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consider this: news reporter au

We were complaining to each other about Anchorman one day when suddenly we got this idea. There’s some Tangled crossover here too.

-Elsa is the beautiful and much-loved news anchor of Good Morning Arendelle

-Kristoff is a shy cameraman who harbors a crush on Elsa, but he can’t bring himself to talk to her.

-Rapunzel is the sassy intern at GMA who’s aware of Kristoff’s crush and constantly teases him about it

-Hans is the smug, confident anchor of NSI Nightly News, which rivals Elsa’s show in popularity. He’s also a more experienced reporter, and he frequently reminds Elsa about this whenever they bump into each other at the studio.

-Anna’s still in college, and although Elsa doesn’t know it, she resents her sister’s success and popularity. She takes on a summer job working for the NSI Nightly News crew to spite Elsa, but she soon ends up falling for her dreamy new boss…

-bonus: Eugene Fitzherbert, known to his listeners as Flynn Rider, runs a popular local radio show called The Smolder. He occasionally brings up GMA, but only to talk about that one hot intern who sometimes shows up on air.

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that face when you realize jasper's removal will cause a massive storm among the fandom

And it hasn’t already?

Honestly guys, there’s no way that Jasper is actually gone for good. Her VA has been in the recording studio several times when cast members post pics online, but more importantly, SU doesn’t just off their characters (especially not in such an anti-climactic way).