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in this house we love and respect archie andrews, knowing full well he is a teenager who makes stupid mistakes

Me when Marcus said the Sinnerman killed his brother:

Me when I found out Marcus was Cain and therefore (highly likely) killed his brother:


i may or may not have just stumbled across the wip of a drawing I did for a sexy Eomer body pillow

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“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;


Flower girls (well, most of them).

conflict of interests

(it’s been like more then 5 minutes since I drew dancing ducks so that means it’s time to draw that again right)



So, you met Madani, huh?


turn off the lights and turn off the shyness
‘cause all of our moves make up for the silence


Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 12
    ➸ Favourite Emotional Scene(s)


SOooo, this post (http://spectrumelf.tumblr.com/image/168213272923) from @spectrumelf made me think of this ‘cause Napsta kinda looks like a pillow and well, it became an entire comic omg QuQ The end is rather sad but Metta is so alooone ;n;

The 0915 AU belongs to Spec, not me :3