didn't go well

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…this makes me happy

heyo i’m somewhat dead here lol

nothing happened irl or like, anywhere,like always

i only have finals

just passing here saying for some asks: do what the fuck u want with gaster!sans lol

he’s like, a dead case to me (for now i guess? i know i will not make the comic, i’m not being negative with it, i’m just not made to make comics haha)

and eeehhh i’m on a weird idk-in-wich-fandom-im-now, overwatch, off, eddsworld, yume nikki (again)????¿¿??¿ we just don’t know

For @chairmanmeow-and-church who has written the lovely fic Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks and I couldn’t help myself and so I drew them. FAMILY WEDDING PICTURE.