didnt feel like putting it on my art blog


It sounds cliche, but fake it ‘til you make it! Of course, my confidence comes to me naturally, but even perfect people such as myself feel down sometimes! When I feel that way, I always try to put on a smile and brush off any dampened feelings I had a few seconds ago! Also, learning to not give a shit about stupid people is also a thing I do heehee~~ ;) <3

[ Mun: Thank you sm!! I’m happy you like my art :’)) ]



notice: these commissions are still open but i am planning on re hauling this sometime soon! hopefully to include gba fe style portraits and with newer examples!

its summer and i dont have a job right now. and i feel like im good enough to open commissions so let’s get this party started.

my email is jadesnap@gmail.com, email me any references, preferences, or anything else you want. this is all that’s available right now! i don’t think there needs to be much more, though. 

interactions between characters are good too! don’t feel discouraged since i didnt put any up as an example. i’ll update you on progress/ask you if it’s lookin good via email. 

i will scan and clean up traditional copic drawings. these are the drawings i use for my stickers! 

you have free reign to do whatever u want with it like go wild. 

once again, my email is jadesnap@gmail.com. currently i’m only gonna accept payment through paypal. MY EMAIL FOR THAT IS (you guessed it) jadesnap@gmail.com

(if you want more references my art blog is over here!)