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I’ve been the whole damn day thinking over and over again about what happened in Manchester. I just can’t even imagine how hard it must be going to see live one of your favorite bands/artists. You were waiting your whole life for it to happen, you go there all hopeful and full of joy and excitement and then you have to experience these horrible moments. And if you are lucky enough to just experience them and make it out of there alive.

Maybe I’m too sensitive and being too overdramatic or whatever you think because “I wasn’t there”, but music has always been too important to me. It has helped me through really hard times in my life and still does every day so it hit me really hard.

And it isn’t just the horrible moments there. Once you get home, you have to deal with all that you experienced. I don’t even know if I’d ever be able to listen to those songs again without being brought back to that day.

And I’m not getting to how the artists must feel, even if it’s so clear that they aren’t the ones to blame. How the hell do you move on and go back to do what you love after these events?

I’m honestly devastated.

Chapter 91 Thoughts

Last chapter: Titled, “The other side of the wall,” ends with a young soldier with titan powers pointing beyond the ocean, wondering about the enemy that lies ahead, questioning if freedom is even possible with so much despair on the horizon

This chapter: Titled, “The other side of the ocean,” focuses on those enemies there in the middle of a battle, opening up with a young warrior who is a candidate for the titan powers. There’s even some symbolism thrown in with said boy futilely reaching towards a bird in the sky, warning it to fly away with its wings (of freedom).

OK, so the symbolism is far from subtle, but it’s a nice touch. 

Really, aside from laying out some plot points, most of this chapter may as well function as a way to make the reader sympathize with the Eldians on the Marleyan side. Get everyone so immersed and sympathetic with these new characters, that when the inevitable clash between the Survey Corps and these guys happens, we’ll be conflicted rather than outright cheering for one side.

That’s the intention, but can the execution really deliver?

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Hi! If I may intervene again in defense of GRRM, about the dothraki reblog: calling him racist is kinda ridiculous. EVERY Asoiaf popoluation is violent. Apart from the fact that not all the dothcharas are awful (Dany's followers are quite decent, and Drogo had his moments) and that the mongols WERE pretty ruthless (as ALL invaders), following this logic M is racist with white people: the westeros families are mostly greedy, powerhungry and intolerant. It's only a critic against human history.

Well, actually. 

This is something I could write an essay about - and other people have written essays about, but I figured that I could give you a short response.

There are a few important differences here, but the major one is in the fact that while the people of Westeros do bad shit, that’s not all they do - whereas for the Dothraki, the entirety of their culture is built around conquest, pillage, and rape. We do not see agriculture or art that comes from the Dothraki. Their culture is nothing but violence.

There is also the way that the respective cultures approach rape and violence - in Westeros things like incest, murder, and rape happen, but they’re not condoned, whereas for the Dothraki it’s public and celebrated, a central aspect of their culture rather than a deviance that happens (at least supposedly) behind closed doors. 

To put it very briefly: there is a difference between “this people is violent” and “this people is barbaric.” 

There are also distinctly different implications to presenting an Asian/Mongolian inspired group of people as violent and hypersexualized and showing white characters as violent and hypersexualized, within the context of racial stereotypes as they stand in our world.

Quoting from a book called Race and Popular Fantasy Literature: Habits of Whiteness: 

“One of the defenses against charges of racism levelled at Gritty Fantasy works is that they tend to show all cultures as savage and brutal. Good and evil is not demarcated as Western and Eastern because, the argument goes, such works refuse to construct moral binaries. If a work like Martin’s does not allow simple goodness to any character and demonstrates the failings of all societies, it nonetheless taps into Western literature’s long history of Orientalism. The Dothraki, for example, are slavers who engage, in the novels and the TV series, in public acts of sex and violence at weddings; this construct invokes orientalist imaginings of Otherness as sexually depraved. The medievalist, White Self may not be perfect, but the Eastern Other is invariably marked as comparatively worse because of particular cultural practices which are repellent according to contemporary mores.”

Also, it is worth noting that the “barbarism” of the Mongols has been, at least in some respects, exaggerated over time, and that their culture was a lot more complex than “marauding barbarians” - an image that we have in the first place because of the European narrative about the Mongol horde - the same narrative that Martin is drawing from for the Dothraki. (This is a good essay comparing the Mongols and the Dothraki.)

Whether or not George R.R. Martin is racist - and the post in question did not put it in those words, I don’t know Martin’s personal views and honestly don’t care - the depiction of the Dothraki in the books (and even more in the TV show) is racist.

easy | l.h

a/n: this is pure secret relationship au! I lost myself at some point in this so it definitely turned out unlike I’d expected but I really hope y’all dig it anyway! also feedback is cool and encouraged if you’re so inclined! / wc: 3k / masterlist 

“They’ll be back any minute now,” You breathed heavy against Luke’s ear, his teeth and tongue pulling expertly at the skin against your collarbone. The empty dressing room was near silent, save Luke’s quiet groans when your fingers tugged against his curls or the gentle whimpers falling from your own lips.

“I don’t care,” He paused his actions to mumble against your now sensitive skin. “They can walk right in if they want.”

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I confronted Kato about your blog post asking her when she would come clean to her fans and tell us the truth and apologize for her deception. She proceeded to tell me that everything you wrote was a lie and not one part of it was true. She said you were just some jealous mentally unstable person that she didn't even know. Guess she forgot about all those pics she posted of you two together. SMH. I guess now is the time you should release that proof you have.

Is it truth time? Sigh alright here it goes. 

For the record, it is her decision about whether or not to come clean about the truth. She doesn’t have to, because it’s not conducive to her business. She doesn’t care if you know about her real life, because she doesn’t care about *you*. Even acknowledging my post to her fans will only draw attention to it. I assure you I am not mentally unstable, and it sucks to know that a woman would gaslight another woman and write off an entire relationship as “crazy” or “jealous”… I in no way envy her life. 

But for those who still care about this ordeal, here are some fun snippets of our time together.

Here is the post this is in reference to, for those who are joining us just now: [Post was deleted by me months later, but here is someone’s repost: https://tariqk.tumblr.com/post/70269998617/life-after-kato] Not the ORIGINAL post of course, since she paid her lawyer to take it down, and she’ll likely have him try to take this one down too. Still waiting for Tumblr to get back to me about the DMCA put back claim.

EDIT: I have removed any photos that i didn’t take myself, to prevent another DMCA issue. Many of them can be found online in other sources if you google “ophylia and kato.” 

Here it goes:

Here is us together during the shoot for my music video. I also took the photo of her below. Neither have been photoshopped, just tons of makeup.

Here is a screenshot of her fetlife account last year when she was my “mistress”. On facebook we had our status as “in an open relationship” but it only showed up on my profile, she had it hidden on hers. 

Here is when I taught her how to knit. She made a little rectangle! This was in her living room right before I left the first time I visited. No photoshop.

Some photos I took of her husband and us walking in the woods in Oregon, and viewing Mt. Hood. That’s Rion, aka Max, aka Dr. Steel. 

Her husband Rion on the same chaise lounge we did our photoshoot, and that she’s used for many others. 

They took me to the snow the first time I went up there, so here is an unedited shot from that day. The next time I went up we saw even more snow.

This is some of her edited shots of our first and second time in the snow, and me opening presents for xmas at their home. (removed to prevent DMCA issue) 

Of course, here is the music video we shot… This 100% belongs to me, as I composed the song/wrote it, and hired a paid special effects artist to edit some of it. [music video removed from youtube, but if you google “reincarnation michion kato” there are some weird russian websites that have it up.]

Here is Kate’s blog post where she blatantly denies photoshopping. But you can see proof above of course. http://steamgirlofficial.tumblr.com/post/66795299655/if-i-may-take-a-break-from-our-promotion-of-our

What else do you want? Emails? Screenshots of text messages? Someone told me those are too easy to fake/photoshop, and while i assure you i know nothing about how to make stuff like that, I have hours of conversations worth reading about our relationship. 

You brought the war with you
unknowingly, perhaps, on your skin
in hurried suitcases
in photographs
plumes of it in your hair
under your nails
maybe it was
in your blood.

You came sometimes with whole families,
sometimes with nothing, not even your shadow
landed on new soil as a thick accented apparition
stiff denim and desperate smile,
ready to fit in, work hard
forget the war
forget the blood.

The war sits in the corners of your living room
laughs with you at your tv shows
fills the gaps in all your conversations
sighs in the pauses of telephone calls
gives you excuses to leave situations,
meetings, people, countries, love;
the war lies between you and your partner in the bed
stands behind you at the bathroom sink
even the dentist jumped back from the wormhole
of your mouth. You suspect
it was probably the war he saw,
so much blood.

You know peace like someone who has survived
a long war,
take it one day at a time because everything
has the scent of a possible war;
you know how easily a war can start
one moment quiet, next blood.

War colors your voice, warms it even.
No inclination as to whether you were
the killer or the mourner.
No one asks. Perhaps you were both.
You haven’t kissed anyone for a while now.
To you, everything tastes like blood.

—  Souvenir, Warsan Shire
  • Luke: "And here we have the lovely (Y/N) (Y/L/N)", the interviewer said, bringing you into a small stage at the red carpet. "Hi", you greeted her. "You look gorgeous", she said, the camera man filming you from head to toe. "Thank you", you smiled sweetly, the first award show you'd attend already blowing you away. "And there's a certain cute celebrity that agrees with me, might I add", she giggled. Really? Who?", you asked. "Let's watch, shall we?", she pointed to a small screen next to her. It was another interview made on that very same award show, only that instead of you, four boys stood on the small stage. "So, who do you think is the hottest girl here?", the interviewer asked. "We all know Luke's opinion", Calum stated, making Luke blush and the other boys laugh. "Why's that?", the interviewer curiousy asked. "'Cause he hasn't stopped saying how hot (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is", Michael explained laughing. "Oh, so you have a crush, huh". Luke shrugged: "I might have". "Well, you should talk to her at the after party", the interviewer suggested. And you sure as hell hoped he'd follow her advice.
  • Ashton: You were on a small trip to Australia, a little bit of vacation. I mean, it'd be a little more like it if you weren't being constantly mobbed by fans and paparazzi everywhere you'd go. Just like it was happening now. While you tried to make your way through the crowd without being rude, the shout of a paparazzi caught your attention: "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Do you think you and Ashton Irwin could work? Or is his crush unrequited?". "What?", you abruptly turned around. "Ashton Irwin, from 5 Seconds of Summer", he replied. "What about him?", you questioned again. "He said you're his celebrity crush on an interview. Didn't you know?". Well, as far as you were concerned, Ashton's celebrity crush was Hayley Williams and he didn't know who you were. "Oh", was what you managed to get out as a reply, nodding your head. "So...", the paparazzi insisted, "Is it unrequited?". "I might have a crush on him as well", you winked and turned.
  • Michael: "(Y/N), (Y/N)", Ellen shook her head, "It's your first time here and I already am going to set you up with someone...". "What?", you laughed. "Yeah, I interviewed a band here last week", she explained, "And it turns out one of them has a huge crush on you". You turned to a small TV next to you, where you saw 5 Seconds of Summer sitting where you were now and Ellen in front of them. "So, we're going to play a game now. I'll say a celebrity name and you'll say the first thing it comes to your mind, okay?", The boys nodded and sifted in their seats while Ellen began saying some names. "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)", you blushed when your name was mentioned, heart beating faster. "Fucking hot", Michael blurted out quietly, biting his lip. "Well, someone's sexually frustrated", Ashton commented, making everyone laugh. "You have a crush on her, then", Ellen said. "Yeah", Michael shrugged and the screen went black. "So...", Ellen turned to you. "Well", you said, "I'm not gonna lie: the first thing that comes to my mind when someone says 'Michael Clifford' is fucking hot as well".
  • Calum: For some time now, your fans and the 5SOS fam had started shipping you with Calum. They thought you'd look incredibly cute together and had everything to do with each other - the perfect match. So for that reason, there were manips of you and Calum all over the internet. Seeing as many gossip magazines had no way of knowing whether those pictures were real or not - many of them fooled even you -, they assumed they were. And also assumed you were dating. So the reason why Twitter was breaking down at the moment was 'cause a magazine posted an article saying you were officially dating for three months now. You were a little unsure on what to do, seeing as something like that had never happened to you before. But Calum didn't seem feel the same, 'cause, not long ago, he tweeted you about it: "@(Y/T/N) Did you hear the news? We're dating! Congrats to us!!". A little cautiously, you typed a reply, trying to keep it funny and classy: "@Calum5SOS I heard it as well! Been asking myself where's my ring, though... #IfYouLikedItThenYouShould'vePutARingOnIt". Not long after, he had already replied: "@(Y/T/N) Guess we're going to have to meet up so I can give it to you then...".

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I tried to innocently hang out with one of my managers at my job last night. It eventually turned into us drinking and going back to his place. He then gave me a massage which then turned into us sleeping together. And even though I'm on birth control, we didn't use a condom and it was at the start of my pack which is making me nervous. I don't know whether or not to be more nervous of us working together again, the fact that my birth control may have failed, or that he is nearly double my age.


“If something upsetting happens that makes you upset, don’t hold it in. So that you don’t have any wounds left given from anyone in the future.”

January 12th, 1993.

Happy Birthday, Soobaby! (Our birthdays overlap, so while it’s the 11th here in the US, it’ll be the 12th in SK lol) Thank you for sharing your talent with us, whether it may be acting or singing. Thank you for always understanding your members and for working so hard for us. We love you!