didnt even really edit this lol




did anyone else notice that niall brought his new guitar onto the stage even though he didnt use it???? like, he just wanted people to see how beautiful his baby is… i cant with this kid anymore.


deji is a fucking idiot im done

he really accused si of taking drugs? SIMON? oh my days

and then he goes on to say he fucked some random girl named stella? like okay its a good thing you shouting out your underpaid employees but it has nothing to do with simon boo

and his ‘flow’… dont even try telling me it aint absolute shit cause it is

and the cringey edits - copying bruno mars much? at least his didnt suck lol

when we on subject of copying - eminem? really? really deji? i bet he still gets away w ripping off eminem because his subs werent even born when 8 mile came out fr

half of it were lies, some of it was honestly concerning - he shits in a urinal? what the fuck? i called it first, harry spit bare truth when he said deji was retarded lmao

i hope simon doesnt reply to this. dejis disstrack destroyed deji more than anyone else could.

Update ~.~

     I know you guys are probably waiting for your requests or waiting for me to post something but ive been seriously busy studying for my exams, and whenever i get free time i use it to sleep or rest or something, and when i do use that time to edit i always get like major art blocks like what the hell man, i keep trying but i always feel unsatisfied with the results haha but i wont stop.

     i also finished downloading aion, after 3 months haha im not even kidding, i really missed my skins >.<, i wanna say “missed my friends” but most of them quit and half of the ones in my friendlist deleted me, (lol im bitter haha) but i was inactive so i really shouldnt feel butthurt :B

     i didnt even bother editing this picture, so im sorry for my gross graphics lol, ill try to finish an edit this weekend after my tests >.< booooo!