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So, I bought a kind of a miniature dragon for my Dragonknight, and immediately ended up sketching like 3-4 pages worth of silly doodles about their interactions. So here: the adventures of Davius and Snek.

I can’t believe I actually took time to color and shade all these. o_o Ah well, good practice to ensure that my new system works properly.

When Woozi revealed himself to be alive and not dead in LA

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Hello, may I have a scenario where Todoroki does kabe don to his crush (it's when someone slams his hand against the wall) because he's getting jealous that his crush didn't pay enough attention to him? (Sorry if I made mistakes, English isn't my first language) Thank you in advance !! ^^

((todoroki: they aren’t paying attention to me *knocks a vase off the table*))

Todoroki knew it was irrational to get upset that you weren’t focusing on him at this very moment, but he couldn’t help it. Watching you laugh with your other classmates, smiling and giggling at their jokes, causally touching somebody else’s arm… irritated him, somehow. You weren’t so affectionate with him. He felt stupid admitting it to himself, but he really wanted your attention. And he was gonna get it, no doubt in his mind.
He caught up to you after the bell rang, ready to do… something? for you to take notice of him. You looked up from your phone and smiled at him, and any plan he had dropped out of his mind. “Hey Todoroki, what’s up?“
He felt his open hand meet the wall by your shoulder, and heard you make a noise of surprise. You were searching his face with those big, beautiful eyes, and he could only come up with one thing to say.
“Go out with me.”
Your cheeks turned red, and he felt his get a little pink too. “…What?”
He leaned forward and put his forehead on yours, immediately becoming embarrassed but deciding to leave it there anyway. “Please.”
You looked like you were overheating, the closer contact bringing more of a flush to your entire face. Todoroki worried that maybe he’d gone too far, stepped over the line, ruined this good thing you two had going, when you said, in a voice barely audible, “okay.”
Todoroki blinked. He wasn’t expecting that. “Wait, really?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “let’s do it. …Did you have any place in mind?”
He sure as shit didn’t, but at least he’d gotten your attention. The two of you could work it out later together.

so i can’t go to my blog, it just redirects me to my dashboard and opens up from there. help me, please? i can look at other people’s pages, just not my own.  

**Edit: so i found a solution so hopefully this works for others as well.

to fix this, just go to your blog settings and under privacy, enable/turn on the “allow logged-out users to see this blog” feature. hopefully now you can go to your blog regularly since that seemed to work for me as well as a couple other bloggers i’ve messaged with this advice .

It’s so freaking frustrating that the only real reason Monsta X can’t get their first win is due to the lack of support in Korea. The lack of digital sales and streaming. Legit a debut group beat them on M!Countdown, they have more support and they’re just a baby group.

It feels like Got7 and BTS all over again. All the love and adoration of international fans but it just takes so much time for them to then catch on in Korea. It’s such a waste that it takes so long for these groups to really get people behind them when they are putting out amazing songs, albums and choreography that can kill. 

Of course international Monbebe’s are working so hard but not everyone can try and get a streaming pass. No matter how hard we work we won’t get them over the line until Korean Monbebe’s grow and work just as hard. It’s a sad fact and it’s so fucking upsetting. 

Top on the world billboard charts but can’t even get nominated in the Korean charts, it says a lot and Monsta X can see that as well as their company. 

First Hotel Visit
  • Robert: Do you run on pure caffeine or something?
  • Aaron: No. I just didn't sleep great.
  • Robert: Did I snore?
  • Aaron: No. Did kick me a few times though.
  • Robert: Sorry. Chrissie kills me when I do that.
  • Aaron: Have to get a bigger bed next time then, eh?
  • Robert: What so this is happening again then, is it?
  • Aaron: Well, yeah. If you can get away. (his phone peeps) It's Adam. He's done a deal already! Yes!
  • Robert: See, I told you it all come good.
  • Aaron: Yeah... uhm... look... What you said to me, about, you know, not giving up. Well, it meant a lot to me.
  • Robert: Thanks. But I didn't get us a late check out so we could talk about work.
  • Aaron: Don't you have to get back?
  • Robert: Yeah, but I don't want to. Do you?
  • Aaron: No.
  • Robert: Well... uh... looks like you're just stuck with me then. (KISS)

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Ace Barry who figured it out when he was in college as he attended a seminar on sexuality and it clicked for him. When he gets together with Len he's a bit unsure how to bring it up but they start discussing sexuality at some point and Barry mentions asexuality and Len reacts really positively so Barry goes ahead and tells him and Len is super understanding of why Barry didn't tell him straight away. Barry does like sex but mainly on special occasions/celebrations so it has more meaning :)

Oooh I like this a lot :) I’m imagining Len as having pretty low sex drive anyway, either due to trust issues or due to sex just not ranking too high on his priority list. Barry probably wouldn’t believe him at first, maybe he thinks that Len’s only saying that to make Barry feel better… but they work it out pretty quickly and special-occasion frequency works pretty well for them :)
Also I see Barry as being more open with talking about sex in general and their private life in particular to others, Len’s probably the one who tends to tell people it’s none of their business and gets cranky when some of their friends pry or tease them :D

yeah i know there’s like a hundred mistakes in this but the sky turned out well so i want to post it

those are supposed to be trees or something in the left corner


Todoroki: well, what are you waiting for? Can’t you see I don’t want you anymore? Just get out of here you stupid, dumb animal!!

“O-oh my! Em Hallo!” She chirped. “I’m Crash! It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She sticks out her hand for a handshake and smiles warmly, Infidel sniggers behind her, “Oh hush you!” She playfully says to her companion. “This is Infidel, the small ghost like creature somehow tips its hat. “I suppose I’m your new… wife… for a few days, I will try to make it as enjoyable as possible!” She gently touches the triangle on her cheek. “I’m positive that I want to do this, you see i’ve been locked in my creators art studio for a long time, my only companion being Infidel locked on the other side of a door we couldn’t get through…” She smiles once more. “So I have one question for you Bendy…” She pauses and holds out her hand palm up “Would you care for a dance?”


DCC '17

It’s that time of year again! Denver Comic Con is this weekend and heeeeeere’s my lineup. 

 Friday: … 

Well actually we won’t be going Friday. Work schedules didn’t work out (no pun intended?) so we’ll be missing your faces. 

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 Saturday: Moana 

 Sunday: Sombra 

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 So if you see me feel free to say hello! I hope you all have fun! I know I will :3

here’s a fun thing: when you see that someone gets along with their ex don’t automatically assume that there’s a possibility for them to get back together, and certainly don’t voice that opinion.  It’s gross and tiresome.  There’s a reason people break up.

One of my colleagues at work retired today, so I managed to get in to see her off (and free food).  It was great to see everyone, but WOOOAAAH Nelly too many people and it was hella exhausting.  Definitely worth it, though.  She got spoiled rotten, and it was a nice affair all-in.

And then just as I was leaving I was given a nice “Get Well Soon” care package from everybody.  Done in private so there was no upstaging the retiree.  A box of chocolates (which my family will probably appreciate more than me), two of the large Yankee Candles (one from everyone at work, and one from the lady who comes in monthly to sell them) and an Amazon gift card.  Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed.

And now…a nap.  Sleepytimes….

  • Technician: Okay sir, time to suit you up. What's your flavor? Coms? CQB? Your file indicates that you favor the MA5 series of rifles.
  • Buck: Helljumper
  • Technician: Pardon, sir?
  • Buck: Got anything that looks like a Helljumper's BDU?
  • Technician: Well...the helmet and HUD of the ODST standard issue BDU does incorporate some tech first used in the MKIV but-
  • Buck: Great. Just slap some of that spartan tech in a Helljumper suit and I'll be good to go
  • Technician: Sir it doesn't work like that. The gel layer alone-
  • Buck: Look, I know it doesn't work like that. But is there /anything/ you can do? I mean, come on can you honestly see me in one of those Spartan rigs? Once a Helljumper always a Helljumper.
  • Technician: Sir I'm afraid there isn't much I can do...there hasn't been and ODST varient of MJOLNIR since the MKV and even then it was purely cosmetic to allow for easier integration between Spartan and non spartan personel...
  • Buck: Fine fine. Can't wait to tell Veronica. 'So turns out they didn't have a suit in my size and the tailor, for whatever reason, couldn't do much about it. Oh well.
  • Technician: Wait, sir? Veronica Dare? Okay, no. I'll see what I can do. H-Helljumper, right? I'll get on the line with Section Three and see if we can get you a suit to meet your needs. Haha. Not to worry sir.
  • Buck: Great! Pleasure doing business with you. See you in hell.
  • Technician: Pardon!?
  • Buck: Just how we ODST say 'goodbye.'
  • Technician: Oh. Alright then...(god damn. Spartan Palmer wasn't even this much of a handful)
  • Buck: What was that?
  • Technician: N-NOTHING SIR!
  • Buck: Alright then.

And when the world treats you way too fairly, well, it’s a shame I’m a dream. (insp)

           it’s been a while since the last time merlin sat by that table  ——  perhaps that was why there was a bit of dabbling in his plate, before the scent kicked in, and merlin realized he was hungry, after all. mouthful of the dish went into his mouth then, and it was nice ; homely. strange.

     ❛  you’ve been dong really well, i see.  ❜  his voice finally broke the silence, but merlin didn’t look up from the table. there was something about the air about them that felt strained, however making it just another thing merlin chose to ignore.  ❛  the place looks nice. it’s good to see the kids running about.  ❜

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Update on my Neopet happenings! Traded for Mjoll today!! For anyone who doesn’t know, Mjoll the Lioness is from a game called Skyrim.; u; Look at her, LOOK AT HER! ; A; 

This was without a doubt the smoothest trade I’ve ever had. Her old owner was super nice and had a very reasonable and easy custom request. I love when things work out well.

I now own 10 skyrim pets! 2 more to go and my quest is complete. I’m looking forward to seeing what my future pets might be. 

Little doodle to celebrate!