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Baron Corbin: Shower Series.

No.2 of Shower Series.

“Fuck off, Baron!” (Y/n) shouted, walking off.

Baron had done it for her. What did he do? The real question she should be asking is what didnt he do.

She was in the hallway; calming down after her almost win in her match against Nikki. No win for (y/n) tonight. (Y/n) clearly won the match. But the ref didnt see it.

As she was wiping the sweat of her forehead, Nikki’ boyfriend (think of wwe superstar that you hate) came along and punched her.

“Ow! What the-?!”

“Thought you could sneak out with the victory tonight, huh? You poked her in the eye but the ref didnt see it. But who cares? Nikki still won!”


(Y/n) collapsed on the ground, her head pounding.

“Stop please!”

Nikki came along and stopped him.

“Now, babe…thats not right.”

(Y/n) held her breath slightly. What was Nikki planning?

“This is how you do it.”

Nikki began clawing at (y/n)’s face and arms and legs. Blood seeped through the cuts, wincing at the pain.


10 minutes later…

Breathing heavily and in immense pain, (y/n) tried to stand up. But she couldnt bring herself to do it.

“(Y/n)? Are you ok?”

“..Baron? Ok?”

“Yeah, i saw Nikki and her fella attacking you and-”

“Wait? You SAW? So you were watching them attack me?!”

“Yes but-”

“So why didnt you stop them?!”

“Because i-”

And that brings us up to date on how she was storming to her locker room.

(Y/n) wanted to scream and cry. She was pissed. Like, severely pissed.

How could Baron do this? Just leave her there getting attacked.


She felt all tingly. As in pain tingly. (Y/n) went to run the water in the shower.

Stepping in, the water burnt her skin and cuts. Her body was going slightly numb because of the pain.

Knock knock.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Baron.”

“What do you want?”

“Let me in.”

“Im in the shower…”

“I dont care. I want to see you.”

(Y/n) thought for a second and sighed. Turning the water off, she stepped out and wrapped a towel around her. She opened the door to see Baron.

“Ok. Come on in.”

Baron walked in and leaned against the side of the sink.

“So. What do you want?”

“To apologize. The reason i didnt do anything is because i wanted to see how strong you can be. Don’t get wrong, you’re really strong and that, but outside of the ring…”


“…i’m sorry…”

(Y/n) saddened and walked up to Baron.

“I’m the furthest thing from strong.”

Baron looked at her up and down. His breath started to get a bit heavy.

“Will you be strong if i did this?”

He peeled off her towel so her naked glistening body was showing. She didnt bother to cover herself up.

“Oh fuck…”

Baron cupped (y/n)’s breasts roughly. She moaned and traced his arms and then his chest.

“Baron…come in the shower with me…”

Oh don’t worry babe…i plan on doing so…“

She smirked and squealed as he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Kissing her roughly, he turned the water back on.
(Y/n) ignored the pain of the cuts as she was too focused on the pain in her lower region. The pain of Baron’s cock not being deep inside of her.

His lips moved to her jaw…then her neck…then her collarbone, trailing down slowly to her stomach and then he stopped.


Baron looked up and smirked. (Y/n) was confused but then she found out why he was smirking.

She felt the rough, wet flicks on her clit. The tiles of the shower wall wasnt allowing her to grip on anything. Yes, he was that good.

He reached up and placed her hands on his hair.

Thank god. Any sooner and she would have slipped on her ass.

And then she wouldn’t have felt 2 thick, long fingers plunge into her.

“Oh fuck!”

Baron kept on fingering her and began to abuse her neck in love-bites.

4 minutes later.

“I’m going to-”

(Y/n)’s orgasm was denied as Baron pulled out his fingers, bringing them to his mouth and sucking on them.

He lay her on the floor and brought her legs up and over his shoulders.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, let me just put my seatbelt on.”

(Y/n) and baron chuckled, before he thrust in her with his 8 inch.

“Ah! Jesus Christ!”

“N-nope. I’m Baron…”

Starting slowly, he began to thrust his hips forward. Gradually he picked up speed.

Soon, (y/n) was seeing stars.

“I-i cant keep…(grunt)…this up any longer…im going to cum so fucking deep inside of you!”

This set off (y/n) and she released her much needed orgasm.

One last powerful thrust, Baron released his thick hot load inside her.

“I…i think…we need another shower….”

“I think you’re right…daddy…”

He smirked and started round 2.

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monsta x as college students


  • has been in college more than 4 years because he doesnt overload himself with classes and takes like 3 or 4 classes a semester instead of people’s usual five 
  • you can tell he doesnt know whats going on in class but he does fine on tests you dont really know why
  • sits in the front and will stay after to talk to teachers because he didnt want to ask questions in front of hte whole class
  • doesnt really talk to anyone but will help with notes or clarify something if you ask 
  • stays the longest to take tests


  • always calls his mom when classes are done for the day
  • is in a frat and goes to parties but never drinks and makes sure people get back to their dorms safely after parties 
  • does pretty well in classes and almsot always comes to class because he knows his mom is working hard to pay for college 
  • will  ALWAYS share his notes like when you ask even if you jsut didnt want to come to class he’ll always be like “of course!!!” 
  • he has a practical major like engineering but has like. drama or something as his minor 
  • will confront religious protesters that come to campus 
  • confront as in like
  •  dance in front of them so like 500 students have him on their snap stories 


  • organizes stress relief activities during exam week and probably passes out candy to people in the library 
  • is always positive even when he has a lot to do 
  • probably is an RA in your dorm or soemthing and knows everyone on his floor and is very nice and helps everyone in any way he can
  • organizes movie nights in the dorm for sure
  • has started going to hyungwon’s dorm jsut to wake him up 
  • can tell you how to get to any building on campus even though hes never had clsses there 
  • doesnt get really good grades? is like passing but hes happy with it 


  •  a goddamn mess
  • is extremely organized and has like his schedule printed out in like a pretty color coded graph
  • gets to school like 4 hours before his classes just so he can get good parking and get shit organized before class
  • always has a coffee. always
  • catch him crying in the library on multiple occasions 
  • does so well and is so organized but thinks he does terribly every time he finishes a test even though he got a 100
  • when someone tried to move his notes to sit with him he will jsut look up and belike “fucking dont” 
  • ask him 4 his notes and he will demand a fucking doctors excuse he will NOT give his notes to people who just didnt want to come to class he worked TOO LONG and TOO HARD on them 
  • undereye concealer is his most used product 


  • always late for his first classes because he slept through his 5 alarms and his roommate has just stopped trying 
  • has msot classes in the afternoon or night 
  • wont do homeowrk in his dorm so he stays in the library really late until he finishes it
  • eats full meals in class but he sits in the back so nobody really cares or notices half the time
  • does modeling for art classes for extra cash 
  • joins study groups and goes to every SI session and generally just knows a lot more than people expect since hes late for class so often 


  • pulls papers and stuff out of his backpack like crumpled to shit because he doesnt own a folder and just shoves shit into the mess he calls a backpack
  • has headphones on at all times like in class and outside and when he has his music on between classes its like loud enough to be able to distinguish lyrics and shit
  • has a friend in every single class
  • didnt know there was an exam today.. never knows 
  • does his homework 5 minutes before class like literally standing outside the classroom
  • never studies (bc he didn’t know there was an exam) but does pretty good anyway because he really does pay attention in class
  • u would think the professors would hate him but they dont because he is actually a pretty good student just very disorganized 


  • kihyun wants to strangle this guy
  • says allt he hard classes are so easy 
  • will fight the professors on anyhing and everything like “i dont think that answer was wrong though” and the professor will get so fucking frustrated 
  • works very hard secretly but never shows it 
  • is in higher level classes even though hes a freshman 

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IM SORRY FOR THE TIDDIE POST LMAO. that being said........ what are your favourite Looks on the members (or just hoseok)


hoseok: ummm ok call me biased but im literally in lov w every single one of hobs looks bc every look is A Look but i really i adore the i need u/run era look on him like w the black hair omgfggg i love when he has dark hair nd the striped turtleneck nd the bomber jacket godsdfgfh he looked so pretty nd also he looks ! so good in chokers ! mnbfhbb i also love whenever he wears rose tinted glasses bc godddd its the cutest thing bc they really fit his personality 😍  also um the entire cypher pt4 get up is a got damb look he looks so big nd rich and so was all force one but really hoseok is so handsome and charming he really just looks so lovely in every single thing he wears he pulls off every single look he presents nd honestly its amazng 🤧💗💞😖  but mmmmmmm my fav is when he wears stripes nd also turtlenecks idk he just looks so perfect nd sweet in them he was made for turtlenecks…..

yoongi: any monochromatic black outfit 😛  also i really like his black hair iont kno homeboy jus look really good in black……….

jin: that one pink hoodie he owns ! is my favorite ! he just looks so good in pink like it really is his color.. 

tae: i just reallly like his style like hes developed his own look and i think its so cute w the gucci slides nd the super baggy clothing i think its so adorable.. also the king of skirts nd formal wear ? he just looks,, exceptionally good in formal wear….

namjoon: the golf shirt w the donut socks um never forget our fashion icon.. also i forgot what photoshoot it was but he looked hella greasy nd it evoked somethin in me

jimin: mhgfjhb,,,mmmmm ok so,, i aint gon say nuffin but,, dis look right here…….

jungkook: its none of my business but the outfit he wore during the baepsae practice video…. 🤤

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SO about an hour ago the grumps posted their phone number on twitter and said call us we r gonna record the call. So i was like shit….i gotta. So i did. I waited…..and waited…and waited for 4 minutes and i was losing hope but i hung up and tried again and it rang…and rang…and 30 seconds later…click. A voice came up on the other line. It was Ross. He said “hey whats up” then i heard Barry say “hey” and Suzy say “hi!”. I freaked out i was like “holy shit i cant believe i got through”. Ross asked if i had a question and i froze…i didnt….i said “thats a…good question” unfortunately before i could ask my question he (ross…my boy) said “well we gotta go we have a ton of calls” i said “oh okay um….i love you guys and i hope you have a good night !” I heard them all (ross, barry, and suzy) say bye and they hung up. Im still shaking holy fucking shit. These guys mean so much to me and to get to talk with them even for a minute made my whole life better immediately. Im still shaking im so happy aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAああああああ

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ARGH if Perry wasn't for Aaron I would so want to date that big lovable dork. ;m; Ah damn I love him/// But enough of me embarrassing myself. I don't know if anyone have asked this yet, but why does Perry wear those beautiful white gloves all the time?

i need to wrap u in a blanket anon im sobbin lmao,,, SO PURE……..IM GLAD!

In complete honesty, it’s writing I retained from an older draft of wt 97 that I’m pretty sure is going to stick anyways, but haven’t really ironed out all the way to give a confident answer :|;;; Contextually/on a day to day basis it’s culturally accepted, if not somewhat expected of most Evarian Guard members to wear gloves for protection. I mean it’s part of the uniform but also, that.

The gloves can come off (heh) every now and then, usually for hygienic reasons. To actually sort of answer the question, the practice of wearing a pair to sleep depends from person to person (some avoid or begrudgingly do it; Perry does it near-consistently as a practiced habit. It’s probably not very comfortable at first.)

I’m also pretty sure half of everyone’s wardrobe is just gloves, and probably the universally disliked part of laundry day.

final project of the year is “creating media content and again, i am SO EXCITED FOR IT”

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In order to save you: 3, 5, 16, 23, 24

Thank you for succumbing to my emotional blackmail. You have earned the title of my personal sunbeam. xx

3.  When you’re alone in the middle of the night and you can’t quite get to sleep, what do you think about? “Going to sleep” doesn’t count.

Depending on how tired I am, it will either be some philosophical ruminations or building scenarios with my favourite fictional characters being sickeningly domestic and in love. Don’t judge me. Who “thinks” abut going to sleep, anyway?

5.  What is the opposite of love?


16.  Do you have any special or magical memories you’ll always have with you?

I try to think all memories are special, and keep them with me, regardless of whether I like them or not. But magical? Definitely coming back to my hometown for Christmas for the first time when I started studying abroad. The quiet evenings, smoking in the snow, warm coffees with my best friends, my mum’s breakfasts.

23. Do you believe people need breaks from each other, even if they’re deeply in love?

Definitely. You both need some quality time on your own and just some time apart from your loved one. To put you into perspective, to let all the little grudges die down, to keep it all healthy and never forget that you are, most of all, an independent person. Plus, there is nothing quite like the reunion cuddles. 

24.  What do you find most beautiful in people?

Passions, I love hearing people talk about their hobbies, be it the fine arts or plumbing. The ability to love. Gentleness.