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♥ + Jeans

Ok, so sit your buns down and take a gander at the following images, as proof of Harry’s comfort in denim, and his preference for it when not wearing his ridiculously gorgeous, bespoke suit:

It started early in his late teens, before he’d even been selected for Kingsman. Sometimes he even wore denim jackets with his jeans, as was the style at the time:

Then he went through his soft and warm stage; a light beard, longer hair (complete with unruly curls) and a somewhat stockier body shape:

Chucks started to become a recurring theme along with jeans almost too long for Harry’s already lengthy inseam, though he’d lost weight in the early Noughties to coincide with changing fashion trends:

As styles changed, he became slightly more fitted in his choice of jeans, though his streamlined body shape remained nearing the 2010′s:

Let’s be real; this post was simply an excuse to see how lovely Harry looks when not suited up to the nine’s. He’s gorgeously replete in his bespoke suits, but a soft, relaxed, comfortable Harry is just as lovely.

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idk if you know this but the "akinator" app is using your art for some of the characters (specifically cecil and some homestuck characters like john) and i've paid for the app so you would probably be getting some profit?? but idk if you are or if you even care. they didn't remove your tumblr url watermark from the pictures though so it would technically be "credited" but i just thought you should know


uhh yeah that’s idk but alas I’m not getting any profit from it :/

oh well what can we do

viriels:I think ppl can upload phtos to akinator from their phone so that’s probably how it happened ://

ook ok! :o

Anon:What are the differences between requests and suggestions?

explained heree

Anon:Okay but about Merstuck. In some pictures Rose has normal mermaid tail but in others she has some tentacles or something like that. Does that mean she can change/morph her tail into this?

nno I’ll explain the story behind it eventually hhh