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Naira was sitting at a table in Ceres’s Coffee House, iPhone in hand. She knew electronics were dangerous to keep around, but she had to get in touch with her mother somehow; she hadn’t talked to her in more than a year- since she ran away. She took a sip of her espresso and looked at her mother on FaceTime. How are you adjusting there? Her mother signed. Fine, Naira signed back, it’s easier here, I like it. Just then, Naira saw her friend approaching and quickly signed a goodbye to her mother. “Hey there,” she said, smiling at the demigod in front of her.


Apparently there are plans to tear down the outdoor fountain where we had the RWBY meetup (and where I know a lot of other Otakon photoshoots have taken place in the past).  So, the guy who organized the meetup asked if we could take a few photos with these signs, to support saving the fountain from its fate.

If you recognize a face and can tag them, please do!

anonymous asked:

Drama Anon here: Sorry to hear about your cast member! That really bites! That situation reminds me of a similar scenario with a friend that doesn't really keep in touch w/me anymore. She was so desperate to date and have a boyfriend—she wanted one so BAD. The fact that I could care less about dating struck her as weird and "immature." After being politely turned down by her longtime crush and after I moved away, I got this email from her saying she met a guy at work who was much older 1/

I flipped out because we had barely started college and this guy was in his mid 30s already, but he “acted and looked younger than his age” and I was like, that doesn’t sound appealing Friend. Afree their first date, she was already talking about marriage and having him convert to our faith and I had a hard time not screaming, because it just all freaked me out, but I didn’t know what to say without being a jerk. I regret that now.

I regret not saying anything because this friend asked for my opinion and I was afraid that I was being judgmental and unsupportive—I never dated anyone before, what did I know? I just felt squicked and thought she should hang out with more people than this guy and all of his older dude friends, but I thought that might across as ageist and a–hole-ish. They’re still dating and that’s her social circle right now. Haven’t heard from her in four years.

I thought I should probably clarify: I don’t have a problem with people having friends or relationships with older/younger people! That’s fine as long as both parties are legal and consenting and are in a relationship of equal or appropriate footing. My concern for my friend was that she was young and desperate to date and she just latched onto this older guy who just surrounded her with all of his older dude friends and it got so serious so fast.

Don’t worry anon, I’m right there with you! I have known a lot of girls and women–myself among them–who dated older men. There were a lot of similarities in these cases–namely, we were all relatively inexperienced with dating, and these guys seemed like mature ~men~ who would take care of us, when what they were actually doing was targeting a very specific type of girl who would unquestioningly put up with their shitty  treatment of us.

I agree with you that there’s nothing wrong with an age difference as long as all parties are on equal footing–but the problem is that age differences usually don’t have that. There is almost always some kind of power play at work there. Guys do this a lot–take younger girls, mistreat them, and then when the girls feel brave enough to speak up, they say shit like, “I always forget how young you are” so that the girls feel compelled to “act mature” by not saying anything and letting the treatment continue. Another girl–considerably older–did this to me, so it’s not limited to men, but they do seem to be the main perpetrators of it.

Your concern for your friend is definitely valid–and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do, because the more you try to urge her away from him, the harder she’s going to cling to him. All you can really do is let her figure things out on her own and be there if and when she comes back. :/