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We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger.                   -Insp (x)


“Con Simón hacen una pareja increíble”

The Foxes discover The Floor is Lava Game

so one of the foxes sees the video on their phone and insists that they all have to start doing this which includes:

-dan or nicky usually being the ones to call out “the floor is lava”
-coach threatening to sign them up for a marathon if they don’t stop playing this dumb game (even though he actually enjoys watching them play)
-nicky and allison fighting to the death over the same piece of furniture because they are not getting stuck in the lava!! (there’s another chair right next to the one they’re fighting over but nicky got there first and won’t give up)
-aaron flat out ignoring the game and everyone playing
-aaron finally deciding to play because katelyn is there, but he still stands in the lava while scooping her off the floor
-“but guys we have practice” “oh my god kevin shut up”
-“guys seriously we have to go to practice” “i’m sorry i can’t hear you because you’re being consumed by lava”
-andrew pushing nicky into the lava “by accident”
-neil finds it kinda stupid at first, but he loves how excited all his teammates get when they play so he plays along for their sake
-“andrew you’ve pushed nicky into the lava the past three games that’s not an accident”
-when not battling nicky for the same piece of furniture, allison and renee constantly sharing the same couch to save themselves from the lava as a team

Sasuke Uchiha deserved a hell of a lot better ending than he got

careful, she bites

TBH when you have an irrational fear of aquatic life/ open large bodies of water and yet you love the prince shark boy.

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The Party

Sirius Black x Reader

My heart was beating faster and faster as we walked into the family home of the Blacks. I glanced nervously at the crowd .


I hated these pureblood parties that my parents dragged me to. They were excrutiatingly boring, and so dull. The pureblood families got together every now and then to brag about their riches and accomplishments. Boring stuff. And it was another excuse for parents to find suitable brides and grooms for their children.

My eyes went through the crowd of people, searching for just one face.

Eventhough I shouldnt be doing that.

Its been over a month since I last saw him, and we had had an awful fight  before vacation began. He didnt even write to me. And his silence just drove me mad.

I found myself in the huge dining room. The long table was laid out with lots of food, and people were already sitting around it, talking and eating.

Thats when I saw him.

Sitting at the table, with a bored expression. Leaning back lazily on his chair. He saw me and sat up straight, running his fingers through his silky black hair.

“Y/N ! Come on now !”

My mother’s sudden appearence startled me. I stood staring at her with a hand against my chest.

“What is it, dear ? ” she asked, seeing my expression.

“You scared me, Mum !” I said, as she took my hand and led me towards the table.

Most of the seats were taken, except for one where my mother sat, and two others on either sides of Him.

Sirius Black had that smirk on his face now. He knew I will have to sit next to him.

“Sit !” Mum urged me, as I hesitated.

This is going to be a long night, I thought as I walked up to the empty seat and sat. He looked at me, and I just gave a nod of acknowledgment.

Sirius and I were pretty close. We were very much inseparable. We have been together for 3 years now, and he still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We had quite a nasty fight about a month before school closed for summer. I happened to see a Ravenclaw girl pushing him against a wall like she owned him, and trying to kiss him. I was way beyond jealous, and we got into a fight. I knew it wasnt him who did anything. But I  didnt see him pushing her away either. I was just too heartbroken to reason with anything. And we havent spoken since. He tried while at school. But I didnt give in.

I tried my best, but I just couldnt resist sneaking glances at him. Both of us played with our food. I took ocassional bites to satisfy my mother, who was eyeing me from across the table.

Just as I was about to put the spoon to my mouth, I felt his hand on my knee. I dropped my spoon and it hit the plate with a loud clang. Several guests looked up at me, and Mum was glowering.

“Alright there, sweetheart ?” she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

I nodded, and I felt his fingers tighten around my knee. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I grabbed my goblet and took a big sip of water.

His hand slid up.

Thank god for the elaborate and frilly table cloth !

“Sirius, dont you dare !” I hissed at him, swatting his hand away.

He smirked again.

An old wizard sitting next to Sirius’ father Orion Black, asked him something. Sirius turned to face him, and spoke. His fingers were still stroking my thigh, and it was sending shivers down my spine. I put a hand over his, and squeezed it, to stop his fingers from moving. He continued talking with the man, as his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I missed this boy. I missed the way he touched me, and said my name. I missed everything about him.

As I felt a heaviness in my heart, he moved his hand again. My stomach did flips at that. I knew this wont go well here.I held his hand again, and moved it away from my leg.

I got up.

Excusing myself, I almost ran out of the dining room.

It was my first time in his house, so I didnt know where to go. I just went up the stairs, and found a door that opened into a small balcony. I stood, with my hands on the railings, breathing heavily.

I didnt know how I managed without him for this long. I couldnt do it anymore. I needed him. I needed Sirius Black.

Just as tears began to sting my eyes, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and Sirius’ scent filled my nostrils. He pulled me against his firm chest, kissing the back of my neck. I just held his hands to me tightly, not wanting him to let go.

“You’re bad Sirius Black” I said.
“You’re so bad”

“Im sorry, Princess” he said, and turned me around to face him.

“Forgive me”

He leaned forward to kiss me, and he lifted me off the floor. I pulled away, hearing some footsteps.

“Someone will see us ” I said, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We ran up the stairs. And he opened a door, pulling me in with him. And I immediately knew it was his room.
Before I could actually take a look at it, he pushed me against his door, and kissed me again.

“Owww” I said against his lips, making him laugh. He moved his lips down to my neck.

“Sirius ! Our parents are downstairs !” I said, pushing him away.

“So what ?!” he said, grabbing me again.

“No !!” I said as he came forward again.

He stopped, and pouted.

“Where have you been ? Did you even bother to write to me ?!” I asked.

“Im sorry Y/N!” Sirius said, looking defeated. “I didnt know what to do ! You wouldnt even look at me ! Besides, homes been hell -”

I knew what it was like for him, and I felt bad for being so hard on him.

“Please, Y/N?” Sirius said, takng my hand in his, and kissing it.

“I missed you, idiot” I said, hugging him.

Sirius smiled and pressed his lips to mine again. His hands arms came around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I love you, baby” he said, kissing my nose.
“I love you too ” I said, smiling.

                               * * *

I stood in front of his mirror, fixing my hair, as he sat, watching me.

He strolled towards me slowly, with a sad look on his face.

“ I dont want you to leave” he said, standing behind me, with his hands on my waist. “Lets run away”

I turned around and kissed his cheek,laughing.

“We might have to” I said, and put on my shoes.

“Just a month more till school starts” I said, and went to the door. “Love you, Black”

                                * * *

“Where have you been, Y/N !” Mum hissed as she saw me.

“Umm…bathroom” I said, shrugging.

“Come here ! There is something important” said Mum, grabbing my arm and leading me into the dining area.

“Found her, have you ?” Walburga Black was speaking to my Mum.

“This is her” Mum said, giving me a little push.

“Hmm” Walburga said, as she touched my cheek, trying to bring out a smile. “She is perfect !”

I stood staring at Sirius’ mother.

“Ah ! There ! SIRIUS !” she bellowed, making me jump. I turned to see Sirius looking at us with wide eyes.

I was sweating now. Shit, have they found out about us ?!, I thought, my heart racing.

Sirius came to us slowly. He looked at me cautiously.

“Mary, I hope you’ve met my son before, Sirius ” Walburga said, and Mum nodded, smiling at Sirius.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and turned to find my Dad, smiling down at me. Why were they all so happy ?

“I think its time to tell them, Orion.” He said. Sirius’ father nodded and looked at his wife.

“Well, we have decided to join the Y/L/N and the Black family ” Walburga began. “And as the two of you are so well suited for eachother…”

Sirius and I stood frozen.

Is this for real ?!

“The wedding will be soon after your education at Hogwarts is complete !” Mum added happily, smiling at Walburga.

Sirius and I exchanged glances, still unable to react.

Walburga came forward to hug me.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N” she said, struggling to bring about a smile.

Sirius finally smiled as my parents embraced him.

“I think this is great !” Mum exclaimed. “We have so much to do now !!”

Just as our parents began their own conversations, Sirius looked at me.

“I cant believe it ” I said.

He laughed.

I had to join in. Sirius put his arm aound me, kissing my forhead.

Maybe this wasnt such a bad party, after all.

Pass Me The Controller Part 3

Its a bit short and a bit late but its better than nothing right?

In case you’ve forgotten..

Part One

Part Two 

“Fuck” Jack said under his breath and before I can comprehend whats happening Jack is on the other side of the room throwing me a shirt and putting one on himself.

“Y/n? Jack?” Conor calls up the hallway.

“Uh, we’re in my room Conor.” Jack replies, pulling the shirt down over my head and covering me with the duvet, “Play it cool ok?” He whispers to me.

“Y/n are you ok?” Conor walks in a second later coming straight over to me and getting into bed next to me to give me a hug, “I’m sorry I wasn’t here tonight for you. I’m sure the last thing you wanted was Jack, I’m sorry love.”

“I’m actually ok. Apart from vomiting in your bathroom.” I try to laugh but there is so much tension between Jack and I that I barely manage.

“Oh no! Are you alright now?” Conor turns over his shoulder, “Jack you can go now mate, I’m sure you’re not helping much anyway.”

I feel terrible at the look on Jack’s face and he sees the look on mine but he shakes his head, “Its ok, I hope you feel better in the morning y/n” and with that he walk away.

“No wait!” I blurt out. Conor gives me a confused look, “I mean, you can stay if you want, its your room Jack.” I see a little bit of a glimmer in Jack’s eyes.

“No he can piss off, the last thing you needed was irresponsible Jack making you sick, I’m sorry you had to deal with him-“

“He was actually amazing” I interrupt, “He made me completely forget about my ex actually. I mean yeah he got me a little drunk and I threw up but at least I was laughing the whole night.”

Conor almost looks like he doesn’t know what to say, he actually looks a little offended and Jack sees it, “I’ll go get you a water y/n and you and Conor can chat, ok?” Jack says as he leaves the room.

As soon as he is gone Conor pulls be into a big hug, “I’m here now, ok? Do you want to talk about it?”

I go to snuggle into his warm embrace but become suddenly aware that I’ve only got underwear on under Jacks’ t-shirt and I pull the covers up a little closer, “I think I’m actually ok. There’s not much to talk about, my ex did what I knew he was going to do and that’s that. I’m done with him and I’m moving on.” I feel my cheeks flush and the mentioning of moving on and remembering back to literally 5 minutes ago.

“Well as long as you’re sure you’re ok, Come on you can sleep in my room.” And with that Conor pulls the covers back and reveals my exposed lower half, “Oh!” I quickly pull the covers back over myself, I feel my whole body panic, “I’m sorry! I didn’t realise-“

“She threw up all over herself so I gave her something to change into” Jack says, surprisingly calm, standing in the doorway. I breathe a mental sigh of relief.

“Right, that makes sense, thanks Jack.” Conor says unconvincingly, his brow still furrowed. He moves some of the hair off my face, “Is that a hickey on your neck?”

My heart starts to pound, “Oh, it must have been from-“

“You didn’t have it yesterday when i saw you and he wasn’t with you last night.” He turns to Jack, who hasn’t managed to stay as calm looking as he was a second ago, “Did you fucking do something to her Jack?”

“Conor, let me explain.” Jack tries to say but Conor jumps up and storms over to him.

“Did you get my best friend drunk,” Conor pushes Jack out of the door way, “when she was weak and vulnerable,” he pushes him into the wall, “and fucking take advantage of her?” He punches Jack across the face.

“CONOR!” I scream, scrambling out of bed.

“You fucking loser!” He punches him again.

“STOP! HE DIDNT!” I push myself between them and Jack falls to the floor.

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Signs and kiss.

Aries: Passionate, aggressive, spontaneous; Kinda of like fireworks and firecrackers. Exploding without knowing. 

Taurus: Slow, romantic and firm; They will your face and stare at you for a bit before inching towards you and kissing you really slowly - before the tongue. 

Gemini: Light and airy kiss - with a splash of fairy dust; They never stick to one kind of kiss style. Maybe something different like lips nibbling - creative. 

Cancer: Soulful, affectionate and wet; They kiss you like it is the last time they get to kiss you, like the world is about the end and the kiss is one last present. You wish that they can go on and on.  

Leo: Dramatic, unforgettable and probably at a crazy timing; Like maybe in the middle of an argument, he grabs you and kiss you so forceful and firmly. Dramatic and wild - but hey, sometimes a kiss put everything to a end. 

Virgo: Shy, warm, very sexual and enticing in a virgin-ish kinda of way; They are very shy and kiss like a angel. Each kiss is like their first kiss and that’s what makes people keep wanting fr more. They will pull back a bit and it crazy people crazy. Their kiss is warm, wet and a crazy turn on. 

Libra: Touchy, smoothing, pecks and old-fashion; They like to kiss under those typical, old fashion scenes. They like to give pecks first and then squeeze in small sweet talks and kiss - and ten get touchy feely. FYI, quite a lot of Libra girls love guy running their fingers through their hair. 

Scorpio: Magic, mystery, erotic and sensual; They probably stare at you for a long time and then kiss you so passionately that it probably confuse you for a bit - but you keep wanting more. Their kiss will leave you wanting for more and yet feeling puzzled. Very erotic, watch for mars in scorpio - those are the real gem - maybe demon.   

Sagittarius: First date kiss, surprise! They like one of those first date kiss, where you turn around and boom! their face is right in front of yours and their lips is on yours. Then they will go hot and heavy when they see that you didnt push them away. 

Capricorn: Firm, aggressive, bold; They start slow and shy but once you give them the okay signal - game on. They will grab you so tightly and then kiss you so firmly and aggressively - until you are out of breathe and then down your neck and all around chest - the rest is history (IN BED). 

Aquarius: Sneaky, not too crazy and passionate. They probably sneak a kiss in the middle of something. Just imagine you cooking and then they got home and giving you a kiss. And then all of a sudden, the peck becomes a full on smooch. And no dinner - just dessert. 

Pisces: Emotional, memorable, wet and tongue. You know what these people like, a good wet kiss in the middle/ after an argument and one of you starts crying while kissing - professing your love for one other - and then sex!  

just when i thought lm couldn’t disappoint me anymore………….. why release a new single when you haven’t even promoted touch?? which had been rising in the us quite well?? yall could’ve pushed touch ft. kid ink for another month or so like you didnt even push it at all so far??? also nmss is a good STAND ALONE SONG you don’t need another feature omg this is why i said the promo for gd sucks and is a super big mess

I love Ram’s dad sm. Like at first I thought he was gonna be the stereotypical dad of an athlete who doesn’t really see their kid as a person but just as a means to live their pathetic life through them, but when ram was struggling he didnt push him to be better, or to quit playing around, he knew his kid was going through stuff and just wanted to talk.
Better yet he listened and let him cry it was just so important to me