didn't like the contrast on the other one

…God it’s been years since I’ve thought about that one article about writing fantasy that suggested Tolkine should have combined Boromir and Aragorn’s characters, but in hindsight, that was such bullshit.

Like, they are literally set up as parallels to each other. Not only are their narratives outstandingly different, BOTH of them lose so much without the other to be contrasted to!

mckaylasedge  asked:

Hey I have a question...Do you think that Viktor was attracted to Yuri before he started coaching him? I'm just wondering because Viktor clearly comes on strong from the very beginning of the series. Also, in a previous post of yours you said that it was unlikely that Viktor didn't know his other 5 opponents in the GPF. LOVE your blog btw <3


Thank you for liking my blog :)

I’m not certain of course, but I do think there was an attraction there! Other than Yuuri, Viktor only touches Yakov and Yurio, but only barely really. Yuuri is the only one I’ve seen him act so strongly with! Even when Chris, who he’s known for really long, touches his nametag and says how he misses him (sorta lol), he’s perfectly still, not approaching him in any way. The contrast between the way he behaves with Yuuri and others is so apparent!

Yeah I said it was unlikely that Viktor didn’t know his competition because…c’mon! Look at young Viktor, and how much attention he paid to everyone (like a young Chris who was wayyyy beneath him. He was the one who even asked for his name, he clearly cares about this stuff). 

And all we’ve been shown at the GP so far is that ALL the contestants seem to know each other! Sure they’re not all goods friends, like Yuuri said in Russia he wasn’t that close to the people competing there other than Yurio, but they do know each other. For crying out loud, they all knew Sala! She’s not even in the men’s figure skating division, but they all knew her because she shows up there with Michele. Yuuri, who made it to the GPF last year and who most likely had to have qualified in two other tournaments to get there, he is clearly recognised by all these skaters. No doubt Viktor knew who he was last year.

I think Yuuri saw Viktor around, but was so overwhelmed by his idol-ness, he only wanted to meet him properly when he felt he was ‘worthy’, when he could be on the same level as his idol–

–that he probably avoided any chance of speaking to Viktor (as we’ve seen him do before in Japan lol).

So yeah, no doubt Viktor knew who he was, the commemorative photo comment that people/maybe Yuuri thought meant that Viktor assumed Yuuri was just a fan…yeah I don’t buy it. It was probably a ‘cheer up, come take a photo with me the legendary winner, you’re totally worthy of that’, and in my own heart I like to believe there was also an element of ‘hey Yuuri Katsuki is finally looking my way, now’s our chance to talk at last’. And let’s not discard the almost sad, thoughtful look he gives Yuuri as he walks away. 

luclipse  asked:

If you don't mind, I would like to ask your opinion on a NaLu thing that I've found a bit... Interesting... There are times when, sure, Natsu acts like the teenaged dork he is when it comes to things like seeing Lucy naked/in the shower, etc. But then there are other times when he seems just so... Serious about it? Maybe I'm just over thinking things, but take for example him groping Lucy or about to kiss her in the special chapter. I wonder why he didn't act in his typically boyish way?...

I don’t mind at all. I’m always happy to talk about Nalu!

Two points came to mind while I was thinking about your observation.

One is the contrast between Lucy and Natsu’s reactions in the two situations. Lucy was very embarrassed and flustered at being stripped naked (and flung halfway across the city!) and again when Asuka asked her to kiss Natsu. His directness in the first scenario and nonchalance in the second underscore the differences in their personalities and provide comedy.

(You didn’t mention it, but Natsu—and Gray—played it cool when the girls came to bathe in the hot springs at the end of the Sun Village arc. Lucy was also flustered that time—and the boys couldn’t quite hide their blushes, either!)

The second point has to do with development.

At first, Natsu showed his growing attraction to Lucy by messing with her clothes. He joked about her wearing a maid costume to infiltrate Everlue’s mansion; then he had her cosplay during Edolas. He set fire to the cute outfit she got from Cait Shelter.

He was like a boy pulling the pigtails of the girl he liked.

After Tenrou, Natsu showed more interest in Lucy’s naked body. He wanted to peek at her in the hot springs at the beach training camp and in the shower at the GMG.

The next step was intimate touch: the boob-groping and the almost-kiss.

I think that Natsu’s become more aware of his feelings for Lucy, especially since the GMG. That might also account for the difference you noted.