didnt turn out very well but

This is a fan comic I made for @homebeccer ‘s Yuri!!! on Ice AU called Hana!!! on Ice; I strongly recommend you check it out, it’s really cute!

Hana is winning her first gold medal here, and Yuri is reminding Victor of a bet that they made. They made a deal that if Hana won gold Victor would shave off his mustache (which is very distinguished).

I apologize for any inconsistencies in drawing or character, this is my first comic!

signs from gemini's point of view
  • Aries: i dont know many but you all seem kind of cold. can be really fun tho and good at sports
  • Gemini: ayeee
  • Cancer: your music taste is the eXACT SAME AS MINE. also you have cool eyes
  • Leo: i've been in love with two of you and it didnt turn out well but you're very confident and not afraid to say what you think, VERY LOUD.
  • Virgo: i only know one virgo and you guys seem very smart but also quite annoying
  • Libra: i hate you but i love you
  • Scorpio: usually smell good but wtf you guys are so mean sometimes, very smart
  • Sagittarius: fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy
  • Capricorn: you guys are cool at first but what the actual fuck you guys become weird af sometimes
  • Aquarius: WE THINK THE EXACT SAME THING, you're different from everyone and smart af
  • Pisces: kind of a show off, very talented, kind of aggressive sometimes but its cute