didnt come out as great as i had hoped :

“Here, Lets share the blanket”

Adrienette one shot based off of these fluff starters

Rating: F(fluff)

Summary: the squad was chilling at Mari’s place but when Nino & Alya fell asleep they took two of the blankets… which meant Adrien and Marinette had to share;) (no nsfw/smut)

Author’s notes: hi! so this is technically my first fic so its not all that great but hopefully someone likes it. i plan on writing more in the future and hopefully i will improve. Enjoy


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You’re amazing and my most favorite senpai ever uvu! It’s been like 3 years ever since we met each other; and it’s a shame we don’t get to talk that much, but I really like you and appreciate you regardless <3 I hope you had a wonderful day, now, and always.