didn't know i was lost

Words can’t express my feelings right now. Grieving doesn’t seem right as I didn’t know Jay personally, but saying that I feel sorry for all her loved ones doesn’t either because it doesn’t express the sentiment I want to convey. I’ve been around a lot of people who lost a parent either when they were young or just starting adulthood, and I’m still not sure what’s worse. Both are horrible experiences and I can only find gratitude in the fact that Jay raised beautiful children who will support each other through this all. I don’t want to make this a post about “I know what you’re going through.” or anything of that sort. 

I only want to say that I respect Jay for all she’s done for her family, and just people in general as she seemed like a wonderful human being, and I respect any decision made by their family no matter what it is. I hope you all find some peace with each other.

Sibylline Song

(Alright, here it is. The unedited, unfinished mer!Stiles fic. Warnings include: assholes, angst, violence, people being specist, and references to canon deaths.)


Their journey begins with the usual amount of pomp and ceremony expected for a trade ship.

It’s the Triskelion’s forty second voyage from the colder, northern channels of Bæyan to the warm waters of Coca-Machu, and the crew means to make it a good one. Nothing too dangerous—they’re going to actually try trading this time—and everything will go smoothly. Even the weather has been fair to them since they left Port Duke with the morning tide. Many of the crew had waved goodbye to the few friends they’d made over the years, and perhaps a few enemies too. Others were more than glad to leave the port as quickly as they did.

“Are you still moping?”

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My mother just sent me this clip of Debbie Reynolds as Charlotte in the animated “Charlotte’s Web” from the 1970s. 

I clicked Play and just started bawling. I had no idea… I adored that movie as a kid. 


This Week on Future Card Buddyfight DDD:

Bushiroad probably: “Are you one of those suckers watching more than one card game anime at once? Do you happen to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V? Aren’t you glad that Zarc mini-arc is over?

Well, we’re gonna make you relive it by having Kyoya become one with his Buddy, so get comfortable.” 


“Suga Wants to Know!” aka “Hinata Underestimates His Senpai’s Observation Skills”

or, as i call it, my interpretation of what would happen if these two started dating after the third years graduated. (with suga, who can’t help but be curious about his babies growing up and who couldn’t possibly receive a less surprising news, smh u tried hinata, u tried)

r a i n | あゆみ・NB

baeronism  asked:

a date with mayakovsky?

i think moscow might be our town

   month: april? 

      who knows when new towers grow

         in this empire of steel

colour? red and silver

   to draw your eyes sharp as a razor

      cut the time in half

         with a sway of hand

your song wears a crimson scarf round its throat

   and these days fly by like flocks of birds

      and i

         am a sparrow 

            on the pavement 

              picking up each crumble of word

                that falls from your careless mouth

my baby had a blood test today and he’s not happy, but he got this cute fish plaster 🐟

Long Way Home

Summary: It startled her, the way he looked at her, with something like wonder, as if she were a star in the sky, far away enough to admire, but never close enough to touch. [Or: the awkwardness of adolescence, of first crushes, ice cream dates, and learning new coping mechanisms.]

AN: This is just a tiny Daikari snippet from a longer piece I’m working on. It doesn’t fit into the other story’s timeline so… I hope it stands on its own, but it’s just kind of an experimental short. It’s very nostalgic. I’m not sure if there’s anything else to say about it.

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“He likes me, doesn’t he?”

“You’re telling me you’ve never noticed?” Miyako’s hand stilled as she was pulling a brush through her long locks. She set the brush down on her vanity and tossed her hair over her shoulder, twisting on her torso to face her, draping her arm over the back of the chair. “Hikari. I’m not stupid, and neither are you. Let’s not pretend.”

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“How’d you hear about that?”
“I have hearing like a horse.”
“A horse’s hearing, McGee, is one of their keenest senses. Which is why you must
“I don’t think that’s right.”

I love how Ziva can make you feel two inches tall even when she’s full of shit.