didn't turn out really well

“be my coach!”

seeing all the photos from the yoi museum makes me want to cry and draw more yoi :’))) <3

Egotober, Day 06 - Sepsis

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Didn’t really know how to go about this day so I decided to break out some good ole gross gore. Poor Anti isn’t really feeling well…


blood infections | jacksonville, FL | 3.24.15


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Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…


books read in 2017: the grisha trilogy (leigh bardugo)

“You know the problem with heroes and saints, Nikolai?“ I asked as I closed the book’s cover and headed for the door. "They always end up dead.”

Joker from Suicide Squad - I wanted to redesign his tattoos to try illustrate his mentality/beliefs of him and B-man being parallels (Bats is on the left, Joker is to the right.) I feel the original ones only accentuate what he looks like on the outside, not what’s within (*/▽\*)♡ might finish properly some day.

Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season

I’ve been re-listening to the HTTYD audiobooks and decided to draw my interpretations of some of the dragons. That was a lot of fun, so I might do more in the future. I’m leaving these rough on purpose so you can see a little bit of how my progress works.

acosmic  asked:

could you share the story of your mom and the FBI? it sounds interesting, albeit terrifying


So my mom was very pretty when she was in college and she’s also always been really popular and was the type of person to make friends with anyone. Anyway, a couple of her friends were super super into hardcore  black radical leftists stuff and it was the mid 80s. However, according to my mom, these were “3rd tier” friends. Not like super close but like, if no one was around she could chill with them without it being awkward. Also my mom isn’t into politics so they never really talked about their interest in that with her, but it was definitely A Thing with them. 

So, one of the guys from this group was kind of hot. He asked my mom out and she was like “ok we can go on some dates” but it turned out their personalities didn't’ really mesh well so they stopped seeing each other pretty quick.

This is when it gets scary:

My mom has always been an “equal opportunity dater”. So when a good looking white man in his early 30s approached her at a bar near campus, she just kind of was like “oh. Interesting.” He asked her out and she was like “okokok” and started seeing him.

They went to a movie, and took a walk in the park. 
They went out to dinner a couple of times.
He took her out dancing.

During all of this, my mom noticed that he was really attentive and interested in her, but that she barely got to know any details about him. She just assumed that it was because he was shy or whatever. But because he was so kind and kind of suave, she just figured he’d need some time to feel comfortable opening up to her. My mom is one of those people who gives too much information about themselves anyway, so she genuinely thought they were getting closer or whatever.

Anyway, they went to dinner before they went dancing. At the dinner, he started asking her about that group of friends she had. Things like “oh, do you know Person A? Yeah i had a class with him but we didn’t know each other very well. What do you think about his ideas?” “Do you know Person B? Do you hang out with her often? etc”

and she answered truthfully, even though she felt a little confused since these were 3rd TIER friends, not her best friends or anything.

So after dinner, they go dancing and they’re like swaying together and stuff and then he pulls her close and says (and I kid you fucking not about any of this, this is exactly what my mom told me) right in her ear:

“You’re such a nice girl, Channing.  You need to be more careful about who you associate with.” Then he paused and said  “Do you really know who your friends are?”

My mom said that it felt like someone poured ice water down her back.

She just stopped swaying and like gently let her arms fall to her sides. 

And then he showed her his badge in his jacket and said “I could bring you in. I should bring you in. But you’re such a Nice Girl.” Then he looked at her hard for a bit and said “Be careful about getting too close to people you shouldn’t.”

And then he turned and walked away.

He fucking left her on the dance floor

Just standing there

22 years old



Didn’t drive her home or get her a cab or anything. 

And she never saw him again.