didnt take this pic

“You bought these… for me… as a gift? Thank you, Eve…”
I’m sure… you want some too, so… we can share.”

@totallydiabolik [hey there, I really like what you do with your plushies  (〃∇〃)]

i knew bts were tweeting old pics to pretend they didnt dye their hair [takes long drag from cigarette] ive been in this game for too long to be fooled anymore


i only was out of my house for two hours today but i couldn’t let my makeup go to waste


Here they are!! They’re so cute!
The one on the top with pink hair is baby moondancer! And that speckled butt pony but I forgot here name!
And I can’t tell you the names of the other two but the one with neon green hair is surprise! (My little sister said she was pinky pie because of the cutie mark and she was sorta right!!)


Reshade with like 10% editing because all I did was resize these????