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Hold up.

I’ve been confident that Qrow wasn’t going to die from Tyrian’s poison… But now I’ve had a shocking thought…

Qrow and Raven are meant to represent Odin’s pet ravens that acted as his eyes to watch over the world with. Qrow’s emblem even looks like an eye. Throughout the series so far, Qrow has been watching over Team RNJR, taking the role of being a watchful eye over them.

And I can’t help but think, that maybe we misinterpreted a line from Tyrian. A line that we thought was a threat to Ruby. We were all relieved when that threat didn’t come true. But… what if it meant something entirely different. What if, Ruby does lose an eye.

It’s just not the eye we were expecting her to lose…

̵̗̱͕̬̰E̲̭̟ ͚͎̠̼̪̺Y ̴̳͚̜̥E̘̤̬͠ ͉̞̦ ͚ ̹̺͙͖̭F̜̼͓͈ ͍̱̬̰̘O̦ ͔͉Ṟ̹̭ ̦̱̟̗̼̦̙ ̧̜̯̳̱̺̟ ̢̰͍͕A̹̣ ҉͈̳͍̰̰N ̸̘̟̝̪̝̬̮ ̜̹̮͕͉̀ ̴E͓̝͘ͅ Y̤͖̦ ͓͙ͅE͖̻̦


I have a lot of feelings about the latest chapter of “Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach” and this sums up most of them

Bonus ending!

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  • 707: Yoosung! Should I tell you how to keep an idiot in suspense?? +_+
  • Yoosung: Wow, I wanna know! How??
  • Yoosung: Seven! HOW?!?!
  • Yoosung: Seven?
  • Yoosung: Seven don't leave me hanging like that!!!
  • Yoosung: ...Oh


from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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does….does maggie stiefvater know that the name of the town her newest book is set in also means “rare bug”


{…And even if he had, it’s even possible that his family might hide it from him. Who knows.}

FIGHT! MUSCLE MUSCLE! Also people who think you’re stupid are stupid for thinking that! *Sticks tongue out* BLEH! BATTER OUT!

quick post-ep4 update: i’m getting such a felix agreste fix from yurio right down to the ballet training, and correspondingly minami is adrien after dying a red streak into his hair for that #ladybuglook and giving poor old gabriel a heart attack

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies

@mountain-dew-yams So don’t cry, okay?? =D I’ll give you hugs!!

*Trying super-hard not to cry himself due to memories of a certain person*

{Author’s note: okay, first off, I’m sorry I’m so late, I slept through the night… Second… I’m so sorry I can’t give any proper advice other than random words of support!! I’ve never been in such a situation nor have I had any close friends in such dire circumstances, so I can only imagine how painful it is, but… God, you’re so brave for facing unfairness over unfairness. None of this is pathetic, quite the contrary. I hope at least SOME people around you can give you support because it’s much needed and much deserved. Jyushi and I can only support from afar, but again… You’re not the one who fucked up here. Please don’t tell yourself that, if you can. Because you definitely didn’t fuck up.}

it both utterly breaks my heart and drives me up the fucking wall to hear what happened to lincoln. he was such an amazing character on the show and represented so much and had such an interesting story that we never got to see enough of and I’m just so pissed that jrot thinks he can belittle minorities in such a cruel and shameless way. does he not have any awareness of history? does he not do his research? does he not know his audience at all? or, quite frankly, maybe he just doesn’t care. what a complete fucking bag of dicks i will never get over how utterly shitty this show is and how gross it was that a lot of communities were misrepresented into oblivion.

minorities deserve fucking better than this shit.