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lesbiansorgana  asked:

imagine Steve being very publicly proposed to by [buckyorsam]

“You’re gonna hate me for this.” 

They’re in the middle of a very nice tour of the Lincoln Memorial, during which the tour guide had even played a recording of Dr. King’s famous speech for them to listen to. That same tour guide was now waxing poetic about the reflection pool in front of them–the very same pool, Steve realizes, where he and Sam met. 

“Oh,” he says, stomach lurching. 

Because Sam’s gone down on one knee.

“Steve Rogers, will you do me the honor of–” Sam doesn’t get a chance to finish, because Steve’s started kissing him, hard and sweet. 

“Is that a yes?” Sam asks when they break apart, much to the pleasure of the slowly gathering crowd.

Steve laughs. “Can’t believe I’m gonna marry such a slowpoke.”