didn't wanna ship you but i do

i’m not saying anything but i am saying that personally i don’t blame dan and phil for hiding their (probable) relationship from the world 

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For God sake Elena didn't lose anything with Damon . She was happy with Damon . Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so . Elena never really loved Stefan she didn't even knew him properly she fell madly in love with Damon . You wanna ship se do but don't say Elena was puppet in de relationship . Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

And if you want to ship DE then go ahead but stop being so willfully ignorant about your ship, anon.

I have multiple posts about the inflation of DE:






But you guys seem adamant on making me repeat myself.

“Elena never really loved Stefan”

Where is the proof of this? I mean next to the fact that she consistently declares her love for Stefan

These declarations of love are earned by how ride or die Elena was for Stefan.

Like you don’t face werewolves and go into vervain/snake-filled wells and run into a house full of tomb vampires and risk coming face to face with the supernatural monster trying to kill you if you don’t “really” love someone. This type of devotion is not bred from obligation, anon.

she didn’t even knew him properly

Elena knew Stefan so implicitly that she knew he was on the other line when he didn’t even say anything:

Elena’s emotional and spiritual knowledge of Stefan (which I speak about here: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/158674534265/can-you-show-examples-of-stelena-knowing-each) is unparalleled and that knowledge and that connection actually, and not DE-actually, but actually actually made Stefan a better person: 

We started this season with Stefan drinking Elena’s blood. Is that going to come back to haunt him or haunt them as he drinks more human blood?
Julie Plec: Not at the moment. I think that in its own way, it was a smart choice. He’s come to terms with all his demons from last year and all the guilt that lead him down that road and Stefan’s issues with blood were psychological and emotional. And drinking small tiny amounts every day with the trust and the commitment of your one true love to build up the strength so that you never have to worry about becoming that guy, I think we want to see if we can deliver on that. (source)

And this declaration to Rebekah (and Julie’s quote about Stefan) is earned in action and not simply dialogue. It’s earned in action because pretty much whenever Elena came face to face with Stefan’s demons, his lust for blood, his voracious vampirism, her presence, her emotional knowledge of Stefan would make it subside. It begins in 1x10 because she’s actually seeing past his vampirism, embracing it and accepting it, seeing to the man:

which allows for this to happen:

and that type of connection doesn’t go away because in 5x04 it’s repeated:

And in 5x06 it’s reiterated how much Elena brings Stefan back to life:

And in 6x16, Elena is directly related, yet again, to bringing Stefan back to his humanity, narratively, she is directly related to him being the best version of himself:

she fell madly in love with Damon 

I guess we’re ignoring the fact that Elena literally had to die and then be emotionally entrapped by a bond that gives her the illusion of free will to make DE happen. I talk about that here: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/156287220175/i-really-liked-your-toxic-relationship-post-but but the highlights are these:

“The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so

H O W?

I have asked this many times and no DEr has been able to give me a legitimate answer, all you guys give me is what you think happened, it’s conjecture based on unearned dialogue. I want to know what he’s actually done that has propelled Elena’s character development because from what I recall, it’s Stefan who’s the one who always helps her:

but don’t say Elena was puppet in de relationship

Except that she is though. Because the DE relationship is inherently Damon-focused, Elena is his plot line so she actually just has to be there, it’s not about the both of them unlike SE:

Julie Plec: I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show […] (source)

Even the 6x22 goodbye scene is inherently about Damon:

“ It’s our way of the characters having sex in like a beautiful way, so it made perfect sense on the road, which is symbolic of Damon’s journey as a vampire[…]”

as opposed to the SE goodbye which is inherently about Elena and their knowledge of each other:

“That’s where she admitted she never wanted to lose her humanity, she didn’t want to be a vampire, and so he found it fitting for them to revisit that environment,” Dries said.

The sire bond … Elena isn’t given any complicated feelings about the fact that she’s emotionally enslaved to someone else, all she has to do is believe that she loves him:

I think the takeaway, ultimately, is that Elena believes it so fundamentally that in that moment, it’s enough for Damon to let himself believe too.

and it’s Damon who gets the “character” exploration of struggling with something and letting himself believe it’s real or not real, they make it inherently about how Damon feels when it’s Elena that this is happening to:

And it’s gonna continue to eat at Damon for the next few episodes […] Just letting himself allow it to be real for one small moment is enough for Damon.

At least with Stefan and Elena, she’s allowed to have complicated feelings which actually enrich their relationship because she goes through a multitude of emotions:

Plec assures that this storyline will be a big deal for the Stefan/Elena relationship, especially as Elena struggles “with her desire to help rescue this person that she loved very purely and very deeply, but also learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your life by saving someone else’s.”

Even their first meeting is solely for the benefit of Damon:

It was us wanting to give Damon something to fight for. Ric is unbeatable, a jillion times stronger than Damon. Damon was a dead man, and Ric was relishing beating him, and Damon had nothing left to live for, having been passed over once again. It was just that slight little thing that she said to him, when she was just trying to take the sting off: “Hey, maybe if you and I had met first.” She was just trying to soften the blow. But in reality, he had this memory that gave him the will to fight back. I love that moment, where Ric’s about to drive the stake into him, and he’s like “You know what? I’m not ready to die today.”

And with SE, it’s about how they save each other:

Julie Plec: In my mind, Elena’s parents are dead. It was a human accident, and a human tragedy, and as we know, the night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life. That was kind of the beginning of their love story. (source)

She isn’t just this symbol to be reacted to.

Even when Nina talks about SE, it’s about the individualism of Elena in relation to the love of SE:

Nina: But Elena — it’s not about that for her. She cares about Stefan. And he’s important to her and she has this connection with him, but she will put her friends and her family and the safety of her town before anything else, and she’s not going to swoon over the fact that he’s a vampire and ask her to bite him right away and all that. (source)

and you see that in their relationship. She doesn’t realize she can be with Stefan until after he saves Bonnie’s life in 1x09, she doesn’t get back with Stefan in season 2 until after he sacrifices his freedom to get with Jeremy out of the tomb, they take care of the people around them together, whether it’s saving Matt or taking care of Caroline after being tortured or helping Bonnie when it comes to Emily, where is any of that with Damon? They can’t even meet Bonnie halfway in the Prison World because they’re too busy arguing about their relationship. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Jeremy because she’s too caught up sleeping with Damon, she isn’t even paying attention to the parent-teacher interviews, she doesn’t care that he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy again and the show doesn’t actually explore the psychological battle of loving someone who does these terrible things, she makes one comment about bending her morals and that’s it, that fundamentally reduces her character.

In season 8, the show very rarely (if ever) talks about Elena as an individual person or about her significance to the other characters, it’s all about how if Elena was there then Damon wouldn’t go off the rails, if Elena was there she would be able to get through to Damon, I wish Elena was here so Damon wouldn’t be the way he is, there are like four times in the season when Elena is spoken about outside the context of what she can do for Damon. When Elena wakes up, she realizes that Stefan is gone and she and Bonnie briefly share in that grief and then instead of asking about Bonnie, it’s “where is he?” 

It’s only when Damon is gone that Elena actually is the person she’s supposed to be because the show gives her other focuses like bringing Stefan back or bringing Bonnie back to life or setting Caroline up or getting everyone together to do shots so they can hang out, when Damon is back in the picture, the show just shackles her to him.

Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

Except not? Their connection exists throughout the series and it’s proven repeatedly that they depend on each other and are tied to each other more than they’re tied to other people. Like Elena could break compulsion for Stefan but she couldn’t do the same for Damon.

In season 8, Bonnie tells Stefan to find his hope and what he does right after is write to Elena:

In the finale Elena is found sitting at the Salvatore crypt, writing about how she owes her life to Stefan:

[and I talk about how this is different than Matt here: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/158520624145/elena-wrote-in-her-journal-that-she-owed-her-epic]

In season 7, Caroline talks about how she’s been waiting for the day Stefan could love her the way he loved Elena

Not to mention the natural intimacy of SE and the romantic undertones of their scenes:

Like their narrative, their action, seeps through everything, DE has the dialogue, we have what actually matters.

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Hey do you know the shipname for Poppy and Duchess i reaaally wanna know

Once I was reading a marvelous fanfic and the writer called them “Popchess” and since then I use that shipname - that I love btw

idk if they have another shipname but c’mon THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL SHIPNAME FOR A BEAUTIFUL SHIP 


One day I’m gonna just let my sketches be sketches instead of putting enough effort into them that I wanna colour em.


Probably not

::commissions are open::

How To Train Your Dragon 2: A Summary
  • Hiccup: look im doing voiceovers again
  • Snoutlout: i am going to tap that sWEET ruffnut ass
  • Ruffnut: no
  • Fishlegs: i, too, am interested in the ass tapping of which you speak
  • Ruffnut: no
  • Tuffnut: what the hell is going on
  • Astrid: I'm going to win a contest
  • Astrid: HEY Hiccup look i won this contest
  • Hiccup: HEY astrid look i found an island
  • Astrid: yeah cool whatever so what the fuck is up with you and your dad
  • Astrid: oh my gods!!!
  • Hiccup: shut up don't bring religion into this
  • Astrid: oh
  • Hiccup: hey look there's smoke over there let's check it out
  • Astrid: k
  • Astrid: oh fUCK my dragon got captured by some asshole
  • Hiccup: okay that's cool but i have a sword made out of fire
  • Eret: ew I'm going to kill you for the glory of my master, EXPOSITION EXPOSITION EXPOSITION EXPOSITION
  • Hiccup: lol i didn't listen to any of that bye
  • Hiccup: dad this guy is building a dragon army
  • Stoick: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... whatever
  • HIccup: he calls himself drago or something dumb like that idk idk idk
  • Hiccup: what that's stupid I'm going to go talk to him
  • Astrid: hiccup this plan is bad
  • Hiccup: yeah but you came with
  • Astrid: good point
  • Eret: what the fuck are you doing on my ship
  • Hiccup: hey look at my cool fire sword again it uses dragon science wanna become a dragon rider
  • Eret: um
  • Hiccup: DAD C'MON
  • Ruffnut: hey look at how hot this asshole is
  • Hiccup: i'm leaving this is stupid
  • Astrid: me too
  • Stoick: no
  • Astrid: goddamnit
  • Hiccup: hey look a new dragon ride--OH SHIT
  • Valka: I am Valka
  • Hiccup: i can see that
  • Valka: I am thE DRAGON QUEEN
  • Hiccup: i can see that
  • Valka: I aM GOD
  • Hiccup: i can see that
  • Hiccup: i can se--wait what
  • Valka: lol look at all these dragons i'm so cool wanna live with me
  • Hiccup: sure but what about your husband
  • Valka: HUSBAND?
  • Stoick: WIFE?
  • Valka: HUBBAN?
  • Valka: SURE
  • meanwhile....
  • Astrid: this is gay let's go find drago
  • Astrid: *kidnaps Eret*
  • Eret: UFCK
  • Astrid: okay cool we got to the camp now wh--
  • Astrid: DAMNIT
  • Eret: aaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHoh wait this dragon saved my life goddamn
  • Valka: fucK look at this ARMY i am VERY ANGRY
  • Stoick: calm down it's cool we got this
  • Hiccup: hey drago i like what you got going on here it's pretty cool and stuff but what about being a drAGON RIDER HUH? sounds great amirite
  • Drago: no i'm going to kill the alpha and replace him with a new alpha
  • Hiccup: wtf
  • Valka: it's cool i got this
  • *new alpha kills old alpha*
  • Valka: nvm i don't got this
  • Drago: toothless, kill hiccup
  • Hiccup: what
  • Toothless: k
  • Stoick: *dies*
  • Hiccup: FUCK
  • Toothless: FUCK
  • Valka: FUCK
  • Astrid: FUCK
  • Eret: i still have no idea what's going on
  • Drago: k i'm gonna take over your town now bye
  • Gobber: we should have a funeral
  • Gobber: blah blah blah GREAT CHIEF blah blah blah NORSE MYTHOLOGY
  • Hiccup: shut up don't bring religion into this *fires arrow*
  • Gobber: oh
  • Everyone: *fires arrow*
  • Astrid: now what
  • Hiccup: idk how about baby dragons
  • Drago: umm??? but i have your dragon????
  • Hiccup: not anymore bITCH
  • Drago: SHIT
  • Toothless: I AM THE ALPHA
  • Drago: no
  • Toothless: I AM THE ALPHA
  • Drago: fuck no
  • Toothless: I AM THE ALPHA
  • Bewilderbeast: yeah he's the alpha
  • Drago: SHIT
  • Hiccup: wtf Toothless? discount godzilla
  • Toothless: shut up i'm saving the day
  • Hiccup: oh
  • Astrid: hiccup i'm so proud of you
  • Hiccup: thanks girlfriend
  • Valka: hiccup i'm so proud of you
  • Hiccup: thanks mom
  • Valka: your dad would be proud of you too
  • Hiccup: thanks dead dad
  • Eret: i still have no idea what's going on
  • Hiccup: here take my dad's dragon
  • Eret: oh sweet
  • Astrid: let's have another contest
  • Hiccup: wtf is it with you and contests jesus chrsit I'm gonna win this time even though i'm the chief and shouldn't be in the contests anymore
  • Astrid: oh
  • Hiccup: hey look another voiceover
Prohibition AU Starters
  • In a year, the feds will start missing their own liquor, but until then, we're going to make all the money.
  • You intend to start a war? In New York? Where things actually matter?
  • I need a shipment.
  • How much?
  • Money makes the world go round. Money makes me more open minded for sharing my hooch.
  • Hooch, booze, Devil's Fire, whatever you wanna call it. I got it.
  • You shoot that motherfucker.
  • Boss, there was a fire at the distillery.
  • You were supposed to be watching?!
  • I'm a businessman, not a gangster.
  • You can't be half a gangster.
  • I shot that son of a bitch.
  • You shorted me on twenty cases of hooch.
  • The feds are closing in.
  • He got shipped up East after being caught by the feds.
  • There's a lot of money to be made in illegal liquor.
  • How long do you think Prohibition will last?
  • I didn't marry a gangster!
  • Let's blow the place!
  • I want my god damned money.
  • I was promised my cases, and I've yet to be given what I was promised. What to do? What to do?
  • In a year, this booze stuff, it'll just be the past. There's a new business openin' up.
  • What business do we have?
  • I may not have your booze but I can make it up to you.
  • That's a shit gangster name.
  • I can't control what the papers call me.
  • Did you hear what Al Capone did?
  • Arnold Rothstein owns New York. Not you.
  • He's a gambler. It's how he's made his money.
  • In the booze business, religion and color don't mean shit. Delivering on your promises means everything.
  • I have a fed on my ass. I have to be careful.
  • Don't call me that. That's not who I am anymore.

@velvet-material Encountered the bully

“…” How humiliating, Ozpin told the boy if he wanted to keep his position at school then he’d need to do something nice for Velvet to make up to her what he had done. So he walked through the hallways, wearing a nice suit and holding roses and walked up to the bunny and held them out to her “H-Here… I don’t want them but… Sorry for the ear thing, I think they suit you nicely…”

Okay I guess it’s time to explain something cause I just got a lil annoyed at some blog who wanted to throw “pedophilia” around as a way to describe otayuri.

Pedophilia is a term for a mental illness that is uncontrollable sexual desire towards CHILDREN. Do NOT throw that shit around when describing a newly turned 18 yr old and a 15 yr old. They’re 3 years apart, the only major thing being that Otabek is of age and Yurio isn’t. When someone turns 18 in highschool and is dating someone younger than them, the same fuss isn’t made so calm your shit.

I don’t even care that much one way or another for OtaYuri. I think it’s cute, as friends or as more. But claiming that a ship like that is “pedophilia” is completely degrading the severity of the actual cases of pedophilia! Read and think a little bit before you throw shit around! I don’t care if you don’t like it as a ship but don’t start using big serious words to make yourself seem better off.

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You are 100% right about rwby queerbaiting. I didn't wanna say it, but yea. I find it weird how the RWBY writers have no problem teasing and poking fun at the LGBT ships but act like it takes a lot of time and work to actually develop a LGBT character, yet they have 3 straight ships canonly in the show now (Sun admiting he likes Blake, Weiss/Neptune mutual interest, and Jaune liking Weiss) I love rwby but not this weird fan service they decided to do.

Yeah especially with how Monty said that the queer characters have to be earned or whatever. Like I understand wanting romances to be slow build ups but you can have queer characters without them being in relationships. No one is really in a relationship rn but we can still tell who’s been confirmed for being straight, or at least partially straight.

Fan service with no substance sucks, it’s like holding an apple out of a starving person’s reach and laughing at them because they can’t have it. 

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I just feel like sharing this with the sterek fandom and I figured your blog would be a good choice so here goes: I don't ship Sterek. I didn't even use to like it. I didn't understand or approved of what you people were doing. BUT. After seeing all the fanart and other things you guys create I just gotta admit I'm a little blown away. I've never seen a ship with such a talented fandom before. And you're nice. So I just wanna say thank you and keep it up. You made Sterek beautiful even to me.

Oh my god. GUYS. I don’t know how to respond to this O__o


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(Part 1) "If you were the main reason someone became a mental/emotional wreck, do you think it would be honorable to get into a romantic relationship with that person", you wanna talk about unhealthy relationships, but I literally see people ship Kabby and be okay with it even though that relationship was extremely unhealthy from the beginning, starting with Jake's death, then Kane wanting to float Abby. He was going to if Jaha didn't stop him, but look at them now. They went through a lot of

(Part 2) shit, but still found a way to fall in love. Same works for Clarke and L.exa. Yes, L.exa acknowledges her wrong doing and her being the reason Clarke changed for the worse. Which is WHY it makes no sense that she would represent abusive behavior in season 3. She is supposed to be Clarke’s safeplace and she is. That is why that argument doesn’t work for me. L.exa might be morally different but she changes throughout S3 due to Clarke. Same goes for Clarke, she learns a lot from L.exa.

1. First, you didn’t answer my question about if you thought it was honorable to get into a relationship with someone that you wrecked (mentally). Well, would you? 

2. Kabby is different, very different, and illustrates my point exactly. Kane had to take 1.5 seasons to redeem himself and he made zero romantic advances (almost 2 years after Jake’s death) towards Abby during that time (unlike L.exa and Clarke), he admitted his guilt and felt genuine remorse over his past sins (something I never really saw L.exa do–though I suppose you could say her “vow” was the equivalent), he then took measures to actively change the world around him and counter his previous behavior (L.exa did do this–good for her–though she slipped back a little in 3x07. I suppose you could say it was a pragmatic slip though). Kane had to become someone that was Abby’s equivalent in every way, morally and spiritually, before she made her move (and SHE made the first romantic move as well). Sorry, that doesn’t hold for L.exa and Clarke … (though again, I could see the writers thinking that was similar in Clarke’s case in 3x07 as well). –see I have no problems seeing where or how the writers thought they were justified in their thinking.

Next (and THIS is the most important one), Abby was in a mentally stable place and had already (it would seem) overcome her grief over Jake when she and Marcus became romantic. She was not mentally unstable because of Kane using negative reinforcement or other manipulative tactics to “reshape” Abby into an image he felt was the “right” one (Yes, L.exa stopped manipulating Clarke after 3x03 …but by then it was too late, L.exa’s “teachings” had already mentally scarred Clarke). Kabby did NOT have a mentor/mentee or a boss/subordinate-type relationship like Lex.a and Clarke in which an unequal power dynamic existed for a majority of their relationship.

3. Anon, after reading Kim’s post about Cl.exa yesterday. I now have no doubt the writers (or some of them anyway) also felt that Cl.exa was justified or “healthish” in a similar way that we both agree that Kabby is justified and healthy. That’s a disappointment to me though, because they did build a ship based on emotional manipulation and unequal power dynamics (tactics and moves that in our world would be 100% considered emotional abuse and unhealthy) that could then be justified in this future world and in its “context.” That’s a problem, because I don’t think they realized that many, many other people have also experienced emotional abuse (including myself) and would be therefore triggered by L.exa’s behavior in season 2 and the beginning of season 3. Those of us who’ve been emotionally abused learned very quickly that the emotional abuser NEVER changes … so many of us could never “trust” L.exa (and it appears Clarke never did totally either) and therefore we never felt that L.exa redeemed herself enough nor that the residue effects of the emotional manipulations on Clarke could be forgotten, and therefore the romantic relationship should never had happened (at least that’s our opinion. The writers and you obviously felt differently, and I can “see” your perspective, but it doesn’t make it “right”). 

4. A “safe place” that let her “hide” from her problems. A “safe place” that separated her from her family and friends. A “safe place” that let her “ease” her pain but didn’t allow her to truly deal and overcome it (though I suppose we’re suppose to see her falling for L.exa as the beginning of her “overcoming” her pain. *sigh*). A “safe place” in which she was originally forced to come to against her will and in which L.exa pushed for Clarke to “stay” (yes, L.exa wasn’t being bad here and she did end up allowing Clarke to leave b/c Clarke decided to leave, but honestly, again in my world, if you care about someone that’s emotionally unstable you don’t hide them from their problems or their family) … and, again, for those of us that have experienced emotional abuse and knowing L.exa indeed was a manipulator in season 2 and 3x03, we couldn’t trust that in those moments that L.exa wasn’t also reverting back to her old ways a bit, which made me and others very, very uneasy because many of us know that emotional manipulators never truly change. Basically, there wasn’t enough time in the story for the writers to convince us that she was worthy of Clarke’s love or that she had genuinely changed, but (I guess) that’s on “us.” Or I’m sure that’s how some of the writers and you must feel. 

5. She does learn from L.exa. She learns that sometimes as a leader you have to make hard choices and that you have to come to terms with those hard choices if you’re going to be a good leader. True. She (according to the narrative) learns to love again after Finn. She did learn that, and they were valuable lessons for Clarke to learn. What else did she learn? I’m trying to figure out if she learned anything else from L.exa. Politics, definitely. 

I’m going to answer your rebuttals in bits and pieces by the way. This is just the first installment. 

p.s. I’m sure the writers were attempting to do what you’re describing, but it didn’t work on a large number of us and we have our reasons. 

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Do you guys want to add anything? Heck, anyone can jump in on this conversation, by the way. Or you don’t have to at all, I know I’m getting tired of this debating because I “see” what was wrong with this ship, but I also “see” why the writers and others may think it wasn’t wrong. Very frustrating on so many levels and careless for not considering the ways this ship could trigger those of us who’ve been emotionally manipulated and abused. 

why are straight, non-asian people trying to comment on how lgbt is being perceived in asian societies? bitch shut the fuck up. you’re neither queer nor are you asian. you are all ignorant, fetishizing pieces of shit who project their fantasies onto real people. 

do not pretend that supporting your ship is some sort of progressive movement that benefits actual lgbt individuals’ lives. do not make ignorant statements that accuse anyone who disagrees/disapproves of the way you ship kaisoo as homophobic.

news flash, most of us who are speaking out ARE a part of the lgbt community.

i just saw a disgusting post talking about how gay rumours surrounding ksoo/”kaisoo” isn’t harmful to his career, and anyone worrying about that is homophobic. is this your first fucking time stanning a kpop/asian artist or are you so blinded by your fucking privilege to understand how absolutely devastating it is for an idol, or anyone, to be outed. even being associated with said rumours can cause negative effects, especially given the context of a “conservative asian society”. 

acknowledging that these rumours, and shitastic conspiracy theories can have a negative effect on his career isn’t wanting him to be “straight” or “masculine”; it’s being realistic and self aware about our own. fucking. racial community. 

i don’t give a fuck if you ship kaisoo. i don’t give a fuck if you ship period. i have my fair share of ships. but do not sit on tumblr, and write a fucking essay about people being homophobic when we call you out on being fetishists (side note: fetishizing is homophobia). do not make ignorant statements about the asian lgbt community, especially if you don’t belong in either of those groups.

Shipping - May 11th, 2016 - 8:00am
  • ~In Nick and Judy's office, both of them gathering up their gear~
  • Judy: ...
  • Nick: Carrots? You got something on your mind?
  • Judy: I just... *sighs* Do you know what shipping means?
  • Nick: Well... Since I run our tumblr blog? Yes.... Why?
  • Judy: Um... Well... See... Clawhauser said...something today. *twiddles thumbs*
  • Nick: *suspicious* Like what exactly?
  • Judy: Nothing bad! It just... Uh... I was looking for files for our next case and...I ran across a folder with "Wildehopps" on it.
  • Nick: And? What was in it?
  • Judy: *pulls it out* see for yourself. Clawhauser doesn't know I kept it.
  • Nick: *flips through the file* Let's see... Our police profiles... Records... Previous case reports... Photographic evidence we brought in... Oh.
  • Judy: ... Yeah.
  • Nick: "Wildehopps Ship List". What...? Is this a list of everyone who ships us?
  • Judy: That's what Clawhauser said. It's almost everyone in Precinct 1.
  • Nick: Huh. Didn't know they were that serious about us.
  • Judy: ...Should we do something?
  • Nick: *handing folder back* About what, Carrots? It's just some names.
  • Judy: *disappointed* Oh. Right. Yeah nevermind I'll uh... Take this back to Clawhauser and apologize. *walking away*
  • Nick: ....Judy?
  • Judy: *turns* Yeah?
  • Nick: You wanna grab something to eat later?
  • Judy: We always eat together after work.
  • Nick: *scratches neck awkwardly* Well yeah but I mean like... As more than uh... Partners. At least to just mess with the ZPD's heads.
  • Judy: Oh? Oh um... Sure! Sounds like fun.
  • Nick: *smirks*
  • Judy: *starts walking back to the front desk*
  • Nick: *joins her*
  • Judy: So, you hear about Tank over in records?

anonymous asked:

Why do you think the govt. never gets involved with the gems. An alien ship coming to earth would probably make the government pretty uneasy so why didn't they check it out. Do you think they're use to the gems and they know about them?

I think fantasy and magic are a lot more commonly occurring within this version of Earth, and for some reason that’s made citizens as well as the government a lot more chill than I’m sure our’s would be if thrust into similar circumstances. If anything I’m deeply convinced that the government has a “we don’t wanna touch it” stance on all the Gems, and just sort of let them be rather than get in their way. Of course there is sometimes a need for panic- but if you’ve got CENTURIES OLD guardian Gems saving you constantly, are you really going to stand in the way of their duty? Naaaaah.