Look at these two extremely good dogs

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Spy with C3 and Heavy with E6? =D

I haven’t drawn these dorks in a long time c:

vv Why would you do that to sandvich spy?? vv

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ooooooooo padme's family headcannons?

I don’t think I have particularly well fleshed out ones. It’s more of a rejection of the AotC deleted scene version of them where they act like she’s a college sophomore visiting home during the semester break, instead of 1) a career politician who has been in office since age twelve or 2) a politician who suffered an extremely public assassination attempt that she then discussed on the floor of the Senate. Her family is both too normal, in terms of seeming just like an American family happy to see their visiting daughter, and BAFFLINGLY and DISTURBINGLY ignorant of her life. Seriously, your kid is in the Senate and you don’t watch her speeches? You don’t call when she’s nearly been assassinated? And that’s without getting into Anakin, the nine year old former slave/Jedi who saved your entire planet during your daughter’s reign as Queen.

So, yes, I rejected the AotC characterization of them as utter nonsense. I don’t have much that is better to replace it with, though.

I do recall Luceno depicting them in Darth Plagueis (which, guys, is obviously about much more than Plagueis himself) as old Naboo nobility, with Ruwee as both politically canny and an academic. I don’t actually like the idea of Naboo nobility at all, though it would explain their odd political system – one whereby noble families install their children as figurehead leaders to reign over a peaceful society where 99% of everything is already legislated to perfection. I don’t think that’s evident in Jamillia and I think it undercuts who Padme is and the point of the story to make it that everything goes back to venal political manipulations. Good people fall victim to corrupt systems. And sometimes good systems are manipulated by bad actors. I don’t feel like everything has to be tainted.

I like the idea of Ruwee and Jobal as academics or high achievers who always expected the most from Padme. I don’t take them as stage parents, but as people consumed by their own ambitions and entirely okay with Padme being the same, even with all the pressure it put on her as a child. I think that Padme necessarily has to be distant from them because she never seeks them out for support during RotS – nor do we see her contact them even once during TCW, when there was plenty of room for expansion on Padme’s life story. We got a Rodian “uncle” for her, but nothing at all with her family. So I think they were proud, I think they loved her. I don’t think they were close or affectionate.

I think you also need to infer a certain amount of tradition into her family. The holy man who marries Anakin and Padme is from Naboo. And while I think Anakin would very much like his marriage to be sanctified in the Force, I don’t think there’s much reason to think any old holy man would do for him – unless that was Padme’s input. And again, it goes toward the lack of support that Padme has outside of Anakin. If her family were one to scoff at Jedi traditions (even as they appear somewhat ill understood by outsiders), then Padme easily could have asked for help. So there is a combination of Naboo’s own traditions at work and respect for the Jedi Order, preventing Padme from telling anyone about her marriage.

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