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Okay, guys I just want to share with you all what just happened. This morning I received a notification on my ancient fanfiction.net account, which wasn’t really unusual because every other month I still get an alert about someone favorite-ing my story or following and even sometimes reviewing which makes my heart a little bit bigger, I admit it’s flattering to have someone like your cringe-era work. I even recently got a review that was so mean I decided to actually remove a whole story all the way back from 2010 or 2011 just so I wouldn’t get latent hate (bc even before that I got flamed for it) and I seriously regret taking it out now because of a review I got today in 2017 on a different story I posted back in 2011 when I was 14. 

This review right here:

And like…. I mean…. I just wrote those stories because I wanted my favorite couple in an anime I used to watch be together (and angst). I never meant to make anyone happy but myself and I sure as hell did not mean to inspire anyone and yet here it is? Tangible proof that this story I wrote when I was 14 because I was bored one summer actually touched someone into writing their own stories. And the fact that they went back to fanfiction.net, looked for this particular story, and comment on it just to say they were inspired by it just makes me want to cry because here we are years and years later I’m 20 right now and I’m having a crisis about what I should be doing with my life and if I should even continue writing and this person tells me I’ve inspired them? To be completely honest with you I even forgot about this story, but this person did not. This story was important to this person, it mattered to them. 

So bottom line: Write your stories. Don’t delete them even if they are the cringiest thing you’ve written in your entire life because someone will read it and it’s going to stay with them and it’s going to be worth it. 

When you only have 1 friend

I am laughing my ass off.
On the day of the new update, before turning off that weird location thing snapchat has going on, I took a minute to look at it and

my friend who lives 5 minutes away

okay lets zoom out a bit here..
How about the entire province?

… the Americas???

yall know alycia debnam carey was in dance academy? that means that 12 year old me saw her and thought nothing of it! she had no idea that 18 year old her would be THIRSTING for this girl! incredible! but also 12 year old me didnt really think she was a lesbian either despite her lowkey crushing on two!!! of her friends AND obsessing over spencer and ashley from south of nowhere….. funny how life works….

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aa feli i'm so happy for you to be able to attend pride!!! it makes me so proud and hopeful that i'll be able to attend the pride in my country and be able to be out to my family ;;v;; but, sorry if this is personal, you said that you're finally out :0c if it's okay to ask how you came out???

i came out only to my dad last year sldfj
he told my mom for me i didnt have it in me to repeat it to my mom or say it in front of both of them at the same time


i finished the first book of pjo the other day.. it was good. better than i expected