didn't mean to offend anyone here

Great now I’m getting asks about shidge…

Ship whatever you want. Just.. please don’t send me anymore asks about shidge or any ship that you may dislike.

Again, ship what you want I’m not gonna come and attack any of guys if you ship sheith, Shance or any other ship. :’^I

Guys…. Yesterday I lashed out a tiny bit and my ask box was getting heavy and I was so afraid to even open it. So I asked my friend to take a look at the messages for me and she told me it was safe to look because pretty much every single message and comment of all those dozens that I received yesterday were the most heartwarming. So I went ahead and read them all and broke down weeping uncontrollably because you are all so so so sweet and wonderful and kind, I cannot even explain it… thank you so much with all my heart for being so understanding and supportive. Whenever I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed or begin feeling pressured, you help me remember how amazing it is to be part of this community, and my gratefulness is not only brought back to the surface but also multiplies a million times. Really. I’m just some random sad nerd who fell in love with a fictional world and wants to recreate it out of my imagination, and you are here being with me and loving it. Thank you so so so SOOOoooosnsdsfehgu much. Really. Truly. Love you all, even if you don’t really care that much, I still love you and am grateful for you. You don’t have to be here, but you are, and you appreciate whatever I manage to give. Thank you ❤

P.S. I’ll try to respond to the off-anon messages as soon as I have time!!

anonymous asked:

why is your title no mans land??? are man not allowed here?? as a man i find this offensiv

Well I am a fucking lesbian so jot that down

But also, no of course men are allowed on blog. I just thought it was funny because of that post saying that no man’s land (from Wonder Woman fyi) would be a good name for a lesbian bar and I decided to put it on my blog. Didn’t mean to offend anyone, just thought it went well with my blog idk 

apalapucian  asked:

Prompt time! Maroon 5's 'Daylight'/waltz/pregnancy scare :-)

I went with the waltzing prompt. :) Thank you!

Lily was nervous. She twisted her fingers inside the gloves she wore and wished that she had Charmed her dress robes to be a little more, well, dressy.

The ballroom was lit up like a summer’s evening; the twirling ladies adorned with jewels that made them shimmer like stars. Hints of magic covertly gave the evening an enchanted, dreamy feel. 

She had marveled at that and now Lily was watching something arguably more magical— James Potter in his element. He made the rounds on the floor with his mother, talking to seemingly every person for a moment. Lily could guess at what was happening. James and his mother had the uncanny gift to make someone feel as if they were important in the Potter’s eyes after only a minute of conversation. They would laugh gently at a joke, or nod solemnly at a troubling piece of information, and move on to the next person with a shake of the hand. 

She, on the other hand, stood awkwardly next to the wall— a wallflower in nearly every sense of the world.

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