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As you probably know, this is about the (more official than S4 in the collective fandom’s eye) RP Twitter account for Sherlock Holmes (contactSH).

This is taking too long, I didn’t even get to the good part but here’s a start:

Part One of the thrilling saga (Jan29th til this morning)


. It was the anniversary of the day John and Sherlock met
. They went to dinner at Angelo’s and got drunk
. No taxi would take them, they stole a Boris bike to get to 221b
. (…)
. In the morning it was deduced ( @ikolism​ ) that Sherlock stayed in John’s bedroom

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what are your favourite blogs?

this is gonna be a long one. so kick up your feet, folks, and settle in for a wild ride.

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I need help with my documentation art concerning trans violence

after doing a performance piece last project, I became very interested in the documentation process and wanted to improve on that so I am going to do a documentation art piece.  

I want to create a piece on something very specific so at first I know it might sound weird:

I would like to do a piece on transgender people who have faced violence specifically from objects being thrown at them. From a car, from the sidewalk, out of a window, etc.

I want to take the information and create a piece with it, from it will have lots and lots of typed papers, documenting the injuries taken, and images provided, and all of the objects thrown will be repurchased by me and i will display them in the center, organized

If you are mtf or ftm in any way and have faced this situation, I would appreciate any information you can give about the incident

this can include:

item thrown

person who threw it

words that were said during the incident

your name (real name, alias, or anonymous, i  wont post your name if you do not want me to)

images of the injury if you took any, documents from hospital, police reports or incident reports filed, x rays of any kind

if you are willing to take a picture of yourself as is currently, straight foward, bust image for further documentation

area where the object hit you, date of when the incident occurred, time of day, anything you can remember about the entire situation. what you were wearing, where you were going, who you were with, any information you feel comfortable saying

if all you feel comfortable saying is something like “i am ftm and once a guy threw a water bottle at me from his car. i dont remember anything else and i didnt take any pictures” thats completely fine, 

you can contact me through tumblr, or my email which is hrybykmp@miamioh.edu  

title the email with trans violence and your name you would like to go by

If anyone could please reblog this for me, the more people I can get the better this project will be. i want this piece to be very powerful so i appreciate any signal boosts