didnt belong

listen. i just am really happy that guzma, an abused and sad kid, grew up to make a whole team of people who didnt belong. gay kids. trans kids. bullied kids, kids with disabilities or speech impediments or terrible social skills. i’m glad he made them a club and gave them a chance to be happy. im glad plumeria is their protective big sister, someone who wants them to be safe and will do anything for them. im glad for team skull.

  • kara at some point im sure: why ....are you naked?
  • alex: i dont have any clothes
  • kara inevitably looking through the closet: you have jackets and shirts and and hi maggie i didnt think you belonged in a closet, and pants -

my pictures for the pnf fanzine! :D one for summer belongs to you, and the final page spread WOO. looking back now i kinda wish i did more (like, a lot more) but, i still love these regardless

god, it was sooo much fun to draw the gang again, i miss these kids so much ;-;

if you like these you should really check out what the rest of the book has! they managed to get some pnf crew goodies in there too~ *u*

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"cas is my /best/ friend" dean has had friends, even if most were hunters. but dean knows he has a BEST friend makes my heart happy. and the best relationships start off with a great friendship. now if only dean can tell cas that. maybe cas wouldnt feel like he didnt belong, cause to dean, he always belonged w/ him. dean never seemed to interfere with cas going when he wanted but in reality he just needs to hear that dean wants him to stay. not as an angel friend but bc thats his BEST FRIEND.

i think one of the best things about the Netflix ASOUE is how they were able to successfully capture the quirkiness that those who read the books know and (hopefully) love without seeming too forced like how the movie felt at times. it also did a really good job of creating this world that didnt feel like it belonged in any known place or time like the books do.

I was thinking about Sara Lance’ s time in Salem:
The writers showed it in a funny way but I can’t imagine how she survived even a week there. She could have been proclaimed a witch from the start just because she is a single young woman who came from nowhere. She probably had to relay on the mersy of the people to give her food and clothes - at those times you can’t just find job and go to the store. I can imagine that every contemporary woman will be really strange especially if she is a little emancipated.
In a way I am dissapointed that the show didnt really show the depthness and complexity of the different time periods and what it means to live in them. Like when Sara Ray and Kendra were stuck in the 50s, we couldnt really feel what its like and probably Sara left for the league because she didnt belong in that period either. She is not a person who can just shut her mouth and for the time in Salem this probably means whitch


hi i just wanted to make it known that the account @/daughtersofsappho is SUPER transphobic. theyve deleted all the posts but they were openly telling trans women that they didnt belong on her blog and that they werent real women.

please stay safe people, if youre a trans woman youre a woman and you are beautiful and loved


Who is still in FFX/Leokumi hell (it’s me I am)

Edit: I realized the resolution was god awful and it’s been fixed

love you in the dark | [listen] | a mix for declan and kavinsky

i. holiest  glass animals feat. tei shi | ii. why’d you only call me when you’re high arctic monkeys | iii. waiting game banks | iv. body electric lana del rey | v. halo cage the elephant | vi. memo years & years | vii. wicked games the weeknd | viii. bedroom wall banks | ix. tessellate alt-j | x. coming down halsey | xi. retrograde james blake | xii. a little death the neighbourhood

tag dumping ships b/c i forgot to do this earlier.

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what the fuck made you think it was okay to draw Billy Batson, a YOUNG CHILD, in a sexual situation with an ADULT??????? in what world do they qualify as an "otp" instead of PEDOPHILIA? I wish people like you were all in jail where they belong.

I didnt draw Billy in a sexual position. His drooling on her shoulder… his asleep after movie night…

plus I even added him saying Courtney in his sleep.

Courtney as in Courtney Whitmore = Star Girl… His thinking about Star Girl in his sleep. They are wearing their clothes as well.

I dont know who you are but Im sorry for offending you and giving you the wrong impression in that drawing. That was not my intention. Again sorry. 

Ill take the drawing down. Im literally deleting it right now after I post this reply.

I wasnt trying to insinuate Pedophilia or anything. I read that pose as in Karen is shy and doesnt want to wake Billy up. But again sorry. 

I guess that drawing gave the wrong impression, Im not trying to support or showcase Pedophilia in anyway. 

This is where my mind and body can rest for a while in a hard journey ,this is where the wind blows my thoughts and bring my peace …here where im only a daughter of the land,a daughter of harvests , a creation made to belong this wonderful land,a keeper …but here is also the place of ancient battles,here remain the memories of those who died for an ideal,who died for something which didnt belong to the sons of men…why sorrow,why darkness is still on our path? The enemy must be drestroyed ,the sons of men should be led by this wind and become a tool of change …here where my questions demand answers…blowing wind let me know your secrets and let me be carried away to change  and be changed….look the battle field can be restored…look sons of men ,there is still hope …

Psycho!calum || part two

He loved everything about her, except the fact she wasnt his.


part one

A/N: A lot of you guys requested for a part two…so here it is! xxx 

luke: y/n please pick up your phone

luke: baby please tell me whats going on

Luke called y/n multiple times desperately wanting to get a hold of her. He was completely heart broken at the fact that she would just break it off so unexpected and to find out that his girlfriend never came home and the last person who was with y/n was Calum and so he called him wanting answers but it was dead. Something had to be off.  

The sounds of light rain coming from outside hit the window quietly filling the room with the same color as the dark clouds outside. You tossed around in bed as the rain fell harder and faster wanting Luke’s warmth. Instead you woke up with no one beside in an unfamiliar bedroom wearing nothing but an oversized t shirt that didnt belong neither you or Luke. 

You sat up from the bed taking a look at this room that was huge with walls painted white, decorated with expensive paintings and furniture and windows that took up most of the wall. It was something that could be featured on a magazine. 

Puzzled to how you ended up here, you took a tour around the lovely but empty house, walking on the cold tile floors in the dark calling for Luke. The rain came down harder with thunder roaring which wasnt helping the case of having no idea where you were.

You found yourself in the front of the house in the living room looking around when your breathe hitched seeing a tall figure outside in the patio completely drenched with smoke blowing away from him. 


You stepped outside cautiously walking towards him seeing him hunched over the glass pane smoking, “Cal?” stepping next to him to see if it was really him. He turned to you with surprise giving you a faint smile, “hey.” 

“um- what’s going on here? How did we end get here.” already jumping into conclusions. Calum took a huff of his cigarette looking out into the neighborhood. “This is my house. I drove you where last night.”

“This place? How could you afford something like this.” 

Calum shrugged, “Saved up. No one knows I own this place-well except you, I just come here for a getaway.” he explained taking one last intake on his cigarette before putting it out.

Your mouth making an ‘o’ with nodding with Calum. You were beginning to soak from standing outside in a storm looking at the neighborhood watching the clouds move away. 

“So can you take me back to Luke’s?” breaking the silence. 

Calum took a while to answer. He couldnt let her go and he wasnt going to. “That’s not going to happen.” looking into her eyes. Y/n looked at him baffled not sure by what he meant. “Calum take me back home.” she angered starting to become pissed off. 

Y/n waited for a response from him but Calum wasnt saying anything. So she stormed back inside heading for the front door until her were slammed against the wall by Calum covering her mouth. “I said your not going anywhere.” 

Y/n’s heart raced, shocked at the fact Calum was capable of ever doing something like this. She couldnt budge from his grip holding her by the waist, y/n was almost o the verge of tears seeing her best friend act this way. 

She pushed his hand away from her mouth trying to break loose punching his torso and sides but Calum grabbed a hold of her wrist, pinning her again on the wall with her hands above her head. 

“Calum stop!” she begged with tears running down her face. Calum felt awful wanting to do this to her but he felt like he had no choice. He loves her.

He led y/n into his room with her over his shoulder kicking and screaming for him to let her go. Calum throwing her down on his bed as he walked out of the room before she could catch up.  “I’ll be back.” he said locking his door from the outside with y/n stuck in the room bang on the door crying for help. 

its shit but request for part three !!!