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Interesting message to wake up to:

I have a bit of a random question.  I am not trying to be rude or accusing, just genuinely curious.   

 Why are you so vocal about US politics?  I understand what happens over here effects everyone (though largely I think it’s because we can’t keep our hands to ourselves or shut up), but a lot of the people I follow who aren’t american have added tags associated with our politics to their blacklist (can’t say I blame them, I’m sick of hearing about it and I live here).  

You are easily one of the most vocal and prolific bloggers on my dash when comes to US politics (Mark Ruffalo outranks you in that regard, unsurprisingly).  You could easily get annoyed and leave it be; you can’t vote or influence our government directly beyond assisting awareness.

So I can’t help but wonder, why?

- - - - 

If you have to ask that question, then I do not think you understand the gravity of the situation.

Every country has political concerns, ours is a Prime Minister that keeps lying and keeps money in off-shore bank accounts so he doesn’t have to pay tax on it. Still, a slight step up from budgie-smuggler boy and his incredible feats of racism, misogyny, and onion-eating.

But the US tends to set a benchmark.
America had Obama, during a time when the rest of the world was in chaos. Australia’s PM position was reduced to a game of musical chairs, the UK had the whole Brexit thing, human rights were being violated in other countries every second of every day and you don’ want to know what was happening to animals.

Obama, despite the blatantly racist haters, did a lot for that country; a lot that Trunk is now undoing, like a spiteful child that just moved into their cool older sibling’s room and immediately trashing anything that reminds them it was not theirs to begin with. Healthcare, human rights protections, unemployment decreasing, etc. And the man basically took over the presidency while everything was on fire; you know, like that one COMMUNITY gif, where the dude turned up with pizza for a party. 

He, and his family, were always under attack; but he still did his best to protect the citizens of the country. Overturning quite a few fucked up laws, and those are just the ones the rest of the world knew about. I have no doubt he got a few bills across his desk that he laughed at as he set them on fire; or the political equivalent.


Fast-forwards to now.

Apart from the fact the US has the weirdest fucking voting system ever, where the person with the most votes can still lose; and no one is legally required to vote, but has to register every election, which means that their votes can be discounted with ‘computing errors’. The country made a mistake.

The hypocrisy of not wanting a Jewish man with heaps of political experience, or a woman with years of political experience, for President… is telling; considering what you elected anyway. I was very loud then, too. 
Why? Because it was blatantly obvious to everyone from the outside how dangerous the Repubic-lican candidate(s) were and are.
Think of it like standing on the beach, noticing a shark heading towards the surfers; you are calling out, “Look, there’s a fucking shark, move your ass mate!”, and only a few of them decide to swim in. The rest tell you that the shark has the right to be there, and that the shore’s emails are probably more of a problem. 

It was seriously concerning how many people were pro-Repub, pro-trunk.
How they could not hear what he was saying; not understand that the rest of the world saw him as one hell of a dangerous practical joke being played on you all. And he was a joke, right up until he was elected and people realised, ‘Well fuck, he’s a problem now that he’s infringing on our white rights?’. 

Which the POC, LGBPTA+, disabled, and other communities could have told you from the start. (Which is why it’s so confusing to see people still at his rallies with ‘Women for Trunk’ and ‘Blacks for Trunk!’ signs… do you not know what he’s doing or are you getting paid?)

And the worst part is that if you remove this man, it’s like a matroyshka doll of bad decisions, trying to replace him. You have the ‘let’s electrocute the gays straight’ Pence, next in line… and he’s the tip of the racist/misogynistic/homophobic conservative iceburg, right? Everyone else after that is equally problematic.


He bragged on live tv that he doesn’t pay taxes… like, at what point does your privilege run out?

Average peopl would fail to file taxes one year and lose everything. But not Trunk, oh no.


The man in charge of everything, not only has no actual understanding of what he’s doing or basic legislative powers… but he’s a god-damned pedophile, racist, rapist, scam/conartist, and probably a dozen other things we don’t know about because he’s papered over it with money nd fancy lawyers.

His 13yr old victim had to give up prosecuting the injustice done against her, bc people were sending her death threats on his behalf. The man openly says on multiple occasions, he’d like to fuck his daughter (including sexualising his newborn in an interview about her birth, which was downright creepy, and more recently saying that what he has in common with his daughter is ‘Hopefully sex!’). The man bought beauty pageants to perv on the women involved; and has groped people inappropriately, then joked about it on stage.

What he did to his former wives is horrific; and he used gag orders to keep them quiet.

The fact he, not only mocked a disabled reporter so disrespectfully to the sound of Repubic-lican applause… but ALSO bragged he could kill someone in the middle of a public street and get away with it??? to further applause???
That has so many red flags, it’s hard to understand why people still supported him?

The amount of lawsuits against him, for his various scams and cons, was ridiculously high. There are multiple stories (with evidence) of this man taking advantage of businesses and ruining them.

‘A businessman is exactly what america needs!’
THE MAN BANKRUPTED A CASINO. How do you do that?
Also, he was given a million dollars and the business to start with; like, he’s pretty much done nothing except open a string of failed side businesses, and fucked them up. 

And he believes ‘hard work will get you places’ ironically.

He doesn’t like poor people, and yet a lot of his constituents make up the demographic of people living near or below minimum wage. He doesn’t believe in universal healthcare; Obamacare/ACA is close enough to our Medicare system, and it keeps us alive. It’s imperative to the functioning of such a large country? but he doesn’t like the idea of it taking money from the government.

Not to mention, the man flat-out stated he would refuse to use existing services (white house, security), meaning that he’d found a loophole wherein he could pay himself millions of dollars a fucking day in order to be President. The security, trunk tower, etc.

And he claims his business has an impartial trust board in place, to make certain he can’t be accused of financial interests contrary to those of the american people… but, whoops, that’s not happening.
Not to mention he came right out and was using his presidential platform to bitch about Nordstrom dropping his daughter’s brand. Commercial interest, much?

What did he have on Hillary?
Emails. She and her staff used private emails to send a few political memos, some fucking lolcat memes, and more than one altruistic email about rendering aid to someone. And apparently that made her shadier than him???
Since he was elected, the presidonk went out of his way to tweet from his private account, his entire staff (and wasn’t hiring a debacle?) uses private emails to send important messages, and he has a very strong online presence which seems counter-intuitive to retaining some degree of secrecy. (E.g. as seen by the man taking a classified briefing at a dinner party, wherein people had the opportunity to freaking get photos of the secret service members and documents). 

The WALL. He said he was going to build a big wall, and make the people he was keeping out, pay for it. And people felt that was a stroke of genius.

Claiming he would ‘ban all Muslims’. By which he clearly meant, ‘anyone who is any shade of brown or black, because I don’t know what a Muslim is, but I sure don’t like them’. People during segregation would probably side-eye this man for his odd views; also probs bc he’s perpetually orange.

The russia affair. 
Everyone with two brain cells to rub together can see something shady af is happening there. There’s a connection, there were long-standing deals, and suddenly russia hacks election results?
Like… it makes total sense. Trunk is like a parody or himself, a big old puppet that any world leader could manipulate with the right words. And what an opportunity, for whomsoever got their words in his ear first.

Not to mention the whole #AlternativeFacts bullshit. 
Dude can’t lie well; small children are more plausible. 

But her emails’.


You ever noticed that almost every single world leader appears physically repulsed when meeting him? 
That kind of person you get that, ‘be ready to run or fight at any second’ feeling from? Its on their faces, and yet they have to play nice. 

It was just interesting.

Especially when you add in the look on his current wife’s face whenever he’s not looking directly at her. Fear, or something more complex. 


Trunk is infringing on basic human rights. Like Hitler.

He singled out a specific race/ethnic or religious group/minority to target in his campaign speeches. Like Hitler.

He’s calling the media false, and telling people to only listen to him. Like Hitler.

He was a joke to start with. So was Hitler, right before he killed several million people.


People are going to die, if they have not already.
He doesn’t like free healthcare/the Obamacare system because why should he pay for poor people to keep living?

We’ve established he’s very… racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, etc. These are known facts. Not #alternativefacts, these can be proven. 

He’s dangerous, like a toddler in a tantrum with their hand on the nuclear launch button. There is no one in his staff to tell him ‘No’, or ‘That’s fucking stupid, try again, you great big orange wanker’. He’s surrounded by yesmen with even more dangerous/radical conservative belief systems.
A good leader must have someone who will challenge them on their edicts and ideas; e.g. the way our PM can say, ‘I want unicorns for everyone’, but it has to go through the Parliament, who can then say, ‘Fuck you, how will you fund it you ludicrous bogan bastard?’ and it becomes a conversation-slash-argument.
At the moment, the Repubic-licans own the President, and the Senate; which means that bad ideas are just going to become reality and a lot of people are placed in danger.

Just, you know, not anyone Trunk cares about. 

He didn’t even have a staff when he goddamn came into power. Like he didn’t want the win, just the notoriety of running and suddenly he had to do Things and Stuff, with all those icky Responsibilities, he’d been using money to keep away for years. 

And now? He’s chosen a series of terrible people for the most inappropriate positions possible. The Education Minister believes kids should work instead, and has no idea how the education system works at all. The head of security fucked up so bad he had to resign within a fortnight of employment.

He fired the Attorney General for DOING HER JOB.

The CIA don’t want to tell Trunk anything, bc they know he’ll have a long dreamy phonecall with his russian bff.

He’s got a defence minister out there threatening to leave NATO, unless other countries put more effort into a war no one wants.

He’s antagonised hostile countries. 

He actually tried to build the fucking wall.

He literally instigated a Muslim ban, and threw a tantrum when the court said, “Bruh, the fuck? Did you even read the constitution? Or do we need to hire someone to read it to you???”

He’s just done so much shit in under a month, it’s obscene, and there’s u to four years left of this. And people still support it?


His fanbase are largely:
> rich and relying on his affinity for affluence to keep them safe,  
>obscenely conservative, and want him to enforce their ideologies (including removing bodily autonomy from predominantly ciswomen & transmen in relation to pregnancy/birthcontrol/abortion access, etc.)
>uneducated people from low socioeconomic backgrounds who believe in the promises he makes about mproving things
>neo-n*zi/racists who would love nothing more than to have free reign to remove anyone not ‘white enough’ for their liking (inclu. POC, jews, gay people, etc.)
>Misogynists, Rapists, Pedophiles who see him as president and think, ‘If he can get away with it to the point he’s elected head of country… then who is to stop me?’
>And various other problematic groups.


Why should people who are not american care?

It does affect us to a certain degree, but the reality is… this is a thing that’s happening right now, to people, and none of them can leave. It’s called empathy, it’s called keeping a spotlight on him, and exposing the shady shit he’s up to. 

Hitler was a joke, until things got real. 

The difference was that social media and the internet didn’t exist. People got their information from specific hitler-approved media (you know, how trunk wants everyone to get news from him and fox alone?), but today… there are hundreds of thousands of eyewitnesses to everything. They can reach out and share it with the rest of the world, who are paying attention.

He can’t make shit up without a thousand voices + downcrying it as the falsehood it was. There is global opposition to his nonsense, and it sends a message. 

He’s not getting away with what he wants to do. He can try. But history has its eyes on him; and so does the world. 


It is important to be vocal about it, to never let him forget that he can buy people to shout at his rallies, but people around the world and in his country, KNOW the shit he’s up to. Know what he is.

Right down to the second he makes a bad decision, the world will know.
Because social media exists, because vigilant people exist and can mobilise.
Did you see the Women’s March? That was the power of being loud, being organised, being ready to respond. That’s a good example of why it matters.

As long as people are suffering, someone should be paying attention, drawing attention, and seeking ways to help. In the US, in other countries that have far worse happening; and many do. But for now, the reality is that a world powerhouse has a foolish, dangerous man at the helm; who is making everyone nervous as to what ridiculous thing he will do next. 


To answer your question: No, I cannot vote in a US election, but I sure as hell can try to influence the perceptions of those who live there and follow me, provide resources to help them cope when some ridiculous edict he makes stresses them out, and remind the rest of the world what is going on. 

What is happening is not normal, and sometimes you need an external contrast to perceive that. E.g. when you work with clients in DV situations, their perception of ‘normal’ is skewed to mean ‘whatever the abuser has normalised’… rather than what societal perceptions of normality entail. 

What all dictators want is for complete control, taken through manipulation and people having their rebellious thoughts burned out into weary resignation. 


TL;DR - History is watching us, waiting to see what happens, and every dissenting voice from any corner of the globe adds to the resistance. Especially if their goal is to support and empower the people directly facing the danger on a daily basis.


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reasons why mahdi disi is an absolute gem

  • at the beginning of the episode 3, when they boys confront isak about lying so they wouldn’t pre-drink with emma and her friends, mahdi teases him, but when isak mentions his mom and it seems serious, he’s just like “hey it’s fine. just organize another pre-drink” to lighten up to mood and to let isak know he’s not mad because he doesn’t want isak to feel bad
  • in episode 5, after isak sees even kiss sonja and he comes outside to tell the guys they’re leaving and mahdi jokes about a isak having a “family reunion”, isak pushes him pretty violently, like he wants to fight. but mahdi doesn’t push back. mahdi is not violent, he doesn’t want to fight, especially not his friend
  • we learn in episode 6 that mahdi is not mad at isak for pushing him. if anything, he’s just worried about him. he cares about his friend and knows something’s up
  • in episode 7, when isak tells the guys they’ll have a pre-drink at his place and he tells mahdi he won’t be violent again, mahdi just had the biggest smile on his face and tells him “that’s chill” HEART OF GOLD
  • i actually have to include the smile here. what a sunshine

  • in the same scene, he’s totally offended by the idea that people in the school might think he’s an homophobe, he thinks it’s not funny at all
  • again in the same scene, he doesn’t flinch when isak tells them he likes even, doesn’t seem bothered at all by the idea. when magnus mentions that isak hooks up with girls, mahdi says he might be pansexual and opens a small discussion about sexuality like it’s no big deal. because it’s really no big deal to mahdi
  • totally encourages his boy isak to reach out to even at the end of the episode, is okay with isak kicking him out and the boys when even comes over
  • has a biggest smile on his face when he meets even!!! once again, just LOOK AT HIM 
  • has a great appreciation for waffles. his priorities are in order
  • is just generally a good GOOD, kind, fun, loving bean

Been seeing depressive kinds of “forever alone” things given that it’s February and I was thinking… Does Valentine’s Day only have to be about romantic love? Because my family has always given each other chocolates and gone out for ice cream together every year. As a family. No romance, other than between my mom and my dad. Can’t Valentine’s Day be about all kinds of love? Besides, wasn’t that what Saint Valentine was originally about?



countdown to series four // day 16 - favourite outfit Look™

i wanted to draw some scenes from my Beauty and the Beast AU!!

i absolutely had to draw the snowball fight between Stan and the kids, haha. the second image is of everyone sitting in front of the fireplace, and Ford (as the journal) is telling them a story, while Dipper reads it aloud for everyone. the third is the ballroom sequence, and i changed around some of the colors here to fit the characters better.

my favorite is Stan’s transformation into a human again. i was itching to draw that scene for a while, and i’m really happy with how it came out!!

my second favorite is Stan embracing Ford. Ford, since he was stuck as a Journal for so many years, can’t really walk or use his limbs all that well. so rather than trip and fall on his way to Stan, he waited for Stan to make his way up to him. and Stan is just so relieved that his brother is back that, in a show of raw emotion, he just ran and held Ford as tightly as he could, while Dipper and Mabel run over to join them

the final image is of everyone just celebrating the fact that the curse is finally lifted. Mabel and Dipper are getting formally introduced to Ford (which is why they’re holding his hand), and Stan is helping hold Ford up to keep him from falling over

(Wendy’s design is by @cirilee and Soos’ design is by @soupery!!)