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I’m almost too lazy to make this post because God it’s just so self explanatory but my loyalty to Temari runs too deep so here goes: 

They did exactly what I called they were gonna do and made her an over aggressive nagging house wive. This is why I complained over and over again three years ago when I saw they had moved her to Konoha because I KNEW someway somehow they were going to subject her character to this. They want her to be Yoshino 2.0 even though that’s NEVER been who she is because “lmao get it Shikamaru is just like his dad! Parallels!!”. They don’t take the time to think about how her character would actually react because none of that matters now - she exists solely to be Shikamaru’s wife. 

Some people are crying “abuse!” at what she did but I don’t really want to go there tbh. It’s very clear that in the Naruto universe things we find abusive are just par for the course. Calling out Temari in this instance would require we call out basically ever other female character which is not realistic. Domestic violence in Naruto is always played for laughs which is obviously fucked up but not something I think it’s fair to fault the characters for as we’re not intended to see it as abusive (even though realistically it is). No, what I really take issue with is the fact that being an overbearing and strict mother/wife is basically all Temari is given to do. 

This woman was born in one of the most fucked up situations of any character we see. He father was a walking human disaster, her mother was dead, and her youngest brother had a nasty habit of slaughtering anyone who looked at him the wrong way. She has always been strong and confident but throughout the series she softens considerably as she learns caring is not a weakness. She is a better diplomat than either of her brothers and remains calm and collected in even the tensest of situations. Her dynamic with Shikamaru has always been one of mutual respect and understanding which is what makes their relationship work so well (and IMO better than any of the canon relationships we got). Yes, Temari is a take no shit kind of person who probably WOULD chastise her son for his pitiful behavior - but not in the way we’re shown. In Boruto her parenting method basically amounted to “I’m just going to hit you and intimidate you until you get the picture and ultimately just end up listening to your cooler nicer wiser dad.” She doesn’t actually say anything of significance to Shikadai at all - that is reserved entirely for Shikamaru as he’s the influential one in their sons life. Temari is just there to be the ol’ ball-and-chain ~what a drag~ mom whose only dominion is the house she is confined to. THEN there’s the fact that Temari refusing to make dinner inevitably meant neither Shikamaru nor Shikadai could eat - as if a grown man could not make his own dinner and HAD to have his wife do it because it’s her domestic ~duty~. This is extra and dramatic but it actually makes me sick that they’re doing this to her. After everything she went through she would have something worthwhile to add to the conversation other than “bah you’re too easy on him I’m going to withhold meals to prove a point!!!”. She doesn’t treat her brothers like this and they’re consistently shown to value her opinion because her opinion is worth hearing. 

Temari played a crucial role in Suna politics prior to the end of the series. She sat on the council and came with Gaara to all the kage summits/meetings. She was one of the best kunoichi in the series just brimming with potential and strength and ferocity. During the war I began to get annoyed with how much they were making her revolve around Shikamaru’s character because after a certain point basically all her dialogue was in relation to him. That’s when I knew things were about to take a hard left turn for shits-ville and boy was I right. In chapter 700 ALL we see her doing is sitting in a house chastising her son and serving her brothers tea before they head out to a kage meeting without her. We don’t get any indication that she’s still affiliated with Suna, hell we don’t even get any indication that she’s still a ninja. In the boruto manga/movie she doesn’t interact with her siblings ONCE and is not with them in the pit with all the other Kage/advisors. I was happy to see she still had her fan but other than that I left highly unimpressed. Now in the anime she is ONCE AGAIN pictured in a house, serving people drinks and nagging away as if that’s all she’s good for anymore. I know it was played as a joke but that’s exactly what makes me so mad - her character has become nothing more than a trope meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The nagging housewive angle truly is the lowest hanging fruit but studio peirrot really could not resist could they.

Nevermind the fact that it would have been way funnier had they subverted the whole “why did you marry such a strict woman” thing by having Shikadai side with his mom instead, saying something to the effect of “why did you marry such an unmotivated slacker”. Can we stop treating Temari like she’s just an overly aggressive loaded gun that’s just one mistep away from going off. I mean I genuinely love Shikatema but I do not think the Boruto anime understands Shikatema. Part of me still wishes they just hadn’t got together because they don’t actually feel like “them” when they’re portrayed like this. No one is being respected as a character. 

Anyway all this to say I’m basically done with the Boruto anime now. I might still watch the next couple of episodes because curiosity is gonna get the better of me but emotionally I have severed all connections. It just comes down to the fact that I cannot handle them so grossly mischaracterizing characters that I have loved since I was 11 years old. I actually don’t mind the new gen when they’re on their own but every damn time they show one of the original characters they manage to fuck them up in some way. We see it with Temari, with Naruto, with Yamato, with Sakura. Hell I can’t stand Sasuke and even I’m mad about what they did to him post chapter 699. I am never going to like the new gen characters more than the original cast so if watching Boruto means seeing them get completely decimated then I’m not gonna watch it. Simple as that. Naruto being an absent father is the worst crime but I have no doubt they’ll continue to top that in future episodes. 

I just don’t think that that still of the Malec date kiss is the only kiss we’re getting or even the only part of the kiss. I remember several writers and Todd/Darren saying that they will top the wedding kiss in terms of Malec kissing this season. Babes, the wedding kiss was not just a kiss. That was a soft make out scene. And so if they are saying that they will be topping it, I’m expecting a full on make out, or several kisses throughout their date. There I said it. 

  • Hubby: Mami, come watch a movie with me
  • Me: (What I mean) Okay, I just got to the part in my fic where Peeta is about to do really naughty things to Katniss on the kitchen table he didn't even clean the table threw her on top of the pancakes, man and you here talking about "come watch a movie with me" let me tell you about the movie I got in my head right now oh and on top of that I just got a chapter of a fic I have been DYING to read and you trying to get me to watch another wwii movie man I don't care, I don't care, do you see how many fucks i give, let a woman handle her fanfic i have smut to get to villain two chapters of smut
  • Me: (What I actually say) Of course, I'll make the popcorn
Unread Text Messages [Taehyung x Reader]
  • [This is from your POV]
  • Tae🐶: I'm so sorry (F/n)...I just. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
  • Tae🐶: You deserved better than me. I really hope you're happy right now...
  • Tae🐶: I'd be lying to you and myself if I said I didn't miss you.
  • Tae🐶: Because fuck. I really miss you (F/n). So much so that I can't stop thinking about you.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way you smiled at me as I'd poke your tummy. Do you remember? You used to tell me to stop it but I KNOW you secretly enjoyed it.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way your eyes would shine every time you'd talk about things you love. You'd always ramble on about all the things you found interesting.
  • Tae🐶: I'd always nod and smile but ask what you just said straight after because I'd always trail away from the conversation, getting lost in the depth of your tone, the croakiness in your voice that displayed the exhaustion of the day and the slight cute lisp you always denied that you had.
  • Tae🐶: I know these texts aren't going to be read but it doesn't hurt to try right...
  • Tae🐶: I miss the times you'd lay your head snugly on my chest, and how your laughter would vibrate from your rib cage. It always gave me such a tickling sensation. It never failed to allow my lips to crack a wide ass smile.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: I'm going to sleep now. Sleep well my angel.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning, jagi! I hope you had a good nights rest
  • Tae🐶: You remember my best friend Jimin right? He said it's not healthy for me to be still texting you
  • Tae🐶: Hahaha can you believe him? He even suggested for me to move on. 😂
  • Tae🐶: I still love you. As long as that love is still there I'm going to talk to you every moment I can.
  • Tae🐶: even if I know all of this will never be read
  • Tae🐶: you know, I remember vividly how your mother was so against you going out with me
  • Tae🐶: "idols are not to be trusted!" She said. Even though I didn't think I was worth it, you still fought for me.
  • Tae🐶: you'd admit to me late at night that it was tiring. That all of it on top of studying for your degree and your part time job was draining your energy.
  • Tae🐶: but everytime I felt guilty and said something stupid like: "it's okay if it gets too much and if you'd like to walk away. I don't want to see you hurt."
  • Tae🐶: you'd always look at me with the most offended glare. "Pfft I'm stronger than that, Tae. I love you. That's never gonna change. Even if my mum doesn't agree right now. I'll change her mind I promise and then all of this will go away."
  • Tae🐶: you'd just snuggle closer to me after that but I'd still pout. Your eyebags were deepening around then, your skin tone gradually had turned lighter. You were suffering because of me. And I hated how I couldn't help you.
  • Tae🐶: then one day it all ended. I grew some balls and strutted to your family's front door. "Mrs.(L/n), I'm Kim Taehyung your daughter's boyfriend. Nice to finally meet you." My box smile was showing. I was trying extra hard to be charming.
  • Tae🐶: after a VERY long conversation she had fallen for my charms just like you had 😙
  • Tae🐶: I felt all the weight that had held you down physically lift off of you.
  • Tae🐶: ... I...i remember the times you had look at me fondly every time I spoke. You'd just give me that knowing grin and be so engrossed in what I ever that spilled out of my mouth. Even if I spouted bullshit sometimes 😅
  • Tae🐶: I'm gonna miss all that.
  • Tae🐶: I hope you read this.
  • Tae🐶: I want you to know how much I love you.
  • Tae🐶: How much you meant to me...
  • Tae🐶: (F/n)...I miss you, baby please
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning again! How are you doing today jagi? 😘
  • Tae🐶: I hope you're eating well.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: sometimes I laugh at the thought of how many unread messages you probably have.
  • Tae🐶: but when I hear how tired my laugh sounds I realize I had lost my voice.
  • Tae🐶: because I was crying all night.
  • Tae🐶: can you imagine?
  • Tae🐶: I'm so weak hahaha I can't even be strong in these times
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: you know it's been 3 days
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I let you go
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you told me that you were going out with that one friend of yours that had the faulty car
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I hesitated, worrying for the slightest second thinking I should tell you to stay or at least go with you
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you reassured me that you'd be fine and that it was a girls night out
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I smiled and let you kiss me on the cheek as you ran out to meet your friend.
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you left our shared apartment and never came back.
  • Tae🐶: when I heard the news I was in a state of denial. I couldn't bring myself to believe it.
  • Tae🐶: then I saw the wreck of a car that I had wished wasn't familiar to me. That same faulty car I was worried about.
  • Tae🐶: I should've went with you. At least then I would be with you right now and not talking on here
  • Tae🐶: I should've held your head close to mine, I should've told you it was okay and that I love you. I should've shared our last moments together.
  • Tae🐶: but now you're there.
  • Tae🐶: and I'm here.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: baby.
  • Tae🐶: Please.
  • Tae🐶: Answer me...

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top ten WORST adapted plots from asoiaf

  1. You can’t just have a list like this and not start it off with Dorne. A plot that showed the unrest of the realm, that some old Houses still hold loyalty to the Targaryens, that really explains just how much bad blood there is between House Martell and House Lannister. Not to mention told strongly from the POV of POC female who is going to be ruler of her lands by her own right because Dorne allows the succession of a first born child rather first born male. This is changed into a group of angry, violent women murdering rooms full of men and posioning little girls because feminism. You know what- just read my piece on Arianne Martell.
  2. Sansa Stark, post King’s Landing. Certainly there’s problems with Sansa in King’s Landing but post King’s Landing… oh me oh my. Sansa in the books is sitting in the Vale- yes, in the clutches of Petyr Baelish, who ends up being the lesser of two evils. She’s eating lemon cakes and trying to supress the Stark inside her. Still being promised off to wed to some dirt bag- but ultimately safe and satifised. Instead Littlefinger is selling her off to be raped and beaten by Fuckwad Bolton. Now she’s empowered because woman need to be brutalized in order to be strong. Thanks D&D.
  3. The North Remembers. In the books, the post-Red Wedding is extreme. The North is harsh and unforgiving. They don’t trust the Boltons- they sort of hate them- and are only bowing to apease them and keep themselves as safe as possible. (See: the Manderlys, who have family members kept hostage by the Lannisters and don’t want to cause any trouble.) In the show… well the North doesn’t really remember shit. Robb Stark’s death served no purpose because there was no backlash. The North just accepted the Boltons as Wardens of the North, and are still doing so- even with Sansa and Jon staring them down.
  4. Stannis Baratheon- is that enough to say? Stannis Baratheon, is probably the only Baratheon once giving a shit about. He is firm when he needs to be but the show took his strong beliefs and morals into make him practically stone and one dimensional. Stannis is shown to be flippy floopy with his daughter, very loving and caring- would do anything to keep her safe then just allowed her to burned because of her kings blood. Also within this plot is Selyse, who keeps her dead babies in glass jars. Because why not add dead babies to such a horrible plot? Obviously. 
  5. Jon Snow + For the Watch. Remember when in 5x10 seemingly murdered Jon for no damn reason at all and claimed it was “for the watch.” Yeah, well it was.. in the books. Jon was much too concerned with finding “Arya”. The Brothers of the Night’s Watch did what they felt they needed to- kill Jon for the safety of the Watch and all they’ve stood for for thousands of years. Maybe it wasn’t the smarrtest decision, but in the show’s tranistion from Jon Snow to Jonathan Snowflakes (and the brutal rapes and beatings of Sansa Stark) the whole Arya thing got lost, and Jon’s death was done entirely to drive his revenge plot. 
  6. Margaery Tyrell’s Oversexualization. This had been mentioned many times, taking this very ambitious character of Margaery Tyrell, and making her become everything book Cersei feared she was. It altered the entire plot, Cersei is no longer the terrified paranoid queen but a mother very concerned for her child. She manages to have Margaery shamed without getting any blood on her hands, though the Tyrells blame her anyway. Margaery only manages to get away from being shamed because Tommen wants the V. Let’s not get into the regular sexual abuse of twelve year old Tommen Baratheon, because that’s just so much. And how Loras Tyrell does absoutely nothing but be gay, and certainly isn’t storming the walls of Dragonstone and dying slowly so that his father’s men can be free to go help Highgarden from the attack of the Iron Borne. Can I just change this to: House Tyrell and Kings’ Landing?  
  7. The Brotherhood Without Banners. This wonderful group dynamics who are supposed to rally the Riverlands to their cause, who are helping and basically ASOIAF Robin Hoods. In the show, they’re basically thieves with no purpose half the time. There’s no Lady Stoneheart, all they ended up being nothing more than a plot device for Meliandre to see R’hllor resurrecting so she can use it on Jon Snow in three years. Also the way they completely sell Gendry, which is ridiculous.
  8. Bran Stark & The Three Eyed Raven. On first inspect, this could almost be considered a decent adaptation. Bran reached his Raven, is being trained. But Three Eyed Raven (Not Brynden Rivers, because D&D threw that away when they mentioned that he was like, a thousand years old) yet really, Three Eyed Raven is sort of a horrible teacher. Bran has left his care- which hasn’t happened in the books yet- and knows nothing more than he did before, and the only thing he has from his time with TER is three less people who loved and likely a horrible case of survivors guilt and PTSD. 
  9. Tyrion Lannister- his “alcoholism” and how he’s not Quentyn Martell. Tyrion Lannister drank his way across the Narrow Sea, and he’s always been prone to drink. So ofc, his driking problem is cured the second he sees some dragons. Obliviously. Not to mention that they gave away certain points of the lost Quentyn Martell to a white cis male. (Too bad the dragons didn’t eat him.) While in the books we see Tyrion bonding with Penny- another dwarf- and having his suicidal plots. We meet “Aegon Targaryen” and start see how everything in falling into place for the uprising of House Targaryen. Instead we got Tyrion “drinking and knowing things”. Well done D&D, there goes the character development. Show Tyrion has been the same pile of white washed, boring shit for six years now. Podrick’s dick has better development that show Tyrion. (ugh more sexualization of children.)
  10. Arya Stark and the House of Black and White. Aside from the fact that The House of Black and White doesn’t make sense in their own moments- see, Jaqen making it apparent that a face can only be used once the person has died then proceeding to show Arya’s face for simple shock value- it continues to just not show Arya as the fighter she is. Yes, there was some nice blind fighting on her part, but it’s non of the Arya Stark who willing drank the blind milk to empower her training. Add in the Waif who seemingly wanted nothing more than to murder Arya from the day one, and the fact that Jaqen is randomly training her. The House of Black and White had been a stretch from the beginnig, and almost close enough to pass as a decent adaptation when that is actually far from the truth. 

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do you think libfem genderists are causing people to get really sensitive and maybe even.. weak (especially with teenagers) ? because all I see is that they equate misgendering and biology talk, with like, "a minority opression since the dawn of time", "the worst and awful discrimination", erasure, etc. I hear everyday basically "don't say I'm male cause I will hurt myself and I want to kill you for that". My thoughts are not clear sorry if you didn't understand, love the blog x

I totally understand what you mean! I think it is causing some (young) people to become a type of sensitive, yes. Almost every libfem/genderist is from a first world country & have not experienced any top tier oppression, like the gay concentration camps in Chechnya for example, if that makes sense. Everyone wants to be included in the oppression olympics & they’ll work to make themselves a part of it even if it takes making up stuff to get there, & a big part of being in the oppression olympics is having an oppressor, so they make cis people, “monosexual” people, etc the oppressor. They equate hurt feelings & romantic/sexual exclusion to oppression.

Part of what I hate about lifem/genderists is the individualism culture, the way it turns into personal experiences & personal pronoun stuff. Like, it’s not about you as a person. It’s about the collective. It’s about the suffering of women, people of color, homosexual people etc, not a singular white upper middle class dude who calls himself non binary b/c he likes to wear overalls & nail polish. They make it about inclusivity over liberation & actual activism.

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rly tho nezumi is just angry bc shion had everything he ever wanted and threw it all away for someone he didn't even know and he saved his life by ruining his own and to top it all off he never felt any regrets and damn him he was the person who would give up everything without a second thought and damn it he's in love with that shitlord and someday shion's gonna get himself killed and the worst part is, he can't hate shion. No, he can only hate himself for loving shion too much. -bee

Tomco Headcanons

-Marco gets tickets to Love Sentence for him and Tom, as a totally brotonic thank you for the Mackey Hand thing, but they end up sharing their first kiss during the finale performance of “Too Little Too Late”, after laughing about the irony and singing along
-start hanging out regularly after that
-Tom’s dumbass life coach keeps screwing everything up to the point where Marco, in a fit of frustrated bragging, claims he could do a better job as Dr Marco PhD
-ends up getting really invested in researching actual demon psychology from a library that Star found in another dimension, where they have sources for literally EVERYTHING
-finds out that not only is a demon’s anger necessary, but helps them harness their powers in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. the only caveat is that it can consume them completely if they don’t exercise mental checks and balances to keep it at a manageable level, which is what Tom should’ve been learning instead 
-Marco shares this discovery with Tom and starts helping him find healthy ways to be the true DEMON he should be, instead of the average human he was trying to be
-Tom fires Brian, but keeps the bunny. he’s really grown attached to the little thing
-soon becomes much more centered and in control, only after a short month of training with Marco, and now can actually get angry without losing himself, even taking pleasure in a therapeutic rage smite like other demons
-his possessive feelings towards Star also disappear, much to his amazement, like a huge weight has been lifted from his heart
-probably helps that he and Marco have been smootch buddies this whole time
-even trying polynesian
-neither of them really want to admit anything about feelings, so just resign themselves to a close-friends-with-benefits title
-Marco still argues that his crush on Jackie comes first, and he read that sexual releases can help demons to focus their energies, so defends that it’s mostly for Tom’s benefit rather than his own urges
-Tom just doesn’t want to screw up the only great, stable friendship he’s ever had
-Star calls bullshit and, once she’s past the my-ex-and-my-bestie-are-hooking-up weirdness, decides extreme matchmaking intervention is in order
-tries EVERY not-so-subtle chance she gets to pair them off together
-even going on fake double dates just to ditch them in the movie theater
-or park
-or bubble lounge
-or romantic dimension where couples go just to make out
-eventually Marco’s like STAP and Tom actually talks to her about it
-Star, surprised by his maturity and actual ability to rationalize his thoughts towards Marco’s feelings and the uncertainty of his own, rethinks her hastiness and realizes just how GOOD they are for each other
-decides to play the long con instead
-gives them their space but still organizes little ways to nudge Marco or Tom into opening up to each other, especially about each other
-eventually BIG SCHOOL DANCE happens
-Marco tries and fails desperately to ask Jackie out
-Tom, even though they’ve still been intimate, is supportive of Marco going for it, trying to help him succeed with each new plan
-after all they’re just FRIENDS
-however, the Big Day looms nearer and Jackie ends up getting asked out by someone else, whom she says yes to
-Marco is crushed
-Star huffs about it, knowing the OBVIOUS answer to his problems, but doesn’t want to pressure him 
-so instead calls Tom
-convinces him no it won’t ruin ANYTHING if you just go with him, come on, you can go with friends to dances it’s better than him just moping around the house watching karate marathons and bingeing on Sad Marco Nachos
-but still makes him bring his boom box, for reasons Tom
-which is how Tom wound up in Marco’s living room, holding a boom box above his head, blasting Love Sentence’s “Girl, Don’t be Sad, Let’s go Stag” at top volume while a pajama-clad Marco drops all his nachos in shock and Star’s eyes grow way too dilated in excitement behind them
-so Tom and Marco go have a grand ball (get it) of a time and even when they run into Jackie and her date later in the evening, Marco surprisingly doesn’t… feel all too bad… about missing his chance with her
-because he realizes, while watching Tom hex the punch bowl to never quite fill any glass all the way to the top, laughing along when they spot someone’s frustration and catch each other’s eyes, maybe he took a much more important chance instead

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I'd just like to say that your musings are definitely top notch. I just read your stuff about what makes Korrasami a healthy relationship, and saw that you shared the particular scene where Asami managed to get Korra out of a sticky situation with the Earth Queen. Juust a little note but have you noticed that, prior to that scene, Asami didn't stop Korra from being angry -- and instead helped her 'let off some steam'? She knew Korra had to express her feelings, and I liked how Asami allowed

Part 2: her to do it freely. Even if she was acting like a little derp! Her, talking out loud about how stupid the Earth Queen is in her domain was flippin crazy, even if it was hilarious at the time. Contrast this with Mako, who — when Korra was ranting to him about Tenzin — offered a very… er… not so smart point of view which only fanned Korra’s flames. Yeah, just something I remembered about the same episode :)

Yes, 100%! Asami is really oddly tuned into Korra’s emotional needs, so she knows when venting is constructive, as it certainly was in this case. Mako seemed to try and shut down any source of conflict or immediately problem solve, which was usually not what was needed. It’s not that he was wrong for doing it, but he was kind of acting like he was walking through a minefield with Korra, and just wanted to avoid “setting her off.”

Asami, on the other hand, is more than happy to wade through any complex emotional issues with her girl, and try and get at the crux of the issue. There’s no shutting down or brushing off of what’s being said. If Korra’s upset, sometimes she needs to work it out though punches (oh Korra), or sometimes she just needs a sympathetic ear (like in The Stakeout). Asami can read that and act appropriately for Korra’s emotional needs, which is why during their years apart, Korra realized the significance of this part of their relationship and chose only to confide in Asami.

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Ramadan mubarak! This is my first Ramadan, and I'm feeling so so isolated because I didn't grow up in a Muslim family and my little community of queer Muslims is spread out all over everywhere. I can't really be a part of the local Muslim community because of my gender. And on top of that, I can't fast because of my illness, so I feel like I'm a sorry excuse for a Muslim on top of being lonely. Lately I haven't even had the energy to get out of bed and pray. I don't know what to do anymore.

Ramdan kareem and salaam alaikum. There is much more to Ramadan than fasting, and there are many exceptions (such as health and age) that advise against it. I know you are lonely, but your loneliness and your inability to fast do not make you less of a Muslim.

Instead of fasting this year, start praying again, do good deeds, be kinder to those you love, be kinder to strangers, memorize more parts of the Qur’an (there are online translations if you can’t have a physical copy), explore yourself, your spirituality, your relationship with Allah.
I know you’re having trouble praying, maybe that can be your resolution this month. And I have a confession for you, I haven’t prayed every day for the past half year either. It’s my resolution to get back into the motions again this Ramadan. We can work at it together.

You are not alone. I am here for you. You have your online friends as well. I understand it’s difficult to celebrate this communal holiday when you have no fellow Muslims to support you in person, but even if you cannot share your spirituality with those offline, you can share in good deeds and kindness. Those are universal.