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Order me To Go, starting at $9.99, comes with two sides and a drink

gloriagilbertpatch 90% of the time i eat a turkey sandwich (or really any kind of deli meat sandwich), the sandwich is bread, the tiniest bit of mayo just so the bread’s not gross and dry (not enough mayo to actually add any taste because i don’t really like mayo that much but mayo > mustard because to me mustard has one of the most vile tastes on earth) and the turkey. maybe also a slice of cheese, but not often because i rarely buy sliced cheese.

this only applies to sandwiches that i make for myself at home.

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To respond to this ^ although I get where you’re…

Hmm, I understand and actually agree with most of what you’re saying because you’re not wrong. The thing is, I don’t think I’m wrong either. I just think that it’s all more complicated than we think it is and that there is more going on behind the curtains than we can ever imagine. 

Maybe I was hasty with my answer because I’m not so familiar with the other groups as I am with Super Junior so I can’t or shouldn’t talk about them, but I think that you can’t compare these groups. It’s like comparing people. You just can’t. It’s impossible because everyone deals different with hardships. Maybe EXO and SNSD need more time. We don’t know about their bond and I also believe that the time the group spent as a group is important. But yeah …
As I said, I agree with you and honestly I just love Super Junior for the points you mentioned because they give off the feeling that no matter what happens and no matter how bad it is, it will be ok. But I’m just saying that the groups shouldn’t be compared because it’s not fair to anyone and doesn’t do anyone any good.

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I am 100% up for Dan going on a feminist rant because I think we all know hes not a misandrist (aka feminazis) or a misogynist. I think he's the type to know how to intelligently express his opinion and not being too onesided, opinionated and overly agressive. He's not stupid, I mean hes a cis male but anyone can be a feminist if they understand the actual concept of feminism and not get it mixed up with misandry, u get what i mean? Hopefully no one bashes him bc he's a cis male. ._.

I understand what you mean and I agree! The thing is many feminists think that men don’t belong as feminists because women must be protagonists in a movement that is trying to free them from patriarchy. While I do agree that ofc women must play the biggest part and be the leaders, I think men ABSOLUTELY have a big role to play in the movement as well if we’re striving for equality, which is what feminism should be by definition (although some people, like you said, go to crazy extremes and drag the movement through the mud with them). 

I can put this on record here that as a feminist myself, the idea of a male idol (with mainly a female teenage following, which is even more relevant in that case) talking about feminism in a mainstream channel with almost 5 million subscribers would be a DREAM for me! Especially someone as smart and well-spoken as Dan Howell. I’d be ALL OVER that and I don’t think the fact that he’s a cis male who (may) identify as straight puts ANYTHING he says into question or make him less relevant in any way.

Do you know why? Many of these girls look up to him. He’s an example for SO MANY young girls, they relate to him, they LISTEN. We can’t deny that. And if he talks about what feminism really is and why we should all be feminists, many of these people will try to see this side of the story and stop putting stereotypes about what feminism is above what it ACTUALLY has been about all along. 

I feel like so many young girls are afraid to say they are feminists (I’ve been there!) and if they saw Dan doing it, they may be less scared to do so. If they REALLY understood, maybe we could bring more people into this beautiful movement. As someone with a huge internet following, I’d say Dan is definitely the most appropriate person to talk about it, because he expresses himself SO SO well and he’s so respectful of other people’s choices and his videos are just such an inspiration… This is making me too emotional I’ll stOP

So, ofc I disagree completely that him being a cis male would make any difference in that case because it would still be geared towards educating people about what feminism really is and how you can help raise awareness. His voice has the potential to help a lot if he ever decides to do it. I know it’s a very serious issue, however, so I don’t know how involved in that he would personally feel comfortable being in his position and all.

We can’t deny that there will be people going at him for it. Definitely! But we need to educate them on the importance of something like that. Honestly, if he does that video I’ll probably spend A MONTH fighting everyone who hates on him for it LOL

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If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to ten followers who make you happy or some you feel need cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♔

Today must be my lucky day. :D Even though it’s past 2 AM now shhhhh 

Thank you, Anon! 8D 

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incubus and succubus (observe it says something, not someone)

ahh thanks!!!

Succubus: What’s one thing you can’t live without?
ah shit uh confirmation I think?? it sounds really pathetic but it’s true. if I have to pick something a bit less sad it’d probably be information!! got this constant thirst for it and I literally feel drained without my regular amount of input. these are both very human needs hahah.

Incubus: What would someone have to do to get in your pants?
well I mean technically (provided I actually own a pair of pants which is unknown to the public) you’d have to get some part of yourself into my pants ;9

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so theres this guy at my work, and he’s talking to this other guy next to him, and he’s talking about this picture of food that he saw on the internet - and he liked scoffed and said “that must be like a 10$ plate of food” and the guy was like “huh?”   and the first guy was like “it’s some kind of fish, and like, it’s real fannncy”   and he said fancy real weird, enunciated it weird, and he ended with “it must be real expensive”. … 

and i just.

10$ for a plate of fish is expensive to you?

and i know the guy, through a friend, a bit, so he’s a bit more than an aquantince, and i just… i just want to ask him “10$ ??? for a plat e of food? is expensive to you??”