didn't mean to eat it all


okay so this got out of hand but anyway

A Christmas Drama
  • Person A : *takes a deep breath* I can't believe you did this to me!
  • Person B : I didn't mean to! I-I just...
  • Person A : WHY?! I TRUSTED YOU! I can't believe you betray me like this!
  • Person B : Please, listen to me I just- *tearing up*
  • Person A : I can't believe you would...I thought you LOVE me!
  • Person B : I do-
  • Person A : THEN WHY?!
  • *silence, heavy breathing
  • Person A : Then why...why would you eat all the Christmas cookies? *sniff
Accidentally Delicious MACARONI

Buckle up, kids, because I’m about to lay out the good cheesy content. It’s got everything your lactose-intolerant heart desires (that’s right, boys, take it to the bank: this one’s for all you can’t-eat-dairy folks out there. And the rest of you, too.)

*The recipe below contains approximations of measure, seeing as I didn’t measure zip.shit while actually cooking up this bad boy. If it’s got a * next to it, it means I’m guesstimating– and for this bad boy, guesstimating is probably good enough. 

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Hey there! A while ago I asked you about the size of your canvas and I've noticed you haven't answered You probably didnt see it;;; But if you did: I'm very sorry if my question was too dumb to answer. I'm very sorry if I seemed demanding. I am very sorry for any inconvenience that I might have not realized, I admire you a lot and I didn't mean to say anything at all that might make you uncomfortable, Hope you have a great day/evening/night!

ksdhbcsdck omg please don’t ever think a question is ever too dumb, I probably just didn’t see it due to tumblr eating it up or have answered it before! For the canvas of my comic I use 3000x 2482 pixels!! ^_^

Hello Vel! I’m a huge fan of your artworks and I absloutly LOVE all of them. I have a question though…. Can I please, PLEASE use the Undertale Intro comic you’ve made for a DIY I’ve been working on recently? I’m actually trying to make my own book/notebook, and the comic you’ve made is just, perfection. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

Go for it my dude!

is that trans shiro bc it certainly looks like trans shiro

In this house we support trans shiro (and any other possible goodTM shiro headcanons) but yea all my shiros are always trans ^^;;

Have you heard about the prequel for Life is strange? What are your thoughts on it?

I’m excited to suffer

  • What She Says: I'm fine
  • What She Means: Brendon Urie has actually kissed Ryan Ross ONSTAGE before and is constantly baiting his fans knowing that they'll eat it up and go nuts with shipping and then Forehead Man gets all butthurt when they ask him about it like he didn't fucking expect it would happen just fuck me up right now you Frank Sinatra piece of shit

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I wonder what Louis and Harry have little unnecessary arguments about. Who didn't replace the toilet paper? Who put white clothes in with a load of brand new jeans? How did Clifford get into the closet and start eating shoes? I mean, they have to have these discussions. They probably nag on and on about it just like and old married couple. "You're being a fooking loser!" "Don't use that sass with me you...you little froot loop dingus!"

louis says “i’ll kick your ass for this” and acts all big and tough but then harry just grabs him and slings him over his shoulder and pats him on the bum like “whatever you say, little froot loop dingus”

myotakushit  asked:

I found a lil bird yesterday but he died today because I was too careless , I thought he was eating because I saw that he pooped & peed and the bread I gave him seemed to slowly disappear but he was probably starving and dehydrated , I mean , how else he could die? And because I saw him walking and trying to fly I thought that he's fine so I didn't took him to the vet and now he's dead. I buried him but I feel so guilty because he was so cute and beautiful..

Well okay, like bread is never good for birds, after all it’s nothing they eat in their natural environment, but still, the bird probably wasn’t strong enough to go on and that’s fine. You didn’t actively kill the bird, but next time you should maybe let it be or bring it somewhere where people know how to help the birb.

College-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "I still have to start my dissertation."
  • "I have to cram for this test! Wanna be my study-buddy?"
  • "The paper's HOW MANY PAGES?!"
  • "Why did I choose the class at 6 am?"
  • "This lab's pretty hand's on. You think you can do it?"
  • "Graduation's coming up. We're almost done!"
  • "Stupid final assignment. Why can't the semester be over?"
  • "Looks like we've got the same class!"
  • "What do you mean we don't have to raise our hand to go to the bathroom?!"
  • "Spring break party tonight!"
  • "Did you get the assignment?"
  • "Don't you think our professor's kinda- weird?"
  • "Screw it. I'm going to class in my pajamas."
  • "Yeah I decided to blow off class today. What's the matter?"
  • "Another night of ramen. Yay for the life of a college student."
  • "Is the professor always this late?"
  • "Welcome to college- where the tests are all made up and your studying doesn't matter!"
  • "Yes, you can eat in class. You didn't know that?"
  • "Can you tell me where this room is?"
  • "Hey, there's gonna be a party tonight! You coming?"
  • "Did I seriously get lost on this campus?!"

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but baku, how do you know how many calories you're burning? when I stopped eating, it didn't help, even when I was down to one small meal a day : [

hey nonny! first of all please don’t stop eating, thats very bad for you :(

the best way to know how many calories you’re learning is by calculating your TDEE- thats your total daily energy expenditure, which means its how many calories you burn just from being alive!

go here and put in your details and make sure to set your activity levels to sedentary. no matter how much activity you do. anything above sedentary makes the results wrong!

that should give you how many calories you burn per day!! then you just need to eat underneath that in order to lose weight! 

be warned it can take 2-3 weeks for the weight to start coming off. dont get discouraged if you don’t see any results immediately, you just need to stick to it!


After an entire month of obnoxious finals & all-nighters I’m super glad to announce that ASK-THAUMATURGE-PONYs updates will resume this weekend, weirder and more awkward than ever.

(You can read the latest one HERE.)

ALSO I’ve heard your cries of despair and decided to open my art-only blog: AZIMOOTH-ARTS, where you’ll be able to scroll through my stuff without my annoying text posts.

And FINALLY, to those of you who’re looking forward to buying prints, magnets & buttons from me: SOON.

You guys rock. I missed you all.



[Haru Hana Magazine Interview] Seungkwan’s comment on Wonwoo: (cr.)
“If we don’t laugh at his jokes, he’ll feel intimidated. What a cute hyung.”

[Love & Letter Repackage Album] Seungkwan’s note to Wonwoo: (cr.)
“The Wonwoo-hyung I love, I love you even more as compared to the other members kekekeke. I’m sorry for always rejecting you for when you ask me to eat supper with you because I’m trying to lose weight!! Changwon Palryong Middle School dancing machine, auditory hallucination man Jeon Wonwoo, I love you ♥”

200 Followers Shout-Out Time! (Part 1)

Hello all of my beautiful followers! This was something I wanted to make for a while. I really want to give a HUGE shout-out and thank you to the people that are going to be mentioned her. These guys are some of the greatest people I’ve every had the pleasure of meeting, they mean so damn much to me. So without further delay let’s start!

 @aspectrumfenris -Starting off we have LITERALLY MY BEST FRIEND AND SOULMATE. I could go on forever just saying how I love her and how she’s an adorable little cinnamonroll who I will protect for all times, but I won’t. All you need to know is that she is wonderful and deserves all of the love!

* @d0nna-ake - One of my first followers (I think), she’s an unbelievably amazing women who is so good and makes really good self insert art. She’s awesome and so freaking cool! Thank you staying with me all this time!

 @veeenaaake - Another really good friend of mine. They make fantastic art and do tulpae which is really interesting! They are beyond wonderful and are just so lovely to see!!

 @redninetales - Badass. That’s all I need to say. She’s amazing, fierce, strong, lovely and is just a really cool person to hang out with.

 @asa-de-ouro - Third friendo! Her art is so. freaking. good. She’s super sweet and is honestly just a really nice person to talk! You’re the best darling!

@lilchubbyhime - The cutest of cute and the sweetest of the sweet. I love seeing your stuff popped up on my dash and I really hope we can talk sometime.

@hopetheprincess, @kyleehenke, and @better-than-nothin-kay - My queens. My senpais. They are amazing and beautiful and too freaking cool!

@dpdgamzee - One of the greats I’d say. She is so wonderful and is overall a really loving and great friend to be around. I love your work and what you do. Keep up the amazing work.

@goldentimelover - Another great. She’s a wonderful creator and seeing her stuff always makes my simile. Her and the above mentioned are dating and I wish nothing more than the happiest days.

@5carletterose - One of the first people I ever got friendly with. Her work is so cute and she is such a sweetheart. I love her so much and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

@lollipopjewel - The cutest thing you will ever meet. She is so damn precious and I want to hug for being too freaking nice!

@qdc-anna - Another badass. She is incredible and I really want to talk to you and we get  along more.

@sakuraxisxevil - Lovely, wonderful, a great person to be with and you are a true showstopper.  

today my entire kitchen (meaning the stove and the fridge bc that’s all i have) broke and my landlady didn’t give a shit so i’ve just been eating bread all day i’m sorry i’ll stop talking about it at some point probably

The Signs as Stuff Said in My Econ Class
  • Aries: Can we start a fire in the classroom?
  • Taurus: I mean I'm not here to stop you from starting fires
  • Gemini: Well at least with meth you get high, cigarettes you just pay to die
  • Cancer: I would like to purchase a friend!
  • Leo: I really shouldn't assume your sexuality. There is at least a 50% chance it could be a rutabaga
  • Virgo: Post Pompeii whore times
  • Libra: Oh before you didn't want it, but now that we're all getting naked!
  • Scorpio: Don't tell me not to eat a dog you bastards!
  • Sagittarius: I would rather my mom be a prostitute not a porn star tbh
  • Capricorn: I'm not insinuating I would sleep with Governor Charlie Christ!
  • Aquarius: You look like you got hit by a truck, did you rewatch the election?
  • Pisces: Donald trump is President, the world is turning to Dungeons & Dragons, and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a pelican flying out my butt

anonymous asked:

Maybe the RFA and a sick!MC, like maybe she has the flu and passes out because she didn't eat enough or something? (I've got no appetite when I'm sick lmaooo)


  • he’s really surprised when he finds mc literally passed out at the park near his dorm.
  • and with all his skinny boi strength he probably ends up carrying mc back to his dorm and sets them on the bed with a towel over their forehead and digging through his medicine cabinet (and by medicine cabinet, I mean just a small box shoved in the corner with cold and allergy medication.
  • probably tries to wake mc up and when he does he’s a kicked puppy ever so concerned about the love of his life passed out and he’s frantic. 
  • he plies with questions and will be cooking at the same time his famous omurice to feed to mc 
  • will cling to mc for the life of him until mc feels better, but then he ends up getting sick too and a newly recovered mc has to babysit a snot faced yoosung. good job, yoosung. 


  • he gets a call from jaehee that mc passed out while buying groceries and immediately demands them to be at a hospital
  • driver kim takes two minutes getting ready and jumin is already furious and ready to run to the hospital himself 
  • he’s cancelled all plans today and poor baehee kang needs to reschedule meetings with the oil prince and others 
  • even though the doctors say that it’s just a flu and that mc needs to stay hydrated and eat more jumin is convinced they could die and once they release mc he plys them with medicine
  • mc basically gets babied throughout their entire sickness save for jumin having to move his meetings from C&R to his home desktop through skype conferences
  • but even then that’s one room away and jumin hovers over mc 


  • when jaehee comes home to mc passed out in the most awkward position she panics 
  • mother hen mode is on
  • she’s so sweet she’ll bring u pastries when she comes home from the bakery and comes to check up on u during breaks by calling
  • sends takeout to the house and whatever mc wants expect it by the door in under fifteen minutes
  • once jaehee comes home though she’ll baby the fuck out of mc and even throw away tissues or take out the trash or disinfect the house
  • sprays down the whole apartment to keep things fresh n clean and even though it smells like chemical warfare in there jaehee makes warm drinks for mc to keep them feeling pleasant
  • probably succumbs to the cuddles even tho she knows she’ll get sick
  • surprisingly doesn’t??? jaehee’s immune system is A1 because being jumin’s assistant was a twenty four hour job. there is no sickness.


  • drags mc everywhere after seeing mc pass out on set
  • doesnt trust anyone with mc but him and mc’s doctor
  • will literally bring mc on set and come in tow with blankets and hot chocolate mix he’s so extra
  • will literally visit mc every time between takes to check up on him and he’s very dramatic about the whole process 
  • he’s just so damn hovering over mc throughout the whole sickness he literally needs to be surgically detached from mc but that’s his whole life so he’ll be as extra as needed even if mc objects???
  • basically his trailer becomes a sick bay filled with cold medicine and headache medicine and making sure mc is cared for properly because if mc isn’t he’ll literally throw the biggest fit
  • deadass. gets food delivered to set every day for mc. it’s a problem. he gets mc’s favorites too so mc feels more inclined to eat.


  • if mc passed out he probably thought they were just sleeping at first
  • saeyoung is very accustomed to sleeping on the floor sometimes when he’s too lazy to reach his own bed so he just collapses on the floor
  • but he then realizes mc is actually knocked the fuck out and he’s p a n i c k i n g 
  • he places mc in bed and puts hot towels on their head and props them to sit slightly upright and paces around the room until they wake up
  • drowns mc with questions until he can deduct that mc passed out because they didn’t eat and honestly would offer honey buddha chips.
  • he just wants mc to eat so he just tries baiting them hard af by cooking foods that smell strong af like bacon or smth 
  • when that doesn’t work he literally just tries offering food every 30 minutes and it’s just??? the weirdest way of checking up on mc but he wants them to eat so e a t goddammit and as with most members in the rfa he’d hover like a mom with a preteen child

What happened to all the “I don’t ship it in a sexual content uwu” shala///dins??? Are y'all gonna step up and condemn Bex for her power bottom Kei//th comment? Or are yall too busy eating out of the palm of her hand because she’s okay with ur nasty ship

Five Nights At Fuckboys 3 Sentence Meme: Part 3
  • "It's time to yiff some dicks."
  • "Who's going to be inhaling now?"
  • "So, you want me to resurrect your dead ass?"
  • "Ask your parents before performing this ritual at home, kids."
  • "-also, because I destroyed all their shit."
  • "But you see, once upon a time: _______ got gud."
  • "Okay; Jesus shit, calm down."
  • "I'm going to yiff your dick!"
  • "Jesus fucking Christ: I'm sick of your shit."
  • "You know what to do, lapine man."
  • "This is where you eat my shit."
  • "I can't go here/there until I check the camera. This would shatter my fragile paranoia."
  • "Bring it the fuck on, you yellow piece of shit."
  • "You shit fuckers: You didn't invite me to your night of debauchery!"
  • "-and by a bit, I mean it fucking sucks."
  • "Because no."
  • "We're both fucking fired."
  • "It's time to unveil the hollow sounds of lies that covers this sinful Earth!"
  • "Golden Shitlord detected."
  • "I'm going to have a night of debauchery: a night of debauchery so intense, the universe will implode."
  • "Someone got offended that you said yiff and they wrote a fucking complaint to our manager."
When the signs get 1000 followers
  • Aries: *just smiles*
  • Taurus: looks at memes and eats junk food as a "reward"
  • Gemini: wtf how do I have followers im a loser
  • Cancer: yay look at all these friends
  • Leo: gives speech and feels like they've won 5 academy awards, 2 people's choice awards, a Nobel prize, and their gay ship is canon.
  • Virgo: Oh that's cool! I worked a good amount for this!
  • Libra: lol Ikr
  • Scorpio: I didn't even do anything what
  • Sagittarius: I mean that's chill
  • Capricorn: HOW THO
  • Aquarius: YASSSSSSSS
  • Pisces: cries