didnt turn out as intended


I wrote this today and yesterday. Does it count for both days? (it does now). Anyway, this is a question/fic idea that i’ve seen circling the fandom since the first book was out. Here’s my take on how it would play out. (Sorry for secondhand embarrassment ahead of time)

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the first thing you should know is
not every princess gets a fairytale

here we are, the girl in the tower
and the hero in the sunlight
waiting for forever to come

here we are, golden hair and
apples and waiting, waiting,
waiting till the sky falls

here you are, emblazoned
in the aftermath of victory,
a story scattered in the stars

here i am, at the tower window,
thinking, where there are gods
there are monsters
, and you and i
are we the heroes?
are we the gods?

you see, heroes bleed
not gold, not silver, not victory
but blood as red as dreams

the stars won’t die for you
we’re supernovas and yet
not even we can stop the world

—  musings from an ivory tower | commission a poem

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“Shocking No Breathing!”

@huxloween Day 5 - Halloween Fashion. A Modern AU but Kylo is an actual Real Witch™

Hux: You should be the familiar, you’d look better with the ears.

Kylo: But I AM a witch.

Hux, unimpressed and very used to it: Stop that you can’t do magic at the party just because it’s Halloween.

Kylo: Shut up, they’ll think it’s fake, this is a rare time for me to be myself!

Do you know how annoying it is to drive from Los Angeles to Orlando? It’s not so much long or too lengthy as it is boring and the people do not know how to drive so I’m a little later than I’d expected to be here. And I missed my morning smoothie. Anyway, LV is in the building and I’m a lot prettier than Louis Vuitton but don’t say you heard that from me.