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Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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As a follow-up on the previous fill: now I'd really like to know more about the Goat Incident!

Previously on: The Goat Incident!


“Eleanor, Bucky?” Bruce looked up hopefully.

Bucky nodded.  “I can’t say too much.  Highly classified wartime efforts.”

“-That was like eighty years ago!”  Tony protested.  

Bucky slid into the spot on the couch between Falsworth and Dugan, who seemed to smile even wider, seeing Barnes again.  Apparently, this was not their first reunion.  Tony made a mental note to get to the bottom of that another time.

“All I can disclose is-“

“—The goat headbutted a HYDRA operative in the stomach so hard he passed out.  It raised the alarm on the perimeter and when reinforcements were called in, they had a laugh at the guard’s expense and it kept attention away so we could slip in.” Falsworth smiled.

Dugan laughed.  “Sarge is right, though.  Dernier did try to lure the goat away when we left.” He sighed.  “She had gumption.” 

“That’s it?”  Tony felt a little depressed.  “That’s the Eleanor story?” 

“Well,” Falsworth grinned.  “Dernier didn’t just try, he succeeded.  He got the goat to follow us.”

Barnes, Dugan, and Steve were stifling laughter, now.  

“And the Colonel,” Falsworth continued, “He didn’t take too kindly to her.”

“That was mostly because of his hat, though.” Steve managed, strained.

“There was more than one Goat Incident?”  Bruce looked far too curious for Tony’s comfort, which was saying something.  

“Pal,” Bucky grinned, “every day was a Goat Incident until she was Honorably Discharged.”

“What?” Tony sputtered.  “You can Honorably Discharge a goat.”

“Turns out you can,” Dugan corrected, “Though the Colonel wasn’t happy about that, either.  It found one of Peggy’s shoes.  It was the only agreement we could come to.”  


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So Close

PROMPT: Ever since Bucky chose to be frozen in cyro sleep, Y/N never left the area. One night, while Steve was passing by, he hears Y/N sadly singing her and Bucky’s favorite song to dance to.

·         Pairing: Bucky x Reader

·         Word Count: 3073 words

·         Warnings: Depression

·         A/N: this is slightly connected to an upcoming 4 part imagine I am currently finishing writing; On Second Thought, Maybe You. The imagine takes place after the Civil War happened.



For the same reason like every night, Steve found himself still restless, even if he was staying where his best friend was safely placed in. It just didn’t seem, comfortable. His eyes blankly stared at the ceiling before sighing when he realized he hadn’t had a good night sleep for the past month since Bucky was put back to the cyro. And soon, he remembered, a certain young lady had it far worse than he did, and made him look worriedly to the bed beside him. Sure enough, it was empty.

But the Captain knew where she exactly was. And it saddened him to see Y/N do the same routine every single night, as if the very life of her had been put to sleep as well. For days, Y/N stuck to her stubborn vow to never set foot outside of the building ever again, to stay watch over the Soldier even if she knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Everyone, even T'Challa, tried to reason out to her to go out, live a normal life. But she gave the same answer both she and Steve knew was true,

“It isn’t normal without Bucky.”

The captain quickly rose from his bed with a heave, to again check up on her like the previous nights. From time to time, each one of the Avengers was in Steve’s place of taking care of Y/N taking care of Bucky. Even Tony himself brought up the courage to, tried to bring up a joke to lighten her up, but always seemed to backfire and make her feel worse. And each night, it was the same, empty woman staring silently in pain through the glass. The same, depressed Y/N who forgot about her life and had here intentions only to be beside the man she loved, for what seemed like eternity. Of course, Steve understood her in a deeper level, and he would do the same thing.



“I’m not leaving.” Y/N stated without keeping her eyes off the Soldier.


“Everyone’s worried sick about you, Y/N.” Steve worriedly implied to the young woman, even when she ignored the concern, “You haven’t eaten, slept, or heck, lived well for almost a month!”


“Just…leave me alone, Steve.”


“No I can’t. Not with knowing your condition will worsen if you stop being so stubborn!”


When she fell silent again, the Captain noticed the way her eyes looked towards Bucky. It’s as if they guarded his stiff body, to maybe see a slight movement to know he was stable. A look of pain, to see a man who had a pure heart receive something he didn’t deserve yet needed to do as an obligation to protect everyone. Steve saw how it broke Y/N so much as how it did the same to himself, and found himself no more reason to argue against her decision. He slowly approached her, gently placing a hand on her shoulder.


When the young woman looked back, with eyes so sunken and surrounded by eyebags that marked the countless nights she stayed awake, the tears silently streaking down her bloodshot eyes, he remembered the request by Bucky, the promise to keep her safe and happy, and realized it was going to be a little hard for him to do so.



He called out from the hall, as if she would respond anyway. Steve proceeded down the hallways clad in nothing but a shirt and sweatpants. It was a little dim, T'Challa wanting to conserve energy with the lights, but he knew the same old route he has taken for the past week. When he found himself nearing the familiar door to the laboratory housing Bucky, he heard something faint from the distance. Steve froze in shock of the noise, thinking if there was an intruder in their midst, and from the sound of it, it came from the lab. The thought of someone infiltrating the lab, and maybe having her hostage, alerted the Captain.  But when he had listened intently to the sound, it sounded more…melodic, and not belonging to an intruder of any kind. As if someone was, singing.

“What the-?” He muttered to himself, confused as to why the noise was prominent at 2 am in the morning.

But the moment Steve slowly inched closer to the door, the tone of the voice sounded more familiar. And when the distance between him and the lab was merely but an inch, he quickly recognized it to be Y/N’s voice, singing. He was surprised and confused as to why she was singing, and just stood there in shock. But then, he heard the familiar notes and lyrics, and it struck nostalgia to his memories.

“Oh…” He breathed out in realization.

Steve slowly brought his hand to turn the knob without a noise, as to not startle the young lady inside. In doing so, he gently pressed on the cold door to open it. And sure enough, her voice became more audible. And as Steve turned to look at the young woman seated across the room in the same position near the frozen Soldier, clad in nothing but the Henley red shirt Bucky had given to her and shorts, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders to keep her warm. The song she sung, completely struck the Captain and made him feel so sorry for the poor girl.

Bucky and Y/N once danced to the song being sung by Y/N alone. The dance contained so much passion, an expression of how they both dearly loved each other, a sign that they were both willing to be together until the end. He remembered the glow she once had when Bucky was still around, and the smile that slowly grew on her face when the Soldier finally confessed his true feelings for her. The dance, the song, it was a mark of the beginning of their love story, about how a man like him fell for a woman like how. How the lion fell in love with the lamb. It was a memory both him and Y/N held dearly; seeing both Bucky and Y/N so happy with each other.

When the song would play, it didn’t matter where the two lovebirds were. They’d quickly pull in each other’s bodies close to each other, and just silently gaze lovingly at each other while they let the music guide their steps. Steve wondered how long it was since he saw Y/N’s real smile, how long it was since he heard her laugh, how long it was since she looked so complete. He knew that Bucky was willing to promise a life with her, to grow up old with her, to have and hold. An engagement he spent endless nights talking about it to Steve.

But now, he was looking at a completely heartbreaking scene of a woman singing to a man who’d never even hear her sweet, angelic voice calling out to him again. A woman who held the ring that she could’ve worn when it could’ve had a meaning, when the ring could’ve marked a possibility of a normal life for the both of them. And he was completely stuck in place, just frozen at looking at her completely beaten down and broken. He even found himself tearing up to her singing, when the feeling of missing his very best friend, his brother, and missing the old Y/N, hit him hard.


“Y/N…” he sighed sadly, as he listened once more to her sad melody.


’…And we’re…So close, to reaching

That famous happy ending

Almost, believing

This one’s not pretend…“


‘Now you’re, beside me

And look how far we’ve come…’


The young woman slowly stood up and strode nearer, her hands slowly caressed the glass just above the Soldier’s rested face, and he looked at him with a weak smile that tried to restrain the painful tears that streamed endlessly down her flushed cheeks. Across the room, Steve sensed that Y/N was too overwhelmed with grief to continue singing, and she completely lost it again. When saw her sink down to her knees, sobbing her heart out, he quickly dashed to her, slowly enveloping his arm around her small, humped figure.


"Hey, Y/N…” He cooed gently to her ear with his hands rubbing circles around, “I’m here.”

Steve was surprised that she didn’t fight back as usual, but instead clung her arms tightly around his torso, as he tears quickly soaked his shirt. Nevertheless, he remained silent and hugged her comfortingly.

“I-I’m s-so done w-with this, S-Steve…” her words barely came out clear with the hoarseness of her voice pulling it back. “I c-can’t t-take this any-anymore!”

“I j-just f-fucking miss h-him s-so much…I-I can’t live l-like this! Why did he h-have to deserve t-this Steve?! Why?!”

She screamed loudly in pain, in a way that broke the Captain even more, because he realized the gravity of how much they both terribly missed Bucky. So much, that he himself was starting to feel a lump build in his throat, but he found himself completely speechless at the situation. He slowly brought his eyes to look at his friend behind the glass, and the longer he stared at Bucky’s closed eyes knowing it could take a long while before he’d see them open again, a soft sob came out of his mouth as well.

“I-I know…I miss him too, Y/N…” He quietly admitted in tears while hugging her tightly in his arms.



“Here, it’ll help you calm down.”

Y/N looked over to her shoulder to see Steve holding out a mug of hot Camomile tea. She didn’t take a moment to hesitate, taking the mug in hand and whispered gratitude towards the Captain. When a small string of silence went by, Steve quietly sat down on the cold marble floor beside her, with his left arm gently wrapping around Y/N’s cold body. She suddenly felt a sense of comfort in his arms, a thing she hadn’t felt in a long time, and slowly, she relaxed and leaned her head on his shoulder, both keeping their gaze on Bucky. For a while they haven’t spoken and just let their thoughts float around. Steve realized how much more comfortable it was in the room, and understood much more how Y/N managed to survive the grief.

It was as if James Buchanan Barnes’ spirit filled the room. Like he wasn’t completely gone, purposely leaving a part of his essence in the place, a fervent reminder for both Y/N and Steve that he won’t be gone too long. And for the first time since weeks, the Captain slowly smiled, basking in the comfortable aura the room contained.

“So this is why you manage to keep on.” He remarked, feeling her head nod gently.

“Yeah. It’s the closest we got left of him.” She replied weakly, tentatively smiling towards the man she loved.

“I know he doesn’t deserve this, but he chose other people’s sake before his. He chose to keep us safe, to keep you safe.”

“S'why I love him. So selfless.”

Steve chuckled at the term, connecting it to the many memories he had of Bucky being so selfless, especially to the time Bucky held firm on the railings when a massive explosion was between them, saying he was never leaving without him.

“Yeah, he is.”

They both fell silent for a while, until Steve looked down and saw Y/N had set the mug down on the floor to let her fickle fingers gently fiddle with the beautiful diamond ring adorning her ring finger.

“He really meant it, you know. He was so willing to marry you.”

The young woman looked up to him, eyes slightly widened, waiting for a longer explanation.

“If only I could show you the many nights and days he would call me up, sounding so nervous, telling endless times how much he loved you enough to promise a life together.” He started off with a warm smile, and was relieved to find the young woman slowly doing the same. “He would even talk about how many children he wanted to make. Oh God, he’s real whipped for you.”

When Steve had paused, Y/N’s mind had been filled with recalls of the times Bucky had acted so weird, either fumbling to grab something in his pocket, or trying to gather the words to say it but to his dismay, have the words go tumbling down his tangled tongue.

“But this happened. I really wished it didn’t. I wanted so bad to see what could’ve been between you two. I’m really sorry, Y/N”

“It’s okay.” She nodded, more tears streaking down her cheeks. “Couldn’t make him change his mind about this, s'why I’m doing the same in considering a 'normal life’.”

“You really willing to wait?” Steve asked out of the blue after a short pause, making the young woman shift to look up to him in slight astonishment, “Even if it meant that he might not wake up in time for us to see so?”

For a moment, the young woman thought of her answer, but soon realized she already had one when the ring caught her sight again. With a deep breath in and a long sigh, the memory not so long again replayed in her thoughts when she gathered the words to say in silence.

“2 months ago, I said 'yes’ to a commitment Bucky offered to me. Even if we both didn’t know this was coming, I’m obligated to remain in that promise; the promise to be his and only his.” She spoke as if she were retelling an age old story, and Steve openly listened to what she was to say next.

“I really can’t imagine myself marrying someone else, because I already saw it a possibility with Bucky. Only Bucky. And I may sound so damn clingy, but the heck with it. I love that man so much, to the point that if he can’t have me, no one can.”

The Captain was astounded at how she stood ground to her promise, even if it looked like it wasn’t going to be a reality. Even if it seemed that she would growing old without being with anyone else than Bucky; she was stubbornly in love with him to do such a thing. It didn’t seem to bother Steve at all, because he understood where she was coming from. She reflected a part of himself deep inside; and it made him chuckle seeing how much Y/N was identically alike him. In response, he gave nothing but a slow nod in agreement, which Y/N took in as something unusual for him to respond to her explanation.

“What? No side remark? No violent reactions? No nothing?” She questioned him in curiosity, having to remember the countless times Steve scolded her for being so stubborn.

“I’d be a hypocrite if I did so. Which I am, I guess.” He shrugged, “I did also became so insanely stubborn to protecting Bucky at all costs, and I almost killed Tony for him.”

Y/N was relieved to her that Steve finally understood her feelings, and quietly took back in her hands the, still, hot mug of tea. Before it even reached to touch her lips, she paused, finding herself unfinished with talking to the Captain.

“You know how much it kills me to wake up every day, and instantly remembering him, frozen and asleep inside a cold prison, instead of awake and moving.” Y/N started, as she tried to hold back her runny nose from all that crying but Steve already had her back with a spare handkerchief he had in hand.

“Steve, we were all so close to a normal life. He could’ve had the life he wanted, and so did I. He could’ve stayed longer to wed me, just to seal what we have officially. At least, to have him just a little bit longer.” Her grip of the now warm mug had tighten, already feeling the grief of missing Bucky so much.

“I just, really, really, really miss him so much.”

The young woman had again fallen silent, but let a few tears slip through her eyes again. Her gaze fixated on the still pool of Chamomile sitting inside the cream-white marble mug, as she wondered if she would really drink the damn tea already. But it took her less than a second in her calm state, to remember that Chamomile was the tea Bucky always loved when she would bring it up to him. Because he loved the way it would slowly bring its warmth and unique flavor to trigger the sense of comfort in his veins, and how much it always did the trick of calming him down from his nightmares. It didn’t take her long before she found herself crying again, and her eyes couldn’t take anymore of it and felt heavily droopy.

With nothing more to say, the two friends stayed silent. Maybe he’s right, maybe she will get through this. Maybe one day, she’ll be able to look at Bucky without breaking down or regretting she didn’t do enough. But it seemed so hard for now. They were so Close to that; a happy life. It all ended so fast.

But knowing Steve was there, who apparently deals with the same pain, willing to go through each step to moving on, Y/N knew she’d turn out fine. It’ll still hurt, but she could just imagine Bucky finally being at rest knowing she can smile once again.

Maybe she could still keep him awake in her heart.

“It’ll take time.” He gave her a small smile, something that she always found reassuring, “But trust me, it’s worth it.”


Faking It - part 2

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: As requested here is part 2! i went a little overboard on this, but trust me you guys it’s gonna get better! I might add a smut part, cause everyone digs that. If you want to be tagged, ask and I will kindly do so and if I forgot to tag you please tell me. *Gif isn’t mine

Part 1 


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“And remember my Mother loves it when men are absolute gentleman,” You said as you stopped the car in front of your family beach house.

“Y/N, I grew up in the 1900s, I’m probably more of a gentleman that every single one of those men in that house combined,” Bucky insisted as he tugged down his long sleeved gray henly.

Sadness washed over you as you realized that he was trying to conceal his metal arm. It dawned on you, Bucky was probably struggling with himself about this whole situation. For your sake, he went along with the plan and it made your heart swell.

You reached out and stopped his hand, instead you rolled up the sleeves on both of his arms and smiled, “You don’t have to do that.”

“But won’t your family be afraid?” He asked.

You shrugged, “Does it look like I care what they think? We’re dating, well fake dating, and when you’re fake dating, you love that person unconditionally. Even if they have a metal arm.”

He smiled slyly at you. “Then let’s get in there and fake the shit out of this.”

You stepped out of the car and breathed in the Californian air. The sea breeze engulfed your senses and you were suddenly a teenager again. An angsty one, but a teenager nonetheless. Memories of you sitting on the warm sand with the sun beating down on you flooded your mind. You missed it.

“Go in without me, I’ll be there in a bit,” Bucky said.

“What?” You snapped your head in his direction. “We’re supposed to go in together.”

“Trust me,” He added. “Have a little faith in me, doll.”

You groaned, “Just hurry up.”

With a last deep breath, you walked towards the house. You smoothed down your black striped t-shirt dress and made sure your black boots were spotless. The noise was heard even before you got inside. Your family was loud, so it would be a surprise if you got through the night without an argument breaking out. You spoke too soon.

“The pot is mine!” You recognized the voice as your Aunt Nancy.

“Nuh uh!” Your Aunt Betty remarked. “See that dent right there! Susie made is when she dropped it on the floor! Now give it here you old hag.”

Bickering followed quickly and you heard your Mother trying to break the fight between her two sisters. You opened the door, knowing it would be unlocked and stepped inside. All eyes were on you. The entire family was there. Your grandpa was there from your Mother’s side as well as both your grandparents from your dad’s side of the family. Your mother had three siblings. Your Aunt Nancy and Betty were her sisters and Uncle Matt was her brother. Nancy, Betty, and Matt were all married. Nancy has two kids, Betty has five and Matt has one.

Your Dad’s side of the family was much bigger. He has five siblings. Your Uncle Danny, Joel, and Freddy. Aunt Hazel is the second to youngest and the only girl. Uncle Joel is the youngest and constantly getting a new partner. It would be no surprise if he has a new boyfriend or girlfriend by next week. Danny has four kids, Freddy and Hazel both have two. By the looks of it, Aunt Hazel has a third one on the way.

“Y/N!” Your Mother exclaimed in glee. “I can’t believe you were able to make it!” She pulled you into a hug. “It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, well I left California for a reason,” You mumbled and hugged her back.

It’s true. No matter how much you missed your Mother and Father, there was a great reason as to why you left in the first place. It was your aunts. Mostly from your Mother’s side. They were such hypocrites and always had something to day about you.

“Ha! See, I told you she was still single Flor,” Your Aunt Betty told your Mother.

“Oh quiet you,” Your mom shut her up. “It’s alright, I understand.”

Before you could say anything, your sister spoke up.

“Still dressing in black I can see,” She remarked and embraced you.

“Missed you, Erika,” You smiled. “Let me see the rock.”

Erika flashed you her engagement ring that was on her finger. No doubt waiting for the exact moment in which she could show you her new jewelry. After all the greeting and embraces from family that actually missed you, the comments began.

“Did you gain weight?” Aunt Nancy asked.

“Yes, it’s called muscle, something you don’t know about,” You shot back.

“Well, would you look at that? The girl grew a backbone,” Betty laughed. “Yet she couldn’t find a man.”

You were being torn apart by your aunts and you were at that breaking point. Just as you were about to snap at them, a voice form behind saved you.


Everyone turned their attention to Bucky who walked into the house. He held a bouquet of flowers and you silently thanked him. He walked over and planted a long kiss on your lips. You weren’t expecting it, but were quick to melt under his touch.  

When you faced your family once again, they were all gawking at the man that just entered the house. Your Mother smiled widely and you sister seemed to nod in approval.

“James Barnes,” He greeted.

“This is my boyfriend,” You added.

“These are for you Mrs. Y/L/N,” Bucky gave the flowers to your Mother. “I wasn’t sure what flowers you liked so I decided to go with Y/N’s  favorite; asters.”

You didn’t know how he found out that those were your favorite flowers, but at that moment, you didn’t care. He just made himself look like a gentleman, and that’s all you cared about.

Bucky shook hands with all the men of the family and hugged each woman. You couldn’t help but notice Aunt Betty’s glance at his metal arm, you knew immediately that she was going to give you shit about it.

“Let’s eat!” Your father announced.

“So James, where’d you meet Y/N,” Your Mother asks.

“Please, call me Bucky,” He smiled before looking at you. “We met at work.”

“As you all know, I am Tony Stark’s secretary,” You added. “And Steve Rogers happens to be a close friend of mine. He introduced us.”

“You know Captain America?” One of your nephews asked.

You nodded, “Bucky here is his best friend.”

“He and I go way, way back,” He chuckled.

“You sure did have a great life in New York,” Erika stated.

You intertwined your fingers with Bucky’s. It was metal arm, he looked at you, as if surprised that you’d do such a daring move. “It’s great! Mr. Stark gave me an amazing room in his tower.”

“But she hardly sleeps in it cause she’s always with me,” Bucky added before the both of you burst into a light chuckled.

“How long have you been together?” Aunt Hazel asked.

“A little over a year,” He replied.

“A year?” Aunt Nancy spoke up. “You mean you’ve been hiding this hunk for over a year?”

You cringed at her statement. Bucky squeezed your hand. You couldn’t wait til this day was over.

“And remember that tomorrow is the barbecue by the beach!” You mother called as you left the house. “Nice meeting you Bucky.”

“Nice meeting you too Mrs. Y/L/N.”

“That was terrible,” You mumbled.

“Did I do something wrong?” Bucky asked, genuinely concerned.

“Oh, no, you did great. Did you see their faces when you came in?” You laughed.

“What’s the deal with your Aunts?” He continued.

You shook your head, “They’ve always been like that. Now you can see why I left. They’re not the best people.” You handed Bucky your phone that had the Google Maps open. “Tony is letting us stay at one of his houses.”

“How much did you have to pay for him to do that?” He mumbled.

“Nothing at all,” You replied matter-oh-factly.

Honestly, Bucky, you surprise me. You had such good manners,“ You smiled. “Is that how you got your reputation as a certified ladies man?”

He laughed. It was a joy-filled laugh and it made you want to hear it again. You weren’t sure if it was because you hardly heard him laugh, but now that you did, you wanted to make him laugh again just so you can hear him. So you can be the reason for that laughter. For that happiness.

“Your family’s pretty cool,” Bucky said, ignoring your question.

You rolled your eyes, “Did you hear my nieces and nephews?” A migraine blossomed into your head at the simple memory of all the screaming and crying that you endured for the past three hours.

“And you’re gonna have to handle that all day tomorrow as well,” He noted as if reading your mind.

“Yes and no,” You paused and scrunched your nose. “We can go, make an appearance then maybe leave the barbecue and come back to the house. It’ll be fun!”

“Whoa,” Your mouth was agape as you stared up at the grand Stark mansion. The house sat on a hill, overlooking the beach that was far below. You were astonished at the trust Tony had in both you and Bucky to stay in his beautiful home.

“Holy shit,” You heard Bucky whisper next to you.

The inside was even better. Tony’s exquisite taste in home décor shone brightly in the interior of this home. Each item, no doubt was hand-picked by Tony. The vibrant colors blended together perfectly. You rushed towards the closed curtains and pulled them apart. Just as you imagined, the windows had a captivating view of the beach. The windows stretched from floor to ceiling, never missing a single detail of the scene that was before your eyes.

Bucky let out a low whistle, “Stark must’ve paid a fortune for this view.”

“Yeah, probably worth than both of us combined. So try not to break anything.”

The two of you began your search for the bedrooms. You considered the idea to call Tony and ask him for directions, but decided against it since it was already late in New York. You found the kitchen, which is equally as glorious as the house itself. You found his tech room, that you decided to keep shut to indicate that it was off limits. Finally you found the bedroom. Turns out, that was the only bedroom there was.

Bucky scratched the back of his neck, “Well, I can take the couch. It must be comfortable as well, right?”

“Are you sure? I can gladly take the couch,” You intervened.

“Y/N,” He said. “I insist.”

“So big of a house and you’d think that Tony would spare rooms,” You exhaled. “But then again, this home was for him and Pepper.”

“At least each room has a spectacular view,” He gazed out into the stretched out view. The sun was just beginning to set. Orange, red and rosy fingers seemed to streaked across the clouds. The colors reflected off the water, adding an even more profound beauty to it all.

You and Bucky spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching whatever was on the TV. The pizza delivery guy seemed to be a bit bummed out when he only received a five dollar tip. Maybe he thought that you and Bucky were cheapskates, considering the fact that you were ‘living’ in a home as magnificent as this one.

After two movies, two boxes of pizza and several mindless conversation, you and Bucky decided to call it a day. You dug through your bag in search for your sleeping shirt. Realization struck you and you dragged your hand down your face as you groaned loudly. You had left you sleeping shirt back at the facility. How could I fucking forget? You mentally scolded yourself.

“Bucky,” His name fell from your lips as a groan and slumped towards the bathroom.

He stood over the sink. His dark locks were pulled back in a bun to keep them out of his face. He looked up and quirked an eyebrow at your state.

“This is gonna sound a bit strange, but do you have a shirt I can borrow? I left mine at the facility.”

He shook his head, “Oh Y/N, always so forgetful.”

“It wasn’t my fault!” You insisted and followed him out of the bathroom.

He reached into his bag and tossed you one of his shirts. You unfolded it and the letters read ‘Pink Floyd 1972 World Tour.’ You shrugged and decided that it will do.

“Thanks, Buck,” You smiled.

“Your welcome and get some sleep! I don’t want you complaining about how tired you are when we’re about to get ten hours of sleep,” He called.

You tossed him a pillow and blanket before standing up straight and saluting, “Yes sir.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled, “You’re the worst fake girlfriend ever.”

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cityofaangels  asked:

I'm writing an AU Avengers with dogs fic, so I have to ask: what do you think would be each Avenger's dog ? (I already have them figured, just curious!)

Oooh, that sounds great! Did you already post it? (I purposefully didn’t check until I answered this bc I wanted to see what the two of us would come up with independently) And if not, will you please tell me when you do? *sends huge, adorable puppy eyes your way (and I mean real puppys, you don’t stand a chance darling)*

Before I do this, fair warning: I’m not exactly a dog person. I have mixed experiences with dogs and I don’t know a lot about different breeds and stuff, so I just relied on a quick google search. That being said, I had a lot of fun with this and here’s what I finally decided upon:

  • Steve has an Affenpinscher. I have never even heard of this dog before today, but from the moment I read ‘fearless out of all proportion of their size’ and ‘big dog in a small body’ I knew I had found the right one. Also the mental image of huge Steve with tiny dog gives me feels
  • Natasha has a Bolognese. For one, they have fluffy white fur and look about as unthreatening as possible. For another, they’re very manipulative. Natasha loves to use both of these qualities to her advantage. She’s also greatly amused whenever someone falls for one of her beloved dog’s schemes. (Nobody ever dares to ask whether she falls for them on purpose or not.)
  • Clint has a Cockapoo. I like to think that he initially wanted an entirely different dog but fell in love with this cuddly, lively puppy who’s so incredibly intelligent it baffles Clint time and again. He loves to teach her new, imaginative and crazy tricks all the time. It reminds him of his childhood at the circus, but in a good way.
  • Thor I had so much trouble with him, I just couldn’t decide on one. I figured he’d have a rare breed, maybe even one that takes extensive and expensive care, though I don’t know why. I also like the idea of him having a Komondor, but decided on a Black Russian Terrier in the end. From what wikipedia says they were bred during WWII as military/working dogs and work well as guard dogs. I can’t put a finger on it, but they just kinda fit my idea of a ‘warrior companion’ Thor might have been given by his father at some point? Maybe even as part of a coming of age ritual? idk
  • Bruce oh god, if anyone was harder than Thor, it’s definitely Bruce. I’ve struggled so much with this because I couldn’t decide what kind of dog Bruce would be looking for, especially if he was the Hulk, but also if he wasn’t. I went with the classic Labrador Retriever in the end, because they are very well known (and there’s a comfort in that), have this calming aura I associate with them and work well as service dogs. I figured Bruce might profit from that when dealing with his traumatic childhood and or Hulk-ness. Basically, they look (to me) as non-aggressive as one can, so I guess that calmness is what I think would draw Bruce to them. But yeah, I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense at this point tbh
  • Tony has a mutt (is that the correct expression because it sounds a lot like an insult?) because Tony is the person who insists for many years that he could never, ever have a pet or take care of it, that they would probably die because he forgot to feed them. Then he’d walk into an animal shelter at one point (probably after some traumatic event like Afghanistan) and find this sweet, affectionate adorable crossbreed, with fluffy fur and a slight limp and a missing ear who’s maybe five or six, and the employee explains about how little the poor things’ chances of finding a family are and you’ve never seen Tony without his beloved dog ever since. (Turns out said dog is also very helpful at calming Tony down from a panic attack, which they find out when Tony realises he just got a dog and now he’s responsible for another innocent life and had a panic attack)
  • Bucky is literally the only one I immediately knew the answer to, no googling necessary. I don’t have a grand, insightful reason for it either, I just thought ‘Bucky’ and ‘Siberian Husky’ and haven’t let go of that mental image yet. I have no reasons, no logic, but it is how it is. Bucky’s got a husky and that’s that.

Alright, this is my take on the Avengers’ dogs. Thoughts? Friendly disagreements? I’m really curious what everyone else’s version is and of course especially yours! :)

5x Bruce Told Tony to be Quiet and 1x He Didn't

We all  love science husbands and when Tony fics are angst free so here ya go!


“Say Bruce.”

“What is it Tony?” Bruce didn’t even look up from his desk, staring at the lay out for the weapons systems for the new QuinnJet. The Team had requested some pretty intense upgrades and he was struggling with the final plans. He just didn’t know how it would be possible to fit-

“Say, BRUCE.” Tony repeated louder.

“Yes.” Bruce sighed and sat back, rubbing his eyes. “Yes, Tony what is it?”

“So does, you know, being big and green make it difficult to date? Or do ladies really go for that?”


“No I’m really asking here. You know, for science.” Tony’s eyes were sparking playfully even as he tried to keep a straight face. “Do you start the date all hulked out, or pull out the big guns after she’s back at your place?”

“Tony. I live here. The Tower is ‘my place’. And I’m sure everyone can vouch for me when I say I’ve never brought a woman back here.”

“Well, we have a Hulk-safe containment room. Nobody REALLY knows what you do in there.”

“That’s enough.” Bruce turned away to go back to working, and Tony frowned at his back.

“For a scientist, you sure aren’t open to discussing theories.

“ENOUGH Tony.”

Tony shut his mouth.


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anonymous asked:

It was a lot of rubbish over nothing. At first I was pointing out that I found it annoying that yet again a post about him was made about his sexuality, rather than it being about his talent, and then it turned into me being apparently biphobic because I wanted to "deprive people of the knowledge he was bi" which is something I personally disagree with anyway, and ofc the whole adopted thing which came of nowhere which i'm still confused about. I said it was a mess, they got offended and yelled.

They tend to, don’t they?

First things first, I’d like to correct a couple of things, because 90% of the comments are bullshit, and people keep spreading false information and it annoys me. 

Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Not Sri Lanka, Zambia or other weird things I’ve heard before. Here is a photo of his birth certificate… just in case. As you can see, his birth name is actually Farrokh Bulsara, but that’s not the point.

Many people talk about his heritage. This is very important - he was Persian. So if you want to shove it down people’s throats (”your precious white singer was Indian!!!)”, at least shove accurate information down their throats. Also, don’t. 

“To an English mind, Asian means Indian. It doesn’t in Freddie’s particular case, he was Persian by ancestry. He was accused of denying his Indian heritage. I don’t think he ever did, but if he did, it would have been because he was Persian.” -  Roger Cooke, his brother-in-law.

“Freddie was a Parsee and he was proud of that, but he wasn’t particularly religious.”  - Jer Bulsara, his mother. 

And just for the record - no, he wasn’t adopted.

Fast forward to 1974. Killer Queen becomes a major hit - and for a very good reason. Freddie rarely explained what his songs were about, but this one is an exception.

“It’s about a high class call girl. I’m trying to say that classy people can be whores as well.” - Freddie Mercury, 1974.

I know he said that he’d  “prefer people to put their interpretation upon it”, but there’s a difference between “it’s about a drag queen” and “he’s singing about a woman so he must be into women”. He also wrote about bicycles, but that doesn’t mean he wanted to bang bicycles. 

And now, to the most annoying topic: his sexuality. I hate talking about this, because you know what? it’s none of your fucking business. No, it’s not “bi erasure” and no, it’s not “depriving people of the knowledge he was bi” - it’s bullshit. You don’t know. You assume; it’s not a fact, and it never will be, because it was his private life. He didn't talk about it in public, and therefore - you don’t know.

Stop spreading your speculations and call them facts. 

You want to know what the facts are?

  • He had girlfriends.
  • He had boyfriends.
  • (He also had cats).
  • It was his life, not yours.
  • THAT’S IT.

I don’t know if he was gay. I don’t know if he was bisexual. I don’t know if he was pansexual. I don’t know, and neither do you

A while ago I posted a gifset about Freddie’s smile, because I fucking love his smile. I think it’s wonderful and beautiful and can light up the room. You know what happened? people started talking about his sexuality. Again.

Freddie was so much more than your fucking poster boy. He was a brilliant musician and an incredible human being. He was sweet and caring and loving and beautiful and incredibly talented.

He chose not to come out. He chose to keep it to himself, and you DON’T have the right to decide what he was. Grow the fuck up.

So yes. I agree with you. You’re not being unreasonable, darling. Not at all. 

anonymous asked:

ok I'm curious, what in CA:CW made you ship MCU!Steve/Tony because I know before that you didn't really ship them.

honestly, it’s not so much what made me ship mcu stevetony as what made me love mcu tony

and mcu tony in cacw was very 616-like to me: less quippy, more openly fucking sad, with his guilt complex really way too obvious, with playing politics, with doing damage control and PR and all the stuff other avengers don’t want to care about, with negotiating ross and trying to keep everyone together (and failing so hard, oh my god, tony), with his self-hatred and loneliness

he’s just pretty much everything i love about tony wrapped up in a pair of the saddest most hurt eyes ever

and where do we see his most emotional reactions? in reply to steve

it’s really really obvious he cares about steve so much. really. so fucking much.

and it’s there in the first scene with ross and the avengers–steve turns to look at tony, and tony takes ages to look up, and they have this silent communication thing and i believe tony knows already then that it will go down somehow, it’ll be a mess, and he has to try and stop it

and then it only gets more obvious

there’s berlin

he starts talking to steve (and steve only) and he wants to convince him, he tries everything. he starts the conversation in a messed up suit and fixes himself because he’s really emotionally vulnerable there, he needs some kind of an armour

and he snaps at steve–give me a break. i’m doing what has to be done. to stave off something worse. because damn he believes this and he doesn’t believe he’ll convince steve, not really, but wow he has to try because steve’s his friend and this is the only way tony can take care of him now and steve’s a good man so if he agrees with tony–maybe so’s tony, and if he doesn’t…well, and damn tony wants his approval

we know how it ends. keep telling yourself that. and tony puts on his glasses, more armour, and you can’t tell me he’s not crying.


and then zemo happens, bucky happens, steve runs away

and tony talks to ross. sits down, so ross can tower over him, and tony fucking looks up and makes himself physically unassuming and begs, literally begs for a chance to bring steve in before someone’s sent to kill him instead. tony puts his everything on the line for steve then. and he’s so hurt, physically as well now, he’s bleeding, his left arm hurts (his heart hurts :))) ) and all he tries to do is to save steve

the airport scene


with tony having his heart on his sleeve in the most obvious ways possible

and really this whole fucking conversation

you’ve been busy

and you’ve been a complete idiot!

look at how out of it tony is already. he has a black eye (haha do you want to talk about tony opening his faceplate without prompting :))) ) and he’s so done he knows either steve goes with him or he gets killed sooner or later and steve refuses to listen. and look, tony doesn’t know what steve knows at that point. and steve doesn’t really have hard proof either.

so tony’s there trying to convince him but at the end of his line and he’s snapping and he keeps asking and his voice keeps rising and he tries and fails to compose himself so many times

i’m trying to – i’m trying to keep you from tearing the avengers apart

that fucking pause there? he looks away, he shakes his head, he can’t even talk for a moment, it’s so fucking important

steve’s answer? you did that when you signed.

he could stab him as well

and even then tony keeps trying

(do you want to talk about 616 and tony extending his hand and steve EMP-ing him)

except he’s really hurt, really done

so his trying changes into all right, we’re done and he actually spells it out for steve what is going to happen you’re going to come with us, now, because it’s US, and not a squad of j-soc guys with no compunction about being impolite

and there’s a cut to nat, and steve looking around, and back to tony, and he’s hoping, he’s hoping so hard, as if his hope can actually convince steve

he looks away too, and this little come on escapes him

and steve refuses.

(and i’d like to note how at the beginning there tony is like rhodey, you take cap, as if he doesn’t actually want to fight him himself, and then he literally says his plan was to take it easy, he never wanted a full out fight fuck everything, and then RHODEY GETS HURT and it’s all of tony’s nightmare neatly wrapped into one)

and tony watches rhodey being scanned, learns he might be crippled, knows it’s his fault because he’s tony stark, everything is his fault

and then he learns steve might’ve been right

and he leaves immediately to tell ross, to help steve

and ross threatens to arrest him, ross shows him his friends in the raft, his friends who hate him (even though tony is right! they broke the law, each and every one, willingly), and tony still begs them for a chance to help steve

and sam tells him, so tony follows steve

and their meeting is so great? tony’s wary, but yet again opens his faceplate

tells steve he was right. steve accepts his help. tony’s so relieved. he jokes. (he’d have to arrest himself. because it’s true)

it’s so light for a moment

and then zemo shows them the video, and tony watches his parents, his mum getting killed by the man steve risked everything to protect (risked tony to protect)

and tony closes his eyes at some points. he can’t watch. and then he only wants to know one thing.

did you know

and he knows the answer

don’t bullshit me, rogers, did you know

and it’s then when he snaps, just lashes out, wants to hurt bucky (and i’d like to note that even then he’s consciously trying not to kill them. he’s in his full armour. he can take on the hulk or level cities. instead he ties steve’s legs and aims at the walls to cut off their escape and the most damage he does to one of them is to blow bucky’s mechanical arm off, when he’s trying to save his own life)

and the worst line happens

i’m sorry, tony. but he’s my friend.

so was i.

but i think even then it dawns to tony … that maybe no. maybe it was only ever one-sided.

at the end, when steve has tony down and keeps hitting him, and smashes his helmet, and raises his shield–tony covers his face, and he’s convinced steve will kill him

i think steve thought so for a second too

instead, steve smashes the armour reactor. literally breaks tony’s heart. and for a few long seconds, they just look at each other. and it’s all there. all of it. all the could have beens and all the broken trust and all the things they’ll never rebuild now

i ship them in mcu now, because it’s fucking tragic, and i roll like that

but also because, my shipping glasses aside, you can totally see one-sided unrequited love on tony’s part. he really thought steve was his friend. that it ran both ways. he did it all for a man he loved.

they’re both a mess, a destructive mess at that, and we know tony, every tony, only ever wants to be loved. and honestly, after the emotional rollercoaster of tony feels in cacw? i ship them. because it’s terrible and it makes sense, and there’s this steve can only be this mad because he loved tony too

and then there’s imagine if they were in a relationship before

and steve actually calls first

and tony is left with nothing at the end. rhodey’s alive, but hurt, and tony blames himself. vision is there, but every time tony looks at him, he remembers jarvis is gone.

steve sends him a letter, and a phone, and tony doesn’t call; tony knows how it’d end. (tony’s not steve’s friend.)

steve might call.

this movie really wonderfully destroys tony, and you can argue it destroys steve, either, and this is when i’m interested in them.

No Place Like Home

The future is a different country. Sometimes it’s hard to find home. 

A What If Peggy (with the Serum) was in the ice with Steve AU (Steggy Secret Santa gift for @bisexualhayesmorrisons)

Note: This is… slightly more melancholy in tone than I’d really intended, especially at the beginning, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Also, this is not compliant with Peggy’s backstory in S2.

“I’ve gotta put her in the water,” Steve said, looking at her as she fiddled with the radio, trying to get someone on the line.

She didn’t acknowledge the words. She focused on the panel in front of her, but her shoulders were tense and the red nails of her empty hand bit into her palm. They had both looked at the instruments panel. It didn’t take fluency to know that whatever Schmidt had pressed earlier had locked them on course to New York. There wasn’t any choice, and they both knew it. The plane had to go down, and the only way to accomplish that now was to do it manually.


She looked over at him, her hair mussed and falling in her eyes after the fighting with Schmidt. She watched him with resignation for a moment. She’d always known there was the possibility that they might not live to see the end of the war, but right now it was overwhelming. She sighed and went still, when Steve reached out to take her hand, gently pressing his gloved fingers against her clenched ones, prompting her fingers uncurling to wrap tightly around his. Some of the tension ebbed away from her frame, but there was a fear there that wouldn’t be assuaged with a mere touch.

“If I could just find the bloody frequency-” Peggy grumbled, adjusting the radio panel with her free hand. There was a pop and crackle before static.

“I’m sorry, Peggy.”

She sighed. “I know.”

Ice stretched across the horizon, a white blanket. There was a moment of regret and pain for all the things neither of them would get to see now. All those plans and promises they’d both acknowledged but never quite made were going to end here in the cold. When Steve let go of her hand to take hold of the stick, Peggy laid her hand on top of his and nodded.

Together, they pushed, sending the plane careening down toward the ice below.

“I guess we won’t make that dance after all,” Steve said, looking at her. He laughed, a sad chuckle that sent a lance through her heart. “Probably for the best, I would have hated to step on your toes.”

Peggy was tempted to laugh. Of all the things for him to worry about- even if it was for nothing. “Far worse things have happened to me than you stepping on my toes, Steve.”

He smiled sadly. “We could have had the band play something slow.”

Peggy woke gasping, a sharp prickle running across her skin like needles. It was a feeling of ice in her veins. She had dreamed of the crash before, the feeling of the wind and the cold and the searing pain that followed. It was never the same twice, sometimes she dreamed of other horrors: of the Schmidt’s red skull laughing as the plane went down in flames and the feel of blood pooling at her feet and covering her hands.

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Mission Mistletoe

 Prompt: The whole team is tired of you and Peter not confessing your feelings so tony takes the matter into his own hands.

a/n: yes I know I’m late in the Christmas fics but better late than sorry right? merry Christmas and happy holidays love you<3

warning: kissing 

Originally posted by iammoana

Originally posted by samazkma

 There are only 3 days till Christmas and all of the avengers were spread across the couches in the tv room. Watching Christmas movies since Stevie and Bucky missed a couple good ones.

Everyone in the tower was all in the holiday spirit. Especially Tony. He loved throwing parties and never missed an occasion to party. He didn't need to have the reason or know the holiday to throw a party. But this year he didn't want to throw one. He thought it would be nice if we just spent the holiday in peace. 

So here you are cuddling with Peter and sipping hot cocoa. Since Bucky and Sam were being babies and wanted a blanket each,  you had to share with Peter. Which you didn't mind at all.

 It would be a lie if you said that you didn’t have a slight crush on Peter. Okay, maybe slight isn’t the right word its more of a huge crush on him. 

“what do we watch next?” sam asked as he walked to the kitchen. “how about the grinch?” you suggested “yeah that’s a classic” Peter said smiling at you. 

“why did you call us here Tony?” Steve asked as the walked in the meeting room.

“yeah, and why isn't Y/n and Peter here? Shouldn't they be here too?” Clint asked getting a nod from Natasha who was sitting next to Sam and in front of him.

“ okay okay one question at a time,” Tony said as he plopped a blueberry in his mouth “ this meeting is actually about them" 

"what do you mean” Steve asked confused “ well didn't you guys ever notice the way they look at each other and how in love they are?” everyone nodded “ so what?” Steve said and Tony sighed “ so we have to get them together because it’s really annoyingly cute,” Tony said gagging in the end.

“what would like us to do?” Loki asked, “ thought you would never ask,” Tony said his grin getting wider. 

“mama bird come in mama bird,” said Tony into his walkie-talkie.  "Mama bird here over,“ Clint said hiding in the vents. 

"Will you idiots stop with these stupid code names and start!"Loki whispered/screamed. 

"calm down reindeer we need to know if the coast is clear” Loki rolled his eyes at Tony. 

“Ok, Doritos is the coast clear?” Clint asked, “who is Doritos?"Steve asked, "is that a reference?”

“Argg its gonna be a long night,” Loki said rubbing his temple. 

“ok everyone listens up it is the last time I'm gonna say it”. Tony said in the walkie talkie.

“we each have a bag full of mistletoes and we have to hang them all over the building. We have to put them everywhere, we have to make sure that Y/n and Peter walk under one and kiss." 

"this better work Stark” Sam commented as he placed the mistletoes.

“Why is there so many mistletoes in here?” you asked as you walked in the kitchen, luckily you didn’t walk into one with someone. 

“To get in the holiday spirit that’s all,” Tony said sipping his coffee. 

The kitchen was quite a bit too quiet well for the avengers at lease. Until you heard someone arguing. You and Natasha looked at each other with a raised eyebrows and looked at Tony who simply shrugged in response. 

The three of you went to the living room where you saw Clint and Loki under a MISLETOE. 

You couldn’t help but laugh at the situation since you knew that Clint isn’t very fond of Loki after the incident that happened in New York. Even if Loki had changed his ways Clint didn’t care, Loki was staying in the avenger’s tower because Thor had invited him to spend the holiday here.

You and Natasha looked at each other and burst of laughter. Tony had a hard time controlling it as well he had to cover his laughter in coughs since Loki and Clint glared at him the first time.

“what’s all the ruckus about? some people want to sleep” sam walked out with a very sleepy peter. who looked really cute with his bed hair and a sleepy smile. “Shit,” you thought “ it’s not the time to get distracted by Peter’s cuteness”

“oooh,” sam said with a huge grin on his face “ Loki the god of mischief has to kiss Legolas,” he said amused.

“I will not kiss this pathetic mortal” Loki hissed. “ same here and who you calling pathetic?” Clint walked in front of Loki chest raised. 

A loud booming voice was heard when turned you saw Thor get out of the elevator “ what is the problem fellow companions?” thor said frowning. He was a big puppy in a god’s body. 

“Loki and Clint walked under a mistletoe together and according to the ritual they have to kiss, ” Peter said matter of factly “but they don’t want to”. Thor laughed as he understood the situation and told Loki to just over with it. Loki and Clint kissed well it was more of a peck “ I  gotta wash my mouth with bleach now” Clint said walking away. 

During the day everyone was kissing everyone. After Loki and Clint, Steve and Tony had to kiss, then sam and bucky and then Natasha and Y/n. 

It was funny, but a bit annoying that you never got to do it Peter with you, you knew that he liked you but he never admitted it. 

You were on your way to your room when you bumped into Peter himself. You looked at him and smiled. 

Just when you about to leave someone called you “ Where do you think you’re going young lady” a voice came from behind you. It’s was Tony. 

“uhh, hi Tony,” you said “oh cut the slack Y/n, You know you and Peter are standing under a mistletoe” he pointed above both of your head. 

You looked at Peter he was beet red and you bet you were too, “ what are you waiting for” Tony asked with a raised eyebrow. 

You turned towards Peter as if you asked him if it was ok for you to kiss him. He looked at you asking for permission as well.

You smiled and leaned in, so did Peter. 

His lips were soft and the kiss was sweet but it still gave you butterflies. You didn’t want to stop but you had to just as you were about to pull away  Peter pulled you by the waist and kissed you again but more passionately this time, and you wrapped your hands around his neck. 

You broke the kiss when you remembered that Tony was still there. You looked at Peter still blushing not knowing what to say. “Y-y/n would you go out with me?” Peter asked, you pecked his lips and said yes(obviously).

“finally” Tony yelled “ It’s a Christmas miracle" 

I Didn’t Understand That Reference (Rogers/Wilson x reader)

Request: This is based on a true story of how I tainted my most innocent of friends. But Steve’s reactions to urban dictionary requests like you are hanging with a friend and for fun you were skimming it so he asks about it and he is mortified

“I swear, that’s the last time that I fly commercial,” you hissed, storming through the door and throwing your suitcase into the center of the Avenger’s Compound living room, leaving your belongings to break free and litter the area, “what good is it to know Tony goddamn Stark if you can’t borrow a jet once in a while?”

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You Didn't See That Coming?

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Prompt:  You and Pietro have been friends ever since he came to stay at Avengers Tower. You love him, but are too scared to tell him. What happens when the rest to the Avengers try to “help”?  Mischief ensues!

Warnings: “Helpful” Avengers, Mutant! Reader, Smut, Fluff, and Language

A/N: So this is my first story on Tumblr and I really hope you all enjoy it. Of course I had to make this story about this beautiful cinnamon roll. Enjoy!

(Y/N)= Your Name, (Y/N/N)= Your Nick Name, (E/C)= Eye Color, (H/C)= Hair Color, and (H/L)=  Hair Length


You had been with the Avengers ever since Loki’s attack on New York. You don’t know how they found you, but you had to guess that one of them had seen you use your powers. You are a conduit, which means you could take any of the natural elements and use them as your own. You had been trying to take away some of the smoke and fire to get civilians safe, and once it was all over, the overly famous Iron Man (or as you now him now Tony Stark) had approached you about becoming an Avenger.

That was a long time ago. You had gone through the rigorous training, learned to control your powers better, and even made some friends.  All the boys were like brothers to you, and Natasha was your closest friend. You finally felt like you had a home. That was, until it was destroyed again by Ultron. That was the first time you saw him, in the middle of the rubble and soot. Pietro Maximoff, notorious speedster and sarcastic asshole. You had saved him from getting shot by quickly absorbing steel and taking the blows for him.  You had looked down at him and smirked, a shocked expression on his face.

“You didn’t see that coming?” you said. His eyes widened, and somewhere from the back, you could hear Clint cracking up. After the battle and the Maximoff twins had been inducted, you and Pietro had become quick friends, same with his sister, Wanda.  You had helped them with their training, helping them learn to control their powers. 

It was now many months after the battle with Ultron, and you had developed feelings for the silver-haired speedster. You were, however, 200% sure that he didn’t return the feelings. He was a flirt. It was just his personality, but of course you had to fall for the cheesy one-liners and suggestive comments. You sighed, and got out of bed. You dragged yourself out of your room to make some breakfast and make some coffee. When you arrived in the kitchen, you saw Steve sitting there making a pot. You smiled to yourself. Steve was one of you best friends in the tower, and you thought of him as a brother.

“Mornin’ Stevie!” You said with a yawn. You really needed that damn coffee. Steve looked up with a smile on his face. He made his way over to you, and gave you a hug. He pulled back with a smile.

“Good Morning, (Y/N),” he replied, “How’d you sleep?”

“Okay, could’ve been better if it wasn’t for Tony and Thor having a drinking party in the living room. How about you, Cap?”

“About the same.” He said. He went back to making coffee, more small talk here and there due to the fact neither of you could form more than a couple of complete sentences without yawning.  Damn it, the coffee couldn’t be made fast enough.  You went to pick up a croissant, when suddenly a gust of wind and silver flew by you, picked up the croissant from your hand, and rushed out.

“Damn it, Pietro, I was going to eat that!” You knew he was long gone and probably couldn’t hear you, but you still had to express your frustrations. Steve was chuckling softly behind you.  It wasn’t exactly a secret that you liked Pietro, well it was a secret from the man himself, but the rest of the Avengers knew you loved him.

“So, (Y/N/N), when you going to tell our resident speedster about your feelings for him?” Steve said cheekily, with a slight smirk on his face.

“Steve! Keep your damn voice down. I am not telling him. Since when did you get all upfront and nosey, huh? ” You replied, a slight blush on your cheeks.

“Oh come on, (Y/N), we all know you like him. Just tell him, alright?”

You went over and hugged Steve, “Steve, he doesn’t like me. “ Steve just rolled his eyes, and walked out of the kitchen. You slumped against the kitchen counter and sighed. It was gonna be a long day.

On the other side of the tower, Pietro was having a similar conversation with Wanda. “Wanda,” he sighed in his thick accent, “there is no way on earth she has similar feelings for me. You see ze way she looks at Captain Rogers. She obviously loves him.” Wanda just snickered adorably. “Soon you shall see, brother. Very Soon.”

                It was later that night, and the whole team had decided to have a game night. Pietro took a seat next to you, and put his arm around you. Tony wanted to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the rest of the team reluctantly agreed. Even Bruce agreed to play a couple rounds. Tony leaned over and whispered in your ear “He only wants to play so he can make out with Nat” You snickered at that joke totally agreeing with what he said. Pietro looked over at your laughing form, and a pang of jealousy went through him. He should be the one making you laugh, not Stark.

                Little did you and Pietro know, everyone wanted this game to happen. They had even rigged it, so when it was your turn, you would get Pietro. They were so sick of the pining and the talks of unrequited love, so they planned to finally push you two together. And this game was the answer.

                “I think (Y/N/N) should go first. Everyone okay with that?” Nat said. Everyone just shook their head in agreement. You, on the other hand, were blushing like crazy. You secretly hoped that you would choose Pietro’s trinket, but this was a game of chance. You could literally get anyone, even Thor. You went up slowly, and chose out of the bag, and picked up the first thing you felt. It was a silver lightning bolt.

                “Alright, looks like our little (Y/N) is going into the bedroom with Quicksilver!” Tony chirped happily. The rest of the team was cracking up.  You heard Clint whistling, and you shot him a glare that could kill. Tony grabbed you and the speedster, and shoved you into your room. You blushed when you heard Tony say to J.A.R.V.I.S., “Lock them in and don’t let them out.”  You blushed, and quickly looked at Pietro. His face was red, and his eyes were wide. He was just as shocked as you were.  

                “Well….what should we do? It looks like they won’t let us out.” you said. It made you a little uncomfortable that the love of your life was in your bedroom. Some old fantasies began to resurface, and you blushed.

                Pietro didn’t answer. He was too busy staring at you. He thought you were they most beautiful person on Earth. Your (H/L), (H/C) hair was slightly messy from the day, and the red tint on your cheeks just made you look even better. He loved you so much, but was scared to say anything. What if it messed everything up? What if she doesn’t love me back? It would hurt him so much, but seeing as the two of you were locked in a room together, he might as well do something.

                “Pietro?” you asked, “Are you okay?” Suddenly, in a blur, you felt his lips on yours, pulling your into a searing kiss. Your eyes widened, you never thought he would do this. You let your eyes close as you began to kiss him back. Just as quick as it had started, however, it ended. He pulled away and let his forehead rest on your own. “I love you, (Y/N),” he said in that gorgeous accent, “I can’t hide it anymore. I get so angry when I see you laughing and hugging on the others. Because I should be the one making you happy, not them.”  You looked up at him, tears welling in your eyes. He loved you? You never thought you would hear that from him. Quicksilver, your best friend and now more, loved you.

                “(Y/N)? Please, say something. Anything.” He pleaded. He looked so unsure,  he needed you to say something.

                “Pietro..I love you too.” You stated, kissing him hard. He smiled into the kiss, overjoyed that you loved him back. You spent minutes like this, holding each other and kissing. Things got heated fast, and he gently pushed you onto the bed. He bit your lip, and you gasped , allowing his tongue to dart into your mouth.  You moaned at the sensation of his tongue, he moved his hands under your shirt loving the feel of your smooth skin under his hands. He brushed a spot that was sensitive, and you giggled a little bit.  He looked down at you and smirked.

                “No, Pietro, don’t you dare..” your words trailed off as he started tickling you. You were a mess of laughter on the bed, yelling stop between breaths. He loved the sight of you under him, smiling and laughing. He soon went back to kissing you, and pulled your shirt and bra off. He trailed kisses down your neck, stopping here and there to bite and suck on certain places, causing you to moan.  His trail finally ended at your breasts, where he took one of your sensitive nipples in his mouth. You moaned loudly, your hand flying to his hair and gripping it. God, this was the hottest thing you had ever experienced. Your body was on fire, heat was pooling between your thighs. You needed him. You tugged at his shirt, and he got the message. He removed himself from your chest, and tugged off his shirt. You ran your hands down his firm chest, loving the way his muscles feel under your hands.

                You decided that you wanted to see him under you, so you flipped the two of you around and straddled his waist. He looked shocked, and all you did was smirk. You leaned down and kissed his neck, bititng and sucking points just as he had. You let your hands brush over his growing buldge, earning a deep groan from the silver haired man. When your trail of biting and kissing reached his pants, you looked him dead in the eye as you started to unzip them. He lifted his hips and lets you take them off. And what you saw shocked you. He was huge. You were suddenly nervous, wondering how in the hell he was going to fit inside you. You licked your lips, and slowly put a hand on his cock, earning another moan.

                “(Y/N)…” He whimpered. God, that was amazing. The sound of your name on his lips like that drove you crazy. You slowly let your hand pump his hard length. He was moaning, loving the feeling of your hands on him. He fisted the sheets, his knuckles turning white. “(Y/N)…please…stop..” he moaned out. You stopped suddenly, taking your hand off him.

                He smirked from under you, and flipped you over yet again. He was on top of you now, and was unbuttoning your jeans. You lifted your hips to help him take them off. He slowly put his head between your legs and looked up. Making eye contact, he smirked and stated “Now it’s your turn.” You were confused, but that was replaced quickly when you felt his tongue lick your core. You moaned loudly, your back arching off the bed. This felt way to damn good. You felt as if you were on fire.

                “Pietro…please..” you moaned out. He smirked, and continued to eat you out ravenously. He loved the taste of you, and the sounds you were making were driving him on the brink of insanity. His hand slowly snaked up and started teasing your clit. You gasped loudly, this was too much.

                “Pietro! Please.. I need you..” you yelled. The heat was too much. He slowly pulled away, your juices on his smirking lips. He slowly crawled up towards you, and captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You could taste yourself on him, and you moaned. He pulled away slightly, his cock nudging your entrance.

“Are you sure you want this, love?” He asked.

You cupped his face with your hand, “Of course, I want all of you, Pietro.”  You kissed him again, and he slowly entered you. You both moaned at the sensation. He filled you perfectly. He started rocking his hips, slowly at first. The speed was agonizingly slow, you needed more.

“Fuck! Pietro,,please…more..faster!” you panted out

“Someone’s ..a little..demanding, huh?” he chuckled, but happily obliged. He started pounding into you relentlessly, and it felt amazing. All you could hear was your combined moans, and the sound of skin on skin.  You moaned his name over and over again. You felt your release building.

“Pietro..I’m about to..” you were a moaning mess.

“It’s okay..me too..oh shit…fuck…(Y/N)…,” He managed to groan out, “Cum for me (Y/N).”

And with those words, you felt yourself  soaring over the edge. “PIETRO!” you cried out, your back arching off the bed and you tightly fisted the sheets. This was too much. It felt amazing. A couple seconds later, Pietro stilled inside of you and let out a growl. “(Y/N)! FUCK!” He released inside of you, and collapsed on top on you.

You were both coming down from your highs, Pietro still on top of you. He leaned up and kissed you lovingly. He pulled back and whispered, “I love you, (Y/N). Please, be mine?” You smiled at him, and replied, “I was already yours.” He smiled, kissed you, and pulled you into his side. You feel asleep, curled up into his arms, sleeping better than you had in a while.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of laughter. You opened your eyes, looking to see who was waking you up at such a god awful time. It was Tony and Steve. Shit.

“So, (Y/N/N), we locked you in a room for the night and this is how it goes, huh?” Tony says mischievously. You looked and saw only a sheet was covering you. You glared at the boys and threw a pillow at them, yelling for them to get the hell out before you decide to absorb fire and throw that at them instead. Pietro had heard the whole thing and was cracking up. You huffed angrily, and cuddled back up, hoping to fall asleep again.

Outside your door, the rest of the team was high-fiving each other. They had finally gotten the two of you together. Even Wanda was happy. And you and Pietro spent most of your time together. And it all started because he didn’t see it coming.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts? Honestly, Bucky referring to Steve's pecs as tits and his briefs as panties really Does Things to me. I didn't think I'd dig feminization or humiliation, but the light way you do it really strikes a chord with me because of the way he BLUSHES, Christ; it's the edge of humiliation that does it. So I'd really like to prompt a heavy humiliation kink with a side of feminization. If, uh, that's ok.

i’m gonna give you a drunk write. i promise it is no lower in quality or content. it is simply very well timed that you asked for this at this precise moment, when i am in a perfect mindset to deliver precisely what it is everyone in this fandom needs. the title of this piece will be “MY MAMA TAUGHT ME GOOD HOME TRAININ,” as inspired by beyonce. low key feminization is life. 

Bucky kicks off his boots and toes off his socks at the door, and then he peels off his gloves and his tac gear, and lets it clatter onto the tile. Pick it up later. He runs a hand through his hair, short again on account of all the ops he’s been running – practical – and rounds into the kitchen, scrubbing at some dried blood on his face.

Steve turns to look at him, already back into civvies, just because his debrief was shorter. He’s one shower closer to normal than Bucky. “Hey,” he says, offering up a tired smile. “Got dinner in the microwave. You good?” 

“I love it when you cook, sweetheart.” Bucky drags up the tease from somewhere deep in his exhausted body; what can he say, Steve just makes him smile. “Where’s your apron, huh?” 

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tygermama  asked:

I keep picturing Steve, de-serumed, still himself, getting into fights and the other Avengers trying to protect him. He's cornered in an alley and Bucky, still confused about who he is and who Steve is, drops out of nowhere, saves Steve's butt & throws him over his shoulder, muttering in Russian. Everyone can hear Steve, through his earpiece, respond to Buck's Russian mutterings. "I thought you didn't speak Russian well" "I don't, but I know the tone and I've had this argument before"

It’s temporary, is what they’re told.

Wanda’s codename might be Scarlet Witch but this is something that is specifically not in her skillset - at least, not yet, according to their SHIELD Magical Consultant. She’ll get there, eventually. 

Magical Consultant.  It’s enough to set Tony’s teeth on edge.  He hates it when people get all mystical on him.  Said Magical Consultant at least had the decency to look sheepish about it.  Also, her nickname was funny enough to alleviate the situation.

“The short answer is that HYDRA didn’t realize that there was a magical component to Erskine’s serum.  It’s ancient and it’s powerful and that’s pretty much why your Captain is still alive, albeit in a bitty form,” Spooky said reassuringly. 

Spooky.  Hilarious, right?

“Awww,” Wanda cooed.  Her brother rolled his eyes heavenwards. 

Steve was slightly bemused at this reaction but was taking it in good grace.  So far. 

Now, the sane, sensible thing to do for a Captain America who’s currently five foot odd, ninety pounds wet, with a set of illnesses that were currently treatable by modern medicine was to relax, stay where he was safe and get cooed over by nearly every female in the new SHIELD and Avengers Initiative -

(Hell, even Maria Hill was not immune! And Darcy pretty much took one look at him and let out a squee that was heard all over the damn Tower.

Fine, Tony felt like squeeing himself.  Shut up.  Cap was adorable, okay?)

and generally wait for the day he could turn back into Super!Cap again.

They had not realized who Steven Grant Rogers really was.

Steve insisted that he take up the search for Bucky Barnes a.k.a. the Russian Winter of Death and Destruction.  See, Tony had this Great List of Enormously Bad Ideas and he ought to know, because he’d patented like 90% of the Top Ten - Stark Industries™, thank you.    But this idea of playing bait for HYDRA, hoping to draw the Winter Soldier out?

Number one.  Tony would like it stated for the record.  Number. Fucking. One.

Also, not Tony’s idea!

So of course HYDRA strikes at a time when the majority of the Avengers’ heavy hitters and fastest members are in California, dealing with actual Godzilla. 

(Yes, really.  Godzilla.  They were going to figure out where the hell it came from later, but their main concern at the moment was to get it out of L.A. and minimize the casualties.)

Also, to be fair, Steve wasn’t exactly trolling for HYDRA on this particular day - he’d just been on a food run, but it was fortunate that he’d put his earpiece on, out of habit. 

Barton was back at the Tower, recovering from an injury.  Sam - whose wings were still under repair from the last battle they had - and Natasha were also there and currently en route to Steve’s location, with a small SHIELD team that included a couple of Director “Hi-Forgot-to-tell-you-I’m-not-Dead” Coulson’s people. 

“Hold tight, Steve, we’re coming,” Natasha tells him. 

“Got nothing better to do, to be honest,” Steve wheezes.  There’s a couple of clangs.  Curses in the background.  “Glad to see they still make trash can lids like they used to.”

“Please tell me you didn’t just use a couple of trash can lids like your shield,” Tony begged, as he zipped and ducked from an angry Godzilla claw. 

“I didn’t just use a couple of trash can lids like my shield,” Steve repeats dutifully.

“Well done, Captain!” Thor booms.  Godzilla lights up with the lightning.  It roars.  But it got hurt all the same.

“God damn it,” Steve says resignedly. 

Language!”  What, like Tony could resist that one?

“Steve, where are you?” Sam asks. 

“Alleyway - somewhere along – “ Steve gets abruptly cut off.

“STEVE!”  Now it’s the entire team yelling.

They can’t believe they all hear the angry growl in the background.  But there’s some terrified screaming and it’s thankfully not Steve Rogers and yep, they all heard, “Holy fucking shit, it’s the Winter Soldier!” and “Why is the trigger not working?”

And then there’s a distinctive string of angry Russian and Steve:  “I had ‘em on the ropes, Bucky.”

More Russian.  It prompted an amused snort from Natasha.

“I did! I ain’t completely helpless – okay, fine, yes, I know you don’t think of me that way, I’m sorry, all right?”

Still another burst of Russian - Tony was seriously going to have to learn the language wasn’t he?

Pietro and Wanda both laughed at this one. 

“Sergeant Barnes is rather…. protective of the Captain, isn’t he?” Pietro said over the comms.

Sam’s turn to snort.  “Understatement, much?”

“I’m proud of you, Steve,” Natasha tells him.  “The Russian lessons are paying off?  ETA: three minutes by the way - Sam and I can make it ten if you two need a moment alone.”

“I still understand every couple words to be honest but I know that tone and we’ve had this argument before.  And just get here, you two.

Bucky sighs and he responds, with unmistakable affection, “Stepushka.”  And then there’s a strange whirring noise


“Нет, Stepushka.”

Well, that they could all understand.

“Did you just pat me on the ass - Bucky!” 

“Солнышко моё,” the Winter Soldier purrs contentedly.  And said a few more things that were, unmistakeably, endearments.

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen Natasha blush,” Sam says on the comms.

“Take a picture,” Barton chimes in.  “For posterity!”

They do get to meet Bucky Barnes a little later, after Thor manages to chase Godzilla into a mostly uninhabited world where he would be free to roam without going smash on an unsuspecting civilization. 

He’s not completely Bucky yet, but the way he was doting on Bitty!Cap was unmistakable, as was the sunshine smile on Cap’s face.  It got a little R-rated at the end though and everyone ran for their lives and sanity (Barton dragged along a pouting Nat while Thor took care of Darcy - they weren’t scandalized, naturally).  They should’ve known to clear out earlier, since the Soldier’s hands weren’t too far from Steve’s tiny ass since the moment they arrived at the Tower.

- end -

Note:  tygermama does it again.  Also, Steve’s adorable tiny behind is a big factor in the recovery of the Winter Soldier.  Fact.  :P

Apparently, Google tells me that the above endearment is “My sunshine” or “My sun” which is a perfectly reasonable endearment for a purring Winter Soldier to use on his tiny Captain.

evolution-of-magic  asked:

Hi! This is going to sound like a really noobie question, but I was wondering if there were HTP fics that weren't too dark because I was interested in maybe trying a darker fic, but I didn't want a crazy dark fic (I once read a FFN story where a character had used their thumbs to poke out another's eyes and it was described in graphic detail so it turned me off but I do really want to try a HTP fic that isn't too gruesome, if it's possible)

Noobie questions are A-okay with me! HTP isn’t an easy fic genre to navigate alone, especially if you’ve got squicks or triggers or specific content you’re keen to avoid. I’m not a huge fan of gore myself, fwiw - graphic eyeball gouging would be an instant backbutton for me. I’m much more interested in the psychological horror/emotional trauma aspects of abuse.

If you’ll forgive a self-rec, most of the trash I’ve posted on AO3 is very light on the gore. Loyalty and Do Unto Others are both straight-up psychological fuckery with a bare minimum of actual physical violence, and go out with a bang is…well, I’m not going to say humorous. But it’s a very flippant gangbang that, physically speaking, all the participants end up thoroughly enjoying.

Speaking of lighthearted and creepy-yet-pain-free trash, Positive Reinforcement by Hyperthetical is a longstanding favourite of mine. The premise is that Hydra use sex (really, really intense sex) as a special reward for the Winter Soldier’s good behaviour. It is - obviously - an extremely fucked up and non-consensual reward.

Secondary Function by stoatsandwich is soft, angsty trash in which post-WS Bucky struggles to get used to the idea that he’s no longer getting used as Hydra’s fucktoy. It’s more a tearjerker than a horror story, but I’d be lying if I said the trash wasn’t still there.

A lot of Dira Sudis’s trash is relatively gore-free. For a slightly longer novella you might enjoy Lamb and Martyr - where Bucky’s abuse has left him incapable of getting off to vanilla sex, and he craves being able to overpower and hurt and terrorise his partners. Enter Steve Rogers and his questionable interpretation of the Safe, Sane, Consensual slogan. Their sex is brutal, but carefully negotiated, and it stops short of any genuine physical harm.

Are you into praise kink? I’m into praise kink. Swimming Through Sick Lullabies by bofurrific is a lovely bit of praise kink in which the Soldier’s Hydra handlers take very cruel, very cynical advantage of the Soldier’s yearning for approval.

I could go on. I’m sure there are lots of wonderful fics that belong on this list but aren’t coming to mind right now. I like to think there’s something for everyone in this here dumpster. 

crystallized-iron  asked:

Hesitant kiss with stucky :) Good luck with writing!

Alright here goes nothin’!

“Okay yeah Barton was right, pumpkin spiced lattes are delicious. Don’t tell him I said that though, I’ll never hear the en–”

“You loved me?”

It took a moment for Bucky to register what Steve said, but when he glanced down to see what his friend was holding he felt himself go pale. It was his notebook.

“I…It’s…What are you doing with that?”

Steve spoke without looking up, “It…it was open on the table and I saw the photo of us from the day after we got back from Azzano and so I picked it up and… God Buck I didn’t mean to read anything… it was just there…” He couldn’t help but stare the scribbles around the picture that was taped to the page:

     he was my friend

     my brother

     or…was he more?

     …I think I loved him

     I loved him.

Bucky couldn’t feel anything but dread and his quickly increasing heart rate. Steve was never supposed to see that, he was never supposed to know. How could he be so stupid and leave the book on the table? How could he back himself out of a corner like this? He just got back to Steve and now he was going to lose him again.

Steve finally tore his eyes away from the notebook when he heard the sound of crumpling paper as Bucky’s grip tightened around his drink. Seeing his friend in distress, Steve quickly set the book back on the table and removed the cup out of his shaking hand, setting it next to the notebook. “Bucky? Buck oh god I promise I never meant to invade your privacy, I am so sorry. Bucky? Please say something. Are you upset with me?”

As panicked as he was, Bucky couldn’t help but choke out a laugh as he stared at the pages covered in his handwriting. “Me? Mad at you?” His voice was hoarse, he barely recognized it. “I’m… I’m sorry Steve,” He cringed at how dejected he sounded. “I’ll just go…” He turned to go but stopped at the warmth of Steve’s hand around his wrist.

“Wait, please don’t. ‘Sorry’? Why are you sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong. Look at me. You didn’t do anything wrong, Bucky”

He felt his face color as he slowly forced himself to meet those beautiful blue eyes, which started to widen with understanding.

“Do you…Do you still love me?”


“Buck,” Steve took a step towards him, his hand making its way from Bucky’s wrist to his shoulder. Another step. Bucky couldn’t breathe, they were so close to each other. He could feel Steve’s breath on his lips. He smelled like peppermint. “Bucky, how long?”

He screwed his eyes shut at the feeling of Steve’s nose brush against his and his resolve began falling away. He was already in this deep, might as well put everything out there. He managed with shaky breath, “Since the first time I saw that skinny little kid with a bloody nose tryin’ to take on those damn bullies who took his lunch money,”

Steve huffed out a laugh, “God, that long? Oh, Buck…”

Bucky’s heart stuttered as he felt Steve’s hands cup his face. Steve leaned in even closer, their lips touching ever so slightly on each inhale.

They stood there silently for some time before Steve smiled, whispering, “So are you gonna kiss me or do I have to do everything myself?”

Bucky laughed as he finally tugged on Steve’s shirt and leaned up to kiss him. Every tension, every worry, every horrible moment melted away as they poured decades of unspoken emotion into their kiss, only breaking apart so Bucky could mutter against Steve’s lips, “Punk”.

“Jerk,” Steve chuckled, pulling his best friend’s face back to his.

you dont’t remember me? part 2

prompt:  bucky gets a short terms memory loss from a mission and he doesn’t remember you nor your relationship with him.

pairing: bucky x reader  tonyx reader 

warning: a bit angsty 

A/n: a lot of people wanted a second part so here you go! I will make a part 3 is you guys want one, it’s 2:25 am here so I’m gonna go to sleep. Hope you enjoy this <3 


tags: @heaven-bound-angel @electronicstrangerdaze @janeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @vivianbabz

“ if you don’t mind me asking but, who are you?” your heart sank when Bucky said that. Bucky continued to look at you still having no clue about who you were.

“you don’t remember me?” you said with teary eyes.

You looked at Steve trying to figure out what had happened to bucky while you were unconscious. 

“ I don't think we have ever met before,” Bucky said “if we did I am sure that I wouldn’t forget someone as beautiful as you,” he said winking at you. 

Bucky was shocked at what he just did. He knew that this wasn't him. He was usually quieter and definitely less flirty. Especially to people he just met but for some reason, he couldn't control himself. It’s like his mouth that a mind of his own. 

When you first walked in the room he couldn’t help but think that he knew you, that you shared some kind of bound, like you were meant for each other. Sure he didn't know who you were but he was desperate to find out.

You couldn’t hold back your tears anymore.

You ran out of the small room Bucky was staying in. You heard your name being called out by Steve, but you paid no attention to it. 

You were running so fast, you didn’t see Tony walking in front you. 

You were knocked out your senses when you bumped into to the man himself with a loud ‘thud’. “Woah Kid you alright? why are you running?”  Tony asked you. 

You lifted your head and looked at Tony with your red puffy eyes and hugged him. He wasn’t much of a hugger but knowing the state that you were in right now he didn’t care. 

“shhh Y/n” he cooed "it will be alright. I know it will" he was your cupping face in his hands. “What happened to him” you managed to say between sniffles. 

Tony sighed “Y/n you need to rest you’ve been injured" 

“N-Nooo,” you said trying to control your sobs. “ I need to know what happened to Bucky and why he doesn't remember me, Tony. I want to know, I deserve to know.” you were now screaming “What happened after the explosion Tony? I remember a wall falling on bucky and then I got hit in the back of my head and everything went black, and now my own boyfriend doesn't even recognize me.” tears were falling from your eyes once again as you remembered the scene that happened earlier with Bucky. 

Tony sighed and wiped the tears from your cheek. “Y/n… I know you deserve to know and you will” Tony looked at you “ but right now you need to rest.” “but Tony I-” you tried to compromise ” No but’s I want you to go take a shower and sleep and then I promise I will tell you what happened to Barnes" You nodded and left. 

Tony was your best friend, he was always there for you whenever you needed him and you were always there for him. Even though he didn’t like Bucky he tried to get along with him for your sake. 

You didn’t know when you fell asleep. 

After you woke up you ran out of your room eager to find Tony.

You looked for Tony around the base but he was nowhere to be seen. So you went to the one place where you were sure that Tony Stark would be. His Lab. 

“Tony” you screamed,  "I  want explanations now". He took off his glasses off and turned towards you. “ come with me” Tony asked as he walked out of the lab and entered the infirmary.  

You were standing behind a glass wall. Through the wall, you could see Bucky talking to Steve and laughing at something he said. 

You couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend’s cuteness. You loved seeing him smile, you love the way his nose would scrunch up and he how he would have crinkles around his eyes. You loved everything about him. 

“Y/n?” Tony spoke gaining your attention" after we saved both of you and brought you to the infirmary we found out that Bucky got hit on the head “ he explained “how did he hit in the head? A wall fell on him?” you asked him “well we’re guessing that when the wall fell on him it must have hit the back of his head which is why he got diagnosed with a short term memory loss” The black haired man told you. 

“That’s why he doesn’t remember me?” he nodded “ I did some test on him to see if he, you know will go all winter soldier again, and found out that he won’t, but he doesn’t remember the fight between Steve and I but he knows that something happened between us” and  now he  said looking through the glass wall.

“so he remembers everything but me?” you said letting a tear slip not because Bucky doesn’t remember you or your relationship. No, because Bucky went through a lot in the past and now when his life started to get a bit better it just got worse. 

Tony put his arms around your shoulders.

 " it will be alright Y/n,“  he said in a reassuring tone “you need to help him remember stuff that he forgot. Doctor Cho did say that he would regain his memory faster if we help him remember  all the stuff he forgot.”

“you think so?” you said looking at him

“ I know so” you looked at him and smiled. 

“thank you, Tony, for everything” he raised an eyebrow “ I know you don’t really like Bucky, but you’re still helping him. That means a lot to me” Tony kissed your temple “no problem kid, what are friends for” he said against your temple.  

You got out of the room and saw Wanda coming towards you. She gave you a big hug “ hey Y/n, I heard what happened with Bucky and I’m sorry but, I will help you help him remember” she said giving you a warm smile.

“ me too,” said a voice that came from back of you. 

It was Steve, you smiled at both them. 

“C-can I see h-him” you stuttered a bit, your voice hoarse for crying. 

Steve nodded and you went to  Bucky’s room, he was sleeping. He looked so peaceful and innocent while he slept. 

You couldn’t help but place a soft kiss on his forehead. 

As you retreated from the kiss bucky opened his eyes. 

Part 3 nay or yay?

buckybarnesisalittleshit  asked:

"The date didn't go well, he/she kept getting mad when I kept mentioning all our adventures." At least I think that's the line lol please do this one with Steve and then I'll stop requesting. Hope your having a good day or night doll!

PAIRING: Steve x reader

A/N: I’m writing these in my phone, so please bear with me. You are so winderful darling, I hope you like this one! Xo

“You’re home early.” Steve’s voice interupted your thoughts, while you absentmindidly watched the television screen. You only shrugged your shoulders and hummed in response, too tired to form a sentence.

Steve walked around the corner before planting himself next to you on the sofa. He leaned back and you untangled your feet to fall into his embrace, something that had become a habit during your movie nights.

There was a moment of silence while you focused back on the movie that was playing, feeling better once you were in his arms, his thumb stroking you gently on the shoulder. This was normal for friends, right? Could there be something more to your friendship?

Your mind was going on a million, not focusing on the movie at all. Steve’s gaze went unnoticed by you as you kept your stare on the screen. “How’d the date go?” He sounded hesitant, knowing that you seemed to be upset by something.

You shrugged your shoulders, while your thoughts were becoming too much to bear. “Are you all right? Did something happen?” You let out a small chuckle at how Steve’s voice turned from worry to protective and you looked up to meet his eyes, a wide smile playing on your lips.

“It’s fine.” You reassured him before dropping your eyes down to your fidgeting hands that rested on your lap. “The date didn’t go well, he kept getting mad when I kept mentioning all our adventures.” You let out a small laugh before meeting his gaze again.

You wondered what got him so quiet, thinking he would only laugh at how silly that was. However, a look flashed behind his eyes, one that you had never noticed before. “What are you thinking?” The silence was making you nervous, desperate to know what was on his mind.

Without a word he cupped your cheek, making your skin tingle before he planted his lips on yours. You froze at first before giving in and loosing yourself in the kiss. There was definitely more than friendship there, and you were glad not to be the only one to think so.

Steve pulled away to let you grasp some air, placing his forehead on yours as he bored into your eyes with a grin on his face. “What do you say I make it up to you by taking you out on another date?” You only managed a nod before crashing your lips with his again, desperate to make this long awaited moment to last longer. More excited than ever for your next date.

You’re Kidding

request/summary: HERE I AM AGAIN! Sorry but this come on my mind and I think “I will send this for cartersbarnes”. So, what about a one shot where the reader turned into a child and the Avengers need to find a way to bring her back. While, Bucky is responsible to take care of the little reader!  (@mimisari234)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, ft. Avengers

Warnings: nudity?

“You did what?!”

After hearing Steve’s yelp, Natasha ran straight up the stairs and into Tony’s lab to find out what all the arguing was all about. These idiots, she thought. Probably arguing over who ate the leftover sandwich in the fridge.

But she was wrong. As the redhead headed into the lab, she was greeted with a very disheveled Steve, eyes filled with panic as he ran his hands over his face. Tony on the other hand, was at one of his desks with a baby, trying to calm down Steve.

Natasha looked at the two in confusion and pointed at the baby on the desk. “This your niece?” She asked Tony.

“Something like that…”

Steve groaned out, leaning against one of the desks. “Yeah, ‘something like that.’ How - what, when and why did you do this?” He asked, obviously mad at Steve.

Natasha stood in between the argument, still confused as to what was going on. She noticed your stealth suit lying on the ground in the corner along with what you wore under it. She walked over and picked up the articles as she cleared her throat.

“Can one of you idiots please explain why Y/N’s clothes are on the floor, why you guys are arguing, and why Tony has a baby?” She raised her eyebrow at them, both of them waiting for someone to respond.

“You wanna-“

“Y/N is that baby over there.” Steve sighed, pointing at the smiling baby that was in Tony’s arms. “He, somehow, turned her into a toddler…Again.”

She frowned once again. “Excuse me?” She asked in disbelief. Natasha laughed out. “Really funny, guys. Like I’d actually believe that.”

“We’re not joking here.” Tony spoke. “I used her as one of my experiments and all of a sudden, this.” He shrugged.

“What!?” Natasha yelled. “You turned Y/N into a god damn baby?! Tony I swear..”

“She’s fine, she’s fine. See?” Tony pointed at the small version of you as you wore one of your now loose sweaters.

“But she’s a baby, Tony.” Steve said. “This is why I told you specifically not to use any of us as your experiments! Use animals or something, like I always say.” He scolded.

“Easy there, Cap. I’m not the one to argue over that topic.” Tony crossed his arms. “Y/N here was the one to tell me not to use animals as experiments, her words, by the way. She insisted on using herself.”

“But that doesn’t mean-“

“Can everyone please stop shouting? I was napping..” Bucky came into the lab to join the group, still in sweats and a shirt like he just got out of bed. Natasha smirked when she heard you yelp in surprise when he came in. Bucky looked at the baby that was now by Natasha’s feet. “Who’s the kid?” He pointed.

“Y/N.” The three said simultaneously.

“Awh. Shares the name of our own assassin. Cute.” He smiled. “Now why are you guys arguing?”

“No, Buck. That is Y/N.” Steve pointed at you who smiled up at the two.

Bucky gave everyone a side glare which soon became a sarcastic laugh. “Nice one, guys. Yes, Y/N is a 3 year old baby. Good one.” He laughed out.

“We aren’t joking, Barnes.” Natasha rolled her eyes. “Tony did an experiment on her, long story but this is her.”

His eyes widened now, looking at his girlfriend that was now a three year old toddler on the floor. “Stark what the fuck?” Bucky scowled. “You better fix this!” He tried to practically prance on Tony, but was held back by Steve who pulled him behind him before anything else happened.

“I will, I will.” Tony raised his hands up. “I just need Banner here.“

“Well, how long will it take?” Natasha asked.

“Depends on where he’s hiding.” He sighed. Tony grabbed one of his jackets and grabbed his eyes from the desks.

“I’ll go with you, if you need help. He’ll listen to me.” Natasha shrugged. Tony nodded. “Steve?”

“I’ll stay here.” He decided but looked at you and Bucky, second guessing his choice. “You know what, never mind. I’ll go with.” He said then walked out the door with Natasha.

Before Tony could even walk out the door, Bucky pulled him back by his collar. “You better fix my girlfriend, you ass. Or you’ll never hear the end of it.” He threatened slowly, shoving Tony out the door.

“Oh, don’t worry hot shot.” Tony laughed then left.

Bucky sighed, crouching down to your height on the floor. Maybe this is what his kid would look like if the two of you decided on having one.

“Hey, doll.” He laughed. “Let’s go up to the room. Get you outta this place.” He said, holding his hands out to pick you up. You held onto his shoulder as he carried you to your shared quarters.

Once you got there, Bucky sat you down on the bed as he sat next to you. “You don’t know how weird this is to me.” He laughed, shaking his head. You smiled up at him, but couldn’t say a word. “What’re you thinking? What’s your view like from down there?”

You were actually cursing inside that small head of yours, but you stuck your tongue out at Bucky.

“God, my nickname, Shortie for you really paid off.” He joked. “Now you’re really short.” You gave him a soft smile as he continued talking.

“Y’know, you’re quiet like this. I kinda like it. You’re not yapping like you normally do.” He joked once more as you frowned at him.

“Don’t worry. Stupid Stark will find a cure for this when he gets back.” He gave you an assured smile. “Rest up. You probably had a long day. From your mission to the experiment.” He got up to find clothes that actually fit you, running down the hall and into Clint’s bedroom.

You laid down on your back, pulling the big silk covers onto your small body as you waited for him to come back. He did within seconds, handing you a small shirt that was from one of Clint’s kids. “Put it on. That knit sweater doesn’t fit you anymore.” He laughed.

You gladly did, fumbling and frowning at the fabric that you had in your small hands, glancing at Bucky to look away. He did so, laying on his side facing away from you. You finished getting dressed and sighed at your head hit the pillow.

“Sunday’s were always weird for me.” Bucky said before he closed his eyes.


You shot up from your position on the bed. Panting, your head was beating with sweat, and as you felt your arms, your noticed that they were sticky. Running to the bathroom, you turned the light on to reveal yourself. You were back to normal again. You gasped at yourself as you looked in the mirror, glancing down at your arms to find blue liquid on them. You took your now tight shirt off, practically ripping it. Sorry, Clint.

Glancing at the clock, it was only 8 pm. You were a toddler for about 10 hours until you awoke from your nap. Rushing out, you shook Bucky awake frantically.

“Bucky!” You yelled, hitting his shoulder. “Wake up!”

“Mmmh..” He rolled the other way. “Go away you midget. Don’t need this right now.” He groaned.

“James Buchanan Barnes!” You shouted. He jolted up, almost head butting your forehead as his eyes widened.

“Y/N!” He yelled, clasping his metal hand over his mouth. “You-You’re not…What?”

“I’m more confused as you, don’t worry!” You whisper shouted, running out of the complex to go into the lab. You found Tony, Steve and Nat there again.

“Wait, Y/N-”

“I’m alive!” You yelled, hands jolting up as you smiled. You frowned at Tony, stocking over to him. The other’s eyes widened. “How dare you use me as an experiment and turn me into a damn toddler for 10 hours straight. Do you not realize how hard it is to maneuver around and to see things from my perspective? Not cool!” You yelled, pointing a finger at the billionaire.

Tony’s eyes widened, looking at your eyes then to your chest, eyes flickering back and forth. Natasha coughed, running over to take Steve’s jacket and put it over your body.

Do you not realize that you don’t have any clothes on?” She whispered, putting the jacket over your frame. Shit.

“No..” You whispered, still looking at Tony. “Thank you.”

“Y/N, you don’t have any-“ Bucky stumbled in with a towel. “Clothes on.” He finished, draping the towel over you.

Steve coughed awkwardly as your face turned red, mumbling a quick ‘sorry.’

“A thank you would be appreciated.” Tony smiled proudly.

“What’s this stuff on my arms?” You pointed as Bucky held your shoulders from behind to keep the towel up.

“Something Bruce gave us. He said it would help, which it did.” Tony replied.

Silence erupted in the small space, causing Steve to awkwardly cough again. “I’m tired.” He said, walking out of the space, dragging Natasha along with him.

Bucky laughed as Tony said his goodbye and left the two of you in the lab. Once he turned the corner, you swatted Bucky’s chest repeatedly.

“Don’t. Laugh. At. That. You. Ass.” You said before every light slap, which made him laugh even more.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He laughed, walking you back into the room. “You’re cute when your mad and small.”