“Make him relax. I’m sure you’ll know how.”


You shifted around, realising you had fallen asleep on the lumpy couch again. Rubbing your eyes, you sneaked a peak at your watch on your wrist and realised you’d overslept. Throwing the itchy grey blanket off of you, you rushed towards the bathroom to take a quick shower. You tried opening the door to find it was locked. You rapped on the door.

“Gabe? Are you in there? I need to have a shower!”
“Cariño, it’s Saturday.” He replied, voice muffled through the door.

The door clicked open and there stood your boyfriend with just his black tracksuit bottoms on, still drying his face with a white towel but the rest of his body was glistening. You scanned his toned torso, looking up to meet his eyes when he pulled the towel away.

“Go back to bed.” He commanded.
“I was on the couch.” You replied.
“Why?” He demanded.
“Was tired.”
Gabe sighed. “Well go to bed then. It’s stupid o'clock in the morning.”
“Only if you come with me?” You smiled.

You turned around and made your way to the bedroom, glancing over your shoulder to see if he was following you. You pouted and fluttered your eyelashes at him when you saw he was still standing in the doorway to the bathroom, arms crossed and looking at you with one eyebrow raised.

“Go to bed. I’ll join you in a minute.”
You frowned.
“That’s an order.”
“Yes, daddy.” You mumbled under your breath.

You turned around but before you could take even one step, Gabe had called out.

“What did you just say?”

Your eyes widened. You really hoped he hadn’t heard you. It just slipped out. You weren’t supposed to say it. It was just a fantasy you had and well, you’d accidentally said it. You heard footsteps and then felt a grip on your arm and a breath by your ear.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” He snarled.

Your breath hitched. How you were going to get out of this you honestly had no idea.

“Nothing. I didnt say anything.” You whispered.

His grip around your arm tightened, now pulling it behind your back. The movement made you bend forwards slightly to put you in a very compromising position.

“I’m trained to get information out of my prey.”

Your eyes fluttered closed. You loved when he turned like this, but hated how much it turned you on. You felt a tightening in the trousers you had fell asleep in, wiggling to try and ease the pressure.

“Tell me.”

“Daddy. I called you daddy.” You managed to sputter out. You felt your cheeks become red hot, bowing your head down trying to hide your face from him.

He suddenly let go so you were able to stand up. He held your shoulders and span you around. You quickly moved your hands to cover your face. Gabe pried your hands away and held your wrists with his left hand. His right hand came under your chin, forcing you to look at him.

“Was that so hard?”

You shook your head as much as he would allow. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, his face totally void of emotion. He pulled you into an embrace.

“That’s papi to you.” Gabe rumbled.


You melted. If it wasn’t for your super soldier of a boyfriend holding you up, you would have crumpled. You felt him chuckle, vibrations echoing throughout his chest.

“Jack did tell me to find a way to make you relax. I think I just found it.”

You gulped. You were in for the long run now.

On today’s episode of “emmy no one cares”

- Virgil used the Logan voice

- Logan is farther back from the camera than usual

- The lighting is bringing out eyes a lot, particularly Virgil and Patton. Virgil’s eyes are often well lit when he gets upset (and in turn usually closer to the camera). Happened with Joan too in “Making Some Changes,” but Virgil just… his eyes are very bright.

- Speaking of eyes: Virgil is avoiding eye contact.

- Pat gets closer to the camera when he’s excited

- Thomas tends toward the right side of the screen, closer to Ro and Pat, but facing Lo and Virge

(Content analysis to come later)

Thoughts on RPDR S9 Drama

Ok I can kinda see how the producers were trying to create drama by casting Eureka vs Trinity, as well as having Nina with her insecurities, a returning queen, and possibly attempting to create a social media queens vs performance queens conflict (for example Valentina, Farrah, Aja vs. Trinity, Alexis, Peppermint). I know the last one didn’t pan out but the queens did talk about it in an extended clip but it fizzled into “We’re all great and there are different ways to be a drag queen" however I think it had potential for a GREAT dramatic storyline if they had played it up more.

 ANYWAYS Eureka had to leave early so they couldn’t develop the Eureka vs Trinity drama anymore, and Trinity doesn’t read people unless it’s deserved and is actually a very nice person, so they couldn’t turn her into the villain, which left them with Nina and Alexis. I’m sure they tried to manipulate drama with Nina which kinda worked, but those fights always ended with “we love you Nina 😘❤️” and nothing really came from it except Shea vs Nina (which was good but still ended with shea supporting Nina so that didn’t work out). Cynthia didnt work out at ALL when it came creating drama bc she’s the nicest person ever as well as being underwhelming so the girls didnt really view her as a threat.

 SO that left the producers to turn to Alexis since all their revenues for drama dried up. I think it was moderately successful as they were able to play up Alexis’ body insecurities in the reading challenge, and manipulating Alexis into lashing out a couple of times since she was slipping in the competition and couldn’t catch up. While it was entertaining it was nowhere NEAR the level of drama that came from season 4 and 5 with Phi Phi and Roxxxy.

Which comes to my MAIN point that the queens are too afraid to say what they really want to each other bc they know that Drag Race isn’t about winning anymore, but rather how you are portrayed on the show and the opportunities you can have with accumulating a successful fanbase. I 100% think this is how Valentina played the season. She NEVER inserted herself in any drama, only focusing on how she was portraying herself and not letting herself get caught up in petty squabbles. THE SOLUTION: CAST MESSY QUEENS WHO DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, and give rpdr a much needed format change to shake the queens up. By now the queens definitely know the formula of the show and how to become a breakout star from it, so they don’t try as hard to win or really even care about the crown since they know they don’t need it to be successful.  

TL;DR: The show has become too formulaic and the queens are trying to win over the audience instead of winning the crown bc they know it’s not necessary to be successful.

From Immortality to Villainy

Everyone knows that Black Hat is a villain and loves to come up with reasons why. Presentation. Glory. Fame. Money. Most forget, though, that Black Hat is probably immortal. Since time has a way of changing things there is the possibility that there could have been a time where Black Hat was more neutral or maybe even good. What if in eras long past Black Hat had friends and people he considered families?

Since time can be cruel and humans are fragile mortals all those humans would be dead. With sentience as we know it how many friends and families could one stand to lose before you become indifferent to people? Before one simply decides that one human is no different from another? At least not different enough to start the cycle of grief all over again. Perhaps there came a point where Black Hat was so indifferent to which humans lived and died that he was willing to profit off it.

On the occasional days where Black Hat can’t stop thinking of a person he cared about he will tell Dr. Flug that he will be out for a few days. After getting to his destination Black Hat walks to a specific place to find a grave. Only he’s painfully reminded that this person died so long ago that the stone that previously marked their grave had slowly evanesced away in the thousands of rain showers that have passed since that time. So in this ordinary place, possibly a beach, or a valley, or a hill, there are flowers. Flowers left to an unmarked grave of an unnamed person who was forgotten in time. A person left to become part of the very ground they were buried in. – Wolf Anon

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why wont the "ironic" dan hate will stop:(

this is a thing i have a long opinion about so get ready lol. i assume youre referring to the reply someone tweeted calling dans posts overrated and stale but that was a funny reply to his instagram coffee post. i personally think its just a joke and that he would find it funny as well - we all know that he enjoys joking around with us. but there is a big part of the ironic hate that really bugs me and i wish people would stop doing it.

a lot of people defend phil when he gets any hate (nothing wrong with that! just adding here for comparison) but when it comes to dan those same people will call his videos annoying, boring, not special etc. and, you know, everyone has opinions on things but those people do it because “oh hes dan, he can take the hate”.

do you ever just stop and admire how flustered he gets when someone compliments him? its so adorable, he gets all giggly and blushes and lately you can see that even more. its okay to joke with things like this coffee post (needless to say that it has its own limits as well) but when those jokes start to turn into general rudeness thats when it crosses the line. 

i remember when he talked about making a really important video earlier this year. everyone got really excited but instead of that video he uploaded another episode of the internet support group. now some people just said “oh well he just didnt feel like uploading that video anymore, i respect that” but others freaked out soo much! they started to complain (and that complaining went over the kind critical opinion line) but they did it all because “he can take it”. if i was him, i would have felt very insecure and self conscious. (a little tangent here - i feel like something people often forget is that in the end, we are their audience. we are not their friends or family and we dont have the right to know certain things they decide to keep private. we also dont have the right to directly control what they put on youtube - its their channels anyway)

in conclusion, joking is fine on certain things but when youre straight up insulting him under the excuse of “he doesnt care, he can manage it”, it just isnt okay. yes, he has been on the internet long enough to know he is gonna get hate one way or another, but its so easy to just be kind! especially when we know how much thinking and effort goes into his content.

rachel elizabeth dare is so chill and badass, though, like:

• she literally had a random guy accidentally almost stab her with a sword, and then she had to register the fact that this random guy had a sword, and all she did was get mildly offended and asked for his name….. like one moment before her life was as usual, and then BAM percy gotta-go

• was hastily half-introduced into the demigod world through percy and somehow didnt collapse from the slightly overwhelming exposition dump, and then was told she had to lead these obviously-tougher-than-her demigods through their scary af labyrinth and ACCEPTED THIS PLEA AND DIDNT TURN BACK SCREAMING WHEN SHE FOUND THE ENTRANCE

• had scary dreams about scary stuff that she didnt understand and was probably 80% lowkey freaked out most of the time, probably thought she was messed up inside, probably had a lotta Issues as well since she obv couldnt confide in her parents, the whole shebang,


• found out she was destined to be this oracle thing which seemed like a 50-50 life or death decision to make, but went for it anyway bc Gut Instinct

• she just kinda had to adapt asap and not have too many breakdowns in the process because of all the weird shit that was happening to her in real time all at once

i mean, she literally didnt have time to mull it all over and think at all, really, although she did already have her suspicions. she trusted her visions and percy and hersELF so much to the point that it was pretty plot-convenient, and didn’t get pissed at annabeth’s not-so-nice remarks, NEARLY ALMOST DIED BECOMING THE ORACLE LIKE HOW RIDICULOUSLY BRAVE AND AWESOME AND BADASS IS THIS GIRL FIGHT ME

honestly she’s such a good person and such a cool character ??? like whoever decided to label her as the Rival in the love triangle (oh god even thinking these two words makes me want to hurl a little) obviously didnt Get It, like ???

NCT Dream reating to you being able to dance

A/N: i honestly can not stand still so i am always moving and dancing💃🏼 it will be mostly hip hop but a little bit of ballet👨🏿‍🍳 +those are not my gifs👇🏽


OK so let’s say it’s still fairly early in the relationship, and on one of his free days which he doesn’t get very many of he invites you over to the dorm for a movie marathon with pizza and candy and maybe cuddles? and defiantly no hyungs+haechan. it would break you heart but you would have to turn him down because today is the day of your ballet recital. he would probably freak bc wtf you can dance¿ you would probably hit him with “yea didnt i tell you? :/” knowing damn well you didnt tell him. as it turn out you vvv insecure about your dancing and plus you didnt want mark to see you in a tutu :’). BUT NOW THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG and he would blow you up with questions like “where is it?” “when is it?” “how much is it?” “what should i wear?” “im on my way?” and now your freaking out bc markflippinleeiscomingtoseeyoudance and now you are dying ya see bc mark makes you vvv nervous and you need to do well bc your mom is paying a lot of money for you to do ballet and you dont want to embarrass yourself in front of your bae. but none of that matters because after everything is said and done mark finds you back stage and looks at you like your jesus and just walked on water. he would give you so much praise and tell you how amazing and talented and beautiful you are + he would show you all the pictures he took of you on stage. he would also probably send a video of you to the other members with a caption like “thats my bae😍😭🤧🤤” which would result in donghyuck teasing you about your tutu forever:’)


So donghyuck is probably one of those really annoying bfs who is always up you ass, saying things like “aren’t i so cute?” and “i bet your last boyfriend want as attractive as me” so one day when you went to watch him practice he would pull you over to one of the wall sized mirrors and say some barnyard baloney like “You know what I see? I see someone full of talent and beauty and youth with a very bright future” this would cause you to blush, but stop when he opened his mouth again. “Oh look your here too!” You would push him away for being a crazy fool. Still looking at yourself in the mirror you would try to recreate some of the dance moves you saw watching your boyfriend practice. You watch him so often you could probably take his place in ‘first and last.’ he would watch you watch yourself in the mirror and just sit there. you can barley walk in a straight line so he would be pretty shocked when he saw you dace,,, well. he would most likely walk up to you like “your good.. but im better.” he would then go back to practice but little do you know he would go back to the dorm bragging to his hyungs about how amazing his girlfriend is, you would be in the dark about how much he praises you untill mark texts you saying
“im going to kill hc… fr this time”
“he wont shut up about how 'talented’ and 'beautiful’ you are, he even said 'she has more visuals then all of you combined and could probably out dance every one of you’”
this would cause you to laugh and then next time you see him say something like “so you think im beautiful, talented, and a better dancer than all of your hyungs?” he would probably turn really red and burry his head in your shoulder whining about how he hates it when you tease him. omfg hc makes me soft :“)


okay so how about this, you and jeno have been buddies since forever and he wont shut up about how tired he is since he picked up and extra dance class and how its painfully awkward because he doesn’t know anyone in that room. so you being the best friend you can be offer to take the class with him, when you bring it up he laughs, hard and tells you that you shouldnt bc everyone one there is "really talented” and he “doesn’t think you can handle it”. which kinda pisses you off, you almost drop the idea but then your remember that next time he throws a fit your gonna be the one to listen to him piss&moan so you torment your mom into paying your way for the dance class, which happens to be rlly expensive he is lucky you love him. long story short when you showed up to class he was vv shocked and told you that you should go home, what you dont know is he is worried that you might get hurt or embarrassed or even lose sleep because of the class bc ya know, you make jeno soft :“”). buttt you have a point to prove and ignore his words. cutting to the chase jeno is caught off guard when you are able to keep up with the instructor and dance well. bc he was so sidetracked by you he would most likely get scolded by the instructor which would cause you to laugh and him to turn very red.


i would think any relationship with renjun would be pretty relaxed and chill, he would probably like a small girl, not super small but smaller than him bc rip his tiny boy ego. maybe small enough to be a flyer? since you were young youve done gymnastics and renjun knows this. there is only like 2 gyms in the area so when you are doing your flips someone comes up and asks if youve every considered cheerleading, bc your good at tumbling and probably small enough to be a flyer. pondering this you decide to try out for your high school cheer team and it turns out the guy from the gym is also the captain of the team so when he saw you at tryouts he was happy he saved a spot in hopes you would show up. excited that you are apart of a cheer squad you drag renjun whenever you can to all your practices, since there is a lot of dancing in cheer and you dont spend the entire time in the air and flipping he is impressed to see your moves, i could also see him taking you to sm so you can use one of the studios to practice.


ok so like what if you and chenle were just chilling in class and school was getting ready to start but you were standing by his desk just messing around and like someone in the back, some random kid is playing dip dip by 21 savage which just so happens to be your song. so like you absent mindedly start to move around. you are in the middle of telling a him some story about you calling your mom by her first name and as he is laughing at your words and watching you move around and randomly you drop and reverse. he cuts you off screaming like the dolphin he is. “OH MY GAWHD THAT WAS COOL” and “DO THAT AGAINNN” laughing at his reaction you milly rock and reverse which causes his screams to increase x2000 decibels. and ever since then he would randomly turn to you and ask you to reverse, like at lunch, on the way home, at the arcade, in study hall, and in the middle of panera bread. he would probably tag you in musically videos saying sum like “can you do this😱” and if you say yea then next time he sees you irl he would beg you to do it for him, or if he was away from you he would ft/skype you so you could show him or ask you send a video as proof and you better believe if you send him a video he will send it to everyone and post it everywhere says things like “omg, she is soooo goooodddddd😻🤤🤗” and then ten would probably leave some comment like “i be i can reverse better😉”


i feel like as jisung gets older he gets cockier so he probably like to try and show off to you and dance for you. he would probably ask mark (and not hc bc he dosnt want teased) to teach him the dance to cherry bomb so he can dance for you i bet my house he already knows the dance but whatever, maybe he asks mark to help him perfect it. he would practice for days before inviting you to the studio to show you how good of a dancer he is even though you already know. but unknown to him is the fact that nct 127 is your religion and cherry bomb is your favorite hyme so the video is sacred ground. and when he says he wants to show you him dancing to cb you are through the roof bc ur boyfie wants to dance to a song choreographed by jesus himself or maybe the devil. he is about half way through the dance when he dose something backwards which is WEiRD bc he is such and good dancer and he practiced so hard, you must make him nervous🤧 anyway you just sit quietly and let him finished the dance. when he is done he excitedly asks you what you thought, “it was good” you answer stiffly remembering his little mistake. your lack of enthusiasm throws him off and causes him to question what you really thought “well i just noticed you did this instead of this” you said demonstrated what he did wrong and what he should’ve done. jisung is flabbergasted bc, 1.) how did he manage to mess that up? 2.) you looked really good doing that 3.) how on earth did you catch that?

so rach and chloe are gonna run away together in ep 2 and realise theyre not ready for that sort of independence/responsibility yet and come back to arcadia bay, rachel’s dad’s already been speakin to the police/principal wells as we can see at the end of ep1 bc he thinks she’s gone missing but Nope just turns out running away is a Rachel Amber Thing To Do – possibly giving more context as to why people thought she just simply ran away in 2013 ..? why her investigation didn’t go far? why chloe said rachel’s parents were in denial about something having happened to rachel?

hisoka will kill leorio

Up until now, Hisoka’s role in Hunter has been pretty ambiguous - Being some kind of mentor to Gon more often than not. Knowing about the limitations Gon imposed on himself in order to defeat Neferpitou , how could it not be tempting for Hisoka to push Gon over the edge - giving Gon the highest possible level of resolve, making him into the perfect opponent? I mean in the scene with illumis conversation with killua

he was thinking about who to kill to get a bonus out of it first he said if alluka doesnt die but illumi does and he’s not hated by killua thene even if gon comes back he wont get any bonus so he thought that killing alluka and making killua hate him and killing killua to get illumi to hate him might be the best choice of action so he would have no problem killing someone to get 

a person to hate him and getting himself a bonus in their fight  and inspring someone to get stronger so why wouldnt he do that to gon kill someone gon cares about in order to get gon to hate him especially since he knows about what happened Neferpitou  and killing leorio would givve gon a reason to get stronger

and leorio and gon have a close relationship which has been shown to the hunters and hisoka would know about that and have seen that 

plus  its well known that leorio punched ging in the face because he didnt want to go visit gon

 . heck there is a theory that part of the reason why hisoka is killing members of the phantom troupe in order to give chrollo a reason  to get stronger 

he is killing to get excitement and inticipation “. He is ecstatic that Chrollo could turn out to be better than he could ever imagine. This is actually very important and more complex than it first appears, for as a chronic manipulator Hisoka prides himself as a master in reading people, and as one can deduce from past events, rated the spider organization as a whole as beneath The Zodiacs (think: why didn’t he pursue anyone else in the spider after Chrollo has been disabled and instead turned his attention to the Zodiacs in the election arc?) excluding Chrollo (and maybe Machi).This view could stem from two reasons: first, as an egotist himself, he feels that the family/friendly dynamics of the Spider makes for weak individuals. Some members of the Spider are relatively weak if working solo, reliance on backup and complementary powers makes them inflexible when someone gets the drop on them (this is proven with Machi’s quick defeat along with Shalnark and Kortopi’s quick demise), and thus uninteresting as opponents for duels; second, the Spider as a whole lacks something that almost all strong people in this world have in common “want”, and the will to achieve them in “life”, although seemingly hedonistic, their core belief was still derivative of their Meteor City origin, while they expanded their ideology from being “pariahs” who only retaliate to “bandits” who take what they can from others. Their will is still reactive rather than a primary urge to “want” (they want what was taken from them, rather than what they don’t have), evidence being that they usually steal things on a whim and then get bored with them soon later, and that everyone, including the leadership, place no value on their very lives and were ready to die anytime without regret.They as a group have gotten so far on resentments of those outsider their group and massive talents of their leadership and members, but they will always be at a disadvantage when fighting someone with pure intent like a true Hunter like Ging (the first rule of being a pro Hunter is that a Hunter must “Hunt” something) or Hisoka himself (anyone who read Steel Ball Run will know this as the concept of “dark will”). Chrollo, by all intents and purposes, should fit in to the mold of this lesser tier, so it makes sense for Hisoka’s early interest in fighting him as he believed back then Chrollo is already the strongest he can be due to him having seemingly no drive to get stronger. However, after fighting and losing to Chrollo’s new and improved abilities first hand, something clicked in Hisoka’s mind. He would simply have to force a reason out of Chrollo to make him give the fight of a lifetime, by pressing his berserk button through killing his true companions. Being the father to his men he is, Chrollo will advance his abilities beyond Hisoka’s wildest dreams, with the bonus that every time one is dead the next one will advance accordingly in power due to hatred stacking.”

and learning about what got gon to make te  condiiton the death of someone he admired he would want to get gon to hate him  by killing someone gon loves and it wouldnt be killua because he sees potential in killua to give him a good fight so he would want to save killua for later to give him a good fight.

so the best option is leorio given that hisoka would know about leorio and gons relationship from the scenes in the pic above and that ging doesnt realy care about gon ( so  Idoubt he would go after ging like how he wouldnt go after illumi to get killua angry ) so leorio would be the best option to hisoka 

and leorio is currently in the lower decks and if he is attacked word will not be able to get out to the upper depths and hisoka said that he will not let his target know 

plus gon has never experienced proper loss before so its only fiting that someone who is close to him dies so he can experience loss

and leorio is the best option since he is the only one of the main characters who doesnt have an arc currently 


Finally back from my business trip yeaaaaaah !

My friends i was gone for more then three days (four together, heh) in Switzerland taking care of a very annoying company problem with some machines with a colleague. During this trip i was unable to really sleep, rest, or even draw (after a 11 hours long shift, when you are cutting metal, you are happy you can walk let alone draw). So i was able to do mostly only a few sketches and a few sites of story too Hextale.

With this announcement, also cames a few good news for the near future considering projects and comics.

1. Knight vs Charalgamate - made my beloved @xxmileikaivanaxx and me

- We have been talking about this possible meeting for some time now, and its finally happening, i am super excited for this, for it will show you another tale of my undertale OC of “The Knight”, other then that i am more then proud too announce that the beloved character of Charalgamate from Nightmaretale will be more then present in this collab filled with madness and carnage !

- With everything planned, it will be a most interesting project that i look up too with big expectiations !

2. Start of Hextale - made by me

- Hextale will start somewhere during the start of Autumn, i know i have been very secretive and quiet about this project as off late, but i didnt wish too start working on this project, until i had everything written. Which was the history of the world (Monster War, Monster x Human history, important events in the world like Gaster, Chara and Asriel, fall of Frisk and so on) and on that note, i can proudly say i am done ! 

- At this point Hextale is already getting its own rough story, that i wish too follow and then slowly expand upon, not going for the “keeping up to every point” style of approach and im hoping it will turn out very well !

- All of the main characters are done with a complete design overwork + the side characters for the main story have finally been done as well. Examples can be found in such characters as “King of Men, First bearer of Determination”, “King of the Highlanders, Theodor the Immortal” or the “Six Fangs, the ancient dragons”

- another thing is that the written story of “Hextale - Blood and Bones” is already in the making and i would like to give the next part in the near future, if some of you still havent seen it, please i would be very thankfull if you took a look and judged the initial work here

3. Step by Step - made by @keru-the-green and me

- As off this point, its a wonderfully going project that i am doing with Keru, but as of this point, my dear friend has to do his part, we are still working on Arc number 1, but as for me i would like to let our fantasy and our wish expand and take you on the whole journey of our two personas

- Cant say much for any kind of story drive, for we have none, we are just trying to make a freaking awesome story :D

4. RP Answers with the Knight

- As off now i am RPing through drawings with the very talented @eclipticart like god damnit, go check her out right now !
- Written RP´s that i havent really recalled yeat (IMMA SO SORRY, PRAISING THE SUN SO HARD FOR FORGIVENESS) is with @scartale-an-undertale-au
- Wil maybe again open up the Ask-Box too allow some asks for the knight…maaaaaaybe, probably…definitevly….GOD DAMNIT !  :D

As for me personally, i will try to get back too work on art as soon as i can. While ill be looking for a new job, for the old one showed me really its “bad side” and i no longer wish to work for my current company.

Also i got enough iron bits in my right arm at this point (still pulling some buggers out) and all i can think off is too rest and enjoy moments of peace. I sadly cannot judge how it will affect my art for the future, but since i tried to sketch Hextale even in Switzerland, i think you guys dont need to worry of me stopping doing art xD

So i quess thats it for this update, announcmenet whatever thing.

OH YEAH ! Im not doing this too often but i wanted to give a BIG FREAKING SHOUT-OUT to this guy on internet called “Gildedguy” who is simply a master of animation ! Here is the link !

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Something that popped up in my head: a character doesnt feel so well, so they go to bed early. During the night, it turns out their house is getting robbed, and they get (injured or not) tied to a chair. Someone else checks up on them the next morning (maybe because they didnt go to college/work/breakfast date) and they find the sickie still tied, and very sick by the lack of medicine. They quickly tend to the sickie, including waking them ip from the traumatic fevered nightmares that follow.

hOLY HELL this is so creative!!! Pile on the whump!!

The other way around... part 5.... (kind of?)

Sorry for my late update…. so many things to catch up lately. Well hope you like this!

This is not going to get dark, sorry bout that one, and sorry for short update.(Maybe a hint for my next work, after I finish this story) annnnndd my english sucks. Sorry for the messy set up. My writer’s block hasnt passed yet

Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy
Fell! Palette belongs to @angexci (it’s not letting it tag :,( Sorry!!)

3rd Person POV

The boy was standing at someone’s house Hey _____! What’s taking you so long? Said the boy. Well I have a hard time on getting permission. His friend said to him, his face formed a sad smile. No worries! Since you’re here now we can go on an adventure. Hehe. The boy grab his friend hand and started running. They’re having fun playing around, running and catching butterflies. But everything turn black there’s only one figure that can be seen, You traitor!

He suddenly woke up, Ughhh… that dream again. Since when can I sleep peacefully. He thought

Fell! Palette POV

After what (Fell!) Cray said, I didnt give it a secong thought and storm out of the Muffets. Just who does he think he is? He’s not fucking helping. Does he think, I don’t know what he’s talking about? I know, I know it very well than anyone. But I can’t, I can’t go back. My phone was ringing , who the hell will call me up this late? I answered the phone without looking it. “Hello? Who the fuck are you and why th-” he cut what I’m about to say “H-hey i-its G-Goth” he said. I was suprised, I looked into the phone and it was him “Ohh Hey Goth sorry for abouting at you” I said “Ah n-no I sh-should be the o-one to apolog-gise. Sorry for disturbing you” he said sincerely. Hehe, why do I feel relaxed when I’m with him? I smiled on what he said “By the way, why are you calling me?” I asked “Ahhh w-well I th-thought…. we-well I-I’m…. I-I just w-wanna h-hear i-if y-you know umm… if you’re doing fine.” He said stuttering. I know that’s not what he wanted to say but I just go with it. “Hmm of course honey. I’m okay, but its still lonely without you here” I said seductively. “Wa-wah! Umm…. H-hey lo-lo-look a-a-at th-the ti-ti-time, w-well i-i-its t-time t-to g-g-go to bed. Goodnight!” He said and hung up. Hehe, he’s so cute when he stutter. I foun a couch and I immediately lay down “Maybe, mavbe I can learn, maybe I can learn again.” I said to myself and I closed my eyes

Fell! Goth POV

“Ughhh” I have a fever now because of the fight last night. Sometimes when I get angry, like really angry, the next day will be hell for me because of this, weird right? This is why I hate to get angry. My phone was vibrating, and when I looked at it. It’s Palette. “Ohh hey Palette, sorry I can’t go today” I said to him. “Hmmm? Why? Are you alright?” Palette said, I can’t help but to smile, why can’t I control this feelings?! “Goth? Are you there?” I came back to reality when he speak again. “Ahh! Yeah! I’m here” I said to him, “Why can’t you go today is it about last night?” He said with a worried voice. I was shocked when he said that, “Huh? No! No, I just have a fever” I said to him to ease up his worry. “Oh! Okay. Well, go have some rest. Bye!” He said with a cheerful voice. Wait…. That’s it?!

dating nct doyoung!1!!2!1!

• he sometimes just loses himself and just stares at you and admires your beauty
• but when you look at him and you’re like “hm? something wrong?”
• he’s like “hA. nO. u KLUTZ. A PIECE OF UR HAIR ISN’T TIED UP IN UR PONYTAIL. here let me help u. ha. haa.”
• you guys take really awkward selfies it’s just, so cute. it’s the cutest. everyone loves them.
• “IF YOU GUYS DON’T FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW- i wont babysit your child when y'all get married and have kids, so, keep being cute. ill be the best goddamn uncle ever. your kids are gonna be super cute with huge ass eyes” - taeyong…and probably yuta.
• kissing doyoung is always so quick and rushed bc doyoung gets flustered easily
• but when it isn’t rushed and when he’s got the whole “what do i have to lose?” or the “i love this girl so much” attitude, he’s super passionate and tender and sweet and gentle and ugh it makes you melt
• he once made you cry, like, a lot, once.
• not gonna go into extreme details but it involved him being stubborn and being too stubborn to apologize to you.
• that is until he found you in the practice room crying your poor little heart out.
• he gave you a super sweet hug and hugged you really tight and when you calmed down, he cupped your cheeks and kissed you super softly and said small “sorry"s in between kisses and you forgave him bc, how can you not.
• “let’s never fight again”
• “yeah. agreed.”
• but the next week y'all fought over green m&m’s so it’s like ???? but y'all still cute.
• “are u cold?”
• “no, well, maybe, im kinda numb”
• it was snowing and y'all started dating a few months ago but training and everything got in the way so y'all just got some time alone and decided to sit out on a bench, in the snow, in below freezing temperature, very smart.
• doyoung wanted to be cool and give you his coat or something but HE WAS COLD TOO. LIKE. SO COLD.
• so he just, used the next best thing
• he kissed you really awkwardly, like, he didnt even, move his body he just turned his head, but his lips were super soft but FREEZING COLD and you went all red and started burning up and freaking out, so in the moment, you forgot that in order to kiss someone, you gotta kiss them back.
• so doyoung really quickly disconnected from your lips and was like “IM- SO SORRY”
• and you were like “OH MY GOD NO I LIKED IT”
• and he was like “wait you did?”
• and you nodded
• and doyoung started smiling and laughing a lot and was like “then, uh, can i try again?”
• and you were like “OF COURSE”
• “are u gonna kiss back this time or-”
• he talks too much, so you just kissed him first and cut him off and his hands naturally wrapped around your waist and it was a really ejdjfjfk experience.
• his lock screen was a picture of himself. bc he didn’t want anyone to tease him for having you as his lock screen.
• SOOOO, you were his home screen :“)
• but johnny was like "dude you can’t do that you gotta embrace your bae”
• so his lock screen changed to a really awkward pic you two took together, but you looked good in it so he didn’t care or notice how awkward he looked.
• ohhhh but the other members did and they wouldn’t let the boy live his life in peace after that.
• but he was happy that you were now on both his lock screen and home screen.
• “who’s ur favorite nct member”
• “isn’t it obvious- it’s jaehyun”
• you tease doyoung a lot like
• he’d do something stupid like, put popsicles in the microwave instead of the fridge bc he was zoning out and you’d be like
• “this is why 부릉부릉 (booroong booroong?? idk the american name lol) was a failure.”
• you ask him to sing for you a lot and he’s always singing so he’s like “k.”
• his voice is so soothing that it helps you go to sleep.
• anOther. cuTE. stoRY.
• one time you woke up from this really scary nightmare and you were sweating and panting and you were about to cry
• doyoung woke up like “hoLY- WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OK”
• and you just hugged him super tight and asked him to sing for you
• and that’s exactly what he did, he hugged you back, layed back in bed, and sang for you.
• walks in the park
• it took him literally the longest time for him to get comfortable holding your hand
• it took donghyuck/haechan dressing up as a girl and pretending to be you
• donghyuck dressing up as a girl, pretending to be you, pressuring him to hold his hand, and all the members pressuring him, has traumatized him greatly.
• but now he loves holding your hand but, he doesn’t do it often, bc he’s still kind of shy
• kissing in public? lol who dis
• doyoung may not kiss you in the general public, but he does kiss you in front of the members, but they’re not, hardcore make out sessions, just cute, soft ones that are longer than 3 seconds.
• the members find it disgusting bc no one is a fan of pda that’s not coming from themselves and their s/o so they’re always like “GET A ROOM PLEASE Y'ALL GROSS”
• doyoung gets jealous but he doesn’t get too possessive or protective. he doesn’t become a mom, or make you feel uncomfortable.
• he very often feels insecure about you finding someone better and someone who’ll love you more than him, and when he feels like that, he becomes a little more affectionate.
• he’d all of the sudden start kissing your neck and you’d be like “why are you suddenly so affectionate?”
• “because i love you, um, duh?”
• doyoung tells you everything
• like, everything like
• “i’m so sorry but i drank your sprite.”
• he gives you all the details about everything when you ask him
• he loves talking and you love listening to him
• you guys have the funniest/deepest convos after 12 am
• sometimes you guys are so tired that you’re talking about why mice are attracted to the scent cheese
• and sometimes you guys get so deep that you feel like you guys figured out the secrets of the illuminati.
• you video chat doyoung a lot and he doesn’t want to be disturbed so he always goes into a quiet room, and if there isn’t a quiet room, he goes into the closet, or the bathroom
• doyoung sends the longest text messages, or the most confusing text messages, there’s no in between.
• it’s either “yes, i know but what if it’s not like that and it’s like this, like i said a thousand times before? ok look-” and continuing, or “mhm, yup.”
• you send him pictures of him that you find online, with heart emojis and he gets super flustered and gets into a good mood for the whole day
• one time you said, as a joke, that you liked rappers more than vocals.
• he stayed up all night learning how to rap.
• he got a kiss from you when he told you what he did and you were like “aw sweet baby u really care about me ily”
• it’s kind of like, when you’re both super happy, when one of you are super happy, when you’re both super in love, when one of you are super in love w the other, or the morning when y'all get up after sexy time ;“)))
• sexy time w doyoung is super loud
• and he wraps his hands around your wrist or, anywhere and everywhere.
• he loves it when you take over and you’re dominant. you guys take turns but he likes it more when you’re in control.
• you hang out w jaemin, jisung, and jeno bc THEY CUTE.
• doyoungs like "no don’t do that they’re all rude children, except jisung and jeno.”
• yuta is very supportive of you two, but he’s always like “SAFE SEX. DON’T GET PREGGOS. HAHAHAHA”
• “yuta stop” -hansol
• you wear doyoungs sweaters a lot and they’re all soft and big
• doyoung likes to hug you/cuddle when you’re wearing his sweaters bc you look so cute
• “doyoung ur skin is so ni c e”
• you touch his skin a lot like, his hands, his cheeks, they’re so soft and nice and smooth and, how.
• you guys laugh a lot at really stupid things that only the two of you would find entertaining
• “YOU REALLY DO LOOK LIKE A BUNNY” is the first actual thing you said to doyoung besides simple “hello"s and "how are you?"s before the two of you started dating.
• he fell in love with your laugh and your sarcasm and your kind little heart, and your confidence to yell at him saying that he really looks like a bunny before you two became close.
• oh yeah you’re both really sarcastic towards other people but really genuine towards each other.