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I might just be old and uninformed but how is it that you're allowed to monetize a fan comic? Doesn't that violate copyright laws? We use to have to put disclaimers on all of our fanfiction and hope to hell we didn't get sued, like how is this legal? I'm not criticizing you, just wondering if you might get in trouble? For the record I love the mafia AU and if you can get paid for doing it that's great for you

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No problem, happy to answer ^w^
The biggest difference is that Yuri on Ice is a Japanese work o3o
In America we sue like crazy, if I was making a marvel comic type thing of DC or something, it might be something I get away with, but there’s a greater chance to be sued :O
Japan is very different!
Although there are copyright laws in Japan, the fact just is that most artists simply don’t care about doujin (derivative work often by amateur artists) being made or sold!
Comiket, a convention in japan where ppl sell doujin (DJ), has attendance in the hundreds of thousands! And it’s actually where CLAMP got their start :D
You can even find DJ in official stores o3o

This is for several reasons:

  • Artists sometimes get their starts drawing DJ
  • In Japan, unnecessary litigation is frowned upon
  • Suing a DJ artist is generally unprofitable
  • It’s considered free advertising
  • Japan considers DJs as parodies instead of counterfeit goods
  • A lot of artists don’t want to alienate their fans, the most hardcore ones tend to be DJ artists

Of course it gets a little more tricky when you start bringing things over to America!
For example, Funamation has put a ban on artists who sell at cons from including a character’s name or series name on the piece of art :O
But, Japan’s leniency on DJ is why a lot of really cool work can be made and sold :D (i.e. fanzines and other derivative work)

Of course there is a legal risk, but it’s relatively slim :D

Hope that answers your question ^w^

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imagine Steve being very publicly proposed to by [buckyorsam]

“You’re gonna hate me for this.” 

They’re in the middle of a very nice tour of the Lincoln Memorial, during which the tour guide had even played a recording of Dr. King’s famous speech for them to listen to. That same tour guide was now waxing poetic about the reflection pool in front of them–the very same pool, Steve realizes, where he and Sam met. 

“Oh,” he says, stomach lurching. 

Because Sam’s gone down on one knee.

“Steve Rogers, will you do me the honor of–” Sam doesn’t get a chance to finish, because Steve’s started kissing him, hard and sweet. 

“Is that a yes?” Sam asks when they break apart, much to the pleasure of the slowly gathering crowd.

Steve laughs. “Can’t believe I’m gonna marry such a slowpoke.”