didn't gif for a while

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken

Craig: “Screw Coon and friends, this new kid pisses me off even more than those asshats!”
Tweek: “ARGH! Yeah! Let’s get him!”

Both Craig and Tweek ditch there symbols and prepare for the fight

Craig: “That Stick isn’t going to do any good if we’re together!”

Ultimate move don’t you say?

stop saying stupid things.

There would definitely be tough times ahead of us, I hope for more love and support from you guys. We will work much more harder than what you are giving to us now. Aren’t you curious on what would happen to us in the future? I am anticipating what we will be in the end~! Until that day comes, please continue supporting us! Look out for us. I love you~

- From Jimin