didnt anyone have seen this


story of daniel and his cats and how he didnt realize they were actually female…tWICE lol 

have you seen anyone so happy talking about their cats :””)) i hope rooney and peter make an appearance on their reality show (if that’s possible) 

// Well, slap my ass and call me Spanky McGee! I never expected 400 of ya’ll to give a rat’s tush about my interpretation of Aversa! How it feels my heart with joy to know others appreciate my sadistic sorceress! Either you all are horribly twisted, or simply have great taste. Perhaps both? Who cares! You’re lovely regardless!
Thank you SO much for supporting and threading with me! Being in this fandom is such a blast! I love each and every single one of you, okay? Fire Emblem is such a fantastic series. It’s only right the fandom is just as swell! My appreciation for allowing me to get to know you wonderful people knows no bounds! 

Now, let us get to the listing! 

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im sad that the me portrayed in canon wasnt so special, i only got 5 lines and i remembered it was because for a long time i had depression and was convinced i was in a dream or smth so i didnt talk to anyone. yall should have seen me when i was still taking photographs of the stars or when i was dating juice, those were funner times -hubble from 17776


ask from @laneeyatheredroyal (accidentally didn’t finish the ask and then deleted it) 

Ren wandered alone, his family lost, his home gone. He had somehow managed to escape that thing and he had been walking for days, he didnt know if anyone else made it out, he thought he may have seen a few people but he wasn’t certain… Hunger and loneliness was slowly settling in as he tried to find someone, or some place he could take for shelter and hopefully get something to fill his depleting stomach.

The only thing keeping him sane was his semblance which was keeping him calm and level headed even after that massacre he escaped. His stomach made a noise and he held his hand over it, a pained expression on his face. He looked down, his feet were sore and he was covered in dirt and soot from the flames back at his former home from when he escaped.

Looking up, he saw a light. Whether it was a town, or a house, or anything, he didn’t care; it was safety. He weakly stumbled his way there.