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When I was your age — about, ooh, a few thousand years ago — I loved a good bedtime story. The Three Little Cyclopes. The Emperor Titan’s New Clothes. Snow White and the Seven Pleiades, eh? All the classics.
—  Poseidon, trying to comfort a young Percy.

So I heard there was drama in the OTP tag…

thing that makes me upset is the fact that this one person will do better in life and get more without even moving a little finger, without even trying too much. Compared to me, I worked my fucking ass off to get what I want and I achieved it trough sweat and tears.

As my scheduled for collage is finally starting to settle down, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m gonna have to be scrapping at the last few minutes of the day to be able to draw for this blog. I know I’m already pretty slow with things and school is gonna make my pace a lot slower as I am having to focus the most of my drawing time for my animation class, along with the home work from my other classes, that really eats up a lot of my time.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop with the blog all together, I’ll try drawing for it once every week, maybe I wont upload something every week but I’ll really try! Just please bare with me if the quality isn’t good or if it looks rushed, please Please don’t mistake the lack of uploads or anything as me not caring for this blog anymore, the fact I’m making time for it should show that I still love drawing Mana, right? Q vQ

Thank you for reading and following so far, I really hope we can continue to laugh and grow together! Please take this tiny bear Mana as a thanks~

I really fucking hate it when people explain the difference between tkd and karate like:
Well tkd does kicks and karate does both kicks and punches :)





that’s so simplistic and a general statement and biased like????? Makes no sense. Why yes we do not do punches in tkd??? There are no punches :) in a martial art :) that’s CALLED :) the way of kicking (foot) and punching (fist) :) :)

Kicks are emphasized, sure. We do not just NOT learn punches, though. Stop. Just stop.

*・°☆ 11 QUESTIONS ☆ °・*

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1. Favourite band? fall out boy 
2. Favourite dessert? listen i really love strawberries dipped in chocolate like,, reALLy love them 
3. Your best feature? (can be body wise or personality wise) i think my sense of humor is simultaneously my best and worst feature 
4. Who was your first friend? sephie
5. Dogs or cats? cats (im sorry i love dogs too)
6. Favourite fictional character? herMIONE GRANGER
7. Who is your favourite person at the moment? phil lester
8. Top three songs? right now it’s can’t help falling in love (tøp cover), starlight (muse), and that green gentleman (panic! at the disco)
9. Top three places you want to visit? cherry springs state park, mauna kea, and a twenty one pilots concert (pls this counts) 
10. Name one thing on your bucket list. this is kinda stupid but i want to make a blanket fort with friends 
11. What song is currently playing or was playing? gold by sleeping with sirens (10/10 would recommend)

Eleven questions for the tagged people to answer:

1. what’s something good that happened to you recently?

2. is there someone you trust completely? if yes, who?

3. what’s your favorite thing about yourself?

4. if you could go to any one band’s concert + meet and greet, which band would you choose?

5. who’s your best friend on tumblr? irl?

6. what’s your aesthetic?

7. if you were a mermaid, what color would your tail be?

8. what is something you regret?

9. if you could do anything for an hour and no one would have any memory of you doing it, what would you do?

10. what’s an inside joke you have with your friends?

11. name the first 5 songs you think of

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