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Whenever I feel sad I think of all those little kids that read Rick Riordan’s books and are able to find themselves in those characters and I think of all those little kids that will grow up with this amazing range of diversity in their favorite book characters, in their heroes, and I feel a little more hope for the future.

You know what the TF2 fandom needs more of?

More chubby Demoman.

Because I heard that he has a pudge.

S U P E R  S O F T  D E M O M A N


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: He straightened and turned to find Andrew had shifted closer. There was nowhere for Neil to stand except up against Andrew, but somehow Neil didn't mind. They'd been apart for seven weeks but Neil keenly remembered why he'd stayed. He remembered this unyielding, unquestioning weight that could hold him and all of his problems up without breaking a sweat. For the first time in months he could finally breathe again. It was such a relief it was frightening; Neil hadn't meant to lean on Andrew so much.

Rick, my mom and dad are getting back together. What? No! She’s not a clone! Well, she says it doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t because now she loves my dad, and she wanted me and Summer to come home, and we’re hiding from you so you don’t kill her if she’s a clone in a place I picked that you will never find. So don’t look for us.

“Hey Kaito, did you want to get ic—?!”

“I’d normally agree but today I think I’ll have ~you~ instead.”

Floral x Holiday Kaito for 03-23-17


Above: the gang™ feat. CRuss
Below: Catherine signing my programme (& me feeling 10000x more nervous than i look)

thank you SO MUCH to everyone we met up with, it was the best day ever :))))))))


Thanks @unfortunatelycake your tag inspired me

Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 1 | One Shot | Misdial by @breeeliss | reconnection

When Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, she desperately tries to call Sabrina to help her get back to sleep.

She misdials and calls Marinette instead.

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Robin is here to help her best friend and his wife with their problems, no matter what they may be (or is she?)

posting the sketchy version of this stupid comic bc why not

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