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my pictures for the pnf fanzine! :D one for summer belongs to you, and the final page spread WOO. looking back now i kinda wish i did more (like, a lot more) but, i still love these regardless

god, it was sooo much fun to draw the gang again, i miss these kids so much ;-;

if you like these you should really check out what the rest of the book has! they managed to get some pnf crew goodies in there too~ *u*

holy shit. holy fuckin shit. my new vacuum cleaner just arrived and its so cool. holy shit. succin my floor like there’s no tomorrow m’bois 

listen. i just am really happy that guzma, an abused and sad kid, grew up to make a whole team of people who didnt belong. gay kids. trans kids. bullied kids, kids with disabilities or speech impediments or terrible social skills. i’m glad he made them a club and gave them a chance to be happy. im glad plumeria is their protective big sister, someone who wants them to be safe and will do anything for them. im glad for team skull.

  • kara at some point im sure: why ....are you naked?
  • alex: i dont have any clothes
  • kara inevitably looking through the closet: you have jackets and shirts and and hi maggie i didnt think you belonged in a closet, and pants -

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What if MC had a younger, maybe hotter, sister that tried to flirt and seduce everyone in RFA + V and Saeran?

Jesus Christ DO I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS *well she was like one of my best friends and jesus pent up aggression gonna be on this post LOL 

MOD Saeran happily serving you :) 

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Langst HC's

heyo y'all, I know I mostly reblog other people’s hc’s, but i decided to write a few of my own–these will be messy and i probably won’t turn them into a fic, just thought I may as well try
Thanks, @klancetr0n
((WARNINGS–mentions of anxiety, depression, and self-hatred))

•Lance loved loved LOVED to dance back home
•He took dance classes for a little while, but then his family didnt have the money to send him anymore
•He tries to get on without it, but dance had always been his filter
•had a bad day? Go dance. Grades not good enough? Go dance. That cute person in class turned him down? Go dance. ((Bisexual Lance))
•even once he stopped taking lessons, he went downtown and looked in the windows of the studio to see if he could learn anything new.
• he continued to practice, and steadily excelled, even without a teacher
•when he went to the Garrison, it was harder to find time and a safe place to dance, as he was always studying or in class, and he was afraid to dance anywhere but the gym at night, for fear of being caught
•obviously Hunk knew, and encouraged it constantly, but sometimes Lance would get into inconsolable states where he would sit and stare at the wall for hours at a time
•the only things he would talk about was he was only at the Garrison because Keith was kicked out, and he didnt belong there
•Hunk knows the only thing to make him feel better was for him to go dance, but getting him to come to class when he was like this was a struggle, much less go out and do something alone
•in these fits, Lance’s agoraphobia (fear of wide, empty spaces or outside) increased dramatically, and the thought of the completely empty gym was terrifying
•he knew Hunk wouldn’t mind if he practiced in the room, but it would make too much noise, Hunk wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Besides, he couldnt bear people watching him dance. It was intimate.
•and then the whole lion-aliens-space fiasco occurs
•and Lance is so fucking terrified
•because ‘Oh my god it’s Takashi Shirogane I’m going to DIE’
•'Oh. Oh no. Of course. Keith’
•because Keith shows up right when Lance was actually going to be first for once in his life
•and now everyone thinks he can’t do anything but flirt and joke
•so he slowly retreats into his shell
•his anxiety is overwhelming
•he can’t practice on the training deck, Keith’s always in there
•he can’t practice in his room, he can barely extend one lanky leg
•so with nowhere to go and no one to talk to (the paladins all have their own rooms) he spirals into a swirlig mass of depression and anxiety
•terrified of not being able to help, of being a burden, and of not being loved
•but exhausted by the act of sitting up
•he stops coming to meals and training
•everyone but Hunk leaves him alone for a couple days-they think he’s sick
•but Hunk recognizes what’s up and tries to help
•Lance locks him out

•eventually, Lance comes out to eat, and everyone is shocked by his appearance

•normally beautiful, well-put together Lance, looks, well

•he has huge bags under his eyes and his hands are shaking like crazy and he looks scared as hell

•he tried to sneak away so they don’t see him, but it doesnt work

•cue Hunk explaining to everyone that Lance not being able to dance has made him super anxious

•and everyone goes to his door and quietly waits til he comes out
•they make him eat and sleep
•and keep and eye on him til he’s a little healthier
•he learns to manage his anxiety, and is given a designated hour to practice
•he doesnt know they all have hiding spots to watch him dance
•and hot DAMN, this boy knows what he’s doing


Wow that was supposed to be about dance and it just turned into Langst
I’m sorry
Do you like?
Maybe I will continue.

oh boy did i have a weird dream last night. of course, it was about the transcendence au, which is…a milestone? maybe? is dreaming about something you like a milestone of any kind? im considering it one. 

its long, so dream is under the cut. 

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the arya wanders around the world forever endgame theories bother me enormously lol. this is a character who always felt uncertain of her place in the world; from the very beginning, chapter one. she felt unloved and like an outsider who didnt belong. so if arya decides at the end “hey you know what?? my childish feelings and insecurities from when i was 9??? yeah those were totally correct and im gonna leave bc i still dont belong here bye.” is such a bad endgame. its so bad. theres literally no character growth to be found in this theory.

also arya is, in large part, defined by her pack. like what she wants more than anything is to be surrounded by those she loves and to care for them in return. “and her brothers and sisters were with herthey would never leave her”…..so why would she leave them? after the red wedding when arya’s lost the last of her family and thinks of herself as no one thats when she could’ve dropped off the face of the earth. arya as no one could leave and thats one reason why she joins the faceless men. “arya’s place was winterfell…only winterfell was gone.” with a hole in her heart and no where else to turn. but when she reclaims her identity and reunites with her family she won’t have any reason to abandon either. arya has been running from who she is for five books. because she was uncertain, grieving, and scared. her story can’t end with her doing the same damn thing.