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funny story

so when i was 3 or 4 i was obsessed with plastic beads kits to make your own jewelry. one day i thought it would be fun to stick this huge ass bead in my right nostril. i told my 6 year old sister to do it as well but she just looked at me like i was crazy and walked away. i then got bored and tried to take it out but since i had inserted it in so deeply it wouldn’t come out. so imagine this 3 year old panicking on the floor, crying and wiggling her finger in the nose.my nanny rushed to me and was horrified, she didnt know what to do.as she was searching for her phone to call my dad, she was mumbling and praying and telling me to not to inhale it in.so i was still crying and my nose felt itchy, snot, and tears were all over my face. i sneezed so hard the bead literally flew from my nostril to the floor. my nanny was so relieved that she almost collapsed. after a few minutes my dad came home, freaking out, only to find me playing around as if nothing had happened. he started laughing really hard and he still likes to tell me this story. i have no idea what my 3 year old self was thinking.