didnt take one with the mask

People think fencing makes me into like this cool suave epic sword fighter but no. Me fencing is more like:

• ow ow my hair is caught in my mask help
• I smell like rust. Or blood.
• I don’t think I can smell sweat anymore
• no I didn’t take a shower I fenced
• dead knees
• more dead knees
• black toenails
• my nose itches but I can’t take off my mask
• is my butt really that unattractive or is it just the knickers
• that person smells nice. Why do they smell nice. We don’t smell nice. They’re weird.
• my majestic weapon isn’t even sharp
• my majestic weapon is bent at a 90 degree angle
• my majestic weapon is broken
• I am the human baked potato
• I only have one pocket why isn’t the other cheek special
• hair stays in place because of sweat
• bruises everywhere
• this lame didnt used to be green
• *crushing on squad mate* some real lannister shit going on here
• why does their butt get to look good
• I didn’t think that would be a stupid move but eff me I was wrong
• chin acne from masks
• my glove is wet ew
• oh someone’s bleeding again
• ooooo nerd drama time
• one thigh is bigger than the other wut
• I did not think counting was so difficult buddy
• no money
• oMg fOoD
• *takes mask off too fast* can someone see where my glasses flew off to this time
• please be the red light
• fuck no I meant green
• fuck it’s red
• yells that make cavemen uncomfortable
• sweat everywhere
• these are the most expensive shoes I own and they are also the smelliest
• obnoxious socks
• does this lame make me look fat
• beginner’s luck or experienced fencer’s stupidity
• death grip handshakes
• dead fish handshakes
• awkward leftie handshake
• that wasn’t even a handshake
• feeling like the Pillsbury dough boy right now
• “engarde.” I have suddenly forgotten everything about fencing.
• is that even legal
• there goes my shoe
• don’t look at the box don’t look at the box
• shit I looked
• Thor is jealous of my thunder thighs
• this jacket is warm and comforting but also wet and disgusting
• I hate fencing
• I love fencing
• it’s okay

Please, feel free to add to this list of fencing awkwardness

aeonthedimensionalgirl  asked:

Quick question Pilot: What inspired you to write "Rainy Days"?? It's one of my favorite fanfiction works and I got really curious after re-reading it.

Rainy Days was my ‘ideal’ reveal scenario when I first watched Miraculous Ladybug. I thought of them just tearing off the masks but that didnt feel right, and I started to wonder what it would take to feel honest to me. Like, what kind of relationship did I think they needed first. It was fall at the time when I wrote it and one of the few times of the year that in California you can have a chance of rain, and I was thinking about maybe writing a story for ML since I had once written a fanfic for FairyTail, and then it started to rain. 

I always get absorbed into the detail of rain, thats why it inspires me so much, the way the heavier drops cling to windows and the patterns they make in their own puddles and the way it changes the smells and forces you to view the world in a separate perspective and also isolates you in your tiny, warm place. It’s always felt like to me that it cuts off my room or my small space underneath the umbrella from everything else with a wall of water, and I started to write about what it would be like for those two characters to suddenly find themselves alone in their company like that

Dating Deadpool/Wade Wilson

-knowing him before he was deadpool

-he suddenly dissapeard for a while 

-you had a not so small crush on wade 

-when he becomes deadpool he doesnt know who to go to so he stays at your place for a while 

-at first he never took his suit or mask off when you were around 

-you eventually gained his trust and you convinced him that you didnt care what he looked like 

-the first time he takes off the mask he keeps his eyes closed because he’s afraid of your reaction so you aimply kiss him on the cheek and he smiles

-literally eating chimichangas for breakfast lunch and dinner 

-it gets to the point where if you even smelled one you felt like throwing up

-helping wade prank the x men 

-also helping him get pay back on francis

-basically being his partner in crime always down for what ever crazy ridiculous plan he has come up with

this really funny thing happened at work the other day and im still not over it okay so this family walks in and i greet them like my usual job but one of the boys was wearing a spiderman mask and so i was like “oh my god spiderman! i didnt know you shopped at hot topic! its really nice to meet you!” and he straight takes his mask off, looks at his mom and super sassily goes “this girl thinks im spiderman, im not spiderman” and walks away and i start D Y I N G because usually kids get excited when compared to a superhero they like but this one was having none of my shit but when they eventually check out and leave i see him again and i go “have a good day spiderman!” and he just huffs and walks out and me and my coworkers were laughing so hard it was ridiculous but theres my funny “this thing happened at work” story

Im the same anon as before~

Ok story time yay!

I have 3 (well, 4) stories to tell, going in chronological order. Im going to preface this by saying that i have dark skin, big lips, a wide nose, and short 4c hair. Im also tall and scrawny lol. My friend who i will be talking about is biracial, light skin freckles, long hair, you know the deal. Ill also say that i don’t listen to kpop really that much. All the people
Mentioned in my story are pretty attractive too. Sorry for the walls of text, im on mobile. Also sorry for any grammar mistakes

My first ambw encounter happened in my freshman year of high school. I had multiple classes with this one particular boy who was Korean. I never really showed any interest in him all throughout the year, but i did notice that he was hilarious. Towards the middle of the year i start to become more attracted to him, and my friend (not the one mentioned above-this one is Chinese) did as well. She would point out his biceps and his tan and idk that made me really find him attractive (he was well built for a freshman, what can i say?).

One day she made it very obvious to him that i found him attractive, and from then i started to notice him acting strangely towards me. He would stare at me, then pretend to look away when I caught him. He would also completely act as if I were invisible when we worked as a group, which made me really confused.

Fast forward to near the end of the year. We were both in Japanese class, learning how to say 欲しいand ~たい sentences (“i want” and “i want to do…”) and i noticed him looking at me really weirdly, like really weird. as an excessive. We played a game called fruits basket. To spare the word count i won’t describe the game but it has a pretty simple concept which involves saying a sentence out loud to a group. We each had four pre-written sentences to use but! He ran out of sentences (looking back on it it probably was intentional) so he had to make up a sentence on the spot. Well, he kind of stood there for awhile, paced around kinda nervously, then stood directly in front of me, like less than a foot away even though he had more that enough space to stand anywhere else. He looks me straight in the eyes and says 彼女は欲しいです. Everyone in my class is just like… “What” because we haven’t learned that vocab before and basically we all suck at Japanese. Im looking back at him straight in the eyeballs cause… Idk I didn’t know where else to look haha his gaze was so intense. I didn’t understand what he said either.

A few awkward moments pass, then my Japanese teacher translates it for us. He said “i want a girlfriend” directly to me! In a class full of people!! I didn’t know what to do because i was so overwhelmed lol. I just looked down (im still mad at myself for doing that) and pretended to not realize, which must have been so embarrassing for him fml

2nd story:

occurs during junior year. My friend (whom i described above) and this Chinese guy hit it off, but really nothing comes of it. Idk why im sharing this, but everyone agreed they would be a cute couple.

3rd story:

also junior year. The Korean guy mentioned above is again in my classes. He still looks at me and stares sometimes, and even his brother (who graduated the year before) would look at me with a weird knowing look lol. I told my friend about my attraction to him (the biracial friend) and she decides to tell the Chinese guy because him and the Korean guy were friends. They talk for a moment, then the Chinese guy yells at me “im sorry! You’re an amazing person!!” Im like, “WTF” cause im all the way down the hallway. my friend comes back and tells me the Korean guy had been in a relationship for over 1.5 years. Im like, okay. I didn’t want to be a homewrecker so i kinda backed off. I learn way later that he was not in a relationship and the dude blatantly lied to me. Im not sure why honestly. Whatever im over it.

Ok last and most important story tbh.

Sophomore year (ok i lied im not going in chronogical order) i meet this junior who draws really well (im an artist myself btw) and he takes notice of my artistic abilities (hes Chinese, but not the same guy as the other stories, ill call him bob). Bob comes up to me one day and goes “wtf you’re a really good artist, teach me your ways” so im like, aight. I really wasnt attracted to bob at the time.

Time goes by and we become pretty good friends. I start taking an interest in bob because of his talent and amazing personality, but he really didnt show any interest in me so i kinda kept it on the down low. Near the end of junior year, though, i find it harder to mask my feelings, so i tell him how I feel. To my surprise, he felt the same way! He asked me to prom, but i couldn’t go, whatever though.

Two weeks later we officially become a couple! It truly is a dream come true yall. I didn’t want to get all mushy but here i am lol. He told me he had a crush on me almost since we first started being friends (he hid his interest really well but looking back on it i do notice a few hints i didn’t notice before) but was afraid of what i would say so he kept it hidden. For all yall girls out there, whatever race you may be and whatever race your love interest may be, tell them you like them! You never know what can happen :)


oshiete yo………..

my wig and eyepatch arrived today! I’m still waiting on my mask + outfit but I just got so excited about the wig and eyepatch that i needed to take some pictures ~