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It was a close tie between Nocturne and Noctis/Noctus, the Latin term for night. Thank you so much to my amazing friend who had agreed to help me turn my crappy outline into a script!! Bless her soul.

Heyo guys!! So sorry about the hiatus, I’m still actually on it, but I whipped up this quick drawing in celebration of our sweet Juju ❤️

I’m still in awe of all my incredible friends (irl and here on tumblr) who have agreed to help me bring this AU to life. Like seriously, what the hell have I done to deserve you guys?? I promised myself to do one big shoutout once the dust of this major project clears!

If it wasn’t very clear, I’m planning on turning this AU into several mini comics, with one actual solid plot for each route. My aim is to showcase the amazing skills of both writing and art of all my friends, as well as further improve my own! My team of besties have banded together, but honestly, I’m going to need all the help I can get. If you are willing to contribute some time to help, I swear to the good lord almighty, it would be very much appreciated. I would adore you forever. Promise^^

Actually, just hit me up with a chat if you are interested in knowing where the plot is going to go! I won’t be able to spoil all the details on what’s actually gonna happen in each route, but I’d accept all your comments and suggestions and take them into consideration!! So yep, all your efforts would be appreciated and praised by yours truly. I babbled too much, so I’ll end it now!! I hope you all have a lovely day ❤️❤️❤️


Update Incoming ⭐ (Also Simblr Selfie Sunday! Yey!)

I want to thank everyone that has taken the time you check up on me over the past few days, your support and encouragement mean the world to me. I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who have shared their own experiences with me, offered kind words of encouragement and even offered advice to help me through this process. I know that my departure was abrupt and it left a few of you confused, I received a lot of asks wondering whether or not I’ll be returning, and I want to reassure those of you who were worried, I definitely am. 

Further Explanation Under The Cut! 

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As far as I can tell, no! But the shipping might get a little pricey depending on where you live.
(When you go to checkout, they should give you an amount for shipping. If it is absolutely ridiculous, it’s never to late to back out.)

I agree! Something about holding books, smelling the pages, and feeling the paper makes it feel more personal and memorable. Especially the smell. Like of old books that are nearly falling apart. So good.

Just LOVE, Friend. ;)


(Yes it’s Radmond fanfiction featuring two OOC boys probably) 

KO had been the one to find the first rose. He’d been cleaning up after the first official Plaza Prom, and had found the somewhat wilted flower laying on the punch table. He hadn’t thought much of it, really he only mentioned it to Rad and Enid because he felt sad that somebody had forgotten their flower. “I know if I’d gotten Mommy a fancy rose and she’d lost it, she’d be super upset about it!”, he explained, giving his two best friends the KO Puppy Eyes. 

That’s how Mr. Gar’s shop ended up having a vase (KO had made it himself out of macaroni, somehow…) with a much happier looking rose resting in a couple inches of water. Nobody questioned it, probably because nobody really cared, but the little addition seemed to brighten the shop a bit. KO was convinced someone would come in and recognize the flower, even though Rad insisted that nobody would remember “Some dumb flower” well enough to actually miss it to begin with. 

KO, with his ever present optimism and selective hearing, decided that someone would definitely come in just to get their lost rose back. Enid just shrugged and hid her smile behind some trashy gossip magazine. She was the one who found the second rose, along with a rather short poem. 

“Jeez, listen to this guys!”, she called, giving the rose a precise, gentle kick so that it landed safely into the vase. Rad and KO crowded around the counter, eager to hear what the note said. Enid cleared her throat and began reading in the cheesiest romantic voice she could muster. “This rose is red, quite a beautiful hue, but I prefer instead, flush of the color blue.”, she started, striking a couple of dramatic poses for good measure. Rad snickered at her antics while KO looked positively awed by the poetry.

 "Enid, that was so beautiful! Who do you think could write something so amazing?!?“, he asked, hopping in place excitedly. Enid rolled her eyes and slipped the note under the counter, the gears in her head turning. "I dunno, KO. Whoever it is clearly has it bad for someone.”, she replied, giving Rad a sly grin. It went unnoticed, as Rad picked KO up and let the little hero rest on his shoulder.

 "Man, who writes poetry anymore? Why not just ask someone out?“, he asked, giving KO a little head pat. He smirked and flexed before he bragged, "I guess some guys just have it hard. Not everyone can be as cool as me!” KO agreed happily, and the store employees soon got back to their work. And by that I mean KO did whatever menial tasks Enid and Rad didn’t feel like doing. 

A few days later, after a particularly difficult fight with Raymond that involved bad sports puns, a chicken, and a possessed television set, the trio tramped back to the store. They were exhausted, even hyper little KO was quiet for once, and he probably wouldn’t have noticed the rose if it weren’t for the fact that one of the thorns pricked his foot. 

After a little sniffling and first aid care from Enid, the trio managed to find yet another poem to go with the rose. A slightly trampled rose was levitated into the vase, and KO was given the honors of reading this poem since he’d found the rose.

 "The ocean reminds me of you, not only for the color, but of the way I drown in its depths, like I do with your eyes.“, he recited, blinking a couple times in confusion. "Is this guy super tiny or something? How could you drown in someone’s eyes if you weren’t super small?”, he asked, looking up at Enid from the spot he’d taken on her lap. “Well, it isn’t-”, she began, not at all surprised when Rad cut her off. 

“It’s not like, something literal. This person means they get caught in someone’s eyes really badly, and can’t like, look away from them because they’re mesmerized by their beauty.”, he replied, not noticing the weird look he got from Enid for a second. However, he quickly added, “I mean, I guess they could be super tiny? I don’t know dude, poetry’s too lame and nerdy for me to get." 

KO bought it entirely, but Enid didn’t. She didn’t call Rad out though, and simply tucked the note away with the other one. "Well, either way… Someone in the bodega clearly has an admirer.”, she stated, moving KO from her lap to the counter. He got all starry eyed at the prospect, momentarily forgetting he was supposed to be hurt as he jumped to his feet. 

“Then we gotta find this secret admirer, and help them confess!”, he exclaimed, realizing a second too late that he’d just put weight on his injured foot. Enid and Rad spent the next half hour soothing a crying KO as they treated his boo-boo. His little mission was pushed to the side for a couple days, until they found the fourth rose. 

Or, more accurately, Mr. Gar found the fourth rose. After a long, awkward minute of stuttering and avoiding eye contact with the employees, he handed over the rose and the attached note before he hurried off to his office. Before Enid or KO could get a chance to even see the note, Rad used his cool powers to levitate over to himself. 

Unlike the other two, his eyes scanned the words a few times before he read it. “I was never programmed to pine, yet I find myself doing so for you, my mechanical heart is no longer mine, it belongs to the alien of blue.”, he mumbled, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. KO and Enid went really quiet for a second, then Enid burst into hysterical laughter while KO got the hugest grin on his face.

 "Rad, do you know what this means?!?“, he shouted, running up to his best friend with that starry look in his eyes again. "It means you’re the one with the secret admirer! Oh man, I wonder who it is? It could be anybody, you’re so cool and strong and who wouldn’t like you?”, he rambled, pacing around the floor quickly. Rad only scoffed, his cheeks darkening slightly. 

The note was crammed into his pocket, though, even as he insisted nobody with good enough taste to like him would confess through a cheesy poem. Still, for the rest of his shift he went about with a little, content grin on his face. Anytime his eyes would wander over to the growing collection of roses, that familiar flush would creep up the back of his neck and spread to his cheeks. 

KO began analyzing the notes from before, using his half hour break to call Dendy in for her genius. She brought some weird little machine along, and fed the two scraps of paper to it despite Rad’s little cry of protest. “This is a highly developed machine I’ve constructed myself, Radicles. There is merely a 0.001% chance that the chemical processes the papers are going through could cause any sort of physical damage to their structure. Besides, you’ll find that even if the papers are damaged, the results will more than make up for that.”, she explained, looking up briefly to make sure he was following before looking back to the machine. 

Eventually, the screen went blank before it was filled with page after page of text. Dendy looked it over closely, KO grinning from ear to ear as he waited for the results. Enid seemed disinterested, as always, and seemed to be enamored by the bright screen of her phone as her fingers flew across the keyboard. 

“Judging by the prose your admirer uses, and the chemical traces my machine has detected on the paper… I would say your admirer is not only quite smitten with you, but he is also that of a mechanical nature.”, she finally said, nodding slightly to herself. At Rad’s blank look, Dendy sighed and reiterated, “Your secret admirer really likes you, and he’s a robot.” KO let out a huge gasp of surprise, while Rad seemed stunned into silence. “We don’t even know that many robots! What if it’s Darrel?!? Or… Or Mr. Boxman?!?”, he cried, looking distressed at the thought of their arch nemesis having a crush on Rad. 

“Oh please, Mr. Boxman isn’t even fully mechanical, he just makes robots. Besides, he’s too busy fawning over his client to think of Rad like that.”, Enid commented. She smirked as she sent off another text, then finally put her phone down. “It’s clearly Raymond. Darrel doesn’t have any other interests besides making his dad proud, and Raymond is the only robot we know that’s cheesy enough to write poetry. And honestly, who else would use the word pine besides him?”, she added, quirking an eyebrow at them all. 

Dendy seemed pleased enough with the results of her machine, and bid KO and his friends goodbye before she left. Rad was still in a state of shock, his brain still processing everything. Even when Mr. Gar came by and yelled at him for not working, he was slow to start stocking the shelves. KO was mildly worried for his best friend, and didn’t understand how Enid seemed so calm and matter of fact about the whole situation.

 "Isn’t… Isn’t this bad, Enid?“, he asked quietly, head tilted to the side in confusion. She tensed slightly at the question, and put her phone down once more so she could bring KO to eye level with her. "Why exactly would it be bad, KO?”, she asked, keeping her voice low. A little worry crept into her chest when she could see KO struggling to put his thoughts into words. 

“Well… Rad’s a good guy! And… And Raymond is a bad guy! I thought bad guys only liked bad guys and good guys only liked good guys!”, he finally blurted out, immediately looking embarrassed. Enid let out a huge sigh of relief, glad that she wouldn’t have to have /that/ conversation with KO. 

“Well… People don’t decide who they like, KO. Neither do robots, I suppose. You just like who you like.”, she explained, giving him a soft smile. KO nodded slowly, then brightened up almost immediately. “You mean like how you like Red Action-”, he began, the rest of the sentence muffled when Enid clapped a hand over his mouth. “KO, you need to help Rad with the bottom shelves!”, she demanded hurriedly, tossing him over to the super soft pillows on aisle seven. The little hero let out a happy cheer as he flew through the air, and landed with a nice bounce on the pillows. 

For nearly a whole month after that, the roses and poems weren’t mentioned. KO tried to bring them up at one point, but a silent stare from Rad had him quickly changing the subject to a video Enid had shared. KO and Enid scoured the little store for another rose and poem, but always came up empty handed. That is, until KO went out back to take the trash out during Rad’s break. 

He barely managed to withhold a gasp of surprise when he saw Raymond there, a smug look on his face as he presented Rad with a bouquet of roses. “Dude, I swear if you wrote more than one cheesy poem…”, Rad threatened, the dark flush on his face instantly negating any intimidation he had going for him. “Why, Radicles my darling, you know the rules! One rose, one poem! And since I got you 12 roses…”, Raymond trailed off, giving Rad a rather wicked grin. 

Rad let out a very flustered sound and snatched the roses away from Raymond, grumbling under his breath about annoying boyfriends. “I’ll read them later, you giant nerd.”, he said, the grin tugging at his lips causing KO to scream internally. His idol was an even bigger softie than he’d thought! “Well, I’m afraid I must deprive you of my presence, my darling! Might I steal one last kiss to remember you by?”, Raymond asked, batting his eyelashes innocently. 

Rad rolled his eyes and pulled his boyfriend in for a quick kiss, pulling away a few seconds later with a flushed face. “You’re literally going to see me at the diner in three hours, dude. I guess I can’t blame you though. Three hours without me must seem like three days to you, Mr. ‘Oh how I pine for thee’.”, he teased. KO was then left to question how a robot could be capable of blushing as much as Raymond was able to blush. The robot in question left quickly after that, and Rad let out the most un-rad giggle before he turned around to head back inside. He froze when he saw KO standing there, a nervous sound passing his lips. 

“Rad…”, KO began, shaking his finger at his idol in a scolding manner. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you guys were dating! How would I have known to start planning the wedding, huh?”, he asked, giving Rad an upset look. Rad only sputtered in response, the thought of a wedding between him and Raymond too much for his poor brain to handle. Enid poked her head out the back door, looking mildly annoyed with both of them. “Dude, your break is over. Sneak kisses with your dorky boyfriend on your own time, not on store time.”, she griped, pulling them both back inside after she kicked the trash into the garbage bin. 

As embarrassed as Rad was that KO had found out, and Enid had apparently known the whole time, he was mostly relieved that neither of them seemed upset by the fact that he and Raymond were together. In hindsight, he thought, he should’ve known from the beginning that they wouldn’t care. When it came to their blue friend, all they ever wanted was for him to be happy. And if he was happy with a dorky, pun spouting robot, then who were they to judge? 

He couldn’t help but smile as he clocked back in and went to work, a new spring to his step as he stocked the shelves. Enid and KO stopped looking for roses, and Rad stopped hiding them from everyone. The vase was once more full of beautiful roses, and the tension that had lingered in the shop had dissipated.

 Mr. Gar didn’t really know what was going on, but he didn’t question it because Rad was actually doing his work and getting it done on time. As long as his employees weren’t doing drugs or slacking off, who was he to judge?

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Miranda, my angel, it's that time again: i need a new phone background and only Michael will do. SHARE DAT GOOD SHIT. i know your Michaelpics folder has to be ridic by now 😏

you didn’t specify how many… so… here’s my top three and some extras are under the cut!!!

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“you are my little sunshine, jungkook”
 “no! i dont want to be a little sunshine”
“hm? what do you want to be, then?” 
“i wanna be a big sunshine, i wanna be everything. i dont want to be little or small, i want to be able to protect you, from all the bad things in the world.” 
“uh kook…w..” 
“shhh baby im here nothing will happen to you i will save you from everything, because you are my little sunshine.” /smorchz 
“wait…what…” ??????