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Stelena Forever Meme || [5/9] Quotes

↳ 2x20: The Last Day


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“Hey, homie, I’m gonna let you borrow this,” with his other hand, Taako picked up the handle of the gaudy umbrella, “And you can give it back to me later.”

“I don’t think yellow is quite my color,” Kravitz said, letting Taako’s hand go and grabbing it anyway.

“It’s a good umbrella, it’ll keep you safe,” Taako looked unsure for a second, “S-safe and dry, am I right?”

From the TAZ fic Liminal Spaces and Criminal Cases by @slimejen which is my favourite fic right now?? 90s detective vs small town supernatural mystery, and also some real good Taakitz.


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"For accepting his life the way I’d found it; all of it, after a notably rocky start. For making the most of the challenging parts we could not change. For not letting petty things get in the way of the *new* life we had before us." That right there is beautiful and so Gabaldon-esque. You amaze me Bon. The way you form sentences as an homage to our favorite story and characters is a gift. It comes across so effortless and free-flowing. I bet your mind is just as beautiful in everyday talks.

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thank you so much for this. truly truly. 

Omg guys apparently “we don’t believe what’s on Tv” is about his mother ???? He said it himself! I didn’t know that omg.

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We all know about your pure and undying love for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014, 2hrs16min) but WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE PARTS

I would say everything between 00:00:00 and 02:15:54. 

But if you want specifics… 

  • Steve running at the same time as Sam and lapping him just so he could do the “on your left” thing, instead of saying hello and introducing himself like a normal person trying to make a friend would
  • A police car pulling up beside Nick and him immediately being suspicious of them like how #real 
  • The first appearance of The Winter Soldier where the camera focuses in through the bulletholes in the windshield onto him like strutting along the road and then after he blasts the car he just sidesteps out of the way casual as anything whilst The Winter Soldier theme plays 
  • “This isn’t freedom. This is fear” - The tagline for the “free” world 2k16
  • When Natasha finds out that Nick has been hurt and it’s probably the most open and vulnerable we ever see Natasha and you see how scared she is to lose him and get an idea of how important to her Nick is 
  • When Steve goes to talk to Pierce and he has no real reason not to trust Pierce yet, but he’s still suspicious of him anyway
  • The elevator scene where Steve is so observant and quick and puts together what’s going on from the moment the first person joins him in the elevator. 
  • Peggy calling Steve a drama queen. 
  • Any time Brock Rumlow got punched, or kicked, or hit, or had a building dropped on him, or was hurt in any sort of way. Seriously, fuck that guy. 
  • When Computer Zola is telling Steve that everything he lost, everything he “died” for, was for nothing bc Hydra still got what they wanted and Steve punches the computer and smashes it - Steve has so much hurt in his heart and it’s never really addressed, the extent of his loss and his grief, but it comes across strongest in catws 
  • Sam having met Steve literally twice for like 5 minutes and already inviting him and Nat into his home and cooking them breakfast and getting back into the good fight and he and Steve have that little bonding moment when he see’s the picture of Riley
  • When Sam shows up to a gun fight with a knife and wins 
  • “Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky” 
  • Maria Hill tasing that guard and seeing Sam and being all “who is this guy?” 
  • The entire scene in the bank vault. Not being funny, Sebastian should have been given every accolade going for his performance in that scene. 
  • In the flashback when it shows Bucky being given the metal arm and he wakes up and just fuckin….chokes the asshole doctor that gave it to him, like !!!! that’s my son right there!!!! 
  • “I don’t think he’s the kind you save…he’s the kind you stop” “I don’t know if I can do that” “He might not give you a choice, he doesn’t know you.” “He will.”
  • The entire flashback scene to after Steve’s mom’s funeral. Like I have so much to say about this scene, I’m not going to go into it here but just the symbolism of home and happiness is like !!!!!!
  • Alexander Pierce dying. Personally I believe it should have been slower and more painful but, what are you gonna do y’know. 
  • Steve dropping the shield!!!! “I’m not going to fight you, you’re my friend” “You’re my mission” “Then finish it. Cause I’m with you to the end of the line”
  • Bucky’s face when he hears that and it’s like you can literally see the walls in his head collapsing and the onslaught of memories that flooded his brain. 
  • Bucky saving Steve after Steve saved Bucky and then Bucky leaving so he could start to save himself, and going to the museum and reading about the man he was before hydra tried to wipe him from existence.

I realise I have actually basically just described almost everything that happened in the movie but like…the whole thing is a masterpiece. Marvel haven’t done better since, Marvel probably won’t match it again. Iconic. A beautiful example of how wonderful cinema can be when every element comes together and moves in perfect harmony with each other. 

Alright, kiddos, life hack here from your unofficial tumblr mom.

We all know acne sucks. We all know dry skin sucks. We all know that face wash is too expensive because we’re poor.

I have a solution for ya.

Go get yourself a box of baking soda, it should cost around 80-99 cents.

Bring that gold nugget of a miracle home, get something to mix in, and dump yourself a heaping amount of baking soda into your chosen mixing vessel. Add a tiny splasheroo of water and mixy mixy.

It should turn into a clumpy paste goo that you can scoop up with your fingers. If it’s too runny, add some more baking soda. If it’s dry and crumbly and won’t hold together, add a lil more water. But careful on the water adding, this stuff dissolves fast.

Take a moment, wet your face.

Once you’ve got a wet face and a gooey pasty sodium bicarbonate mess, scoop up a quarter sized amount (or less, or more, you do you). Rub that onto your face, because you have just made your own face wash.

Baking soda has some pretty neat antibacterial properties, so it helps with the root cause of acne. As well, it’s a killer exfoliant, so it gets all that nasty dead skin off. And the sodium helps with sucking up extra oils, but it doesn’t dehydrate your skin like soaps do.

Now two words of warning:

One, it is a pretty powerful exfoliant, so be careful when you’re scrubbin it up or you might scrub your whole face off your skull. If you have sensitive skin, just rub gently til you get a feel for how it’s working.

Two, make sure you don’t get it in your mouth. Not because it’ll hurt you (it’s actually super duper good for your teeth), but because it tastes like salty garbage. On that note, don’t use it on skin that’s cracked or otherwise injured and open, because it’ll burn like the pits of Hades.

Unrelated side note: this stuff is also a great foot scrub, cuz it gets rid of dead skin and issues with odor.

Go forth, save money, and have lovely soft skin, my children.

hhhh it’s actually cute but I’m still upset at the very previous scene I can’t enjoy it fully.

Why you gotta ruin everything movie.