didn't mean for this to turn into a soliloquy but i kinda just let this fly

Another pic of the entire side of the arena being empty as fuck at Bound For Glory. This time, just before the main event.

Before you say anything, I know that the side with the hard camera doesn’t often get filled - they section off a part of the seating that doesn’t get used. That being said…THEY DON’T QUARANTINE AN ENTIRE SIDE OF THE FUCKING ARENA FOR THE HARD CAMERA! This reflects so poorly on TNA.

Couple this with the fact that they had to cancel/rebook house shows because of poor ticket sales and them having to go back to the Impact Zone next month for a bunch of tapings, the doom and gloom people have for TNA seems to be justified. You can’t say “oh, people have been predicting TNA’s demise for years but nothing happened” because for the first time, we’re seeing just how hurt they really are. And the fact that damn near an entire side of the arena is empty for their biggest show of the year speaks volumes as to how bad it’s getting for TNA.

I don’t wanna predict their demise but at this point, we’re playing the “not if but when” game with TNA and their end. Which is sad because there are a ton of talented wrestlers on that roster that deserve better than a company who can’t fill out half of a 10,000 seat arena for their biggest event of the year.