didn't notice that

I am so tired..just got home from a terrible evening shift ..my back is killing me and the painkillers don’t seem to work..i haven’t seen gmm yet and it’s almost 9pm for me..
ugh I just feel i am gonna burst..
Maybe I should stay away for a while..and leave people alone, no one needs this.. If anyone reads all that..I’m sorry and ignore me,i am gonna delete all these later..I just needed to vent..

The demise of Vine is drawing closer. I couldn’t stand the thought of all those cat videos out there being lost to the abyss, so I gathered a few (i.e. nearly 50) of my favourites.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of cats and kittens being funny, silly, or just plain adorable.

Happy ester everyone! 

I hope you had a lovely day and that you ate a lot of chocolate :P

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a good mm loving// ♡