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I’m confused with you guys… Vicki’s has written about how open her and Misha are in terms of their sexuality, Misha is constantly making jokes that allude to his most likely not being straight, and he’s 100% an ally of the LGBTQ community

So why are you freaking out about this? 1. Is this really news to you? And 2. He hasn’t come out and actually said anything yet so let’s just simmer down.

Please Don’t Bite Pt. 1 (Samantha x Adrian)

@kingsman-alpha I decided to split the AU I was telling you about into parts because it got TOO long. Think of these as mini-chapters from now on, I guess. It’s set in the Howl universe, which I realized is very different from TW, so I hope that’s okay :)

“He’s an Argent.”

Something inside Samantha snaps. Her eyes flash; hazel to a menacing green. The words cause her hands to ball into fists, nails dig into the soft flesh of her palm, perhaps to keep herself from setting something on fire. Again.

She turns to the reasoning behind her irritation, weary gaze drawing upwards to fully inspect the Alpha beside her. Out of the 365 days in the year, today is not the day Samantha needs to be fucked with, especially not by Derek Hale. The wolf wears a permanent frown etched across his face, gives off the impression that he’s pissed off at the world – and he has every right to be. She’s accustomed to this expression, to the anger and accusation in his eyes; after all, blame is what Samantha’s known all her life.

“You’ve officially lost it, Stilinski. I don’t know what you were thinking,” Derek rebukes, doesn’t bother to lower his voice as his green eyes plant themselves on the Argent boy’s back. His upper lip raises into a grimace, enough to see sharp canines drawing from his mouth. “I don’t want him in my pack. I don’t like it.”

My pack.

Samantha can’t help the choking feeling rising in her throat. She wants to reach out and slap him so hard that his ears ring. Where were you when the pack needed you? When they got to us and we refused to give you up? Where were you when I needed you? There’s poison dripping at the tip of her tongue, ready to be aimed at Derek, in order to hurt him the same way she was. But Samantha knows better, swallows the poison, like she does time and time again, to protect him from what she really feels. You lost the pack, she wants to say, the day you lost yourself.

“I don’t care if you don’t like it,” Samantha states instead, rather bluntly. She’s exhausted, doesn’t want to hear anymore complaining. It’s a full moon, and there’s too much to do – like round the newbie shifters to the tunnels and make sure they don’t kill anyone, so really, she has no time to nurse Derek’s fragile feelings. “Adrian will stay with me tonight, since you’re too busy being an incompetent leader.”

Derek tightens his stubbled jaw, so tight she swears she can hear his teeth grind together. “He’s killed people, Samantha.”

There’s truth in his words, Samantha can’t deny it. She also can’t judge Adrian – Derek shouldn’t either – when there’s plenty of blood on her own hands. “Haven’t we all?” she asks, and she expects the silence that follows.

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I had a dream Oscar Isaac was a murderer and in love with me.

I really love when everything is my fault. Really makes me feel good about myself

I really don’t want to be here anymore