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What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true

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asking as a random fan, who is this mysterious "player one"

Everything about him was just so wonderful!!! 💕 I’ve known him for the longest time - since the start of grade school, was it?- and he’s the coolest dude I know!

In my opinion, he was charming in everything he did, even if it was something dumb or silly. I saw so many great things about him that others - not even my Player One, himself- had never realized.

He didn’t smile as often, but when he did, I felt like my heart was on fire! When he was happy, so was I! We went through everything together and he always had my back– until…

He was… the most important person in my life… So, yeah- I guess you could say that we were pretty close.

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kk lmfao i posted two of them already but here are more haha

Free People jumpsuit

ZARA tunic + Steve Madden platforms

ZARA sweater+ brandy melville skirt+Stuart Weitzman heels

Anthropologie pants + Steve Madden platforms (and random tube top)

H&M dress + Stuart Weitzman heels

H&M denim jacket + brandy melville skirt & halter top + Stuart Weitzman heels

J.Crew clunky shades

and here’s a picture of taylor so you know what i smell like lmfao AKA the perfume i got lmfaoooo




twinleaf ! 6E00-0026-FF82 ✨
by @redbeanjean 🌸🌸

v pink, v sleepy, v dreamy!!! twinleaf has such a beautiful layout and it’s so easy to just follow the paths, wander around and get lost in the cherry blossom trees 💦 jean did NOT force me to visit this. promise. *blinks twice*