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Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


Dua Request

So there was this rlly amazing sister that would always end up in the prayer room at the same time as me. She would always pull treats out of her bag and wouldn’t let you leave without sharing some with her because she wanted to reward of sharing and eating together. She was honestly one of the kindest and warm people I have ever met in my life.

I didn’t see her for a while so I figured she left or moved or something… But one day a close friend if hers stopped me on my way to class and told me she had passed away. She didn’t have any family and lived alone… So can you guys do me a huge favour and pray for her? Her name was Maryam

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‘Freedom’ by Beyoncé being played in the new Apple ad for the latest Apple Watch!


3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him

@lunlucy yoooo I’m the anon that thought your Lance with a backwards cap was hot

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omg i would *love* if you were to expand on school stuff for trans!peter like ,,, michelle being supportive ,, the whole "penis parker" thing ,,

-Peter came out pretty young but he was in middle school

-he didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing everything and making everyone adjust

-so he waited until high school to do all the legal name changing

-midtown isn’t actually his zoned school

-it’s specialized for science and technology so it takes applications and he got in

-meaning most people from his middle school aren’t actually going to high school with him

-making his transition a lot smoother

-the only people going to midtown with him was Ned and a few others

-one of them being Flash Thompson

-Peter was always really smart but his middle school didn’t have a decathlon or anything like that

-so he was never on flash’s radar except for in Robotics Club

-which wasn’t really competitive except for against other schools so flash never had a reason to bully him

-maybe a snide remark here or there about girls in STEM but nothing really personal

-then in 9th grade when Peter shows up to academic decathlon try outs his hair is a bit shorter but may and Ben haven’t put him in T yet because it’s expensive

-flash thinks he looks familiar but doesn’t realize until the teacher says “parker”

-and flash is like ??? Parker? Parker’s a girl

-so after practice flash goes up to Peter and he’s like “so parker thinks she’s a boy now? Is it because you know girls can’t do math and science?”

-“well, first of all, I am a dude. Second of all,
who here is the alternate?”

-Peter is super sassy because he had a good day and flash doesn’t scare him

-and flash is like really angry now Bc his ego is bruised

-and he’s like “well, KAREN, ” and spouts some random rich kid shit

-and peters actually hella hurt but he does home

-may comforts him but it’s hard

-she says they should be able to save up for t shots in 9-12 months

-so his mood is a lot better

-the next day flash corners him and uses his deadname again

-this time Ned is with him and loudly calls him Eugene before he can even finish saying it

-Ned straight up yells it the third time flash tries

-Peter gets really overwhelmed so he’s glad Ned’s there with him

-because flash could easily pin peter in like 10 seconds

-the next day flash shouts across the cafeteria “hey penis parker!” And other offensive things related to him being trans

-Peter actually almost calls May to let him come home early

-he’s humiliated because all of flash’s little friends laughed and made it a big deal

-so not only do flash and his friends know but now so does roughly ¼ of the student body and more
because word will get around

-Ned comforts him through a panic attack

-nobody except flash and his friends give him shit for it though

-most people just call him Parker anyway and none of his teachers fuck up

-ned tells him to report flash but Peter knows that’ll just cause problems

-Flash harasses Peter at decathlon meetings but it’s usually before or after

-mostly because his team mates will usually defend him

-thankfully he doesn’t really have any classes or interactions with flash all of 9th grade other than lunch but flash makes use of his time

-the last few months of 9th grade Peter starts taking T

-then he gets bit by the spider which amplifies effects of T and gives him crazy muscles

-then the whole tony stark thing at the beginning of 10th grade

-tony started paying for Peter’s testosterone (creating a new kind to work with his DNA), binders, and eventually surgery if he ever wants it

-that whole year flash calls him “penis parker” and he has gym with Peter now

-meaning Peter uses the locker room with him

-or well he used to

-now he just changes in the bathroom because one time his clothes straight up got stolen and he doesn’t need that now

-Although it’s ok because MJ refuses to call flash anything but “Eugene” and “Asshat”

-And Ned is lowkey ready to roast flash anytime anywhere

-his status as “alternate” is really helpful

-he has two awesome friends though and tony once made an appearance picking Peter up from school so nobody gives him shit about the internship anymore so all in all he’s having a pretty good time compared to 9th grade


I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!

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How about some Haru/Goro clean headcannons? Thats my fave ship! Thank you so much

Oh man this is so cute. Thank you SO MUCH for sending this request! Enjoy!

Haru x Goro:

  • These two live and breathe coffee, so there’s always a cup within their proximity whenever they visit the other’s residence.
  • They’re both incredible cuddlers, and they snuggle often when they’re alone.
  • Furthermore, they intermittently nose-nuzzle and kiss when they lay together. 
  • Haru gives Goro all the attention he needs in the form of compliments or praise; in return, he always listens to her struggles and treats the relationship as a partnership, with both parties having an equal say. 
  • In that respect, they complement each other quite well.
  • Tension occasionally arises because Goro absolutely abhors her fiance and father. He wants nothing more than to protect her from them.
  • Both of them have the best hair, so they constantly rake their fingers through the other’s, sometimes involuntarily.
  • Haru sometimes ties his hair up in silly hairstyles and she’ll giggle for half an hour. Goro pouts at first, but he can’t quell the urge to smile for long.
  • Since Goro’s pretty infamous, he gets recognized constantly when he and Haru attempt to go on dates in the bustling city; thus, their dates are usually in secluded areas, or even at home. 
  • It doesn’t affect them too much; as long as they have each other’s company, they’re quite content.
  • That won’t hinder them from occasionally visiting a quaint, outdoors restaurant during the night and peacefully swaying to the music, with stringed lights above them dimly illuminating their embracing figures.
  • Goro will sneak onto the Shujin rooftop once the students are long gone and join Haru while she gardens.
  • There was one occasion where he texted Haru to convince her to meet him on the rooftop. Her curiosity tugged her there as though she were attached by a string, and she gasped as soon as she opened the door that once separated her from Goro.
  • He was standing in the center with a bouquet of roses, surrounded by the dancing flames of candles and the delicate arches of ribbons. To this day, Haru still has no clue as to how he managed to gain access to the rooftop.
  • Goro definitely spent a few minutes consoling a tearful Haru, and he briefly worried that he went overboard.
  • Needless to say, the couple does not hold back when it comes to romantic gestures.
  • They’re very straightforward with each other as well, often exchanging advice over a meal.
  • Shopping is one of their favorite pastimes, as they both have a weakness for fashion.
  • Haru has sewn a scarf for Goro, and he will most definitely wear it proudly during the winter. He receives quite a few compliments and inquiries as to where he purchased it, to which he smugly replies, “Thank you, but this scarf is one of a kind… as is the individual that created it.”
  • Goro is a perfect gentleman to Haru, always pulling out chairs or opening doors for her.
  • He exceedingly admires her strength, both in reality and the Metaverse.
  • When they battle together, their chemistry is phenomenal and they don’t miss a beat, making them quite formidable. The Thieves feel a great deal of pity for the duo’s opponents.
  • Gift-giving is easy since they share similar tastes, and they have quite the fondness for homemade items. 
  • In addition, they adore items that are pragmatic and provide functionality, such as skincare products, or even just food.
  • In the end, it’s the thought that counts, and the most precious, cherished gift that they can give to each other is themselves.

mmmmmm space animals  👀👀👀

Kian Lawley: Break up explanation

You and Kian broke up January of 2016 and got back together June of 2016. You guys had never explained why you broke up but deciding to film a Q&A for your channel you knew that it might come up.

“Hello, my sexy people!” You shouted to your Camera watching as Kian walked over plopping down next to you. “As you guys know I have been dating Kian for awhile now and we decided we would do an AskKianandN/Y. These questions have been coming in hot and I think this we’ll be a good video…hopefully.” You said with a smile as Kian wrapped his arms around you pulling you towards him.

Both of you grabbed your phone’s, scrolling through the tag. “I convinced her last minute, you guys are welcome, to accept all sorts of questions so if you ask us anything dirty, it might be in the video,” Kian said while doing the crab face.

Juniormuderer, what a…creative name, asks how often do you hide N/Y makeup?” You read looking at Kian.

“See this is only a question because you tweeted it. I’ve only done it once and it’s because we were going on a date and I wanted her to have a natural look. She’s so comfortable around me and our friends with a basic look but when we go on dates or film videos she changes her entire face. Which before you guys say anything, it’s not for me. I know she does it because it makes her comfortable, sometimes she does it because her insecurities get in the way and I want to prove to her how beautiful she is and how much I love her.”

“Thank you, Kian for writing a novel about why you hid my makeup.” You spoke, he rolled his eyes leaning in, giving you a kiss.

“N/YISMYMOM asks where is one place you want to go with the other?” Kian read from his phone. "I want to take her to Paris, I also want to go to Paris so it would be a win/win.“

"I want us to go to Italy, Rome specifically.” You started, “I have a list of places I’d want to go, Kian would just be a bonus to take along.” You answered. 

“AshleyCaylen asked, how often do you have sex.” Kian read before you could read yours, a smirk on his face. You could feel your cheeks heating up. "I won’t give a specific number but just know I had to make a condom run yesterday.“ He said as he bit his lip looking at you.

"I already want to stop filming.” You started as Jc came and sat down. 

“For proof, I had to stop vlogging because it happened twice yesterday.” He added before rushing off when you reached for him. “Don’t even think about editing it out!” He yelled as he ran up the stairs.

“Why did you and Kian break up for five months then get back together Emileen asked.” You read biting your lip, “ Are we answering questions about our break up?” You asked, he nodded.

“We got back together because I love her and the five months that we were taking a break, not broken up, I realized that I was an idiot but I didn’t want to be with someone else so I begged and begged her to work it out with me and that’s what we tried to do and we were successful,” Kian explained to everyone, you rolled you eyes looking at him.

“We were broken up Kian, you wanted a break and I was like no bitch, I’ll bleep that out, and was like we’re not together anymore.” You fixed, you gave him a smile squishing his face in your hands. “But I accepted your sorry and now we’ve been together for nine months because it’s March!” You said loudly. 

“Since we’re on a roll, Yamayra asked why did we break up.” Kian read. He looked down not wanting to open the topic back up for the audience to react to but it was bound to happen.

“So Kian filmed a video with Andrea while we were together and at the time I hadn’t really thought about it because to me he can film with whoever he wants. The video got uploaded and I thought the title was clickbait but for all of you who watched the video you can tell that it wasn’t, then I saw her video and let’s just say I was upset but I thought it would be whatever but people started to get to me and I got overwhelmed with the feedback." 

"It was sort of a dick thing, I mean, yeah it didn’t mean anything but the fact that I didn’t talk to her about it before I decided Andrea and I were going to kiss made it a little weirder and I get why she broke up with me,” Kian explained, thinking of the argument and how everything escalated into what it turned out to be.


You and Kian sat on opposite sides of the couch, not talking. It had been like this all day and it had gotten to the point where Jc left because he could feel the tension in the room. Kian kept glancing over at you though you weren’t paying him any attention you could still feel his glances.

“Can you please talk to me?” Kian asked pausing the movie. You stopped, turning to look over at him. “I don’t know what I did or why you suddenly started to shut me out but you can talk to me.”

“I think it’s best if I work it out myself.” You told him, you went to look back down at your phone bu Kian reached over, taking it.

“Well at least tell me what the problem is, I want to know what’s going in that head of yours.”

“I don’t know if we should continue to be together.” You said you couldn’t take it back, you couldn’t look at him, you looked down at your hands but he held your chin, making you look at him.

“Why? You’ve had to of been thinking about this for a while.” He spoke, he turned your body that way you were facing him.

“You and Andrea…the videos-” You started but he stopped you.

“Are you serious, it’s January, those videos were put out almost four months ago.”

“Let me talk Kian, you kissed her and got in bed wrapped up with her…I don’t know what happened after the cameras got turned off. You..you kissed her and then you guys stopped and did it again, did you ever think of I felt or what I thought when I saw it?”

“It was for a video if it bothered you so much then why are you now just bringing this up?”

“Because I’m not good with feelings, if you watched me kiss another guy for a video you would be mad would you or would you not, and you don’t just kiss someone like that it not mean anything, ” You told him, arms crossed.

“Ye, but I told you I was filming with Andrea.” He retorted quickly,

“Filming, not kissing. Kian, I don’t care that your friends or if you want to film with her but you kissed her, you had this smile on your face as if you missed her or wanted her and I can’t help how I feel and I’m sorry.”

“This is a prank right, you told Jc and that’s why he left and now you have a camera hidden somewhere right?” He smirked standing up to grab his phone. “I’m calling Jc." 

"Unbelievable Kian, not everything is a joke, not everything is for youtube.” You answered, your face heating up as he grabbed his phone. You shook your head looking at him, “I’m going home.” You finished as you grabbed your shoes.

“Yep, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He called out, but he didn’t, he didn't see you for three days until he came over. You answered your door, wanting to close it in his face but you were mature, you could handle the situation like an adult.

“I didn’t know you were serious.” Kian started, “I thought that…that you were just joking about wanting to break up.” He continued. “It was just a video….the kiss was just some dumb kiss and it didn’t mean anything.

"That isn’t the point Kian, the point is you did something and it hurt me and I pushed these feelings down because I was scared you’d be mad at me but when I brought it up you made me feel as if my feelings were inferior.” You spoke as he stepped forward. 

“I get that now and I’m sorry.” He started grabbing your hand to pull you closer. “If I could go back and not do that video I would but I can’t and I’m sorry.”

“I just…I can’t be with someone who pushed my feelings aside like that.” You tried, “I care about you Kian and I get that we make mistakes but there’s some that are hard to forget about.”

“Can’t we just take a break? I’ll give you space to figure everything out.” He mumbled not wanting to let you go, you shook your head retracting your arm.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Kian, just a breakup…that’s what I want.” You told him, and that’s what you got for six months.


“I hated it,” Kian mumbled laying his head back on the couch pulling you closer to him. “Never break up with me again okay, I won’t do anything to make you want to leave me ever again.” He finished pulling you in for one last kiss before you waved at the camera giving yourself a reminder to edit whatever this was out.

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Hi... I..uh just wanted to say that I love seeing you post but I lurk on streams here and there and you just seem so tired sometimes and I wanted you to know that I'm more excited when you rest because your art is always amazing but I couldn't enjoy it if I knew you didn't enjoy making it..... That is all, sorry if i gave off the wrong vibe or smth....

anon we all know making art isn’t fun, is suffering B) jk tho don’t worry, it’s just I stream past midnight until 3am or so and it’s the only time i can hold streams usually, that’s why I sound tired (plus I kinda sound like that by default unless I’m actively trying to sound different which I can’t do very well if I’m multitasking)

EXO Reaction when you were aware his GF at the time was using him &he didn't believe you until they broke up

Oh drama drama Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I’m sorry I didn’t listen… I tried to talk to her about it but she said you were only jealous and… I don’t know why I believed it. I really owe you an apology, because you always look out for me… and I treat you terribly… I’m sorry”


“I just… don’t understand it. Part of me believed it when you told me but… I really wanted it to be a lie… I really wanted you to be wrong… but you never are, I should know that… I’m sorry” *Starts crying without even realizing it*


“Is this for real? I thought… I thought she felt the same way I did… I just don’t get it.. I’m sorry to come up with you like this, specially when you warned me but.. I really need a shoulder right now..” *Baby is about to break*


“I don’t deserve this… you being here for me when I need it.. it’s not fair. You told me and I ignored it… you should be scolding me or something.. thank you Y/N, for everything”


“I’m not going to lie… I didn’t think she would be able to do it… like.. why would someone lie and say they love you… I could forgive if you were lying to me about her not being honest.. but I can’t forgive what she did.. that’s why I didn’t listen… now I’m the one who asks for your forgiveness… I’m sorry”


“i feel.. empty.. and lied to.. and.. I don’t know who I can trust now… I mean, I can trust you but I did you wrong and…I understand if you want to leave too… everything that I wanted to avoid happened and now I don’t know what to do”


“Say.. if I asked you to leave everything behind… forget everything that happened during these months.. would you do it with me? Would you… run away with me.. and try to feel less empty… funny how she could break us both without even trying…now I’m miserable and you are hurt because of me… I want to make amends… to fix this.. us”


“Of course I’m angry because of what she did but… I’m more angry at myself for ignoring you, for trying to avoid you because of what you said. I don’t know what I was thinking, I don’t think I even was. You are… the most important girl in my life and… I chose to believe that you were the villain in this story… tell me what to do… how can I get you forgiveness”


“I want to promise you something… next time you tell me something.. I’ll believe it. Because I know you won’t lie to me, I know I can trust you, I know you care… I’m sorry Y/N… but doubting your intentions. You don’t deserve a terrible friend like me..”


*He actually went to confront his GF when you told him and found out the truth* “SO this is how it feels? Heart break? This is how it feels… when someone uses you? What do I do now? How do I forget… how will I heal now… tell me Y/N.. tell me what I did wrong”


*Goes to your place to apologize* “Please open the door… I won’t leave until you hear me out… I was wrong, I know. You knew it all along and I… I didn’t want to believe it… and you knew I wouldn’t.. but you still told me.. because you care… I’m sorry Y/N… please… let me fix this”


*He had his suspicions way before you had told him. You telling him only confirmed them to him* “I knew it.. somehow I saw it coming.. but I prayed it wasn’t like that… I wanted to give her a chance.. is it wrong for wanting that? Is it foolish? It is isn’t it… I knew and yet… it still hurts like hell.. I don’t understand”

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