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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

Hey, guys! This is my 2nd week doing a reading list and it’s helped so much in getting organized. So let’s get started! These are all amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

  • Endlessly by @buckybuchananbrnes (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: the fluff is strong in this one and so is the smut. I loved it :D 
  • Catch Me (Intro) by @buckyywiththegoodhair (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.
  • Soldatin (Parts 1-9) by @annwhojumps (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: You are being held captive by Hydra and a sudden opportunity to escape presents itself when a mysterious male named Bucky steps in to assist.
  • I’m Here to Assist You (Parts 1-3) by @knittingknerdy (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: You are an executive assistant here to help the Avengers, to take Bucky under your wing as he moves into headquarters.
  • I’m Not Pretending by @sebastianstanismyobsession (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: Imagine you and Bucky have just broken up and he’s realizing he made a mistake.
  • Friendly Fire (Parts 1-5) by @officialcaptain-marvel (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win? Who will lose?
  • Cuddle Drabbles by @aubzylynn (Bucky x Reader)
    Cuddle Drabbles Master list
  • The Other Carter (Parts 1-2) by @bethcookie99 (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: You’ve heard of Peggy Carter? Well, this is the story of her sister, Y/N Carter, and the love between her and Bucky.
  • Something Familiar (Parts 1-8) by @carabarnes13 (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: You are taken control of by Hydra, just like Bucky. Just when you try to piece you life back together, the Avengers come asking for help.
  • Never Tear Us Apart (Parts 1-4) by @avengerofyourheart (Bucky x Reader)
  • Just a Dream (Parts 1-3) by @cnoppswrites (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: Wanda gives you a Sokovian tree bark as an additive to your tea to help you sleep. Wild dreams ensue and you unexpectedly find out about your true feelings for your co-worker.
  • Capsize by @lemonydrabs (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: Bucky has finally been able to start to piece his memories back together in peace, But one thing he can’t get out of his head is you. What became of you after he disappeared?
  • Southpaw (Parts 1-6) by @mamapeterson (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: Bucky Barnes Boxer AU SouthPaw Masterlist
  • Intimacy by @bucky-imagines (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: Bucky in love.
  • Burn and Smolder by @bucky-imagines (Bucky x Reader)
    Summary: When you first said you were going to be with Bucky through everything, you really didn’t know how true that would come to be.

Ok, @sharkpedo, I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to this. BUT here we go:

•Fareeha generally has no problem with courage or confidence; it was a matter of combining those with eloquence to finally propose to Angela.

•They both are ok with dresses and tuxes but Mercy opted to wear a dress and Pharah chose to wear her military dress uniform.

•McCree actually DOES officiate and he absolutely would not be dissuaded from wearing his belt buckle.

•Soldier 76 walks Mercy down the aisle and honestly, he couldn’t be more happy for her. Jack and Angela are close and actually think of one another as a sibling.

•Reinhardt, on the other hand, walks Fareeha and it’s very emotional. He’s very close to Angela also but wanted to let Jack walk his friend. So, Reinhardt stood with Pharah. And loved every minute.

Imagine someone asking your OTP who they would cosplay as if they went to a convention. Person A immediately says a couple of fictional characters that both themself and Person B are familiar with and Person B responds with “Yesssssss”

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fluffy brotherly headcanons between xander and leo? or xander and all the nohrian siblings really ^-^

Xander and Leo

  • Xander and Leo met a few times before they were allowed to talk, Leo’s mother protective of her young son in such turbulent times not letting him talk to Xander (she came up with very good excuses)- they spoke the first time when Xander found Leo alone trying to skip stone like he’d seen some of the retainers doing and Xander attempted to be a good big brother and show him how (he wasn’t that good either and was very flustered)
  • After that Leo had a penchant of drifting closer to Xander in gatherings, something some of the other mothers and children noticed and disliked (some of Xander’s nannies weren’t thrilled with it either)- Xander enjoyed having a sibling around and encouraged it honestly
  • Leo had the pudgiest, cutest baby face (Elise is upset this is not her title, honestly but she is a close second) and Xander spent a lot of time fluffing his hair and smooshing his cheeks- Leo pouted much like expected but when he was tired he would often nuzzle Xander in silent complaint (he didn’t talk a lot, really)
  • Xander and Leo share a lot of book recommendations with each other (Leo more when he’s older and Xander is surprised at some of them and the high technical level of them), and they both are too busy to sit down and discuss the books as often as they like so they often leave notes in the books to return (neither admit to keeping the notes, but they do)

Xander and Camilla

  • They saw each other quite a bit, especially in passing, and Xander watched (they were quite young and he was a bit slow to notice, honestly) her slow descent as she followed her mother’s plans, and Xander tried to do what he could for her as he began to piece together everything happening (he was sheltered as the crown prince)
  • Xander was the one who could find Camilla when she disappeared to curl up in defense against the horrible world (mostly it was because he refused to give up and was small so he could see all the hiding spots) and he’d sit with her until she was better
  • Camilla had gone against her mother’s plans (not directly per say but it wasn’t an order from the woman) to save Xander from others, something she didn’t tell Xander and he learned on his own later
  • Camilla is the one Xander used to confide in, especially in being shy and terrified of being the crown prince, not wanting her to know either, really, but he shared it one time after finding her avoiding everybody again

Xander and Elise

  • Elise was born at the tail end of the bitter struggles and was protected against the worst of it between her age and the others stepping in
  • She often tailed after Xander, who let her because it meant she was safe, and she didn’t stray far in the beginning because the castle didn’t feel safe at the time (she’d play around his legs or in his cape quite often)
  • Xander would often sneak her treats as well when she was little, before she could sneak them herself
  • The eldest would find Elise sometimes and observe her, something to make him feel better after all the horrors and struggles he faced as the crown prince

When Chloe and I got home tonight we found a package on our landing, which is not super unusual even though neither of us ordered anything b/c my mom sends us fruit trays and tea every once in a while. But the package didn’t have any name or address on it and there wasn’t a note inside. It came from Amazon and when I opened it up it was…this:

Which I am p. okay w/! Like I really enjoyed the Carmilla webseries and obvs. I’m a goth lesbian, so it’s a good gift, but the question is like…where the fuck did this come from?

this is a late birthday gift for @mingesu ! i wasn’t able to get it to you by your birthday due to work and commission work but it’s better late then never. :,D i tried to fit as many ocs of yours in there as possible but ming…you have a lot of ocs omg. 

also…this sai file has over 200 layers…jfc……

♡ !! starter → @hoursdefineme ♡

        he knew there was a reason he didn’t want to come to the damn party tonight. so far, he’d been the only one out of his immediate friend group that wasn’t absolutely shitfaced, and it was annoying, to say the least. they’d settled on playing truth or dare like teen girls, most of the truths being questions about sex & the dares being more excuses to drink. it was minjoon’s turn to be dared this time, and he was expecting something like “ take 5 shots in 30 seconds ” or “ make a beer and whiskey cocktail and drink the entire thing without barfing ” — anything but “go talk to that cute guy over there and get his number before the night is over”. he wasn’t going to do it, but he knew that ultimately, he didn’t have a choice. 

        walking over with sheepish eyes and a hunched stance, minjoon found himself standing in front of the boy in question, and wow, he was a lot cuter up close. “ hey, ” his voice was meek. clearing his throat, still not daring to keep eye contact, he continued. “ look, my friends dared me to talk to you and this is probably really uncomfortable for the both of us, so can you just play along so i’m not made fun of for the rest of the night by them? ”

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