didnt like the result of this one so


So after seeing so many amazing sculpts on my dash lately I was tempted to try and sculpt again too, I had forgotten how soothing it can be, I wanted to try and sculpt Nalia to help me draw her more consistently but a sphere quickly turned into Solas because he seems to be what I default to haha but I’m proud of the result!! here is what I got in two hours, next one will be Nalia!! I swear the hair is going to kill me

Zbrush still has the most alien interface ever created and I think I’m frying my pc with this but poking a 3D clay ball is so much fun I recommend it

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i can't believe the show went from staunchly refusing to acknowledge death (see: the concept of sentries) to straight up beheading someone on screen?????

honestly this season really fucked tripped me out bc they made the deaths more noticeable and unforgettable. throughout s1 to 3 i dont recall any actual deaths other than senturies and when they would blow up ships which mostly likely result in death but it was never on screen.

s4 rlly whipped my ass with the almost on screen graphic deaths. like, that one scene and the BoM infiltrated the galra base to take over than canon ? you could literally hear the scaltrite blade piercing through galran flesh and i was literally so taken aback at that

+ when they literally fucking killed narti ????? i lost my ENTIRE goddamn mind. screen pans down to us seeing her dead on the floor was INSANE and im surprised they didnt up the rating a little bit. i know its still a kids show and nothing actually graphic appeared on screen but s4 was like …… an actual mind field of weird and scary shit



Okay, so I have a lot of things to say about this season. Are all of them good? No. I think the main reason this season is so … shallow in many terms is because it is not the other half of season 3, season 3 was a season all to itself, season 4 is shared with season 5, so if you’re displeased with season 4, I suggest waiting for season 5 before you start dissing it.

1st of all, NARTI. I’M SO FUCKING. Even Acxa, the most loyal of Lotor’s generals turned her back on him when that happened. I was already on the fence about Lotor, but Narti made me realize that I only liked him for his generals, I never liked him as a character. That’s just my opinion.BUT THE GENERALSSS!!!!!!!

2. KEITH’S MARMORA TRAINING!!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am that Keith is working with BoM! Honestly, my favorite part of season 2 was the introduction of BoM like I loved the whole arc and the fact that we’re seeing Keith working with them is an A+++ with me (plus he’s really hot in the outfit … )

Originally posted by klancegalaxy

3. There was a rumored “splitting of the team” and I’m pretty sure an actual splitting of the team is coming up, but for all we know it could’ve just been Keith leaving Voltron, but doubtful

4. KEITH. LEAVING. VOLTRON. Ugh!!! This made me so mad on so many levels!!! In the end, all this really did was support some things said and repeat facts we already knew. A repeated fact is that Keith is still an unstable leader, he goes off on his own still. But this is a little different from what happened in season 3. In season 4, the team understands what he’s going through but they need him to be there and he is still being unreliable. This also supports “Keith is the loner” because he’s still running away and separating himself. H o w e v e r, for the most part, Keith actually seems happier? Which is weird because shouldn’t he be upset that he’s not a part of Voltron anymore?? I’ll go to another point for that, but, in the moment he realizes that Voltron doesn’t need him, is the only moment where he shows any distress about the whole thing. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

5. We all know Keith HATED being black paladin, mostly because he saw it as replacing Shiro. So the moment “Shiro” could pilot the black lion again, he lost all control over the black lion. I’m pretty sure that if “Shiro” had a second time in season 3, black would’ve easily been his again but since he didn’t pursue black until season 4, when they really needed black, so black stuck with Keith. Naturally, with Shiro as the head, Keith would be with red again, ri? Welp, he never even asked Lance for red (because of how Lance exposed his insecurities is what I’m thinking) but there’s also the fact that he accepted that with Shiro as the head again and the team still rearranged, there was no room for him and he would do better with BoM, which he does, and like I said earlier, he’s actually happier than we’ve seen him in a while with BoM. Now could this still lead to Voltron splitting up? Most definitely it could.

6. How can “not my Shiro” be a thing if black re-accepted him? But I’m still asking the question of why black didn’t accept him right when he got back? Yes, yes, ik, because Keith was the leader, but Keith was wiling to step down for Shiro, showing that he’s still Shiro’s right hand man and showing that he is still clearly the paladin for red when Shiro is the head. Not to mention everything black and Shiro went through, so why would it take so long for black to accept Shiro again? ALSO ALSO, THIS IS ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I STARTED BELIEVING IN #NOTMYSHIRO the hair. Shiro is only gone for I believe 3-5 months, which is no where NEAR long enough for his hair to grow out like that, no fucking way. Hair like that takes a year or two to grow out. A lot of you will stop here saying “if Kuron wasn’t created for spying on Voltron, what else could it be used for” … . invading Earth or to create a whole army of Shiro’s. Because to get Galra, Shiro wasn’t a human, he was a champion, and a valuable asset in war if only they had more … if they had started creating Kuron around the time Shiro had really begun to be known as the champion, that would be around a year and a half or so which would explain the long hair. Sorry this wasn’t the point of this post but someone needed to say it. (Am I saying that I don’t think there’s a very good chance that this is the real Shiro and/or that I hate him? NO. FUCK NO. But his hair I’m sorry, but his hair.)

7. HOLT!! REUNION!!! YES THANK YOU!! I was literally about to start fucking sobbing when Pidge found Matt’s “grave” but I was so confused because Matt was promised to be in this season so I wasn’t too over joyed at the frequency thing. The reunion was adorable and slightly cheesy, but ADORABLE OKAY? AND THE WAY PIDGE WON’T LET MATT OUT OF HER SIGHT BECAUSE OF HOW EXCITED SHE IS TO SEE HIM AGAIN? UUGGH I WISH I HAD A SIBLING I WAS THAT CLOSE TO. Matt himself is a fucking dork and I love it. He also had a massive crush on Allura which I found surprising in all honestly, but know his character now, it isn’t too surprising

8. Death of Shatt?? I personally ship Shallura and Shatt so I’m fine with either or neither tbh but a lot of people were claiming that Shatt was straight up dead because of how Matt acted when he met Allura. I have a few interesting thoughts and questions about the Shiro and Matt reunion. First of all, why was Matt so awkward?? He even actually called Shiro “sir”??? And he looks so surprised when Shiro hugs him which is so weird?? They were so close and probably had to be since they were going on such an important mission. They had to have been close to some degree. And yet, you could almost say Matt flat out avoids Shiro is season 4. Which is so weird, because yeah it’s been over year since they’ve seen each other but same with Pidge and he didn’t act so awkward around her. Not to mention, last time Matt saw Shiro, Shiro had just saved his life and he had no time to thank Shiro amd then just now when he had the chance, he said nothing. Which is WEIRD. He owes Shiro a life debt and he doesn’t even say thank you?? Am I saying this could become it’s own arc and could possibly revive Shatt? Yeah, I am.

9. Don’t sigh at me here, but, the lack of Klance moments. Like. At all. Every season had some sort of main Klancd moment but this one didn’t? Which is weird tbh. They barely interacted. Which is extra weird because if the kind of bonding they had in season 3. Whether or not you ship Klance, (or Laith ;)) don’t you find it odd that Lance literally went from being Keith’s right hand man to barely talking to him? Lance is Keith’s literal impulse control so why with the low interaction? I’m not really trying to prove a point or anything, I’m just pointing out how weird this is.

10. Kallura and Allurance. I’m sorry, but one of my biggest fears is that they’ll make both Keith and Lance straight so I’m not the biggest fan of either ship, but see the glory. They added some communication between Allura and Keith but I feel like if we had gone back to season one or two, it would’ve been Lance having those moments with Keith so I don’t really feel like them finally interacting as team mates should be taken to a shipping level. And before anyone comes after me, yes I am aware a lot moments like that between Keith and Lance were taken for shipping purposes, but since Lance had declared Keith as his rival, it was important for the authors to show relationship development, however from the start with Allura and Keith, they barely interact and in season 3 we didnt see much results for the small bonding they had in season 2 so some meaningful interaction was bound to happen sometime soon. Allurance. Now, I can’t be the only kne that noticed ever since season 3, Lance stopped flirting with Allura so I feel like in season 4 they are finally starting to bond as friends. Of course there was that Matt scene but I’m praying for Lance to be bi, not gay, so you can take that scene however way you want and I won’t really talk about it.


12. Why does no one talk about the scene where Haggar is looking into a mirror and seeing what she truly looks like now and her being so shocked by it?? Like, that’s such an small yet important character development for her??

13. Coran was high. He was. Literally. Fucking. High. I can’t believe they actually made Coran high. Bit thats not the most important part of the episode. You can see how desperate Coran is to be of some use. Everyone talks about Allura’s struggle with trying to become a paladin, but even then she still had a role, not only as a princess, but because sje was needed for the castle. Coran didn’t have a role like that and you can see the desperation in him. Never forget, Allura went into the sleeping pod asleep, and Coran walked right in, wide awake, he probably forced himself to keep his eyes open to see Alfor until the very last second …


15. Lotor joining the rebels??? See, I’m still not 100% what Lotor is after. What does he need all the quintessence for? If he really cared about the empire, he’d be fighting more battles for it. What does he need those ships that he’s building for?

16. Will Lotor’s former generals alos be joining the alliance? Because if they are, aaaawkwaaard.


but in all seriousness, tell me if I missed anything, something you might’ve disagreed on, something you agree with. I am open to chatting about ships as long as you don’t plan in fighting me for your otp ^^

Snape as Head of House Slytherin

Professor Severus Snape was a very young Head of House, maybe the youngest ever. But under his leadership his house won the House Cup 6 years in a row. I think there are reasons for it, and not only his favoritism ( even if he has reasons for it because his house is suffering because of a bad reputation). The other teachers wouldnt have accepted the result of the House Cup if they didnt really earned it. 

My headcanon:

- His office door is always open for his Slytherin students, when in need, He offers them a good cup of tea,advice and listens without any hint of a sneer

-He exactly knows the family background of every student

- He is helping all those with pretty poor families, pretending they are sponsored with money from Hogwarts…..

- He allows no hint of bullying between the students of his house and is known to get very nasty when he see things like that…..no one tries….

Sad, JKR gave us so few facts about him as Head of House….maybe its a kind of compensation making Snape the Head of Slytherin House by Albus because he made so few attempts to help Snape in his own schooltime? And for Slytherins in general. But it seems there were not only idiots and morons in Slytherin. Not to forget Tom Riddle was a very good student in his school times, and even the great Merlin was a Slytherin as well. 

okay but why were people fighting and hating on la la land / moonlight or vice versa like did yall not see emma stone & ryan goslign basically calling the moonlight crew onstage when they found out the results were wrong? or that the producers of la la land basically hugging all the moonlight crew when they came up? or damien hugging mahershala AND barry for a good long second like? i just saw a lot of love on that stage? no? just me then?


Inktober prompt A.K.A Fashinktober prompt !

Day 2 : wool clothes .

So as you can see i drew @gigagoku30’s BT asriel with my BootlegTale Frisk

For this one i didnt drew a background like the first one because i have put a lot of details on the sweaters ! I tried to reproduce the wool texture ! (with all these braids or dots on the sweater or stuff like that !)

And i am really proud of the result !

So see you for the next inktober !

Green Hair Process

First i coated my hair in coconut oil for about 45 minutes- an hour

I used a 40 developer and kept that on for another hour

Then I used Adore Emerald on top and Adore Royal Navy on the bottom I was going for a aquamarine feel 

I kept the color on for another hour and a half and afterwards a deep condition

This was day ones results

I liked the color but it was too dark for what I was going for so I did a bleach cap (bleach and cheapy shampoo) I used 30 developer this time I didnt want the color to get too light too fast and kept that on for 30 minutes max.  

And the final result!

I hope this helps you theafrocanuck 

fucking sawamura




“men’s honor”

“yours truly’s”

“my fair lady”

sawamura is so happy about this that his brain lost its function

sawamura.exe has stopped working

^ this is so me seriously

look at how happy sawamura is hahaha

okumura doesnt look that annoyed at him either

who else would come up with these puns??? haha
fucking sawamura

yes. agree. finally

honestly im just being here like

“im proud of u ma frend. the hard-working warrior sawamura eijun has finally leveled up, though he has yet to reach his max level. my dear little warrior, you surely must have felt overjoyed when you read these words phrased with kindness.“

reading this official translations, i feel like getting goosebumps tbh man

shit, who wouldnt get goosebumps??

sawamura moved by kataokas words

so blunt into the face (honestly i enjoyed it a bit)

but honestly, this is the best way to make him realize a few things about himself. it was needed. kataoka had to point this out.


well this chapter was by no means bad, it was actually one of the most unexpected chapters (everyone on mangafox thought that it was just a filler chapter based on the spoilers)
im always astound at how formal and encouraging kataokas words are.. i mean, of course it should be like this.. but just reading this makes me think that he deeply respects and trusts his players and that he is very proud of them. i really like it!

so then.. i also get bad vibes from this too, because of this

im pretty sure they have mentioned injuries a lot (well of course they would, in every important tournament someone got injured)

if he can do well, he would be the preliminary ace..
from all the pitchers.. sawamura is the only one who didnt get injured (physically).
furuya was injured twice, his first spring tournament (cracked nail) and fall tournament (his ankle was sprained)
kawakami was “injured” when he hit raichis pitch - his fingers were numb so he couldnt pitch properly anymore
and sawamura? well, he had yips… i mean from this is a huge mental problem and kept him from playing like he wanted to.. but im talking about physical injuries.

this is a huuuuge red flag here. “if he can show good results”. i really have a bad feeling about this
everything is going way too smooth for sawamura.. i think that sawamura will get injured. he probably takes good take of his shoulder (cuz chris) so i doubt that he will strain his shoulder..
my gut feeling also tells me something is going to happen, my gut feeling is quite on point… (not always tho)

so.. if u read the pic.. then u would know that i created a discord (^: if u didnt read it then now u kno gud 4 u be my friend and join ok thanks

I made this in hopes to get to know some of u guys and make some new friends! I find it very hard to keep a one on one convo going with someone via tumbles so i figured a group chat space would b awesome!!! ☺♥☺♥

- this chat is  LGBTQIA+

- this chat does not have any age rules, though there will be nsfw channel that is 18+ , and failure to comply with that will result in getting banned.

- if you would like to join please shoot me an ask, if you merely reply to the post i may not notice or forget to message u ):

- you must be able to respect your fellow human beings!! we just wanna get lit!! share memes!! and talk about sims!!!


hi again, so I’ve decided to make a second introductory post since my previous one was really brief and not at all informative so I thought I’d give it another try.

who am I?

my full name is Laquisha but most of my friends call me Laq since it’s easier. I’m 17 and my prefered pronouns are she/her or they/them, either are okay! 

why did I make a stubyblr?

for the past two years I couldn’t be bothered to put any effort in most subjects and seeing other people trying to be productive and putting effort into their school work has really motivated me and it shows in my test results. (I didnt fail any test so far this year which hasn’t happened in ages) 

some facts about me:

  • I love poetry and reading a lot
  • I often attempt to create digital art, It relaxes me (for example the failed piece of digital art above which is way out of my comfort zone and usual drawing style, also yes that is supposed to be me)
  • I am a ravenpuff, every single test I’ve taken has given me equal points to both houses so it must be truth
  • I cannot make decisions, just like procrastination it is one of my bad habits
  • I love love love art, I find it really calming to look at and inspires my creativity etc.
  • I’m also very passionate about fighting against injustices and fighting for equal rights !!
  • I love making people happy or try to make them feel better and try my hardest to spread positivity!
  • my personality type is infp/enfp

my favourite studyblrs (or studyblrs that inspired me to make a studyblr):

@acadehmic @academiix @artstdy @arystudies @bookssweatandtears @curiosi-tea @einstetic @eintsein @elkstudies @emmastudies @equaticns@estudier@etudiance@hardworkign@milkystudies@notesworthtea@obsidianstudy@scholarly@smhstudying@studyign@studyinding@studylustre@studyplants@studyquill

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 13

Day 13: Eating Ice cream

Summary: London is experiencing one of it’s worst heat waves so you and Sherlock eat ice cream in 221B
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Words: 800
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader
Warnings: None


It was hot. Too hot. You felt like you were melting into the floor as you laid directly under the air conditioning vent next to the couch, which was doing hardly anything to stop your sweltering body from becoming lethargic. “Uuuugggghhh, Sheeeeerrrrrrloooooock. It’s too hooooot.” You didnt move your head at all as you spoke, your cheek was smushed into the hard wood below you and your voice came out muffled as a result. You couldn’t move if you tried, and neither could Sherlock. He was on the couch above you, his limbs as far from his body as he could get them, his hand resting on your head out of convenience rather than affection. He was dressed in nothing but some boxers and his dressing gown, which was undone and hardly on him, not that you could blame him. It felt like the sun had moved directly over England and you were only dressed in your underwear, a tank top covering some of yourself in case Mrs. Hudson came into the apartment. Not that she would, her flat was cooler than 221B and you would be down there if not for her having friends over. “Sheeeerlooock!”

“Yes Y/N, I know it’s hot but stop whining, it’s irritating.”

“Well I’m sorry but heat makes me whine and it. Is. Hot!” You lifted your head to place your forehead on the ground, closing your eyes as the new position provided some cooling as the wood absorbed your heat. It also gave you a great, though completely unrelated revelation. “Oh!” You pushed yourself up much too quickly and became lightheaded for a second, shaking your head to clear your vision before you went into the kitchen.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” You rummaged around in the freezer, moving body parts and what not until you found what you were looking for. You picked up two large spoons from the drawer, closing it with your hip before making your way back to Sherlock, a tub of freezing cold neapolitan ice cream in your hands. Sherlock lifted his head to look at you as you sat on the ground close to his head. “Ice cream?”

“Mhmm.” You pulled of the lid and put it on the coffee table in front of you. “I remembered John had picked it up not two days ago here.” You passed him one of the spoons over your head before digging your own into the tub and popping a heavenly scoop of vanilla ice cream in your mouth. You groaned in bliss as you let the sugary treat melt on your tongue before swallowing it. Sherlock reached over you, him leaning on an elbow to see what he was doing and he did the same, falling back on the couch as he let the ice cream cool his mouth, sighing in pleasure.

“You, my dear,” He reached for another scoop, strawberry this time, as you swallowed your second, “are a genius.” He hummed as he placed the spoon in his mouth and closed his eyes.

“I know I am. Here open up.” He opened one eye to see you had moved to kneel on the ground, facing him with a spoon of the chocolate ice cream in your hand. He smiled as he removed the spoon and closed his eyes again. He opened his mouth and you fed him the spoonful, giggling as you did so before feeding yourself one. “Mmm, so good.” You closed your eyes as you sat back on the ground. Sherlock moved his arm closest to you and wrapped it around your body, trapping you against the couch. He moved a little so his head hovered over yours and you tilted your head up and smiled as he leaned down to kiss you. It tasted of all the flavours in the tub and you smiled wider in the kiss before laughing as you dabbed a drop of strawberry ice cream on his nose, causing him to flinch back at the unexpected coolness on his nose. You were laughing too hard to realise that Sherlock had been reaching for the tub, gathering some chocolate ice cream on his finger before he did the same to you, causing you to yelp and look startled at his before you both burst into light-hearted giggles, wiping the ice cream off your noses.

The afternoon passed in the same fashion, you two eating ice cream and laughing at each other, somewhat delirious from the heat and sugar before you both fell asleep where you were, the heat having sucked all energy from your bodies. John arrived home from work whilst you slept and after seeing you two at the couch, the now empty ice cream tub sitting on the coffee table, he smiled and snapped a picture on his phone, leaving you two to sleep through the heatwave together.

Impossible: Chapter 1

A/N: I really hope you guys like this chapter and love the others ones coming your way very soon.

Warning: this is a mpreg story! Which is male pregnancy so DO NOT READ IF NOT COMFORTABLE.

***sorry for any spelling errors or mistakes!***

Chapter 1: beach day and a party

He didn’t expect it. Why the fuck would he? He was a man. This didnt happen to men. Women yes. But not to men.

Men couldn’t get pregnant.

But Dan looked down at the pregnancy stick in his hand and stared at the result.

Dan was in fact pregnant.

The doctor wasn’t batshit crazy. He was actually pregnant.

Let’s go back to the very beginning. The beginning of summer. T. God that seemed so long ago.

It started with the weekend his girlfriend broke up with him and you know, kissed someone else not even a hour later.

Keep reading

22 Terrifying True Tales Of People Messing Around With Ouija Boards

22 Terrifying True Tales Of People Messing Around With Ouija Boards

1. My first mistake was calling a spirit a “coward”

My friend had mentioned that she had one, so I asked her to pull the board out so I could check it out. At first she said no, but then agreed to do it as long as she didn’t have to participate. After she had the board set up I asked “Is there anyone in here”….nothing. So, being a dumb teenager I said “If anything is in here and not talking, you’re a coward”. The board was put away after that.

Fast forward about a week later and have me sleeping upstairs on my couch. I wake up on a stereotypical “Stormy Night”. Thunder and lightning, wind and rain..the works. I look around to see why I woke up and couldn’t see a thing, and decide to try and fall back asleep. After laying there for about 30s I hear from downstairs “Get the boy” in a very raspy, wispy voice. I open my eyes and listen……nothing. Start to go back to sleep…”GET THE BOY”, it was MUCH louder this time. Then my downstairs door SLAMS shut. I freak the F*ck out because nobody slept down there and we had no drafts.

2. It spoke in Latin

Doing the board with six or seven people, only one of my friends knows Latin and he is not touching the oracle, the contact starts speaking to us in Latin. This same friend later pulled his hand back from the oracle having received what looked like a small scratch on his wrist, not bleeding but bright red as if fresh. His girlfriend at the time was plagued by a contact they had made and would wake with strange bruises on her legs.

3. A creepy doll

I have a terrifying story about an ouija board. I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an ouija in their basement. Prior to starting they took a large porcelain doll out of the room because it was creepy and placed it in an adjacent room face down on a pile of towels.

My cousin took a short break because the board was just spouting nonsense and he went to take a shit. His dad and brother and friend started asking the board questions without him, one of the questions was who is in the other room? It just started spouting random numbers and when my cousin came back into the room his brother said that it wasn’t working that they were going to put it away and he showed him the answer to the last question he asked and he said “dude that’s my social security number!, then they started to talk to whatever started spewing answers out, it told my cousin he would die in the air force. At this point they tell the entity they are communicating with to prove itself. It then spelled out the word “DOLL” and they were like wtf.

They opened the door to check on the porcelain doll they had laid in the other room and when they opened the door the doll was standing up right in front of the door staring right at them. Everyone freaked and ran out of the house. His best friend burned the ouija board and I think he temporarily went nuts for a few months. My cousin for some reason then joined the air force and is on a base in Europe now.

4. My dad was in the spirit world

It talked about my dead father. Spot on. It was just so freaky, and talking about my dad kind of makes me uncomfortable to begin with.

5. I asked it how long I had to live

We all asked it a question that only the person asking would know the answer too. It would answer the questions.

One question that somebody asked was “what was the name of the boat i went on a cruise on when i was 6?” it answered.

We played with this thing forever, we had coldspot experiences and would place a candle where the coldspot was and the candle would burn sideways not straight up and down. One night we all aksed it how long we had left to live and this is where it gets scary. Everybody asked and they had 50-60+ years left.

I go to ask and it says 10. I ask 10 years and it says days.

I pretty much shit a brick at this point. It said i was gonna be killed in a car accident by a girl named emma. We would ask it 3 days later and it would say I had 7 days left. Ask it 2 days later it said I would have 5 days left and so on.

Im freaking out at this point, carrying a bible in my pocket and wearing a big cross. I finally tell my dad and he doesnt believe me so I made one out of a piece of paper and used a cd to show him. It worked and he flipped out and told me that I didnt have to go to school the day I was supposed to die. I didn’t go to school and nothing happened.

6. Choked

I have no evidence, and I do not care if you don’t believe me. I’ve used a board with results, and let something into my home. And have been physically assaulted by this entity.

It started out with that feeling like you’re being watched, and doors closing, and footsteps on the hardwood when you were home alone. And progressed slowly into being kept awake by something shaking the bed, or pulling off your covers. Sometimes even whispering your name. The board would disappear for days on end, then show up in places you never would have put it. I became obsessed with it. Then it was a black mass in the corner of the room. Or the silhouette of a man watching you from the doorway. After that it escalated pretty quickly. I had my hair pulled. Fingers pricked. Scratched. Choked. Held down in bed while this thing whispered in my ear in what could have only been Latin….. We had our house blessed and the bad thing hasn’t shown back up. Just the normal occurrences now. But I will never again play with one of those boards.

7. “I can see you through the window”

I was about 12 or 13 spending the night at a friend’s house, goofing around with the Ouija board with him & his sister and we were getting all sorts of gibberish plus words spelled out, just kind of scaring ourselves for fun not taking it very seriously when we got the message “I can see you through the window” and then “I can see you through his eyes” or something like that…there was just a small window in the basement room where we were, and just the back yard and woods past the driveway visible through that window…we asked it more questions and it said “I’m under the car” so we somehow got up the nerve to go out with a flashlight and peer under the car, where we saw a huge black stray cat which was hissing.

We ran inside freaking out and at that exact moment the power failed and all the lights in the house went out. We just about actually shit ourselves. Few minutes later the power came back and we sat up till dawn that night scared and never played with the board again.

8. Our first mistake

My wife and I had some unexplained things going on in the house we were renting. So we got a board so we could try to figure out what we were dealing with. Bad idea. The board was just a standard plain board. We used it one night to speak with (hopefully) our spirit. What we didn’t realize is that Oujia boards open the door for anything to come through and speak. The looking piece flew off the board near the end of our session and we had no real answers to anything we were speaking with something, but it was very evasive with its answers. Things got worse in the house and we eventually broke our lease and moved…Radios and TVs going on by themselves water running, after the board though things got bad. Voices, moving objects, and my wife says I got possessed one night, but I can’t validate that as I was asleep.

9. OMG

My mum has warned me against using them due to her own experience: she used one at a friend’s house when she was young.

Nothing of consequence happened during the use of the board, yet she noted that whatever ghost they were ‘chatting’ with seemed to be violent and have it in for her. She shrugged it off and left in her car.

On the way home, she hit and gruesomely killed a horse which ‘appeared out of nowhere’, running at her car. In the middle of a city. In the afternoon.

10. “Woodchipper accident”

My great aunt has never married, and when I asked why, my dad told me the story. Apparently when she was sixteen she had a pretty serious boyfriend. When she used a board, she asked if they would get married, and it said no. She asked if they would break up… no… asked if one of them would die and it said yes, and when she asked which of them it said ‘goodbye’. A week later he was in a woodchipper accident at the mill where he worked.

11. We lost 10 hours

My friend and I were about 14 or 15. She had a Ouija board that we used quite often. (I always thought she was pushing it for the fun factor, I never took it to seriously) One night we started , and it was about 9 p.m we started getting very strange sayings,none of them i can remember 27 years later) and we got a name. although the name i have forgotten over the years, it said he was from Malaysia. He was here to protect us. (i do remember that much) The next thing we know its 7a.m! It was like we blinked and the sun was up. It was VERY freaky. we LOST 10 HOURS of our life. Neither of us remember anything about it. We were just sitting there at the table staring at each other like “WTF HAPPENED??” To bad we didn’t have a 3rd person there to tell us. She would never use it again, I did, but i never had that happen again.

12. Warning

The last experience I had with a quija board, the plachett flew across the room, smashing against the wall, of it’s own power. They ARE a doorway, and unless you know how to interigate the spirit, you have no idea what so ever who or what is communicating with you. You’ve opened a door, and called them through. oops.

13. Accurate death prediction

I was staying at a hotel with friends in northern Ontario for a chess tournament. Geeky I know. Can’t exactly remember the town. Anyway, we were looking for some thrills at night and someone busted out a board. One of those official ones you can get from toys’r’us. We asked a few questions I can’t remember but I will never forget when we asked if it knew if any of us was going to die. Yeah I know strange question to ask. Uh so it spelled out a persons name that was with us at the time. And then a date which was approximately a year later. My friend died a year later from cancer in his knee. He knew about it 6 months before he died. To this day I am still curious about the device but damned if I’ll ever touch it again.

14. I need proo–

Only did it once when I was like 17. In a roomful of people and one kid said something like “this is all fake, i need pr….” before he finished the word “proof” the lights in the entire house went off. If that was a coincidence, it was the oddest one i’ve ever seen. No one else was in the house and the fuse box was buried in the back of a closet. The kid’s dad had to come home and turn it back on, said it never happened before (entire circuit tripped).

15. It knew Arabic

I always thought these things were bs. However years ago this changed when I did it once with some random people at a get together. We were talking to all sorts of different “spirits” and I wasn’t taking any of it seriously. Then I thought of a way to put this to the test. I’m Kuwaiti American and was born in Kuwait. So I know arabic and knew of a friend of my brother that past away recently. So I asked to speak with him. Now only one person knew me at the get together and even then didn’t know that much about me. I was definitely the only one who could speak Arabic (I was in Oklahoma at the time). So I asked in Arabic how he died. The board spelled out car crash. I was a bit shocked but still didn’t buy it completely. So I asked a more detailed question. I asked in Arabic how old was he when he died. It pointed to 1 and then 3. That’s when I started really freaking out. No one would have ever known of these details let alone understood what I was asking. I asked for more details on the crash (he flew out of the sunroof) and after that I stopped. Haven’t touched a Ouija board since.

16. S-A-T-A-N

My grandma bans them from her house, because once when she was younger her and her friends messed with one. They asked who they were talking to, it spelled out satan and then her friend (who owned the board) started convulsing and from then on swore she felt a presence when she sleeps.

17. C-U-N-T

About two to three years ago my friend brought her Ouija board to my house so we could play with it. The first few times it was used, I just watched while some of my other friends used it. Then I decided I would join in on it. We asked if there was a spirit present and it went to yes. We asked it it’s name, but instead of just going to the letters to spell it out, it started going to random letters, not making out any specific word. I asked for it’s name again and it spelled out “B I T C H”. I started freaking out and then it spelled “C U N T”, then went right back to random letters again. I freaked out and left the room after that. whatever it was it either was just really mean or something other than a spirit. Probably never using one again after that.

18. Strange markings

My brother built a ouija board once and had some pretty weird encounters. Ill have to ask him for the details some time.
Anyways he shaved down his pointer thing once and found weird markings on it that only showed up under a black light. No markings found in the wood the pointer was cut from, and markers would show up as black under the black light while this showed red. Anyone else experience this?

19. “This is not a game anymore”

Perfect story. 100% true. About 15 years ago, My sister had some friends over one night. They were in the basement watching some scary movie. They had an Ouija board. They started cussing at it and calling it “shit” and “fucking fake”. It stopped responding so they began watching the movie again.

All of a sudden, all the lights and electricity goes out. They start screaming. Then the tv comes on all static and is blairing noisse. They were yelling and crying. Then, the tv shuts off and comes back on to just a black screen. The words, ” This is not a game anymore” roll across the screen in all white. After, the tv shuts off and and they are in complete darkness. They run out of the house.

Afterwards, they go back to the house and our dog hid and when they found it, all it did was bark and look very angry at them.

20. Figure 8s

a girl brought her authentic ouija board made out of maple straight from Salem. Ironically, she was very Catholic, but loved her board, it and was a very interesting few nights in the dorm with it. I think the second night we were playing with it, and it was going slow, not much movement, meh. I had my hand off the planchette because I still wasn’t so sure about the thing. Suddenly, it was like cold fingers grabbed into my shoulders ever so slightly, and this terrible feeling in the back of my mind just came to the surface. I looked to the board and the planchette started moving in a demonic pattern, I think figure 8s this time. I looked at the girl and said “I have a bad feeling about that” in time for her to realize what was happening. She stopped the movement and bid the spirit good bye. In that moment, the icy grip loosened and all was well.

Everyone was like “woaah” when the girl explained that the figure 8 meant that something was trying to get out of the board. (This is common lore that goes with Ouija usage.)

21. Max is always around

When I was about 14 my best friend had a sleep over birthday party. Being the silly little girls we were we decided to make a ouija board to use, not really knowing any of the rules like making it say goodbye. After an hour or so I wandered off to read some tarot cards and watch the rest of the Exorcist with the other couple of girls who didn’t want to commune with spirits. (Rereading that last sentence I sound like such a stereotype. I still use tarot cards though so I never grew out of this phase it seems.)

Here’s were it got weird. After I left the spirit talking to my friends changed. As in it switched to a different spirit altogether. His name was Max and he was looking for me. I’ve never known a Max in my life. My friends yelled out what he was saying as it moved and I was writing off as them teasing me until he started giving them information about me that no one at that party knew. Things about minor abuse I was facing and other little things.

That freaked me out right out. I begged for them to stop playing, even after Max tried to convince me that he was not trying to hurt me. My friends were awesome and stopped playing before I started crying and I thought that was the end of it.

The next time a Ouija board came out was the next year and only one girl from the original party was among the group. We were baking a cake so when the buzzer went off she and I headed up to take it out of the oven. When we got back to the group another girl turned to me and asked ‘Who’s Max?’ Apparently he’s stuck around after that first time. If my friends want to use a Ouija board they don’t invite me over unless they want to speak to Max. He’s always around.

A few times in my life I’ve heard a voice call out my name. it usually makes me stop for a minute, no more but at least twice had I not stopped I would have been in the path of a car going to fast to stop before it would have hit me. I strongly believe Max has stuck around to be helpful but had we not pulled out that Ouija board I would have never known about him.

22. June 24, 2987

My GF told me this story about an experience she had with a ouija board while in high school sometime in 1986. She had a friend named Johnny who was suffering from CF or some other debilitating illness, who had recently been hospitalized as a result. Both she and her friend Shelly visited Johnny regularly in the hopes of keeping his spirits up and for a quick recovery. One night after visiting Johnny, they were at Shelly’s when they decided to try out a ouija board. After a while, they started communicating with a spirit who seemed to know a lot about them that it really shouldn’t. After some banal questions about boys and general questions one would expect teenaged girls to ask, my GF decided to ask about Johnny and his condition. The board quickly spelled out “24 June 1987 Johnny wont have to worry anymore” and went to “goodbye”. My GF and Shelly were so convinced that board was giving them a date for recovery that they actually wrote the message down and sealed it in an envelope. The following year on 24 June, it turned out that Johnny indeed no longer needed to worry about his condition.

It was the day he died.

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This episode was so fucking lit. I dont think this is a new form. Rather just goku accedently tapping into his hiden potential. He didnt really act like goku in this ep. We seemed so diffrent. His movements where so beautiful and fluid as a result of the ultra - instinct. He seemed like he was possessed in a way. His personality seemed extremely diffrent. And twords the end he had an intent to kill jiren almost. When he screamed you could hear a deeper masculine vouce overlaying his childish one. All in all it was lit .i dont see this form being used in this arc again because of how it was a trigger rather than something that came from his power alone.

ford would get along so well with andalites omg

background not mine, i used a bg from gravity falls: here’s the post its from.

besides that, i tried a lot of new things with this one, and overall im very pleased with the results.

Closed starter for @fosterxmisfits // Karla & ???

As a member of a friendship group, Karla found it difficult to arrange plans and stick to them. And increasingly difficult at that. But it was a day where no-one had work, arrangements or other commitments so there was absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to not go ice skating. Which they did do. As Karla slipped on her skates, she tucked in her leggings a bit further so they didnt hike up her ankles and result in her getting home with blue feet. Once on, the brunette performed a very tremulous rise to a vertical position that was aided by the grasp on her best friends head. “Fuck, I haven’t done this in years. If I’m like this on the ground, all I’m gonna say is stay clear of me on the ice” Karla warned the group of friends stood around her either still fastening their skates or stood with complete confidence.