Just want to tell the people who are getting screenshots from the “Razildor’s Follower Thank you Screenshots that I am working on them slowly, just it’s been busy since it’s the holidays and stuff. and I haven’t had much time to sit down and take much for it. I will be quicker once after the 25th or New Year hopefully :) So don’t worry! You will be getting them screenshots! :D

Oh man, I’m so excited! The nest I just had hatched ended up with two girls, both with the primary/secondary combo I was looking for! Neither of them came out with the tertiary I initially wanted, but oh man, I think the cinnamon gal is so much better than the dragon I was originally going for!

I mean, look at her!

It just, gah it just matches so well with the accent color in murk butterfly. I’m keeping her. 

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A Movie Theater Got Its Audience To Use Their Phones So It Could Teach Them A Lesson


I don’t know if it’s just me, but this line surprised me so much but in the good way?

He isn’t worried about the possibility that people see him in a situation like this with an other man.
He is just worried people think he doesn’t take the competition seriously. 

For any other anime with fanservice it would have been some teasing like “they’re gonna think I’m gay / dating a man” or else. 

So this is making me so much happy because it convinces me even more this ship is treated seriously, and not just like some queerbaiting since the question of gender hasn’t even been mentioned once in this anime!!!